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Hello guys! How are you? πŸ˜ƒ

Yesterday it was so sunny and warm here in Thurlestone, so Sam and I decided to go for a walk to the beach!

So beautiful! You get a real British countryside feeling!

On the way back from the beach we had to walk through a scary path (I ran through a cloud of flies)😣

Today it's raining so much! I think I will stay inside!

How was your weekend? x



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Coconut has many good health benefits! I have actually noticed a strange thing happening after I started eating coconut. I am sure that my teeth are getting whiter. But there is a lot of other benefits of eating coconut! Here are some:

Coconut is rich in medium-chain triglycerides that encourage weight loss. Rather than storing fat for a longer time the body uses the fat for more energy.

Diets rich in fiber can boost health by normalizing bowel movements, preventing blood sugar swings, lowering blood pressure and more.

Coconut can boost your immune system and help fight diseases.

A serving of fresh coconut meat provides high levels of several minerals, helping you increase the nutritional value of your diet.


Do you like coconut?



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So I woke up like this...!πŸ˜‚

This is no filter, early morning craziness. And it happened because I fell asleep with wet hair! I actually look very much alike "Baby with big hair", which you can find photos of on google:

Big Hair Baby

The secret to this kind of hair is to have short enough hair that it sticks out, and not long enough that the weight will bring it down!πŸ˜€

I also take hair volume vitamins to make it thicker, but I don't think the baby did!

Now I am going to study! No rest for me this Saturday.

Anybody doing something fun today? x



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O2 Guildhall

Famous attraction/city ruins

The lower canal

Parts of the city wall (I think)

We could probably have seen so much more, but with the little time we had in Southampton I am pretty happy!πŸ˜ƒThe weather wasn't great, it was on and off sunny and very windy, but you can't be lucky all the time...

A cheeky caramel frappucino from Starbucks! ☺️

Now we're back in Thurlestone! I wonder what the weekend will bring! I am very tired, anxious and stressed (sadly) about my thesis and life in the UK.

What's your plans this weekend? x



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Perfection! Gingham, Twist and Sequins!

I feel ASOS have so many beautiful dresses. There's something for every taste. Schrolling through their dresses is torture, because you just want them all. But here is three (different) dresses I would like in my wardrobe!

Which dress do you prefer? x



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Okay, maybe not the band!... But it was a green themed day for me today!

Sam and I went to the park and I took some photos with my camera! I am very happy with the photos! The green colours look so good!

Also we had a date at the nearby pub, where we played some pool billiard!πŸ‘ Then I finished with a pizza with avocado slices at "The Stable", Southampton! Yummy!☺️

Tomorrow I am leaving Southampton and going back to Thurlestone!



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I thought I would make a post with the most read blog posts of last week! I think it's really interesting to see what posts you like the most. So here is the list, ranked from 1-5, where 1 is the highest rank. Click on the picture to get to the blog post:

1. Pink and Patterns
Pink and Patterns
2. The Perfect Lunch
The Perfect Lunch
3. Spring Feeling (Cherry Blossom)
Spring Feeling (Cherry Blossom)
4. Easter Decorations
Easter Decorations
5. Workout (I Love My adidas Cap)
Workout (I love my adidas cap)

That was it!

I was surprised to see that the second one: The Perfect Lunch, got so many views. I like the top one: Pink and Patterns, and Spring Feeling (Cherry Blossom)!

Which one did you like the most?



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Purple Pink ombre leggings - Victoria's Secret

I love these pants! They're so cute! I bought them at Victoria's Secret in London a couple of weeks ago! Today, I had a wonderful workout (chest and back) at the AirBnb we're staying at!

Haha my hair in the photo! I don't like having short hair!...

What are you up to today? x



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This pathway is located in Southampton city centre.πŸ’œ It's beautiful! The flowers smell amazing! I thought it was lavender, but I am not a flower expert so I don't know!

My boyfriend Sam! Chills!😍

I like this park!

Btw look at this nail polish from Nailsinc London! I got it from ELLE uk magazine! I love it because it's so simple, but I need a new hand cream!

Anybody know about a good hand cream?



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Hello guys! Mmm...☺️ I just had hot chocolate! So good!!

Today, Sam and I had some apartment viewings in Southampton. I think this could work! Maybe we'll move here if we can find jobs!

What are you up to this week? I love hearing from you!