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This morning I handed in the first exam for this spring! I am so happy!😄 As a gift from me to myself I am taking the rest of the day off (even though I have three more exams to go by March!)...

I actually tested one of the "recipes" you can find on Pinterest. It is a make up routine from start to end! I thought I would give it a go! And: I managed to finish this routine within one hour.👍I am not pretending to be some kind of make up expert, but it was a lot of fun!

Personally I feel like applying make up takes to long! There are so many different things to remember: blender, blush, concealer, highlighter etc. When I was younger I could easily spend two hours on make up. Now I am increasingly looking for ways to be more efficient. One hour is okay considering all the different make up components!

Okay, so it looks amazing with instagram filter!💕✨

Normal yey!

I tried it!

11.10 – START

11.12 – Day cream on, I am kind of tired from studying this morning

11.13 – Primer on.

11.15 – Waiting for Primer to dry

11.16 – Starting on brows… Looking for the right tools

11.18 – I am doing the brushing, applying brow powder and concealer around them…

11.23 – Done with brows. Finally! I hate doing the brows, it always takes so much time!

11.23 – Starting with eyeshadow in natural colours…

11.30 – Done with the eyes!

11.31 – Starting with eyeliner (both white on the wet line, and black liner).

11.34 – I mess up the wing completely and must get q-tips to fix it.

11.39 – Done fixing it…

11.41 – I finished lining both eyes but not happy with it!

11.42 – Mascara time! I feel a bit weird applying all the eye stuff before the foundation. I am used to start with foundation and concealer.

11.45 – Done with the mascara! Oops and the camera runs out of battery. I should have planned this better!

Mascara quotes
Max Factor Mascara

11.46 – Applying the foundation with a beauty blender!

11.49 – Happy with foundation.

11.50 – Time for concealer.

11.52 – Done applying it under my eyes…

11.53 – Countouring and applying blush!! I love this!

11.57 – Done countouring!

11.58 – Starting with my lips! First lipliner, then pink lip cream.

12.03 – END

After doing this test I find I dont like doing the foundation after the eyes...

Do you have a specific make up routine? What do you think of this one?



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Hello guys!

I thought I would show you mine and Sam's pizza experiment! We made a pepperoni pizza, half white flour and the rest is wholegrain/wheat (?)

We do not know whether it is our oven or too much topping on the pizza; but the result was rather chewy and saggy. I personally like my pizza crust thin and crispy.

Do you have any pizza tips? What kind of pizza do you prefer? x



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Hello guys!

Today I am doing some organising on my blog. I will go through posts, and see if any need editing! I have to make sure if any want to read my previous post that they look nice... You never know, haha!

I am also trying to "claim my blog" on Bloglovin! I am already on Blogkeen, and I think it's a nice tool for following other blogs. I am not sure whether you only get shown on the blog communities you've signed up to... But it's nice to learn how this all works!

I hope some of you want to follow me on Bloglovin or Blogkeen! (At least one person, or this will be super sad) :D

Are you on Blogkeen, Bloglovin or any other platform? x



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What's in my purse?

Us girls love our purses, and some would even say that looking into a woman's purse is dangerous because you get to know a lot about the person! 😄 I got inspired by @Jasminella to finally do a "What's in my purse"-post!

My favourite purse at the moment is this "Beach bag styled" Michael Kors bag. I bought it at OSL Duty Free after months of thinking whether I should buy it or not!

In the bag there are a lot of different stuff! For example: my wallet (bought in Thailand), tissues, a pen, a bus table...

Also there are: sunglasses, headphones, chopsticks in case Burberry styled... Haha, am I super weird for bringing chopsticks with me everywhere?

Several lip glosses - (one cute Korean Cherry Panda lipgloss)...

Last but not least: hand disinfection from Soap and Glory - and a small pink sewing kit for emergencies! I am very happy about those two!

What's in your purse? x



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Hello! I made Bibimbap yesterday for Sam and his family! I thought I would show you the result!

Bibimbap is a Korean dish of mixed rice with meat and vegetables! It was usually made of all sorts of leftover food! I like that idea! However, I made it from fresh meat and vegetables! It's of course optional!

It was a great success and I am definitely going to make it again sometime! I used a recipe by MyKoreanKitchen.com! It is a nice and easy recipe!

Have you tried Bibimbap? x



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Hello guys!

How are you today? I am very tired today! I just want to lay down in my bed and rest all day!

I take comfort in this super cute pink NYX lip cream (Sydney)! I didn't apply too much, because I just wanted it to look natural! I am very happy with it! Pink forever! 💕

Soon I will make dinner. I am going to try out a new dish today so I am very excited about it! It's a Korean dish called "Bibimbap", which is mixed rice with vegetables, meat - and a fried egg on top!

What do you think about the lip cream? 😄x



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Got this gift box yesterday from Boux Avenue! It's my favourite lingerie store at the moment! They have so much nice lingerie and sleepwear!

I like that the store is organised and it's so easy to find the right sizes! Also, the staff are super friendly!

I haven't tried those creams yet, but I am looking forward to it! Meanwhile, I am happy for getting a pink box! ☺️💕

What have you been doing today?



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Sam and I went to The Thai House yesterday!

It was so nice and cozy! I am really glad we managed to book a table for Valentine's! The waitresses were dressed in beautiful Thai dresses in gold and red!

For starters we had spring rolls (no picture...), Sam and I were so hungry that we ate them right away, haha! They were super good!

For main course I had noodles! I went for the Chicken Phad Thai Noodles! 🍜 I love it when they fry the noodles! It tastes so different from regular ones!

Haha Sam taking photos of me! 😄💕

For drinks we had wine, pineapple juice and water! <3

For desert we had some kind of ice cream cake! Very tasty!


Phone: 01752 661600
Email: info@thethaihouse.com

I highly recommend the restaurant! Sam and I had a lovely time! We had been in town for hours and we were so hungry and tired in the evening! It was the warmest, coziest Thai restaurant I've been to in a while!

What do you think? Do you like Thai food? x



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Good morning everyone! ❤


Hope you all had a good nights' sleep! I definitely slept like a stone. Actually I slept so heavily that I didn't notice kicking my boyfriend in my sleep (by accident of course)! I am not that romantic during my sleep I guess....😂

My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts! I got a Rooster lucky charm (combined Valentines/Chinese New Year gift) and some super nice earrings!

Now I am getting ready - we're going into town soon! 💄

What are you doing? x



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Venice WeHeartit
Bath WeHeartit
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HappyValentinesDay WeHeartit
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I love Valentines Day! Always have! Even when I was single I liked the idea of having a day dedicated to love and affection! ❤ So I made this inspiration board with pictures from WeHeart it (absolutely amazing site)! I can scroll through their pictures for hours! You can look at all my collections here!

Tomorrow I am going to celebrate Valentines with my boyfriend Sam! We are exchanging gifts and in the evening we're going to eat dinner at a Thai restaurant! I can't think of any better way to spend the day!

Chichilicious.com Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry (Chichilicious.com)

What are your plans for Valentines Day? x