Copenhagen, Travel

Thank you all for the nice comments on facebook and the blog! Right now I am in Copenhagen, visiting my boyfriend Sam! We are having the best Christmas ever! We are lucky enough to spend this much time together, even if we are currently living in different countries! Check out these magical pictures from our day in Tivoli Christmas market! x

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China, Norway, Cancer

What I am going to tell you is going to sound crazy and even ridiculous. I fought my biggest fight for now! As some of you know I was busy studying in Beijing, meeting friends and exploring China. I have learnt now that life has its ups and downs, and as much as you want to - you can never control what is going to happen in life.

I hope sharing this story with you will make me and other people feel more comfortable talking about stuff like this. Scary stuff.


In late April I got very ill. I was back in Beijing from travelling in Thailand. I had severe stomach pains and I felt sick, like I wanted to throw up all the time. I was back in Beijing, and also had my boyfriend visiting me. He is British but studied in Denmark at this time. I was so lucky to have him in Beijing.

I got the message in China-Japan Friendship Hospital 中日语好医院.

"You have a tumor. It is an ovarian endodermal sinus tumor." After hours of testing and ultrasound it was clear. I wasn't in shock, I knew what Doctor Li said to me. I just sat down in the nearby chair and started crying.

"We have to act quickly. The tumor might have ruptured."

After this I was lucky to have my boyfriend Sam around me talking to the doctors, calling my family and so on. Everything was a mess, but at the same time I tried to remain calm; phonecalls, the Norwegian Embassy visiting me - amazing support by Hildegunn Almås and Tsinghua University counsellor Bi Na.

"If she gets on a flight to Norway, she might die".

I couldn't take that flight home. I knew I needed to have the surgery as soon as possible. I had experienced internal bleedings and sharp pains. One day later I was being prepped for surgery. I didn't have time to worry too much, because I woke up early in the morning.

I remember being cold in the waiting hall. I was lying on those hospital trolley carts and looking up at the ceiling. Chinese nurses greeted me and drugged me. It all turned black.

Then, I saw people standing around me on the operation table. I tried to say something but I couldn't. Then I felt dizzy again. Later I've been told that I propably woke up during the operation because of too little drugs for my "Western body"... Crazy! That only happens in Grey's Anatomy. The tumor, at the size of a mango was out.

Back in Norway I did chemotherapy, and recently I got the amazing message that my blood levels are down, which means that I can relax a bit more. They are not telling me that I am cured, but I am pretty close. Honestly, the chemo itself was hard but the hardest part was the emotional bit. I feel changed, but I think for the better. It made me stronger. It made me appreciate my health more, and - my boyfriend's and family's health and wellbeing.

This got very serious, but at the bright side I am healthy now, and we cannot dwell on sad and bad experiences. I am proud to have been able to get through this.

Hope you liked this post! Any comments are welcome! x



Beijing, China, Travel

Yesterday Sam and I went to Temple of Heaven - a beautiful tourist attraction in Beijing! It's a big park with amazing architecture! It was my first time there, so I was happy! The site is attracting both tourists and locals!

My Korean friend So Yeon has been there many times, and like her - many people tend to go back there to see the Temple and gardens! I even saw some people jogging around the site! It's a very cheap entrance fee! The Peak Season fee is around 17 RMB each person!

Temple of Heaven

Let's get closer to heaven!!


So relaxing☺️



Beijing, China

Haven't posted anything here for a while! I've been doing a lot of stuff at school; homework, dance rehearsals etc!

Also I have become the new Vice President in ANSA Beijing! 😄 Super happy to get to know the board! ANSA have arranged great events and now I can take part in organizing too!

Campus picture👍

By the way, Beijing has had such great weather lately! Love the blossom trees and the green fields!

Tsinghua School of Law

Dance rehearsal: Cell Block Tango - Chicago

Hehe super focused😜 CU!



Thailand, Travel


Today I went to Pattaya Beach, and wow I was surprised! What a stunning view!

I tried taking a cool picture, and got some funny shots:


Also I got NORWAY and CHINA bracelets! My two homes!❤️

Tomorrow I am going back to Bangkok and then to Beijing!



Thailand, Travel

I love Koh Samet! It's like taken out of weheartit and inspirational pictures! The water is clear blue, the beach is sandy white and the trees around makes it feel like you are in a jungle!

We are staying at a bungalow in Tubtim Resort! The staff is superfriendly and the resort is so beautiful!

And more curry of course!




Thailand, Travel

Here is some pictures don the second day in Thailand! We went to the Floating Market, around 1-2 hours drive from Sukhumvit! Now, I liked Bangkok, but right now I am at an island called Koh Samet! Bangkok is very urban, but I enjoyed the Floating Market! You get your own boat with a driver that stops whenever you want to buy something from the shops around the water! So much fun! 😃👌🏼

Alex and I bought two paintings from a cool gallery👍

Finally, we had a very nice dinner at a restaurant called Suk 11!

I loved the red curry!!😍

Yummy! CU💕



Thailand, Travel

The journey started from Beijing with a night in Fuzhou before traveling to Bangkok!


In Fuzhou airport my purse's handles broke, so I bought a new backpack in FOC, Chinese style!👍

We were so excited to arrive in Bangkok😃👏🏼 We went to a Thai buffet and got lots of nice dishes: Chicken, Bacon, Beef and Red and Green curry! Yummy!

After dinner we walked around and looked at all the shops and markets close to our hotel; Waterford, Sukhumvit!

Love Bangkok! 💕👌🏼



Thailand, Travel

Very spontaneously I found out I wanted to travel to Thailand! I booked the flights yesterday and today I am going shopping for some clothes and beach wear! So excited!!😃👏🏼 I am leaving tonight from Beijing to Bangkok!

The plan is to go to Bangkok, then Phuket and finally Koh Tao!







China, Beijing

My friend Tobias came back to Beijing to say goodbye! We went to a sushi place, and then out to La Bamba for a few drinks! We ended the night by writing our names on the wall, which everyone does at one point! La Bambas walls are covered with greetings from happy customers!👍😁