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This week has been really busy.
So, what have I been up too?

School is getting intense, projects and assignments are starting to take off!

Uploading some stuff i've been working with this past week.


Playing around with some product placement and researching. LOTS of researching.

Since last time I updated, we've actually done a real interesting project. I hope I'll be able to post it when it's finished! 

Now I'm gona have a nap. Lost a lot of sleep this week, pretty much an actual zombie right now. 



Small assignment for my PR class.
Photo/Styling/Edit - Sandra Axelsson
Model: Jen Nguyen 

Thanks babe for all your help - much love.



This is my first post here, and I'm warning you. I'm terrible at blogging.
When I first moved to London I promised my grandmother to keep a blog going so that she could read about my new life in a different country... Well, I've written three posts since then. THREE.

I've decided to try again.
So, Hi! I study fashion business at London College of Fashion and I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

I'm addicted to coffee and mean jokes
Also, I'm not 25. I don't know why it says I am.
It's very important to know that that's an outrageous lie.