Exchange Year USA

Hey everyone'
On August 11 was my birthday! After school I went with Sara and Janna to Target+Starbucks. Then I went to practice and Sara came with me. She was also interested in playing volleyball, so she decided to come and see what we're doing. I invited Sara to come over and eat dinner with my host family! After practice a neighbor drove us home and I opened the door. Suddenly the lights went on and all of my friends and neighbors jumped out and sang 'happy birthday'. I was suuupppeeer surprised!! It was an awesome evening. Thank you all for coming over to celebrate with us!
Here are some pictures of the surprise party:

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Exchange Year USA

Hey everyone, today I'm going to talk about my first week here in Honolulu!

Wednesday August 2nd:

My alarm clock rang at 5am - I got ready, said goodbye to my roommate Olivia from Finland and went down to the lobby. There I got an email with the information that my flight has a delay... 8.40 was it meant to be, and then it was 1.15pm. Eitherways, we went to the airport with another guy and checked in his suitcase.
Then we waited for a loooonnnnggg time and at 12.30 we finally went to the gate! I got in the airplane and we waited two more hours because of thunderstorms above the Hudson River, NY. Afterwards they had to change the captain, so we all got off again and waited on the terminal. Someone picked me up (because I was a minor) and brought me into another room. The people there searched for new flights for the minors... about 100 flights got cancelled and there were a lot of minors - that's why they had so much work!! At 7.35pm I could finally go back to the terminal and at 8.30pm we finallllyyyyyy left (instead of arriving at Honolulu)!!

Thursday August 3rd:

At 12.30am I arrived at the airport in Honolulu! I went to the baggage claim, where my host family waited for me! They made a super nice poster. We drove to my new home and my host mum showed me everything. At 2am I finally went to my bed and felt asleep!
In the morning I unpacked all of my stuff and afterwards I went to my host brothers swimming lesson. Back home we watched TV and I played hide and seek with the boys! In the evening they took me to eat at Kona Brewery - it was so good!! Back home we watched some movies :)

Friday August 4th:

My host dad and I went to my high school to sign up for an appointment to get my schedule! We had a lot of paperwork to do, so we went home to fill out all of that. After we finished filling out the papers, we brought them back and went to a grocery store. In the evening we did bathbombs! That was super much fun - and really easy. We cooked tarte flambée and went to bed.

Saturday August 5th:

My host family planned a 'Welcome to the Loop - Party' for me. It was awesome - I got to know so much more people and friends of my host family. A girl of my neighborhood walked me around our area and showed me everything.

Sunday August 6th:

We labled all of the school stuff of the boys, went to a mall and Target. I did laundry and filled out some more paperwork for Volleyball. I wanted to try Volleyball, because I've played for 5 years when I was younger. The try-outs were already a week ago, so I was the only one trying out hahaha.

Monday August 7th:

There was an Orientation-Day for all the new students at Radford High School. I waited in front of the library to sign up, but then I saw Janna, another exchange student from Finland and I went over to say hello. So we both went to the Orientation together. They showed us the school and we were playing some games to get to know the school (+rules) a little better. In the evening I went to the Volleyball practice. It was weird to try out, because the other ones already had try outs and I was the only one. I tryed out for White Varsity. It was super hard and I played not really good, so luckily they gave me another chance for Tuesday!

Tuesday August 8th:

In the morning I went to the school for my schedule. Oh and I got my school bus pass! I chose my classes and went back home. I skyped with my family and afterwards my host mum and I went to downtown Honolulu. I bought outdoor shoes and a water bottle for school. We picked up the boys and then I went again to Volleyball practice. Afterwards I got home, took a shower, ate dinner and watched TV.



Exchange Year USA

August 2nd

Today I'm flying to my hostfamily!

I got up at 4.45am, to drive to the Newark airport at 5.45am. My flight had a delay (5h35min)! So I waited for a long time at the airport with one of the stuff! Because I'm a minor someone had to take me to the gate. We ate, talked and waited - till 12.30pm. Then we went to the gate (finally!!) and we checked in. I said goodbye to the stuff and someone showed me where to sit. Everyone was ready and then the captain said we can't flight right now, because there are thounderstorms about the Hudson River, NY. So we waited for about 2h30 more, and then we had another problem: they needed to find a new captain... We all got off the airplane (to the Terminal). Someone brought me to a room full of minors. There we got pizzas, while the stuff searched for new flights. About 100 flights got cancelled so they had a lot to do!

At 7:25pm I finally went back to the gate and we were boarding. About an hour later we finally moved!! I was super tired, so I slept on the airplane. At 6.23pm (NY time), 12.23am (Honolulu time) I finally landed in Hawaii. My host family waited at the baggage claim for me and I was super excited to meet all of them! We waited for my luggage and then we drove to my new home. They showed me the house and then we went sleeping because we were super tired. After being awake for 27hours I fell asleep.



Exchange Year USA, Travel

Hey everyone!

The last couple of days I had my Soft Landing Camp in NY. So let's talk a little about that!

July 29th: we arrived at our hotel, went to our rooms and afterwards we had a short meeting. We ordered dinner and went to sleep because everyone was so tired!

July 30th: Olivia (the girl from Finland//my roommate) and I woke up super early! So we decided to go to eat breakfast. At 9am we had a meeting called 'Adapting to America'. At 11am we finally got in the bus, which drove us through Upper Manhattan. We first stopped at the Grand Central Terminal, where we ate lunch. (Go to Shake Shack - that was soooo good😍🔝). Afterwards our tourguide arrived and we went again on the bus. You could learn so much about NY. He showed us the Empire Hotel (for all the Gossip Girl fans), the house of Friends and a lot more!

July 31st: In the morning we had another meeting and afterwards we drove through Lower Manhattan. We saw the Piers, Federal Bank, Brookfield place and the 9/11 memorial! Afterwards we went to Brooklyn to take some pictures by the waterfront. Then we went to China town + Little italy. At the end we had three hours of free time in SoHo!

August 1st: Picnic in Central Park!! Afterwards we went to the Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall.

Chucks Empire Hotel (Gossip Girl)

Besides, I finally met Sara!!❤️❤️

This is it, just a short update from New York. I hope you like the pictures!



Monthly reviews

Hey everyone!
This month I was really busy and I did a lot! Here's a little overview.

July 1st, my mom and I went to Zermatt. There was the marathon, where my dad competed. Unfortunately it was really foggy and I couldn't take any pictures of the Matterhorn!

July 2nd, my godparents, my cousin and I went to Geneva airport, because my cousin went to Bournemouth, Great Britain to learn English. She will be there for three weeks, so we brought her to the control and said goodbye.

July 3rd - 4th, Céline and Sandra came to me and we spent a girls night together. We had a lot of fun!

July 6th, I went to the bank to request a new credit card for America. Afterwards some friends of my mom came and we had a barbecue.

July 9th, we had a family day with all my cousins and grandparents.

July 10th-14th, we went to Brighton - Great Britain. Click here for more informations.

July 15th - 16th, I had my exchange preparation meeting in Mannheim - Germany.

July 18th, Sara and I skyped again. We talked about packing, our family we lost and we pre-packed together, which ended better than expected haha. We talked again for almost 3 and a half hours - it was fun as always!

This month I went many times to the physiotherapy because of my knee surgery.

July 27th, my mom and I went to Luzern. On our way I got a call from my organization. I got my placement in Hawaii! If you want to read more, click here. In the evening I had to pack my suitcase and some relatives came over to say goodbye (because I already flew July 29th!)

July 28th, I finished packing and said goodbye to my grandparents. Afterwards we went to the station, where I met one of my best friends to say goodbye. Then we drove to Frankfurt, Germany. Everything was so stressful - I couldn't realize that I'll be away for 11 months... Later on we finally arrived in Frankfurt.

July 29th, was the big day. I was going to fly to the USA! I said goodbye to my family - it was so hard. But afterwards I was really excited!! At 3.35pm we arrived at the Newark airport, got our suitcases and drove to our hotel. There we got our room keys. I'm in a room with a really nice girl from Finland.

So that's for this month! The next blogpost will probably be about NYC. Goodbye, talk to you soon.



Exchange Year USA, Placement

Big news everyone!!

I haven't written in a while, because I was waiting for a new host family (if you don't know why, click here.) Yesterday I got a new host family. Unfortunately I'll not be placed with Sara, but she'll go to the same High School as I do and we'll only live 15 minutes away from each other. That's absolutely awesome!!
Our placement is really special, because we're the first ones from our organizations who'll be placed in... HAWAII!!

I'll live in the capitol city of Hawaii - in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. It will be very different to live in such a big city, compared to where I've lived for the last 16 years...

My host family consists of my host mum Jennifer, my host dad Jonathan and two little host brothers, Ryan (9) and Dominic (11). They have a movie night on Friday and on Sunday they like to do board games, which is awesome!! They also really like to cook, bake, cycling, shopping...

I'll attend the Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School. The school has about 1350 students. I'm not sure which classes I can chose, but my host mum said that we'll chose them when I'll get there.

Which brings me to the next point! I got my host family yesterday and I'll already fly tomorrow! Right now I'm on my way to Frankfurt, Germany. It was really stressful yesterday and today - but I'm super excited to go to the SLC in NY and to meet my host family!

In the morning I skyped for about 15 minutes with them. They're so nice and kind! I think we'll have a great time together and I hope we'll make a lot of unforgettable memories!! The kids are super cute and they want to learn German, so maybe I can teach them some things (which I'ld love to!)

That's probably all for now, there will be a lot of blogposts coming up the next few days/weeks! So if you're interested in following my year as an exchange student in Hawaii, follow me😊




On Monday 10th, I went to Basel airport to fly to Brighton, UK. When we arrived we first checked in in our hotel (which was absolutely gorgeous) and afterwards we walked to the seafront. We took some pictures and went to our favorite grocery store Marks & Spencer.

Tuesday 11th
The weather today is not that good - but it's still warm, about 19°C. So we decided to go shopping in the morning. The churchill square is the perfect place to go shopping! In the afternoon we drove through Brighton and Hove (by bus). There is a bus ticket for the whole day, called 'saver', which I really recommend to buy. With that ticket you can use every bus for little money. We ate dinner in the Brighton Marina Village. Afterwards we walked through the beautiful Lanes.

Wednesday 12th
Today we bought another 'family-saver' bus ticket, because we wanted to take the coastliner, which drove all the way to Eastbourne. It was absolutely pretty and we could see a lot, even we didn't stop everywhere. In Eastbourne we went seeing the pier and there was also a market. On our way back, we stopped by some cliffs and took some pictures. After lunch we went to the Royal Pavilion. Afterwards we walked to Kemptown. There's such a pretty colorful street, where we wanted to take some more pictures. At least we finally went to the famous Brighton Pier.

Thursday 13th
In the morning we went to Hove. There are many little beach-houses. At the end of those houses is the British Airways i360 Tower. We bought a ticket to see all of Brighton and Hove from above. Later, we went again to the Brighton Pier. On our way back to our hotel, we drove along the Royal Pavilion by night.

Friday 14th
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye beautiful Brighton! It was absolutely pretty! We went back to London Gatwick airport and flew back to Basel.



Exchange Year USA

Ahhhh, it's so unrealistic, that I'll be in the United States in a month!

Exactly in a month is my birthday and I'll leave my home country for almost a year... It's absolutely crazy - time flies by so fast! I remember when I made my countdown with 420 and more days! Some of you might wonder why I did a countdown, before I even knew when my flight date will be. I took my birthday, the August 11th and now I'm actually going to Frankfurt on my birthday so it worked pretty well hahaha. But I'll fly on August 12th. 

Some people are going in like less than 10 days - which makes me even more excited and makes me realize that it really is gonna happen - in one month!!

Absolutely crazy how fast time flies by...




Some pictures from July 3rd and 4th, when Céline and Sandra came to me and we spent a girls night together!

SAC ∞ - gonna miss you so much!!



Exchange Year USA

Hey everyone...
​Maybe you've read my last blogpost 'June Update '. I wrote about some difficulties, but I wasn't really ready to talk about those - so I decided to do an extra blogpost, so y'all can understand better what was going on the last couple of weeks...
So, why did we have to change our host family before even got there?
As some of you guys know, Sara and I got our placement in November. It was great, to have a host family that early and we got to know each other a lot better. We had a lot of fun and talked almost everyday. Then on Monday 21st of June, Naty, an exchange student who was in the same family as we were meant to be, wrote me a message and asked, if we're still going to that family. She was really worried and told us everything that happened between her and that family and why she and another girl from Finland, changed family. Sara and I were shoked, couldn't believe all of that...
The next day we both talked to our organizations - but it didn't seem like they knew anything about all that happened. On Friday my organization sent me a mail, that they're searching a new family. We were so relieved, but also worried if Sara and I can stay together... So we talked again to our organizations and they said that they'll try to find a family in Texas, who's willing to host two exchange students. But it's not a 100% sure, if they'll find a family for both of us, so we could stay together.
It really sucks that we lost our family, especially because we knew them for so long and it looked like they're an awesome family. Now, most of the exchange students got their families and we're back on step one. After all, Sara and I are still glad that Naty told us this, before we would have gotten there.

It was a harsh/terrible week and I really hope no one of you will ever have difficulties like that! I hope you can understand all of that a little bit better now... This is also why I deleted those blogposts about our 'old' placement. Right now, Sara and I are waiting for a new host family.

If you have some more questions send me a private message!
Have a nice evening!