Today I went to Ilaria's house with the twins. The twins love to go there, and so do I. This is a time where I can speak with someone that's not three.
When we got home and the twins took a nap, I got to speak with Mia, Martin and Linnea!

When the twins woke up their grandparents were here and I got to meet them for the first time! They were very nice and they were just passing through Maine on their way to Russia! Saying it was crazy here is a bit underrated! All the kids were excited to meet their grandparents again, and did every thing they could to get their attention.

We had cheeseburgers together and then we went to Martel. Martels is an ice cream shop with the best ice cream ever! We meet Stacey's brother there, with his wife and sons. We made a shop that was quiet and calm, with a few people into a madhouse, but it was fine. We had fun doing it! But it was nice to come home and have some peace and quiet.

That's all for today love Kattis



Hi everyone!
I know I'm scary bad at blogging! And my poor attempt last time didn't really cover anything! So let's try to give it a new go! This time I'm writing in English so everyone can understand (especially you Johanna!).

So since my last blog entry a lot of things happened.
I wasn't completely honest last time I wrote. So everything wasn't as good as I implied it to be. The family I live with wasn't very nice and I didn't really feel at home. I could be more detailed of what happened but I don't feel like that's important . So after a while I decided that I couldn't stay and I needed to go into rematch. I found a family in Maine with three kids. It's three girls, the oldest one is the same age as Linnea so six turning seven. The other two are three, they're twins. My host mom she's from Maine but she lived all over the place and my host dad is from Britain. I really enjoy it here, everyone is very nice and they have been very welcoming! For the first time since I arrived to America I felt like home and that I have a family who appreciate me for who I am.

I still miss my friends in California though! Even if I made a lot of new friends in Maine! But I hope I'll see my Cali girls and boys soon!

So in a blog you should probably write about your day so let's do that. So today was pretty ordinary I started working at 8 am as usual and I took the twins to the yard which is an indoor playground. After naps me and the girls just played for hours.

This last weekend I went to Maine's national Park which was pretty cool even if we just sat in the car all day!

I don't have that much more to add but I will get better at blogging promises!

Lots of love from America Kattis



Hej allihopa!

Jag lovade flertals hemma att jag skulle blogga när jag var i USA! Men alla som känner mig vet att jag är mästare på att skjuta upp saker och glömmer väldigt lätt, så har inte börjat för än nu. Så utan någon finare inledning tänkte jag börja mitt första blogg inlägg med att svara på lite frågor som jag har fått från olika håll.

Första: Vad gör du i USA?
Jag är au pair vilket är att jag jobbar som barnflicka, och med agenturen jag åker med måste man ta sex credits på college. Så kortfattat jobbar och pluggar jag i USA. Dock har jag inte börjat nån kurs än.

Hur är familjen?
Familjen är bra, som alla familjer har dom sina fel och brister, ingen är perfekt men det är inget jag inte klara av! Dom har många fina stunder oxå och barnen är väldigt snälla.

Var bor du?
Jag bor i en stad 40 min utanför San Fransisco som heter Hillsborough. En fin över klasshåla med endast privatägda tomter och en golfklubb.

Hur är San Fransisco?
San Fransisco är fantastiskt! Den vackraste staden jag sätt. Jag rekommenderar alla att åka hitt åtminstone en gång innan man dör!

Och sista hur mår du?
Jag mår bra?! Första månaden var jag sjuk nästan hela tiden men nu har immunförsvaret rustat upp sig lite så jag är redo att möta världen!

Det var allt för denna gången och jag ska försöka uppdatera oftare!

Puss och kram Kattis