I think only one saying can describe the end of thetrip, and that’s save the best for last. It have been a wondrous trip but LosAngeles haves it all. To start off wehad to go and see L.A.s own trademark, the Hollywood sign. So to not spend thewhole day walking around and searching for it we hired a cab to drive us up toa lookout spot almost right beneath the sign. It was quite the sight, even if Ithought it was bigger. After the sign we got dropped off on the Hollywoodboulevard, really close to the Hollywood walk of fame with the name of manycelebrities. But even if you may not know most about those on the stars thewalk of fame passes through a place named Grauman's Chinese Theatre where someof the very most famous celebrities like Michael Jackson have made out theirhandprints, shoeprints or even short messages. Even if most things on this tripso far have been out of the ordinary, walking the walk of fame and standing infront of Grauman's Chinese Theatre truly felt like a once in a lifetimeexperience.

And out of many things we did I felt like there wasone thing I couldn´t leave before I had done, and that is going to Mecca sinceI love working out in a gym. And no, with mecca I doesn´t mean the city with therock but the world famous Gold´s gym in Venice where Arnold Schwarzenegger usedto train, (he might even still be) which is said everyone should train at leastonce in to fully be able to call themselves a gymrat.

Sadly enough that seems to be the end of this trip,so…. have it, PEACE.

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Next on the list was Las Vegas, the “city of sin”,built up by casinos and gangster. Even if it may not be entirely true someonesure have done a great job. It´s without one of the grandest cities I have evervisited, for an example if you want to look at the buildings you won´t be ableto do anything else. On one place you see, Caesar´s Palace, another one the Eiffeltower or why not the sphinx and a pyramid. The city is almost like a collectionof the world´s most magnificent architectures.

It was just too bad that we´re not really eighteenyet, so because of that there was no trying out the casinos. That could havebeen something to tell about when you get home, but maybe that saved me a lotbucks.

It´s very easy to get stuck in the gambling and thatit becomes an addict that you have to win back your money. In Vegas you can seea lot of people who most likely gamble to much.

One fun thing I came up with to do was to visit theGold and silver pawn shop. The thing which makes this cool is that this pawn shophave a TV series called “Pawn Stars” sowe headed there to take a look and maybe spotone of the owners that the TV series is about. The even have a lot of ownmerchandise like socks, shirts, coffee mugs and they even have printed money with their faceson.

This trip is soon coming to an end since we only haveone place left to visit. Luckily the last place is nothing less than LosAngeles, even called the city of angels.



What would a trip about America be without cowboys andbeing in what used to be the Wild Wild West?

So going to Dallas was a have to, as it must be the closestyou can come to cowboys and rodeo. Simply traveling to Dallas felt like goingthrough a western movie in high-speed.

As we were there we got a tip that we should go to awestern store named Wild Bill´s Western Shop where the sell cowboy clothes.

And I am very sure when I say this, I have never seenthat amount of leather in just one store, maybe even ever. The amount of onlyshoes was nearly insane. It felt very attempting to buy a full set of realwestern clothes. But in lack of money and space it had to remain as unfulfilleddream. Even if I most likely never would wear it.

After Wild Bill´s we went to the Dallas Farmers Marketas we were in the shopping mood. The farmers market is a place where localfarmers come with their produce and sell. The farmers market is from around the1940. But was in my opinion just like a Swedish “loppis” except that all thethings on sale were edible. So I felt like it was a small letdown. Buteverything in life can´t be what you expect. Sometimes you just don´t have theluck to have it your way. But somewhere you may need a bit luck is the nextplace we are headed, because we are going to Las Vegas.



Some should put up a warning sign: “Beware Amazingweather” when you enter Miami.

The sun is like something I have neverexperienced before. Now I understand why a lot of people want to use this cityas a refuge. It have to be so hot that everyone can get so tanned that youcan´t specify where they might came from, unless they speak Spanish. Which theydo everywhere, it´s almost like I have more use of the Spanish I know than Ihave of speaking English.

So because of the sun we had to go to Miami beach, bothto take a refreshing swim in the ocean and maybe to improve the tan a bit. Toblend in with the population and of course to brag a bit when you get home.

It is quite impressive when you go over the long Venetian causeway and know that this once replaced the 4 km long woodenbridge which were built mostly by famers over a hundred years ago.

The Miami Beach area itself is like a tropicalparadise resort with palms, nice beach and of course the beautiful weather. I almostenvy the people who live here if I wouldn´t miss the Swedish cold during thewinters.

After the beach we felt a bit bored so we walkedto the city of Miami Beach and strolled the streets, there was quite many artgalleries so why not give one a chance. So we went into one gallery called “MarianoPicos Pelegri” which I have no clue what it was but inside there was a lot ofdifferent paintings of dogs and by which reason I don’t know, maybe the painterloves dogs.

Next on was a place with animals a bit bigger thandogs, now it was time for Dallas.



Before we arrivedto the airport, I realized that I’ve been shopping way too much. Since our nextstop was L.A., I wanted to do something else than shopping.

The only place I wentto in L.A. was Hollywood. Since I didn’t have much time left, why not do somenon-shopping? I took a taxi to Hollywood Hotel, got my key, left my luggage andwent to the first stop.

The first stop ofthe day was Universal Studios. I’ve heard that Universal Studios is “real proofof the American dream”. It was founded by a German Jew named Carl Laemmle in1912. Today it’s one of the six biggest movie producers in the U.S. and, holysugar, they had their own amusement park.

It was really coolto see all of the behind-the-scenes-work, like the sets for “Desperate Housewives”and “The War of Worlds”. But the amusement park... I felt like a 12-year and almostskipped to the first ride. A few hours were well spent before I went back tothe hotel. I ate dinner at the hotel and spent the rest of the day there.

The second/finalday. Walk of Fame in Hollywood Boulevard. Do I need to say more? Honestly, whatreally amused me was to see all the other tourists pose over/next to the stars.When I saw some girls make duckfaces while taking a picture, I almost took aguy’s bread and threw it at them. But, unfortunately, I didn’t.

The next hoursconsisted of strolling around, window-shopping and just relaxing, if you cancall that relaxing… I was thinking about vising a museum or two, but I felt toolazy to do anything else that day.

But let the lazyme tell something before this blogpost ends: 2 days + Hollywood = nothing.



This time, wedecided to stay at a cheaper motel and went to Americas Best Value Inn. For theprice it was good. Comfy beds, friendly employees and clean rooms. It wasn’tanything mind-blowing but it was quite comfy.

On the first day,I took a bus to the Grand Canyon and payed for a guided tour. I can’t explain howincredible and powerful it was. I just felt so incredibly tiny when I stoodthere and looked over the beautiful work of nature. If you haven’t been therebut you have the opportunity to: do it. It’s definitely worth it.

Day two. Wedecided to do some shopping. It was overwhelming to see all the malls, shopsand restaurants. You didn’t really know where to start! We passed lots ofcasinos but we never entered one. None of us wanted to accidently gamble awayall of our money…

Fun fact! Gamblingwasn’t allowed in Las Vegas until 1931. Because gambling became a big thing andeveryone wanted to “feel the rush”, Las Vegas became the most rapidly growingcity in the U.S. The growth didn’t slowdown until the financial crisis.

Like I said, wespent the second day shopping in the city. And let me tell you: if you thinkthere’s a lot of shops, try to pick a place to eat. I swear: you couldn’tdecide where to eat. After a while of arguing, we ended up at a BBQ where weall had some ribs.

I was really sadwhen we left on the third day. Two days were not nearly enough time toexperience the city! But we had a flight to take so we didn’t have any otherchoice. So, with deep sorrow, we left the amazing city and went to our nextdestination.



THE HOTEL. Pleaselet me talk about the hotel.

During our days inDallas, we stayed at Omni Dallas Hotel. Where to begin… The food was amazing,the people who worked there were so helpful and friendly. There was a gym, aspa, a pool… It was just so perfect, I wanted to stay there the whole trip. Butof course, that wouldn’t be the case. I dumped my bag in my room, took somemoney and went to Deep Ellum.

I was so excitedwhen the bus stopped and we arrived at Deep Ellum, also known as “the bohemiandistrict of Dallas”. There was a lot of graffiti and wall art at the buildings butit was quite… Interesting, is probably the right word. I’ve heard that this wasthe southern American center for jazz and blues during the 1920-30’s so Ireally wanted pay a visit.

When I wasstrolling down the streets with a ton of other tourists, one shop caught myeye. It was called “The Mozzarella Company”. And holy mac ‘n’ cheese, they hadthe best mozzarella I’ve ever tasted and I had to buy some to take with me.

You could tellthat Deep Ellum had a wild nightlife: lots of bars, clubs and restaurants thatwere open until late at night. I went to Angry Dog. a restaurant with thebiggest, hottest chilidogs I’ve ever eaten. It’s ridiculous how big the portionwas!

Deep Ellum had themost creative and funniest attractions and I enjoyed every single moment I wasthere. I was thinking of visiting Southfork Ranch from the tv-show “Dallas” anddo a bit more shopping in the heart of Dallas, but Deep Ellum was so fun so Ispend the whole Dallas trip there. But, it was totally worth it.



To start off the trip in America visiting the capital have to be a must, and why not take it first since we come from the east. And Washington does really not let down.

We started off by taking a bus tour around DC to get some orientation and maybe to get some facts that can be interesting to know. But that didn’t matter, I was amazed by the simple fact that the White house wasn’t the capitol. They were two complete different buildings, and they don’t even look the same except they´re both white. If I would have sad that out loud I guess every nearby American whould have stared at me...

After the tour we went to get a closer look on the Lincoln Memorial by foot.

To see that statue of Abraham Lincoln was way cooler in real life then seen on any picture, together with his epitaph “IN THISTEMPLE

as thanks for leading the union through theirs civil war. And one thing I definitely didn´t know isthat there is placed out the exact spot which Martin Luther King Jr. held his speech “I have a dream” on the stairs of the memorial. To stand on that spot and look over the reflecting pool was really something out of the ordinary. After have strolled around the mall a while the sun started to set and it felt like the right time to continue the journey across America. Now Miami was next on the list…



So. Many.Skyscrapers. My neck hurt from looking up all the time at the high buildings. Thehotel was amazing. We stayed at Hampton Inn and Suites. The best part of itwere the big, spacious rooms and the big beds.

We arrived at thehotel around 11am and I only wanted to do one thing. I took everything I neededand immediately took the bus to Miami Beach. When I got there… It was like,magical. The sand was so white and soft (kind of like the sheets in D.C.). Therewere so many people there as well. The water was shallow and warm so I spent afew hours at the beach.

After my fingersturned into raisins, I decided to go get something to eat. It was about 3pm, thesun was out so it was still really warm. You could see a lot of Cubans alongthe streets, and I know it’s Cubans since in 1959 Miami took in thousands ofCuban immigrants. I’m not wrong, 60% of the people living here have LatinAmerican origin.

After strollingaround in the city for a bit and dinner at a Spanish restaurant, I went back tothe hotel. I didn’t want to be out alone when it becomes dark, since I’ve heardabout the criminality in Miami. So I simply went back to the hotel around 9pm,brushed my teeth and hit the bed.

The second day iswhere things get short but interesting. See, we thought we were supposed tospend three days in Miami, but our hotel chased us out at 7am and we noticedthat our next train was leaving in two hours. We rushed to the train stationwith seconds to spare and barely made it.



Honestly speaking: Washington D.C. gave me a surprise!I didn’t know that there were so many things to explore and experience!

When we first got there, it felt so cozy and I got areal “I’m home” feeling. There was nothing special architecture of the housesor anything like that, it looked like any other city in the U.S., but somehow Igot that “home-y” feeling when I got there.

For one, the hotel was amazing. We stayed at HiltonGarden Inn and holy cow, the sheets were so white. The receptionist wasn’t verynice though.

After sleeping in the fluffiest blanket I ever had, Ihad to go to the most obvious place: the White House. And holy macaroni, itlooks just like in the movies. Standing all white and proud with the Americanflag waving in the wind just overwhelmed me a bit. It felt so… American. Juststanding there and admiring the building. It honestly looked like somethingfrom a fairytale.

I ended up spending the most of the day at a cafénearby, drinking a coffee while admiring the building and then leaving to lookaround a bit more in the city. I saw a lot of museums but nothing that reallycaught my interest. Can’t say anything special happened after that.

And on the third and final day, I took a bus toGeorgetown. What did I do in Georgetown? I shopped. A LOT. I swear, Americanthings are so much cheaper than from where I come from. I was there, LITERALLY,the whole day, until my traveling companion called me and wondered where theheck I was. So I took the bus back to the hotel where he stood with our thingsand some train tickets.

And with that, we continued our journey…