So I went to another Ayahuasca ceremony (read my first two blog posts if you don't know what Ayahuasca is). It was mentally harder this time before the ceremony. I had done the special diet (mostly vegetarian, almost vegan, no alcohol and abstaining from sex) for about a week but when I woke up on the day of the ceremony I didn't feel prepared, mentally. I was supposed to use my friend's car this weekend but it didn't work out. And the ceremony is too far to uber. So I reserved a rental car. When I showed up at the rental place it turned out the company doesn't exist anymore. At least I hadn't paid anything, but now I didn't have a car. I walked to another car rental place but they only rent for two days and with the deposit fee I didn't have enough money on my card. I called the shaman, and explained that I didn't feel mentally prepared and that it didn't work out transportation-wise. He called some people going there from my area but no one answered, so I was like "Okay I'm not supposed to do it today, I'll do it in a couple of weeks". Then my savior appeared. She had missed the shaman's call but now called back and told him I could go with her. So I jumped in an uber 30 min to her place and I was so confused. I was actually scared about the ceremony for the first time, because I had a bad feeling about it, that it was not a good day for me to do it. If the person who was about to bring me would have been of bad energy, I would have been even more scared. But this woman was amazing. She has this wonderful energy and light and I felt so calm and ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was absolutely amazing (I was gonna say "out of this world-amazing" but now I know how magically fantastic this world can be so that expression doesn't really make sense anymore). The music was, in lack of better words, breathtaking, amazing and wonderful times 1000. I think I need to make up new words because the vocabulary we have doesn't give this experience justice. The different songs and instruments brought me to different places spiritually and this time around I was dealing a lot with others' energies. At first I was thinking, why does bad energy exist? Why is there not only good energy? Then I realized that the bad energy is there for us to be able to distinguish and enjoy the good energy. Also, we can use the bad energy to grow stronger, to evolve. I dealt with bad energies and struggles of the others at the ceremony and of people I know. It can be a little tough to feel the presence of these bad energies, but the whole time you know the greatest force in the universe is love and nothing really bad can happen to you. I helped curing these people and my family members by accumulating all the bad energy as mucus, and spitting it out. I have felt for a long time that I'm here to help others, to make as many people as possible happier and able to enjoy life more. But first I need to make more progress on my own spiritual journey before I can start helping others.

I really felt connected to the true me, to my soul. Every time you drink Ayahuasca you peel of layers that are blocking your true self, layers that you have created by years of society. Drugs on the other hand, though they might make you feel great at the moment, are experts of creating these bad layers on top of your soul. Ayahuasca is not a drug as some people mistakingly think. It's an all natural medicine made out of two plants. Why would they even be there, healing us in this way, if not for us to use? Have you ever missed a sensation you used to feel as a child? A special coziness? A feeling of living more in the moment than you do nowadays? Pure bliss? A happiness that you just not quite feel anymore? When you drink Ayahuasca you have a high level of DMT in your body, which you also have when you are born. In a way you can feel reborn after an Ayahuasca ceremony. Reborn, refreshed, with new amazing energy and creativity and eagerness to live. Your soul gets to rest, and although Aya's effect only lasts for about 5-6 hours, time is relative and it feels like you've rested for a long time. At least that's how I feel.

This time I had some incredibly beautiful visuals, and it didn't matter if my eyes were closed or open, I had the same visuals. I can't even explain with words what I saw.

This ceremony I learned to accept the fact that there's bad energy, and that I have to use it to make me stronger, but also "tune in to" and focus on the good energies, the beautiful aspects of life, the good vibes out there. I want to attract them and generate them and spread them around me. Coming back to society and the big city life after a ceremony is easy at first when the Ayahuasca is still in my body, but when it starts to vanish it's all up to me to keep my mind focused on the good vibes. Yoga and meditation are the keys for me, and many others. The other day I had a stressful morning with bad energies and I was in a weird mood. A friend of mine then said "Maybe the Ayahuasca is not serving you after all?" The thing is, it makes me more sensitive to all kinds of energies, so I just need to learn how to control it all. I'm learning more and more everyday and 99% of the time I'm happy and peaceful. There are backlashes when bad thought patterns from the past catch up on me, I can feel the bad energy all through my body and it's so hard to control it, but I'm getting better and better at it. I, like all people and all animals, am a being of universal light, of universal love. On my spiritual journey I keep peeling of bad layers that block my pure soul, my true self. You too, can do this. You might wonder when I say all people are beings of universal light and love, what about the bad people that commit actions of hate? I personally believe that they, too, are beings of universal light and love that have a lot of layers of hate and negative energy that they need to peel of. Many of these "bad people" die with these layers on top of their soul, but I believe they reach their realization, either in an afterlife, or by reincarnating getting to live on Earth again and again until they have healed and become pure.

To all of you wonderful human beings out there, bring out the best of you! You are universal light, so shine bright! You are a being of love, spread it around you!

Namasté ( "I bow to the light within you" )

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Hey brothers and sisters. How are you doing? Enjoying life? If you have a problem right now and you're worrying a lot about it, answer this question: What do you solve by worrying about this? Nada! A lot of times we just let one bad thought lead to another. Bad thoughts like to hang out with each other. If you have one negative thought in your head, he'll try to bring his friends too. Good news is, good thoughts also like to hang out. So, don't let that one negative thought go crazy in your head with his negative thought friends. When you think of something negative, invite a positive thought to your head and let him bring his friends. Let the good thoughts have an epic freaking party in your head. Let the positive thoughts dance until you smile because LIFE IS GOOD!

Oi irmãos e irmãs. Como vocês estão? Aproveitando a vida? Ou tem um problema agora mesmo e está muito preocupado/a? Responde o seguinte: O que se resolve de você se preocupar? Nada! Muitas vezes um pensamento negativo leva a outro. Os pensamentos negativos gostam de ficar juntos. Se você ter um pensamento ruim, ele vai levar seus amigos maus pra festa na sua cabeça. A boa noticia é que os pensamentos positivos também gostam de ficar juntos. Então, quando tiver um pensamento mal, convida um pensamento bom, e deixa ele levar seus lindos amigos e deixa eles ter uma festa na sua cabeça. Deixa-lhes dançar até você comece sorrir, porque A VIDA É BOA, MUITO BOA.

My tanktop says "Pachamama" which is Mother Earth



Namasté means "I bow to the light within you". It means "My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, truth, beauty, and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one".
I think this is so beautiful!

Namastê significa "curvo-me diante da luz dentro de você". Significa "Minha alma honra a alma de você. Eu honro o lugar dentro de você onde fica o universo inteiro. Eu honro a luz, a verdade, a beleza, e a paz dentro de você, porque também está dentro de mim. Compartilhando estas coisas somos unidos, somos o mesmo, somos um".
É maravilhoso esto né?



When I came home after watching avatar in 2009 I said to my brother "I don't wanna live on Earth anymore, I wanna live on Pandora" (the beautiful moon they live on in avatar). I was fascinated by its amazing creatures and stunning nature. I was also amazed by the Na’vi, the indigenous people there, and the connection they had to the nature and their ancestors. I loved how spiritual they were, just like me. They really lived in symbiosis with their planet. I was actually sad knowing this was all just made up, science fiction. I was then told that many of the beautiful things from this movie are actually inspired by phenomena on Earth. For example the illuminating plants. (Left: Pandora - Right: Earth)

Another amazing phenomenon from Pandora is the "Hallelujah mountains". They are islands that float in the air thanks to the intense magnetic fields there. And although this is not seen on Earth, there are special places where more energy is believed to enter and leave the Earth. These spots are called Vortexes, and they are found at sacred places such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Ayers Rock in Australia, Stonehenge in England, Hawaii, and Sedona in Arizona (US). Many people say the energy of these spots is so powerful that you can feel it, and the veils to other dimensions seem to be thinner there. If you want to develop spiritually it seems to be easier in vortex places. That's why a lot of people go to these spots to meditate and do yoga. So although our magnetic fields don't cause mountains to fly we do have a strong magnetic energy field that can have huge effect on us, and our spirituality. (Left: Hallelujah Mountains on Pandora - Right: Sedona, Arizona, Earth.)

So I realized that Earth does have some similarities to Pandora and can be just as amazing and beautiful. But it wasn't until February 4th this year that I realized that we can be just as connected to our planet as the Na'vi (Pandora's indigenous population) are to theirs. When I drank Ayahuasca for the second time (you can read my first two blog posts about that experience) I was SO connected to Mother Earth, I could feel her, I was part of her. I am still part of her, but I could feel it more when I drank Ayahuasca and a few days after. I still feel it more than before, and it's been more than a month. We're made out of the same kind of energy, and we're all connected.

This is the tree of souls, from Avatar, through which the indigenous population of pandora connects to “Eywa”, their Goddess, their guiding force. They connect to other creatures and “Eywa“ through a system of neuro-conductive antennae. For example when they connect their hair to their "horses” in the movie, they make this connection, called Tsahaylu. A funny side note is that my brother and I greet each other by saying “Tsahyalu” to celebrate our special connection.

It is believed that humans and animals have an antennae that connects us. This is believed to be located in the Pineal gland, a pea-sized gland in the very middle of our head. Famous philosopher René Descartes claimed that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, the point where the body and soul meet. This part is activated when we digest DMT, for example by drinking Ayahuasca. This can explain why, when drinking Ayahuasca, I feel so connected to other animals, to Mother Earth, Om and the universal love or God or Allah if you so wish. And although I haven’t experienced it, some people who drink Ayahuasca communicate with their ancestors, just like the Na’vi population of Pandora do through the Tree of Souls.

Grace, human botanist in Avatar says about Pandora: "There's some kind of electro chemical communication between the roots of the trees like the synapses between neurons. There's a global network and the Na'vi can access it, they can upload and download data, memories". She explains this with words that the others can understand. And although it's always hard to express with existing words and terms what I actually feel when drinking Ayahuasca, I feel this connection that she's talking about. With the help of Ayahuasca, I can download and upload data to this universal network that we're all part of. The guy that Grace explains this to, who's one of the bad guys of the movie, starts laughing and says "what the hell have you guys been smoking out there?" I'm sure some people who read my blog will laugh and ask the same thing. But I think one day we'll all open our eyes and experience the truth, the ultimate truth. I used to laugh at things like this, until I felt it, until I knew I was part of it. We're all part of this universal network, this universal love, it's just that most of us are not aware of this. Why not? Well there are some theories about that, but that’s a discussion for another blog post.

Sending you all some good vibes and love energies



Quando eu voltei na casa depois de assistir o filme Avatar em 2009 eu falei para meu irmão "Eu não quero viver na terra mais, eu quero viver na Pandora" (a lua maravilhosa onde vivem em Avatar). Eu fiquei fascinado por sua natureza e as criaturas de lá. Também achei sua população indígena muito legal, adorei a conexão que tinham com a natureza, e com seus antepassados. Também adorei que eram muito espirituais, como eu. Eles viviam em simbiose com seu planeta. Eu estava triste sabendo que tudo era inventado, science-fiction. Mas ouvi falar que muitas das coisas bonitas do filme foram inspiradas por fenômenos na terra. Por exemplo as plantas iluminantes.. (Pandora esquerda - Terra direita)

Outro fenômeno espectacular da Pandora é as "Montanhas Hallelujah". São ilhas flutuando no ar por causa da energia magnética. Esto não existe na terra, mas tem lugares onde, é acreditado, tem mais energia entrando e saindo da terra. Estes lugares se chamam Vortexes e encontram-se em lugares sagrados como os pirâmides no Egipto, Machu Picchu no Peru, Ayers Rock na Australia, Stonehenge na Inglaterra, Hawaii e Sedona, Arizona (Estados Unidos). Muitas pessoas dizem que a energia destes lugares é tão forte que se pode sentir, e as outras dimensões são mais acessíveis lá. Se quiser crescer espiritualmente parece mais fácil nos lugares de Vortex, daí muitas pessoas vão pra meditar e fazer yoga. Então, a energia magnética da terra não causa as montanhas voar mas tem muito efeito em nos, e nossa espiritualidade (Esquerda: As Montanhas Hallelujah na Pandora - Direita: Sedona, Arizona na Terra).

Então eu percebi que a Terra sim tem similaridades com Pandora e pode ser bonita e maravilhosa igual que ela. Mas não foi até o 4 de Fevereiro deste ano que eu soube que nos podemos conectar com o nosso planeta como os Na'vi (a população indígena da Pandora) se conectam com o seu. Quando eu tomei Ayahuasca/iagê/daime/vegetal (pode ler disso nos meus primeiros dois blog posts) eu estava muito conectado com Mãe Terra. Senti-lhe, eu fazia parte dela. Eu ainda faço parte dela mas a sensação fui mas forte quando tomei Ayahuasca e uns dias depois. Somos todos feitos da mesma energia, somos todos conectados 🌎

Esto é a árvore das almas, por qual a população indígena da Pandora conecta com sua Deusa "Eywa". Conectam com outras criaturas e "Eywa" por um sistema de antena neuroconductora. Por exemplo quando conectam seu pelo com os "cavalos" no filme, fazem esta conexão, chamada "Tsahaylu". (Meu irmão e eu falamos "Tsahaylu" em vez de falar "Olá", para celebrar a conexão especial que temos, kkkk).

É acreditado que o ser humano e os animais temos uma antena que nos conecta também. É acreditado esta antena encontra-se na glândula pineal no meio da nossa cabeça. René Descartes, o filósofo bem conhecido, falou que a glândula pineal é "o lugar da alma, o ponto onde o corpo e a alma se conectam. Esta parte se ativa quando tomamos DMT, por exemplo de tomar Ayahuasca/iagê/daime/vegetal. Esto pode explicar porque eu me sinto tão conectado com outros animais, a Mãe Terra, Om e o amor universal, o Deus o Allah se quiser. Eu não experimentei esto mas alguns pessoas que tomam Ayahuasca comunicam com os seus antepassados, como a população da Pandora fazem pela Árvore de almas.

Grace, a botânica no Avatar, diz de Pandora que "Tem um tipo de comunicação eletroquímica entre as raízes das árvores como as sinapses entre neurônios. Há uma rede global e os Na'vi têm aceso, e podem baixar e subir informação e lembranças". Ela explica esto com palavras que os outros podem entender. E bem difícil explicar com palavras o que eu realmente sento quando tomo Ayahuasca mas eu sento esta conexão, esta rede global de que fala ela no filme. Com a ajuda de Ayahuasca eu posso baixar e subir informação à esta rede universal de que todos somos parte. No filme quando Grace explica este fenômeno um "bad guy" do filme começa rir e diz "O que tinham fumado vocês lá na selva?" Estou seguro que alguns pessoas que leem meu blog também vão rir e perguntar o mesmo. Acho que um dia todos nós abrimos os olhos e experimentamos a verdade final. Eu também sempre ria de coisas assim, até eu senti, até soube que eu também faço parte disto. Todos fazemos parte desta rede global e amor universal, mas não muitos sabem disto. Porque não? Tem teorias muito interessantes disso, mas disso vou falar em outro blog post.

Mando-lhes boas vibrações e energia de amor ✨🙏🏼✨ Feliz lua cheia ✨🌕✨



Love this letter that Albert Einstein sent to his daughter Lieserl Einstein. It's amazing to see how a scientist like Einstein, after all his research and science, came to the same conclusion as many of us spiritual people. There is a universal force, and it is LOVE.


-When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.

I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.
There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.

This universal force is LOVE.
When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.

For love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.

If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.
After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.
Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.

Your father Albert Einstein



Adorei esta carta, que é sobre o amor. Albert Einstein lhe enviou esta carta para sua filha Lieserl Einstein. É maravilhosa. Até Einstein, que estudou tudo, chegou na mesma conclusão que muitos de nós, pessoas espirituais. A conclusão tem uma força universal, que é o amor. 


-Quando propus a teoria da relatividade, muito poucos me entenderam e o que vou agora revelar a você, para que transmita à humanidade, também chocará o mundo, com sua incompreensão e preconceitos.

Peço ainda que aguarde todo o tempo necessário -- anos, décadas, até que a sociedade tenha avançado o suficiente para aceitar o que explicarei em seguida para você.

Há uma força extremamente poderosa para a qual a ciência até agora não encontrou uma explicação formal. É uma força que inclui e governa todas as outras, existindo por trás de qualquer fenômeno que opere no universo e que ainda não foi identificada por nós.

Esta força universal é o AMOR.

Quando os cientistas estavam procurando uma teoria unificada do Universo esqueceram a mais invisível e poderosa de todas as forças.

O Amor é Luz, dado que ilumina aquele que dá e o que recebe.
O Amor é gravidade, porque faz com que as pessoas se sintam atraídas umas pelas outras.

O Amor é potência, pois multiplica (potencia) o melhor que temos, permitindo assim que a humanidade não se extinga em seu egoísmo cego.

O Amor revela e desvela.
Por amor, vivemos e morremos.

O Amor é Deus e Deus é Amor.

Esta força tudo explica e dá SENTIDO à vida. Esta é a variável que temos ignorado por muito tempo, talvez porque o amor provoca medo, sendo o único poder no universo que o homem ainda não aprendeu a dirigir a seu favor.

Para dar visibilidade ao amor, eu fiz uma substituição simples na minha equação mais famosa. Se em vez de E = mc², aceitarmos que a energia para curar o mundo pode ser obtido através do amor multiplicado pela velocidade da luz ao quadrado (energia de cura = amor x velocidade da luz ²), chegaremos à conclusão de que o amor é a força mais poderosa que existe, porque não tem limites.

Após o fracasso da humanidade no uso e controle das outras forças do universo, que se voltaram contra nós, é urgente que nos alimentemos de outro tipo de energia. Se queremos que a nossa espécie sobreviva, se quisermos encontrar sentido na vida, se queremos salvar o mundo e todos os seres sensíveis que nele habitam, o amor é a única e a resposta última.

Talvez ainda não estejamos preparados para fabricar uma bomba de amor, uma criação suficientemente poderosa para destruir todo o ódio, egoísmo e ganância que assolam o planeta. No entanto, cada indivíduo carrega dentro de si um pequeno, mas poderoso gerador de amor, cuja energia aguarda para ser libertada.

Quando aprendemos a dar e receber esta energia universal, Lieserl querida, provaremos que o amor tudo vence, tudo transcende e tudo pode, porque o amor é a quintessência da vida.

Lamento profundamente não ter sido capaz de expressar mais cedo o que vai dentro do meu coração, que toda a minha vida tem batido silenciosamente por você. Talvez seja tarde demais para pedir desculpa, mas como o tempo é relativo, preciso dizer que te amo e que a graças a você, obtive a última resposta.

Seu pai,

Albert Einstein



Read my last blog post, from yesterday, then this:

… So I stopped smoking weed, at least for now, in November last year. February 4th it was time for my second Ayahuasca ceremony, this time in a warm, beautiful, secret place. A week before the ceremony I started a vegetarian diet. I fasted for 24 hours, no food just water, and finished it with an herbal cleansing to get rid of all toxins. I then switched to a vegan diet the last couple of days. (Vegetarian = eating no animals. Vegan = eating no animals and no byproducts from animals such as eggs from hens and milk from cows). On the day of the ceremony I only had a light breakfast, some fruits, and then water. I had no idea what to expect from this place and people, but thankfully it was a magical place with wonderful human beings who you could really tell had found an inner peace and happiness. They were shining! We went to the outside temple where we would drink the Ayahuasca and laid down in the sand in a big circle. I had my yoga mat, a pillow, a comforter, and off course a bucket to throw up in. The shaman gave me a cup of Aya and just like I had been told, the taste was way worse this second time. Before the ceremony we were told that we’d be in control in a way, and that if we so wished, we could chose to just have a pleasant trip. But if you’re really a spiritual warrior, if you’re really brave, you let Ayahuasca do what she wants to you even though it might be very unpleasant. If you have a tough experience, it’s because you needed to get all that bad energy from one or several life experiences out of your system. At the end of the day, whether you have a bad or a good “trip”, most likely you will feel very good the next day and hopefully for a long time after drinking this sacred tea. So I had one cup, and after about 30 minutes a dark cloud of bad energy (in lack of better words to describe it) came over me and I was too scared to get into it so I opened my eyes and came back to reality. I was sweating a lot and felt really sick. I felt like this was all a mistake, that I will never take Ayahuasca again and that the people around me were crazy. I started feeling better physically, but I felt like I had missed my chance when I chickened out and didn’t get into that dark cloud that I obviously needed to deal with in order to heal. I contemplated for about an hour whether to ask the shaman for a second cup. Finally I did and I got a second chance to let Ayahuasca show me what I needed to see. I saw God* as a bright light, an unconditional eternal love, and I wanted to stay “up there” because it felt good. But I was brought down again against my will and God showed me that where I am is where I need to be, and God, this beautiful light and unconditional love, is all within me. I am a very curious person and the past year I had been very curious about what happens after we die, since my grandmother and a friend of mine had passed away. Ayahuasca showed me that I should focus more on where I am right now, on this beautiful planet with all these wonderful people. As I mentioned in my first blog post, when you drink Ayahuasca the dimension of time doesn’t exist, so I don’t know after how long but after a while I realized I had put my whole upper body, including my face, in the sand. I had sand in my mouth and it felt good. I know it sounds completely crazy but we it’s all energy. It didn’t bother me to have a piece of Earth in my mouth. We are made of the same kind of energy, the sand, me. I have felt it. Us humans, the animals, the trees, the sand, the ocean, the stars, EVERYTHING is made out of this energy, and it’s all connected. So, lying there in the sand, I felt like I had landed. I had connected with mother Earth just like they connect to Eywa in Avatar (if you haven’t seen it, do it!). I know that this sounds crazy to a person whose mind is waay to closed to grasp this. If I would have read this blog post a few years ago I would probably have laughed at myself and got really worried. Maybe some of you will. It doesn’t matter to me, someday we will all discover the truth. A few years ago I used to think people talking about energy were a little lost, but it’s the opposite. It’s real. So, where was I? Oh yea, so I was in the sand, with my eyes closed but with all these beautiful visuals. The shaman played different instruments that all took me to different places. Music sounds out of this world when you have had Ayahuasca. And although the shaman didn’t interact with me as much as he did with some others during the ceremony, I felt his spiritual guidance. He sang some beautiful shamanic songs in Spanish and the words felt like they were meant for me because he sang them at the exact time of my experience that I needed to hear those words. One guy from the group had walked out from the ceremony and he was screaming all kinds of things that made us all laugh. During the trip I felt really connected to the others that I didn’t even know. During most of my experience I was really tired, but like, in a way I had never been tired before. I felt like my soul needed to rest. At some point I was too concerned about the fact that I was literally in the sand. But when I let go of that worry and allowed myself to rest, I rested like I had never rested before. It felt so good! I felt so peaceful and got back that good vibe I had at my first Ayahuasca experience, that “life is good”, “all is good”. Real good! I was ready for the sun to rise but when the shaman wrapped up the ceremony it was apparently only 10pm. One thing I realized is that time doesn’t really matter that much. But some philosophers say it’s the only thing that matters… (???) So I guess I need to read into the thoughts behind that statement and get back to you about that. Anyways, I’m gonna try to finish this up since you might not have a lot of time to read this post, because time does actually matter a whole lot in our society because its our framework and they way we organize everything. So, the shaman wrapped up but I wasn’t even able to sit up so when most people left the “temple” I stayed. Since I had my second cup very late I was still very much under the influence of Ayahuasca. I tried to stand up but realized I had to rest more. A few people were still there and their conversation sometimes sounded like Spanish, sometimes like Portuguese, and sometimes like a native Indian language with really short words or more like sounds. It turned out later that it was all in English, but one of them was a native Spanish speaker, and one was Brazilian. The parts of my trip that were in a language were a little bit in Swedish, a little bit in Spanish, but mostly in Portuguese and not so much in English. I’ve said for a while that I have a Latin soul. I love Latin America; the cultures, the people, the music, the nature, and the languages. Lots of people tell me that my personality is more Latin American than anything else. During this trip I felt like I have a Brazilian soul. My Portuguese, which is my fourth language, is still far from perfect but during this Ayahuasca experience, I was completely fluent. I don’t know if I believe in past lives, but if I did walk this Earth before as another person, it was definitely in a favela/comunidad in South America, probably Brazil. I feel such a strong connection to those places, in a weird way it feels like home, even though where I grew up in Sweden isn’t anything at all like a favela, quite the opposite actually (very organized, rich, clean, and safe). Back to my experience. I really wanted to approach the group of people who were still up talking, but I felt like I still couldn’t put to words what I had just experienced so I needed more time by myself. I walked around this amazing garden, it seemed magical. I sat down by the lake and admired its reflection of the stars and the moon. I felt so connected to everything; the trees, the animals, mother Earth, the stars, and the universe. I finally approached the others and we had a great exchange. The guy who had made us all laugh by screaming crazy things had apparently dipped his face in the sand too. We had so many other things in common and similar experiences that I almost got tired of saying “same”. But it felt great to open up to them about my experience, and to hear about theirs. We slept outside and the stars were breath-taking. The next day I felt SO good. I couldn’t stop smiling and I still felt really connected to the nature, the animals, and even the insects. The people at the ceremony were all very different, with very different backgrounds, of all ages and from all parts of the world, yet the feeling that we are all one people was stronger than ever before. We all hugged real nice and had great vibes. We all share this human experience you know, we learn and grow together. I felt like calling everyone “brother”. I was finally living in the “now” and enjoying it 100%. Now, the hard part, and what I eventually failed at after my first Ayahuasca experience, is to keep this flame burning when coming back to your reality of work, school, traffic, and stressful obligations. I meditate a lot to keep this peace. Lots of people turn to yoga. I’m trying some yoga too. This time around, Aya definitely gave me new perspectives on life, and new priorities. I have realized that a lot of the things I gave importance before are not important at all. What really matters is love, the wonderful people in our lives, being your true-self, realizing your full potential and living in the moment, the NOW which is the only thing we can control. I can go on and on but let’s save some thoughts for future blog posts.

A quick conclusion of what I learnt from this experience though. I am very much an “all or nothing” person. My mom who is probably a lot wiser than I think (love you mom), always says that I take things to the extreme, and in a way she’s right. I don’t think this is a good quality, neither for me nor for the people around me. So this Aya experience and the wonderful people I met at the ceremony reminded me of the importance to find that balance in life. Yin and yang. Nothing is black or white. I don’t wanna say I’m looking for that grayzone in between, that sounds way too boring. So, I prefer to find a colorful, wonderful, beautiful balance with a little bit of everything, with the best parts from all cultures and beliefs. And I’ll eat things that are good for me (but also allow myself to cheat), keeping my body healthy since it does affect my emotional well-being a lot. And I’ll just do what makes me, and the people I love feel good. Aya definitely makes me open up even more than I already did. She (it) also makes me brutally honest. What’s there to hide you know? Honesty, and humbleness are too really beautiful and important qualities.

Oh and btw, a funny side note. During this Ayahuasca experience I though about Trump and I just thought “Maan you’re so lost”! You really don’t get it, do you? How can I help you? How can I help you realize that life is about love man? I almost felt sorry for him for being so lost. Haha.

Okay stay tuned for future posts about love, inspiration, philosophy, and motivation. I’ll link some documentaries, music videos, and book recommendations too. Sending out some love vibes to y’all!

*God is the word I use to describe the creator of everything, that I believe in, which is the same as this universal love that we’re all part of, and we all have a part of this universal love inside us. I have a tattoo on my arm saying God in different languages, and it’s meant to show that these are just different words for the same creator, the same universal love, our origin.



Leia meu primeiro blog post, de ontem, antes de ler esto.

..Então, deixei de fumar a maconha, pelo menos por agora, em Novembro no ano passado. Isso ajudou um pouco, me senti melhor, mas o que realmente me mudou, esta vez pra sempre, foi a Ayahuasca. Fui num lugar quente, bonito e segredo. Uma semana antes da cerimônia comecei uma dieta vegetariana. Fiz um jejum, não comi em 24 horas, e em fim bebi uma bebida desintoxicante com ervas. Dois dias antes da cerimônia comecei uma dieta vegana (dieta vegetariana = sem comer animais, dieta vegana = sem comer animais nem os produtos dos animais como por exemplo ovo da galinha ou leite da vaca). No dia da cerimônia só comi umas frutas na manhã, e depois somente água. Não tinha ideia o que esperar do lugar e as pessoas, mas fiquei feliz quando vi que o lugar era maravilhoso, o lugar perfeito para tomar Ayahuasca, e as pessoas eram maravilhosas também. Quando estive perto deles e quando falei com eles era óbvio que eles tinham encontrado uma paz, uma felicidade. Estavam brilhando! Então, fomos no templo onde tomar Aya, e nos deitamos nos tapetes de yoga na areia. Também tínhamos travesseiro e cobertor. O xamã me deu uma taça de Ayahuasca, e como tinha escutado, o sabor era pior esta vez. Antes da cerimônia nos tinham falado que se pode ter um pouco de controle se quiser, mas pro melhor resultado, se você realmente é um guerreiro espiritual você deixa que Ayahuasca faça o que quiser com você. Porque isso é o que você precisa saber, ver, e viver. Pode ser horrível, e muito difícil (outra vez: Ayahuasca não é para uso recreativo). Se ter uma experiência ruim e porque você precisava de livrar-se de energia ruim. A ideia é se sentir melhor o dia seguinte, né? Então, depois de uma taça, comecei me sentir horrível. Chegou uma nuvem de escuridão, de energia ruim, na minha cabeça, mas eu tinha medo de lhe entrar. Então abri meus olhos e voltei à realidade. Estava tonto, suando. Comecei pensar que tudo tinha sido um error. Que as pessoas lá eram loucas e que eu nunca fizera esto de novo, jamais. Depois de um tempo comecei me sentir melhor fisicamente mas fiquei triste, me senti um covarde, porque não tinha entrado naquela nuvem de escuridão que tinha que passar para me sentir melhor emocionalmente. Esperava outra nuvem, estava pronto para entrar, mas não chegou. Tinha perdido a minha oportunidade? O xamã me deu outra taça de Aya e esta vez sim entrei na nuvem. Não foi tão difícil porque no mesmo tempo que foi escuro também senti um amor muito grande. Logo vi Deus*, como uma luz, como um amor eterno e perfeito. Queria ficar lá porque me senti maravilhoso, mas fui baixado a terra, porque Deus queria me ensinar que aqui é onde eu preciso de estar. Deus, este amor eterno, fica sempre dentro de mim, no coração. Eu sou uma pessoa muito curiosa e ultimamente eu tinha pensado muito no que acontece depois da morte, porque minha avó e um amigo morreram. Ayahuasca me mostrou que deve me concentrar mas onde estou agora, neste planeta incrível com pessoas maravilhosas. Depois de um tempo "acordei" um pouquinho, e a minha cara estava dentro da ateria. Eu tinha aterrizado, kk literalmente. Tinha areia na boca também mas foi legal. Eu sei que isso parece loucura mas é porque tudo é energia. Não me parecia louco ter um pouco da terra na minha boca porque somos do mesmo tipo de energia, a areia e eu. Todos somos feitos da mesma energia, o ser humano, os animais, as árvores, a areia, o mar, e as estrelas. E tudo está conectado! Eu estava lá conectado a mãe Terra como estão conectados a Eywa no filme Avatar (se não tinha assistido, tem que assistir). Faz uns anos eu achava que as pessoas que falaram da energia estavam loucas, mas não é assim, têm razão. E verdade! Existe!
Então. Onde estava? Ah, na areia.. meus olhos estavam fechados mas vi muitas coisas lindas demais. Muitos cores. O xamã cantou e toucou diferentes instrumentos e cada instrumento me levou pra um lugar especial. Música e espetacular quando tinha bebido Ayahuasca. O xamã não falou muito comigo mas eu senti sua orientação espiritual. Me ajudou muito. Cantou em espanhol, e cantou as palavras no momento que eu precisava de lhes ouvir. Um homem saiu do templo e gritava coisas estranhas que nos fizeram rir. Eu me senti muito conectado com as outras pessoas no templo. Durante esta experiência estava muito cansado. Mas, numa maneira que jamais tinha estado cansado em minha vida. Minha alma precisava de descansar. E descansei numa maneira que nunca tinha descansado. Foi maravilhoso. Senti uma paz incrível e senti, de novo, que "tudo tá bem". "Muito bem". Não pude me levantar quando a cerimônia acabou, então fiquei descansando. Havia algumas pessoas mas no templo e a conversação delas as vezes parecia ser em espanhol, as vezes inglês, as vezes português, e as vezes uma língua indiana. Depois me falaram que tudo era em inglês mas um deles era da Colombia e uma era brasileira. As partes da minha "viagem espiritual" que tinham língua foram um pouco em Sueco (que é minha primeira língua) um pouco em espanhol (que é a minha terceira) mas a maioria foi em português que é a minha quarta língua. Meu português ainda não é perfeito, falta muito, mas quando tinha bebido Aya meu português estava perfeito. Eu tenho uma alma latina, talvez Brasileira. Eu não sei ainda se eu acredito em vidas anteriores mas se eu vivesse antes desta vida, foi numa favela no Brasil. Sinto-me muito conectado com esses lugares (apesar de que meu bairro na Suécia foi muito, muito diferente duma favela). Sinto que eu morava numa favela, pobre mas feliz. As vezes sinto saudade de pessoas de lá, que não conheço. Então, vamos voltar a minha experiência no templo. Queria me aproximar as outras pessoas porque ouvi lhes falar sobre coisas muito interessantes, mas ainda não pude falar muito bem, pela Ayahuasca, então fui ao lago, e rezei debaixo das estrelas e a lua. Não sei explicar a conexão com o universo que eu senti nesse momento, as palavras daqui da terra não são suficientes. Em fim, comecei falar com as outras pessoas e o intercâmbio foi muito interessante e muito importante pra mim. O homem que tinha nos feito rir também tinha-se deitado na areia como eu. Tínhamos muitas coisas e experiências em comum. Dormimos todo lá, ao ar livre. O dia seguinte senti-me tão bem! Não pude deixar de sorrir. Ainda estava conectado a natureza, aos animais até os insectos. As pessoas lá era todas de diferentes origens, com histórias muito diferentes e de diferente idade, mas a sensação que somos todos irmãos foi mas forte que nunca. Todos nós, tudo o mundo, compartilhamos esta experiência de ser humano, aprendemos e crescemos juntos. Queria chamar todos "meu irmão". Estava vivendo "o agora", o momento 100%.
Agora, a parte difícil, e no que eu falhei depôs da primeira vez, é manter esta paz, esta luz quando voltar à realidade, ao trabalho, ao tráfico, e obrigações estressantes. Eu faço muita meditação para manter esta paz que a Ayahuasca e a natureza me dão. Muitas pessoas fazem yoga e eu estou começando fazer isso também. Esta vez, Aya me deu novas perspectivas da vida, e novas prioridades. Muitas coisas que antes eram importantes pra mim, agora não são. O que realmente importa é amor, as pessoas maravilhosas que somos abençoados de ter na vida, sendo você mesmo, realizar todo seu potencial, e viver no momento, "o agora". Posso seguir falando mas vou guardar pensamentos e coisas pra outros blog posts. Mas, uma conclusão da esta experiência. Eu tenho uma personalidade "todo ou nada". Minha mãe que é mas sensata do que eu acho, sempre me diz que é importante ter um equilíbrio em todo e não ser extremista de nenhuma coisa. Yin y yang. Nada é branco e negro. Também não estou procurando uma zona cinzenta entre branco e negro não. Tô procurando uma zona da minha vida de muita cor, um equilíbrio bonito com um pouco de todo o melhor da vida, de várias culturas. A Ayahuasca me faz muito honesto e aberto. Pra que ocultar coisas? Honestidade e humildade são qualidades boas e importantes. Antes de acabar queria dizer também pensava no presidente Trump quando tomei Aya.. e pensei que "caralho, você tá errado, tá muito perdido porra". Vc não entende? Como posso te ajudar? Como posso te ajudar perceber que o mais importante na vida é o amor. O amor é tudo. Quase me senti triste por ele por ser tão perdido.

Então, fiquem ligados ao blog pra mais posts de amor, inspiração, motivação, meditação, e pensamentos profundos. Aqui vou por recomendações de livros e vídeos também. Lhes mando muito amor pra todos!

*Deus é a palavra que uso pra descrever o criador de todo, em quem eu acredito, que é o mesmo que o amor universal de que todos somos parte. Este amor também há dentro de todos nós. Eu tenho um tatuagem no meu braço que diz Deus em diferentes idiomas, para mostrar que só são diferentes palavras para o mesmo criador, o mesmo amor universal que é o origem de todo.