The Isles ofScilly are located less than thirty miles south west of Cornwall. Thoughthey're an archipelago of around 150 islands and rocks, only five of theislands are inhabited. The Isles of Scilly are designated as an Area of Picturecourtesy of Chris Bradley. Outstanding Natural Beauty with many areas alsobeing Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Further, the coastal landscape hasbeen apportioned Heritage Coast status. The Islands lie within the Gulf Streamand enjoy a mild sunny climate - warmer than the mainland - and with pure,clear air. They make a perfect holiday destination for those seeking a warm,quiet haven of beauty and tranquillity. There are white sandy beaches, seabirds, seals, porpoises and dolphins. Inland, there are quiet lanes, countrywalks and a profusion of flowers, for which the  Islands are famous.

The Isles of Scilly tourist information centre located in Hugh Town onSt. Mary's Island - are happy to supply a list of safe sandy beaches and coves,surrounding the islands. Information includes the best beaches for family fun,water sports such as windsurfing, rowing and kayaking. Visitors can enjoysailing in hired dinghies, canoes and wayfarers. Fisherman can take a triparound the islands, catching the many species of fish to be found in thewaters. Sailing courses are available, taken by experienced instructors, whileit's also possible to charter a cruise with an experienced skipper to take youround the islands.

Thecentre also holds detailed information on diving excursions which cater forboth novice and experienced divers. The seas around the islands are clear,clean and flooded with light. All the better as the waters boast one of themost impressive jewel anemone walls around Britain. If your interest is inwreck diving, you will be rewarded by both ancient and modern shipwrecks in thiswater.

St.Mary's is the largest island and makes a perfect holiday destination.The Scillonian ferry brings visitors from the mainland. Visitors can thencontinue their journey from the quay via an inter-island launch, should thegoal be to explore the other islands. St. Mary's is easy to get around andwalkers and cyclists will find nature trails, coastal paths, rocky headlandsand woodlands. The Isles of Scilly Museum in Hugh Town is worth a visit, tolearn about the history of these beautiful islands.Tresco Abbey Gardens

Trescois the second largest in the archipelago, famous for its Abbey and theluxuriant sub-tropical gardens - where you will find plants and flowers fromexotic climes around the world. Tresco offers good walking country and finebeaches.

Bryheris the smallest and wildest of the inhabited islands. Flowers grow in fieldsand hedgerows and birds use Bryher as a resting place ontheir migration. An island of contrasts, on the north western side theappropriately named Hell Bay catches the full force of the Atlantic.Conversely, in the south Rushy Bay cove is a haven of peace and tranquillitywith a fine beach.

St.Agnes is the most south-westerly community in the British Isles. This is aquiet, beautiful island where fishing and flower growing are the mainoccupations. Visitors seeking a quiet holiday will delight in its stress freeatmosphere. Paths around the coast can be explored and the flora and fauna ofthe island appreciated.

St.Martin's is the most easterly of the Scilly Isles and boasts fine white sandybeaches. The island has a diving school and arts and craft galleries whichoffer sketching, painting and paper making courses. Visitors can take a guidedtour of St Martin's Vineyard and taste the local wine. Alternatively, you couldvisit the postal flower company at Churchtown Farm to view the packing shedsand order gifts of local flowers.



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