I decided my first blog post would consist a bit about me. I am born in Manhattan. My mother was born in Sweden and lived on an island in the archipelago called Applör. My father is an Italian who was raised in America. I grew up in the city but I moved to Virginia when I was around twelve years old. Coming from a big city to suburban state was very difficult for me. I never felt as if I belonged in VA, I didn't feel at home and was much unhappy there. Yearly though, during the summer, my mom and I made trips to Sweden, and I'd always get to see my cousins and enjoy time with family. Celebrating midsömmar, going up to the country house, enjoying Stockholm, plus so much more. I always feel very much at home in Sweden, just like I do in NYC. I am in the process of moving back and starting college in the city and I am super excited , and really happy to start blogging bits of my fresh start in college and more of my life! 

These are photos/little bits I enjoyed of sweden's beauty!