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This week we had assessments on our final pieces of work for this term, so now, regarding the practical module - we're done until after Christmas! Everyone's worked so incredibly hard, and there's some really interesting pieces of work that challenge the conventions of typical viewing of photography! Last night we had a party at the exhibition venue to celebrate the end of the term and the opening of the exhibition, Looking Awry (which will be on until March!). I think its fair to say, everyone had a great time, and it was really nice for everyone let their hair down a little - especially after being so stressed over the past few weeks.

Regarding my own work, and considering my struggles with motivation, etc, recently, I'm so much more pleased with the verbal feedback I received on Tuesday for my work, than I ever thought I would be. It was such a relief to see that my hard work (and panicking) had paid off, and there's a lot of potential in what I've been working on. For now though, there's some written work (including the dissertation!!!!) to complete over the Christmas period.

A quick reminder that our exhibition is being displayed at The Art House, Derby, from now until 3/3/2018, if you're interested!!

There's also some things I've been wanting to discuss about my university experience as a whole, which I will probably get round to writing in the near future, but whether I'll wait until I've completely finished uni or not, I'm not sure. But in general, there are some feelings I've had about the university experience that I did not expect to have. So, I guess keep an eye out for that, haha.

I'm going to head off and get some more of this essay written. Bye for now!

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Hey guys!

So its just under a week until the final critiques for the term, which also means the beginning of the exhibition. The exhibition runs from 13th December 2017 to mid-March 2018, and if you're interested in checking out, the venue is The Arthouse on Friar Gate, Derby!

I've got my various prints, etc, ordered so now its just a case of playing the waiting game until they're done and I can put them up. Overall, the explorations and approaches I have taken this semester regarding my work have been fun, and a little bit unconventional - granted they would have been more fun had I been able to get myself into gear sooner than I did, but hey-ho.

I've been neglecting my Facebook and Instagram pages lately, but in the run-up to the exhibition and beyond I'll be a lot more active on both platforms, you're welcome to check them out!


Instagram: @kaydeefotografie

Anyway, I'm in a lot better frame of mind now (I hope!) than I was even yesterday, so fingers crossed my images get back to me in one piece!

Bye for now!



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So, I have just over a week before I need to have my work installed and ready to be exhibited. While I'm pretty nervous about having my work shown in a public space that isn't university, but a genuine public gallery setting, and while I'm amazed at how quick this semester has gone, I'm feeling much more inspired now than I have done for....probably the entire semester. I talked to tutors and gained different opinions and suggestions on the directions my work could take, and I've think I've found some avenues that are going to be really enjoyable.

Without giving too much away (at the moment), and working very much in conjunction with my research and written work, I'm very interested in the relationship people have with social media and curating and maintaining and online identity - or online version of themselves. The control over what we, as internet users, choose to share online, but the lack of control over what others will say about it.

Greek mythology is something I've been exploring through my photographic work at university, and I've been very interested in placing these majestic figures - gods and goddesses - in contemporary, perhaps mundane, settings. I find creating these these kinds of images humorous, and I decided to include this concept of social media and selfie culture.

For now, I just have to work extra hard, and ensure I'm creating something that is well-informed and has substance, and something that I can also take forward into my final semester and beyond.



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Managing my time is something I've always struggled with, and definitely something I should have worked on before my last year of university, but here we are. Everybody has told me I need to make a schedule, and I've tried, I've written to-do lists, I've tried making a bullet journal, I've tried using calendar apps on my phone and laptop, but none of them have stuck and become something I use consistently. As much as I love looking at other's bullet journals, and as organised as I wanted to feel when I used one, I'd end up forgetting to draw up the next week/months, skipping out large chunks of the calendar - plus its currently sitting under a pile of other things.

My mum has schedules and to-do lists on various pieces of paper all over the place, and after listening to me panic the other day about how much I have to do, and how little time I have to do it, she convinced me to make a schedule on a large piece of paper and work backwards from my deadlines. I actually took her advice, and while its scary to visually see how close my deadlines are, its incredibly useful to see how many full days I have left. The only other problem I have now is actually having enough motivation to get on with the work that needs doing.

Now, I realise that writing up a schedule or to-do list on a piece of paper isn't exactly revolutionary, but its helpful, and its something that will hopefully help me in the last few weeks before my deadlines.

However, if anyone has any foolproof time-management methods, then please let me know!



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Okay, so hi again.

This is my second "first" post...kinda...considering that for some reason my original first post didn't publish properly. I gave up shortly thereafter and haven't tried to rectify or post again for several months. But lately, I've found myself in a MASSIVE slump with university work. Just to recap, I'm studying fine art photography, and having something like art-based photography is great to express myself. However, I've come to the conclusion that I need another creative outlet. I'm not being anywhere near as productive as I want (NEED!) to be, and I'm falling very, very behind on university work. And in third year, ya can't let that happen. I spend so much of my time refreshing social medias, watching Youtube videos, etc, etc, that while I'm on the internet, I may as well do something that (hopefully) will help get my creative juices flowing through not only writing, but also reminding me I have a damn degree to do.

I couldn't really say why I've hit such a slump, the work I'm doing for the dissertation module is going great and my tutors are pleased with my progress, so regarding the practical work, could it be laziness? Could it be confience or lack thereof? Could it be that its harder than I was expecting and everyone else seems to be doing so well? Probably some combination of all, but either way, its something I need to change by myself, for myself. I feel that writing essays is, to a certain extent, slightly easier than getting up, going out, and taking photographs, which to be honest, is something that I should really find my passion for again. Its something I want to do, its something I enjoy. Whether its the time constraints that are adding to the stress, I don't know, probably, but those deadlines are there for a reason.

Anyway, sorry this first (2nd?) post has been a bit of a downer, I'll just end with some little tidbits about me I guess.

So I'm Kirsty, I'm constantly tired, I drink a lot of iced coffee, regardless of the weather, and my eyes are different colours.

Alright, so I guess that's that, I'll talk to you in the next one.