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Ever read a magazine and felt really inspired by some of the pictures?

I have several times!

But I can't store 100 magazines and buy new ones! It would be too much stuff laying around!

In order to save those inspirational pictures/recipes you can take a scissor and cut it out - then glue it to a book or a collage!

You don't have to cut that nicely at the beginning, just tear out pages that you like and save the cutting for later!👍

What does your perfect collage/inspiration book look like? x



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Today I am organizing stuff!

My jewellery was all over the place before, but then I ordered a jewellery box on eBay!

It looks very smart! It's also very big so I can fit all my stuff there! 💎

I am also doing some homework and sending emails to university counsellors! It's about media and political science!!👀



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Sam and I are staying in Wembury with his parents! Today we had a wonderful trip to Plymouth! It was so sunny and nice!

We did sightseeing and shopping!

KFC! Don't tell anyone!🍗👀

I just love fried spicy chicken! Look at that happy face😄

We also went to a funny market! They actually sold lots of nice stuff! A lot of cheap statement art!👍

This evening we walked Sam's dog Frankie! He is just the cutest!

The scenery was amazing!

I can get used to this!



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Vegard Hind & Tor Borge Nilssen

#flysas 💙

I went to Tromso airport for my flight Scandinavian Airlines' flight SK4417 to Oslo!

I fly with SAS whenever I can! I am very loyal! ☺️👍
Met some old colleagues working at the airport! I miss working there sometimes! I used to be a SAS Gate Manager!

Snacks and coffee! 😋

Yesterday night my boyfriend Sam and his father picked me up at London Heathrow!

We went to stay at Sam's grandparents who live in Surrey! Absolutely beautiful place! (Where Harry Potter lives haha)

Today we continued our journey: we're going to Devon! But first, food!😄

British pub!!🇬🇧😱 (Dorset)

What are you guys doing today?
Hope you like my post! x



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Leaving soon for my flight to Oslo, then London!

I had a nice walk this morning! The sky is so beautiful!💕 Also I had the best yogurt, Flow! It's the first time I tried it, and it's amazing! I don't understand why hasn't anybody told me this before?? Haha!

Now I am thinking about seeing my boyfriend again! It's been one month since last time! We've been doing long distance for a while, but soon that's going to change! 🇬🇧



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I am going to the UK tomorrow!! I am traveling to London, then my boyfriend Sam and his dad will pick me up by car! The final destination is Wembury - Devon, but we will do a few stops on the way! It's going to be so much fun!

However, I am really struggling to pack, and I want to bring EVERYTHING! So I am doing a packing list now, and I am going to try to stick to it!

I am packing for one month winter-stay! I am allowed to bring 2 suitcases with SAS, so I am very pleased about that!

Packing List


3 pair of jeans

1 par of non-denim trousers

2 long-sleeved t-shirts

2 tank tops

2 everyday shirts

1 fleece

1 smart top (city wear)

7 pairs of underwear

3 bras

1 comfy bra

5-7 pairs of socks

Rain/Sail jacket

Winter jacket

1 pair of leggings

1 long-sleeved dress

1 dressing gown

1 casual dress

1 party dress

2 casual skirts

2 Cardigans

1 sweater

Scarf and gloves

1 par of walking shoes/trainers

1 pair of flat boots

1 pair of high heeled boots

1 pair of pumps

Toilet bag:

Toothbrush and toothpaste




Sanitary products



Tech stuff:

Camera and charger

Phone and charger

Laptop and charger


Adapter plugs (3-pin plugs in the UK)

I am bringing my comfy leopard shorts for cozy days inside! I will say that my suitcase is not winter-only!

Now I am going to eat these chicken dumplings with green beans! The dumplings tasted really good! I finally found a good dough: 7 tablespoons flour 0.45 dl water (one person)!



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Me and my best friend Susanne!

We are watching tv and having a party for two! I just love the masks!

We were supposed to party together yesterday at Susanne's place but I totally mixed up the days! I thought it was meant to be tonight - not Friday!

So mad at myself for forgetting it! I guess it was because of Friday the 13th...

But it's okay!

Btw I was supposed to eat nachos today with minced meat, cheese, salsa and so on. But I forgot to buy the nachos! So I made this instead:

Noodles with minced meat, cheese and green beans hahaha!

Aaand I got a package from eBay today! A beautiful purple ribbon necklace and the Cancer Awareness Ribbon in teal (Ovarian)! Amazing! 😍



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I am invited to a wedding this Summer! My boyfriends' sister is getting married in July. I know it's a farmer/Scottish wedding. Men will wear kilt and the ladies are adviced to wear medium length dresses. I am so excited!

Scottish Wedding
Scottish Wedding
Wedding guest rules - Summer Wedding

I know there are som rules for what to wear to a wedding when you're a guest!! It is important to ask the bride or other guests for advice if you're not sure. Take a look at some common rules for wedding wear:

1. Don't wear white

Unless you're the bride or you're specifically asked to wear white, then don't do it!

2. Theme

Is it a Summer themed wedding? It's clever to google the theme to get some inspiration.

3. Try not to choose black

If everyone wears black to a wedding it will start to look like a funeral! Try avoiding wearing all black! Unless you're advised to do it or you can't find anything else.

4. Avoid party/seductive clothes

In most cases a wedding is considered as an elegant event. Some people will do a ceremony in church or the court house.

5. Be happy, wear a good mood

You and the other wedding guests are there to make sure the groom and bride get the best day of their lives! Be happy and celebrate them!

I've looked at a couple of dresses! I am not going to wear one of the long ones, but there is so many nice dresses at Stylight!

Club L Kimono
Hope and Ivy Floral Dress
ASOS Satin Fishtail

I really like all of them! I am going to a Summer themed wedding so I think I will aim for a floral one, but I am not sure yet!

It's really inspiring! I just love these dresses!

Which one do you prefer? x



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I have a lot to be greatful for. I have a family, friends, a boyfriend and I live in one of the safest countries in the world!

My issues aren't big... But how come I still feel bad?
I survived cancer just a few months ago and I am very happy about that. But it changed me! I am not the same person I was! I worry more, my whole personality got shaken!

Everything is okay, the worst part is over but I am worried people won't like me, that they will laugh of my hair, that I am suddenly not that positive girl anymore!

I am worried about complaining too much! That's not like me at all! 

I wonder if it's normal to feel this way?