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Omg I am home!😃

I am super happy and the scenery is amazing! It's almost like I forgot what Norway looked like! Tromsø is a beautiful town!

I have been to the doctors, but it's going to be a long day! I still have to do cancer control at the hospital.

I am scared to get bad news even though I am pretty confident that it'll be okay!

What's your plans for today?



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Yesterday evening Sam and I had a wonderful meal at Bella Italia, Plymouth!

We regularly do date nights and it's so nice to get ready and get out of the house from time to time!😄✨

Palms and flowers city centre

Haha😄👍Having fun at Bella Italia!

For starters we had bruschetta and meatballs! So good!😄

Bruschetta (a little too much red onions for my taste..)🙆

Delicious meatballs and bread! Yummy! Best sauce ever!😍

For main course I had Pepperoni pizza (with green chillies) and Sam had a Prawn risotto!

Aaah I want to scream!!!😄❤ One of the best pizzas I've ever had!...

Bella Italia is a restaurant chain in the UK and they make really good Italian food!

Bella Italia website
Telephone: 020 7121 3200

I highly recommend going there! I loved the pepperoni pizza and the atmosphere! ☺️ They also have gelato and it's very tasty!

Do you have a favourite pizza? What are you up to today? I love hearing from you! x



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New week!

I am super excited this Monday, because Sam and I are going to an Italian restaurant later tonight!☺️

Also, tomorrow we are going back to Norway to visit my family and friends. While we are there we will do errands and I have an appointment at the Hospital... Scary🙆!

Btw I had the best workout yesterday! I am really inspired by Pinterest at the moment! They link to very good YouTube videos!👍

Do you have any special plans this week?



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Duck Spring Roll😍

Sam and I went to a 'British/Greek' restaurant in Plymouth city centre!

I had such a nice starter! The duck spring roll was amazing! Sam ordered meatballs for starter!

I was really tired when we walked into the restaurant but as soon as I sat down I just felt really good and relaxed!

Nice meatballs!

For main course we had a Roast dinner (Lamb and Turkey!) 😄

Sunday roast is a big thing in the UK and the dish usually consists of vegetables, meat and roasted potatoes! The round thing on top of the dish is some kind of pancake (savoury)!

Turkey Roast dinner!✨

The food was so filling! The staff were so friendly and we are definitely going back there!

Leandra website
Telephone: 01752 266176

All in all a wonderful and cheap restaurant!😄

How was your weekend?



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Hello guys!

Here is a recipe for delicious chewy American cookies! I made them yesterday evening and they turned out great! They are even more chewy today. Iam definitely making it again! I thought since it's weekend and all, you might be interested!


15-20 larger cookies:

250 g butter (room temperature)
2,5 dl white and brown sugar half and half
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
5 dl flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
200 g chocolate (chopped or ready chocolate chips)


Set oven to 160°C. or use gas mark 4 (no fan).

Mix butter and sugar (brown and white 2,5 dl combined) with a processor. You can also mix it by hand.

Add eggs and vanilla extract and mix it all together. Then add flour, baking powder and salt, little at a time. Mix it again until you have a smooth dough. Mix in chocolate chips by hand, but leave some for topping the cookies.

Use a spoon to make a little ball of cookie dough, then press it onto baking paper with help from another spoon. Leave some space between the cookies as they will spread out a bit. Put the last chocolate chips on top (a few on each cookie).

Bake for 12-15 minutes, they should be slightly golden and a little brown in the edges. They might feel soft when you push them with your finger but just take them out. Leave on the tray for 2 minutes then move to a cooling rack. They should get chewy once they cool down a bit.

These cookies are seriously so good! They are nice and chewy and more importantly easy to make! The recipe is very straightforward and you can experiment with oats to make it healthier as the cookies are pretty sweet! 💕

The brown sugar definitely help to give it that 'cafe-chewy cookie taste'. I hope you like it!

The boys waiting...



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Today, Sam and I went to Debenhams for a fitting! He is going to wear a Scottish kilt in the wedding we are going to this summer! 😍

So he didn't actually try on a kilt yet, but they did all the measuring. I am so excited to see the final result!

I love kilts!

Plymouth, UK

This weekend I am going to write more on my thesis and also I hope I get to workout!💪 I think I am going to go for a run now!

What's your plans this weekend? 😃



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I am currently looking for a job! I would love to start working again, either a job on the side or something permanent if it's the right job!

However, today I am experiencing some really bad internet. The connection is very slow so I think I won't be able to send any job applications today...

I think my dream job would be something in the travel industry or a nice office job (law firm, receptionist for a company etc.).

Hope I find something nice!

Do you have a job? What's your dream job? x



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This post is made in collaboration with Abroadwith



Hello guys!

I am currently dreaming back to the time I went to Malaga, Spain! During my final year at High School, I stayed at a Spanish host mum with two other friends and we had such a great time!

I got to learn Spanish at home, but I also attended regular Spanish lessons which helped me a lot! People I've spoken to say that my Spanish is really good, and I think I owe it to the language immersion program.

I was very happy when Abroadwith reached out to me. It is a German start-up company that recently relaunched their website. They want to help people find a stay in a desired country, but also give people an opportunity to do these language immersion programs.

Through Abroadwith you have several options! For example you can:

Learn Spanish in Barcelona..

Abroadwith Stay

Or perhaps German or Italian in Berlin?

Abroadwith Stay

Or maybe you want to learn Chinese (Mandarin) in Los Angelses?...

Abroadwith Stay

I don’t know about you but I am super tempted to jump on a plane to LA and learn Chinese for a week! :D

Coastal California

You can study a language while living at someone’s place in the desired country. The person you’re staying with can be either locals or actual language teachers! You can also become a host yourself! There are three different programs: stay, tandem and teacher stay.

In addition, you will have the option of booking a language course close to where you’ll be living. Have a look at their website and get inspired! It's always nice to know what kind of possibilites you have:


Have you lived with a host family in a foreign country? Do you want to know more about a specific culture?



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A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I had some ideas for what I wanted to see in a travel program (my friend is working with different film productions so I was very honoured to help her with the task!) It made me think deeply about what I love about traveling.

I made this list:

The Beach/Water

I love beaches and especially tanning. It's something very relaxing about lying on the beach and listening to the waves. Of course, it doesn't need to be super warm! Challenging friends to a quick dip in cold water can be very entertaining!


Vacation is the best time to enjoy a beer or wine. Spend time with your family and friends, drinking either alcohol or alcohol free drinks like soda or juice!

Kai Kreos Photography
Kai Kreos Photography

Adventures are one of the best things with traveling. When you go on an adventure you create memories that last forever! You can see different attractions and do things you normally don't think about doing at home (or can't do at home)... Walk on the Great Wall or ride a jeep through a desert! Or maybe a sit around a cozy bonfire?

Kai Kreos Photography
Kai Kreos Photography
Kai Kreos Photography
Kai Kreos Photography

Photos by Kai Kreos

I am usually pretty shy, but everyday interaction with locals is one thing I love about traveling. They can either help you if you're lost - or recommend activities to do in their country. If you're really though you can ask them to help you speak their language!


I love animals so I am always excited to see some while traveling. I like to hear birds and crickets singing. Also, I enjoy seeing exotic fish and animals like monkeys (as in the picture from a forest in China, where they are wild). :D


Bell Tower Hotel Xian

Hotel breakfast, the poolside, a beautiful rooftop or a green garden.... I love staying at hotels or cozy B&Bs! A nice hotel can make a huge difference when traveling..

And that was the end of my list!

What do you love about traveling? x