Opgroeien met een vader in de gastvrijheidsindustrie in het hele land, werden Devin van ogen getrokken naar mooie en inspirerende interieurs op een vroege leeftijd. Na grade school in de omgeving van Boston en middelbare school in Zuid-Californië haalde Devin een Bachelor of Arts graad in Art History cum laude en een Master of Arts graad in interieur. Na de verhuizing naar Seattle, werkte ze voor een residentiële architect voor twee jaar, en vervolgens als een Senior Designer bij NB Design Group, een award-winnende residentiële en commerciële interieur ontwerpbureau. Gedurende deze tijd, ze leiden projecten voor Forbes 400 cliënten en hun landgoederen, werkte samen met architecten op ontwerp en herinrichting high-end residenties, beheerde centrum condo renovaties en verbouwingen en verstrekte raadpleging voor meubels, afwerkingen en verf kleuren voor talrijke huizen in de Pacific Northwest. Verschillende van haar projecten bekroond en zijn gekenmerkt in publicaties zoals Luxe, zonsondergang, renovatie stijl en Seattle huizen en levensstijlen.

Terwijl het behalen van haar Master's degree, voortgezet Devin herinterest in kunst en de kunstnijverheid. Haar proefschrift "The interrelatie van Art en ruimte: een onderzoek van laat de 19e en begin van de 20e eeuw Europese schilderkunst," de Joel Polsky Achievement Award ontvangen de ASID Education Foundation en is gekenmerkt in de IIDA Knowledge Center. In 2010, Devin nam een sabbatical zomer en verdere studie van de kunst aan de NYU nagestreefd en verdiende een certificaat in beoordeling Studies van Fine en decoratieve Kunsten.

Devin woont in Maple Leaf met haar echtgenoot, Scot Eckley, een landschap ontwerper en aannemer. Hun tuin is featured in talloze publicaties en favoriete stop op lokale tuin tours. Devin en Scot delen hun tuin en huis met hun jonge dochter en zoon.

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When it comes to good food, Islanders and visitors have no problem finding good seafood spots. After all, this is the Gulf Coast, right?

But a lesser known tidbit about our treasured island is that it’s also is home to some of the best hamburgers in the state. You just have to know where to look.

So without further ado, here’s a rundown of Galveston’s best hamburger spots in town:

The Spot

3204 Seawall Blvd.


Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

The Spot is outdoor dining at its best, featuring one of Galveston's largest open air decks overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! This popular eatery offers gourmet hamburgers, fresh seafood, ice cream, fresh-baked desserts and bread, an arcade, and Tiki Bar.

And for sports lovers? Grab a beer and a barstool and watch all your favorite sporting events, with one of the most magnificent Gulf views imaginable.

Patio Grill

5316 Broadway


Hours: 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

The Patio Grill builds the some of the best burgers you’ve ever had. They start with only the freshest ingredients and built it like a real burger should be. Make sure to make it a combo and try one of their famous shakes to help wash down arguably the best burger and fries on the Island.

Café Michael Burger

11150 Termini-San Luis Pass Road


Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-0 p.m.

Cafe Michael Burger is a long-time Galveston beachside joint offering some of the best burgers and Gulf views on the Island on the wonderful open-air deck upstairs. Beyond a wide array of themed-burgers, the establishment also offers German favorites - think wienerschnitzel, bratwurst, red cabbage, fried potatoes and sauerkraut. There’s also a nice selection of American and German beers for the perfect ice-cold accompaniment to your meal.

Hubcap Grill

2021 Strand


Open 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

The Hubcap Grill is the place to grab a burger to remember. The famed Hubcap Burger comes with two fresh ground beef patties layered on toasted buns with American and Swiss cheese topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles onions and our special mayo sauce.

Or try the Triple Heart Clogger, which comes with a fresh ground beef patty, grilled weiner, bacon and cheese. Or the Quadruple Heart Clogger, a fresh ground patty, with grilled weiner, bacon, chili and cheese. Check out the full list of burgers online.


111 23rd St.


Open Sunday thru Thursday: 11 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Fuddruckers in Galveston is a great place for lunch with co-workers, for a birthday-celebration dinner, or as your date-night destination.

What makes the island location extra special is its location in the 1912 Armour & Co. building at 101 23rd Street. The prime downtown “Strand” district location is also Fuddruckers only three-story venue and offers a full bar.

You know how they say, "When in Rome"... Well, when you're at Fuddruckers, you've got to try a Fudds Burger. Order yours in 1/3 lb., 1/2 lb., 2/3 lb. or 1 lb. patties, add your favorite produce – like bacon, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and guacamole.

Then sit down and relax while the grill master cooks your burger to perfection and places it atop a Fuddruckers scratch-baked bun. Enjoy your burger on the first-floor terrace, and there’s spacious patios on the second and third levels overlooking The Strand and the Galveston Harbor.

Float Pool & Patio Bar

2828 Seawall Blvd.


Open 11a.m.-2 a.m.

When it comes to good burgers and island-style fun, grab the sunblock and sunshades and head over to Float, which features an indoor air-conditioned bar overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, as well as an outdoor pool in which to cool down during the warm summer months. Float also features live bands throughout the year.



Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, is a special territory enjoying the status of a province, consisting of Greater Jakarta, covering an area of 637.44 square km. Located on the northern coast of West Java, it is the center of government, commerce and industry and as such has an extensive communications network with the rest of the country and the outside world. As Indonesia's main gateway, the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport serves a growing number of international airlines and domestic flights. Jakarta is a city of contrasts; the traditional and the modern, the rich and the poor, the sacral and the worldly, often stand side by side in this bustling metropolis. Even its population, gathered from all those diverse ethnic and cultural groups which compose Indonesia, are constantly juxtaposed as an ever- present reminder of the national motto; Unity in Diversity.

Finding its origin in the small early 16th century harbor town of Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta's founding is thought to have taken place on June 22, 1527, when it was re-named Jayakarta, meaning

Glorious Victory by the conquering Prince Fatahillah from neighboring Cirebon. The Dutch East Indies Company which captured the town and destroyed it in 1619, changed its name into Batavia and made it the center for the expansion of their power in the East Indies. Shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Batavia fell into the hands of the invading Japanese forces who changed the name of the city into Jakarta as a gesture aimed at winning the sympathy of the Indonesians.

The name was retained after Indonesia achieved national independence after the war's end.

The ethnic Jakartan called "Orang Betawi" speaks Betawi Malay, spoken as well in the surrounding towns such as Bekasi and Tangerang. This language has two variations: the conventional Betawi Malay and the modern Jakarta Malay. While the first is spoken by the elder people, born and bred in Jakarta, the second is spoken by the younger generation and migrants.

Jakarta's architecture reflects to a large extent the influx of outside influences which came and has remained in this vital seaport city. The Taman Fatahillah Restoration Project, begun in the early 1970s has restored one of the oldest sections of Jakarta also known as Old Batavia to approximately its original state.

The old Portuguese Church and warehouse have been rehabilitated into living museums. The old Supreme Court building is now a museum of fine arts which also houses part of the excellent Chinese porcelain collection of former Vice President Adam Malik. The old Town Hall has become the Jakarta Museum, displaying such rare items as Indonesia's old historical documents and Dutch period furniture.

Its tower clock was once returned to England to be repaired under its lifetime guarantee, which up to now has already lasted hundreds of years.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions is the "Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park" popularly called "Taman Mini". Built to portray the variety of cultures found within the many islands contained in the Republic of Indonesia, this open-air museum comprises the many architectural forms of arts and traditions of all 27 provinces. It is proof of the country's motto of Unity in Diversity as well as Freedom of Religion depicted in the houses of worship built on the grounds.

Jakarta has preserved its past and is developing for the future. Skyscrapers in the center of the city are part of a new look.

Modern luxury hotels today cater to the discriminating visitors. Transport within the city is plentiful. It should be noted that museums are open daily from 8.00 a.m. (except Mondays) till 2.00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. On Fridays closing hour is 11.00 a.m. and on Saturdays at 1.00 p.m.



Galveston Island, located 50 miles south of Houston has a fun, laid back atmosphere that makes it a great place to visit as a family. There’s no shortage of fun to be had, starting with our top Galveston picks with kids…

1. Moody Gardens is a non-profit educational destination with tons of fun things to do with your family. The main attractions are the three pyramids which house an aquarium, rain forest, and a discovery center. The aquarium has a ton of sea life, a penguin exhibit, and a shark tunnel. The discovery pyramid hosts interactive exhibits with a children’s museum format. The rain forest pyramid, my favorite is home to free roaming birds, butterflies, and monkeys in addition to other animals like an ocelot, snakes, and lizards in more zoo-like habitats.

2. Schlitterbahn Galveston, TX is a super fun waterpark that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Schlitterbahn opened their first waterpark in 1966 and has been named a top waterpark 15 straight years. It is sure to please all of your little water lovers.

3. If museums are your thing, then Galveston has you covered. From the Lone Star Flight Museum to Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast, you are sure to find something to please everyone.

4. Ride the Ferry. The ferry is free to ride, and you can walk or drive on. If you are staying in Galveston, you can park at the terminal, ride across to Bolivar Peninsula and then ride back. The kids can feed the sea gulls off the back of the boat or stand and look for dolphins.

5. Go fishing. Have you seen those commercials with the little kids that say “take me fishing”? How sweet are those? Super sweet. Well in Galveston you can do just that. Take your kids fishing. There are several piers which you can fish from or you can charter a boat for a bigger adventure. Either way it is sure to be a ton o’ fun.

6. Due to the rich history of Galveston, TX, several tours operate on the Island. From ghosts and cemeteries to historic buildings and art. You can walk, ride, or take a boat to several points of interest with either a guide or you can take it all in yourself with a self-guided tour.

7. Visit the Strand. The Strand is the Galveston historic district. There are tours and museums, carriage rides and shopping. December brings “Dickens on the Strand”, which is an historic Christmas reenactment where everyone dresses in period clothes and carols and does other fun stuff.

8. While walking the strand, be sure to stop in at La Kings Confectionary. La King’s is a throwback to the old soda shops where you could sip on handmade milkshakes or indulge in homemade chocolates. They also make saltwater taffy in a ton of different flavors.

9. Of course there is always the beach. I’ll be the first to admit that our beaches are not the best in the world, but they are still fun. And let’s be honest: Do kids really care what a beach look like? They just want wind and waves. We’ve got both.

10. Pleasure Pier is a fairly new attraction in Galveston. There are amusement park rides, games, restaurants, and shops. It is fun for all ages.

With mild temperatures, Galveston Island can be enjoyed year round. So, come to Texas where “it’s always island time.” See you there!



The Isles ofScilly are located less than thirty miles south west of Cornwall. Thoughthey're an archipelago of around 150 islands and rocks, only five of theislands are inhabited. The Isles of Scilly are designated as an Area of Picturecourtesy of Chris Bradley. Outstanding Natural Beauty with many areas alsobeing Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Further, the coastal landscape hasbeen apportioned Heritage Coast status. The Islands lie within the Gulf Streamand enjoy a mild sunny climate - warmer than the mainland - and with pure,clear air. They make a perfect holiday destination for those seeking a warm,quiet haven of beauty and tranquillity. There are white sandy beaches, seabirds, seals, porpoises and dolphins. Inland, there are quiet lanes, countrywalks and a profusion of flowers, for which the  Islands are famous.

The Isles of Scilly tourist information centre located in Hugh Town onSt. Mary's Island - are happy to supply a list of safe sandy beaches and coves,surrounding the islands. Information includes the best beaches for family fun,water sports such as windsurfing, rowing and kayaking. Visitors can enjoysailing in hired dinghies, canoes and wayfarers. Fisherman can take a triparound the islands, catching the many species of fish to be found in thewaters. Sailing courses are available, taken by experienced instructors, whileit's also possible to charter a cruise with an experienced skipper to take youround the islands.

Thecentre also holds detailed information on diving excursions which cater forboth novice and experienced divers. The seas around the islands are clear,clean and flooded with light. All the better as the waters boast one of themost impressive jewel anemone walls around Britain. If your interest is inwreck diving, you will be rewarded by both ancient and modern shipwrecks in thiswater.

St.Mary's is the largest island and makes a perfect holiday destination.The Scillonian ferry brings visitors from the mainland. Visitors can thencontinue their journey from the quay via an inter-island launch, should thegoal be to explore the other islands. St. Mary's is easy to get around andwalkers and cyclists will find nature trails, coastal paths, rocky headlandsand woodlands. The Isles of Scilly Museum in Hugh Town is worth a visit, tolearn about the history of these beautiful islands.Tresco Abbey Gardens

Trescois the second largest in the archipelago, famous for its Abbey and theluxuriant sub-tropical gardens - where you will find plants and flowers fromexotic climes around the world. Tresco offers good walking country and finebeaches.

Bryheris the smallest and wildest of the inhabited islands. Flowers grow in fieldsand hedgerows and birds use Bryher as a resting place ontheir migration. An island of contrasts, on the north western side theappropriately named Hell Bay catches the full force of the Atlantic.Conversely, in the south Rushy Bay cove is a haven of peace and tranquillitywith a fine beach.

St.Agnes is the most south-westerly community in the British Isles. This is aquiet, beautiful island where fishing and flower growing are the mainoccupations. Visitors seeking a quiet holiday will delight in its stress freeatmosphere. Paths around the coast can be explored and the flora and fauna ofthe island appreciated.

St.Martin's is the most easterly of the Scilly Isles and boasts fine white sandybeaches. The island has a diving school and arts and craft galleries whichoffer sketching, painting and paper making courses. Visitors can take a guidedtour of St Martin's Vineyard and taste the local wine. Alternatively, you couldvisit the postal flower company at Churchtown Farm to view the packing shedsand order gifts of local flowers.



DamianOwens is a formally registered director born in November 1960. Up to thispoint, Damian was engaged as a high-level officer in 1 company. The initialnomination happened in Frank Owens Ltd on March 25, 2003. The business wasformed on November 18, 2002, with headquarters set up in Co L'derry. The boardmember cooperated with Dorothy Kane (company director), Malcolm Harrison (itofficer). This 55-year-old managing director is listed in 28 company filings,for example: the filing delivered on April 22, 2010 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd in the officers - change category,the filing delivered on April 24, 2003 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd, or thefiling delivered on December 17, 2003 on behalf of Frank Owens Ltd. Damian is aperson of Irish nationality.


Name: Damian Owens

Date of Birth: November 1960

Age:                55

Nationality:    Irish

Residence:     NorthernIreland

Address:         CoDerry BT47 3AX N Ireland

Last updated:            2016-06-23

Director at:

Frank Owens Ltd

Occupation:   CompanyDirector

Appointed:    March25, 2003

Address:         50Main Street Co L'derry United Kingdom

Incorporation date: November 18, 2002

Work History

Company Details

Frank Owens Ltd

Incorporation date: 2002-11-18

Category: Private Limited Company

Sic Code (Services): 56302 - Public houses and bars