My name is Kelli, or you can call me Kelz, and I’m18. I was born in Estonia where I lived about 12 years. Then my parents decidedto move to Norway, as we had some tough times living in our home country. Afterstaying there around six years, I thought that it would be awesome to move toEngland! So I left my family behind me and came to study in UK. So far I havebeen here exactly one month, and it has been GREAT!

Now you may ask if I miss my friends, my parents, mybrother, my dog … To be honest, not just yet. I have always been quiteindependent. Sometimes I do wish my little Arabella (my dog) was here, but mostof the time I have no time to miss anyone. And the reason for that is of coursethe fact that I have to study. I have also joined boxing club and street danceclub. I’m having lots of fun here!! <3

Despite all the fun, I also have enoughresponsibilities. Now as I mentioned before, studying is something I have tomotivate myself to do. I always had parents who made sure I didn’t skip schoolwhile I was living at home. But now that I live alone, I have to do it myself.It’s not that bad till now.

Bills. Another responsibility I didn’t have to thinkabout while living at home. I’ve learned that money loves to wave good bye. Andof course food. Now that’s the hardest part for me, as I usually never cookedwhile I was living at home. So now I’m basically learning how to NOT starve. Iactually made a menu to eat as healthy as possible. Well my first day is goodso far. But then again I’ve only eaten breakfast, so …
Anyways I’m looking forward to see how this schoolyear ends. Hopefully it’s going to be something special!!

With love,
Kelz - xoxo