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For all dress lovers out there!...


How nice aren't these dresses? I used to have a lot of dresses before. However, as I moved a lot the last couple of years I lost some dresses, or threw them away! I realised how great wouldn't it be to have a new dress that works well both Summer and Fall. I am going to be a student this Fall, but I would like to write about it in a different post as it's pretty cool (jaw dropping cool, hehe), but also I need to await some more information from the uni.

Which dress is your favourite?





(Awkward pose) Hello guys! How are you? I have spent some time looking at the photos from Monaco. So beautiful! Right now I am in my apartment in Edinburgh. I am applying for jobs and doing chores around the house. I actually managed to cut my finger with a sharp Japanese knife!😰 It's all good now but it was quite dramatic at the time, haha!

Hope you like these photos (mostly of landscape and around the city of Monte Carlo)

Miss it!

What do you think of the photos?😘 What's your plans for Summer?




Did Core Workout!💪I love this Nike top! So fresh!

Went past this lovely street in Edinburgh! So colourful and lots of banners! I did a wrong turn so I got here by accident, but I am glad I did! It's called Grassmarket!

In a small Turkish café! Patterns!😍Sadly, I don't remember the name but I am sure I'll find out later! The food was very tasty, and I'll definitely go back there!




Photo from Inner Mongolia, Gobi Desert (see my trip to the desert here)

Hello guys! I hope you're all having a nice start of your weekend. Personally I've been having a busy day, dealing with baggage handling people at EasyJet, I also went on a Student-led tour at Edinburgh University. Sadly, I felt the student tour was a bit boring and it seemed like the students leading the tour were pretty bored too. Also, I managed to loose 5 GBP somewhere. Not nice!!!

Anyways, I am going to share 10 things you (probably) don't know about me. I like those kind of lists, so I thought it would be fun:

10 Things You Don't Know about Me

1. I am extremely scared of being stung by a wasp/bee. I hate insects with yellow and black colours.

2. I used to participate in drawing competitions as a kid, and I won more than 10k NOK.

3. Whenever I meet someone new I am instantly trying to 'figure them out'. It's not cool, but I am super sensitive to people's behaviour, and I quickly know if it's a person I like...

4. I love Pokemon and I still play Pokemon sometimes on a little pink Nintendo 3DS.

5. I hate conflict, and I get pretty upset if someone is mad at me.


Photo credit 1: Marvel, Photo credit 3: Metro.co.uk

6. My interests/hobbies change quickly, and I like trying out new things.

7. I like flying more than sitting in a car, bus or train.

8. It is important to me to work or to feel like I am providing some service.

9. I like to know what's going to happen next and I get easily stressed about the future.

10. I think it's important to have close family ties, and I sometimes imagine me and my siblings meeting each other for tea or coffee when we're much older.

That's it! I hope you like this list! Have a nice weekend everyone! ♥





I recommend downloading VSCO for quick and nice editing of photos! It's very convenient and I use it to edit photos on my phone. I don't like to overdo it/edit too much! I want to stay as true to the real photo! I usually use F2 Mellow for my photos. I edit the contrast, exposure and I sharpen them a little bit.

Which app is your favourite for editing photos on your phone?



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Photos from WeHeartit


I love these inspirational photos! Pink and teal is so beautiful! And that baby Deer, my heart melts!!😍 I like WeHeartit so much. They have so great photos... One of my photography goals is to take beautiful photos like that! I don't know why pink and teal is so appealing to me!

What do you think of the inspo?



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Today, I am working out at home! It's funny because I haven't worked out during my vacation, but I still feel like I've walked so many miles (sightseeing)! Hope this goes well!... I feel pretty fit so that's good!👍

Photos from WeHeartit

What's your plans for today? x



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I don't know why but I like cars, despite not knowing a lot about them! My first car was a French one, a grey/silver Renault Megane! It was an old car so it broke down a couple of times... But these ones that we saw around the Casino in Monaco were super impressive. I love orange so I took some photos of this one!

Also, we went to Café de Paris right next to the Casino! We had a Chocolate Sundae ice cream! So good!❤️

Later we went to visit Prince's Palace of Monaco (Palais du Prince).


The Palace was so beautiful! We got to see the Throne room and some of the beautiful rooms inside! Sadly no photos were allowed inside the palace.

We didn't realise but we were extremely colour coordinated! With everything from the Casino car to the buildings in Monaco!

Love the colours!

The dress is from River Island! Orange forever!!!🍊

Today, I am back in Edinburgh so I am just going to unpack more boxes at the apartment. We're almost done so it's getting very nice and it feels more and more like our home!

What did you do today?



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Fairmont Monte Carlo Logo

Welcome on board!

//In collaboration with Fairmont Hotel Monaco

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you liked the previous posts and the Fairmont Hotel teaser. I have so many photos to show you from my stay at this beautiful luxury hotel located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Sam and I stayed here for three nights, and it's been a very nice vacation. Of course, it was expensive in Monaco, but for me personally I think its worth it! It's an experience I will never forget and I recommend saving up some money before hand - and to just go there!

At The Fairmont Hotel, Monte Carlo we got to see and do all those things you combine with luxury travel and Monaco. It's like out of a movie:

The View
Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo

Breakfast at the 7th Floor rooftop, Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Monte Carlo Monaco
Fairmont Monte Carlo Pink
The Food

What I was really happy about was the variety at the Breakfast Buffet at the hotel! They had everything from salmon to the classic scrambled eggs and bacon. At breakfast you also get all kinds of coffee, juice, sweets and they make omelet on the spot!

The Room
Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel
Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

Fairmont Hotel has different Accommodation options, we stayed in a Deluxe room with a sea view! It was so exciting to wake up every morning and go out on the sunny balcony. The room was so spacious and it has everything you need: bathrobe, toiletries, minibar, safe and so on. One night, Sam and I saw a huge cruise ship sailing past our room!

Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel Monaco

The hotel has lots of different activities: spa, restaurants (such as Nobu), swimming pool, a casino and the club NIKKI BEACH. I actually made a profit at the casino (10 euros), so that was really fun! Something is happening at the hotel all the time!

Get to know more at Fairmont Monte Carlo's website here .

I am so sad my stay has come to an end.... I want to go back! :-(