I have been looking after this beautiful girl. She didn't like kissing but I didn't care.

I have been eating sushi and watching TV at my friends place (she was on holiday). I have no tv or netflix at home. I stopped watching TV about 5 years ago and just watching it when I'm at my friuends place.

I have been working. Every day! 4 weeks left to my vacation.

I have been dreaming away. I can't wait to go to Spain.

I have been in the city.

I have been eating more sushi but this time with a colleague. Extra chili mayo <3.

I have been on dinner with friends <3.

I have been on education and drinking coffee.

I have tried new beauty products. Super good products. Want to know more? Write to me. Btw #nofilter

I have been looking more on interior for my apartment.

I have been looking at breakfast inspo. I'm tired of cracking bread!

I have been grilling with friends <3.

I have been looking at paintings.

Last picture. My dinner inspo for tonight. I gonna be home and eat nice dinner and hang out with my beloved cats.

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I have very many old pictures and because I have nothing special to blog about, I thought I would share old pictures.

Took a picture up in the air.

When I was in Paris, I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. I was this happy!

Budapest. The view of the city. Magically beautiful.

Many nice pictures from the trip. I really want to come back.

In Paris.

In Paris with C. The best trip ever.

Well hello beautiful city.

Shanghai. I always want to go to shanghai and see the city. But just the day we were going to take nice pictures in front of the skyline, it was a storm and rained a lot. I was disappointed but I have many cool pictures from it anyway. Check out my instagram @KatRisnen

Happy Kat.

In China.

Leopold <3

Theodor <3



Hey huys! How are you? I feel good. The days are going so fast and I don't really understand how. I have been busy this week with both work and education. I also don't think that I will update any more this week. But talk later!

Xoxo, Kat.



We started the day to go on by train. On the way we ate a sandwich. I was hungry because I didn't eat anything before I left.

We bought food.

The food was served.


We saw Midsummer celebration. Very short but it was enough for m

We went back to the house and started midsummer crosses(?).

Soon after we started to grill food.


There was no long celebration for me because I had the cats at home that I had to go home to. But is was very nice and people was amazing.



Hi pepps! How are you guys? I feel good.

I have forgotten to tell you guys about a good TV serie. For a while ago I was a cat-guard for Tissan and I borrowed my friends Netflix. I started to watch 13 reasons why and I finished the whole season 1 in one day. It is a dark youth series. I can really recommend it. It's about a girl who took a suicide and then recorded bands where she tells why.

Anyway, it's time for me to go and meet up with the girls. Girl talk and grilling are on today's schedule.

Xoxo, Kat.



Hello! A brief update what is going on in my life.

I still work full time and will do the whole summer. Until August, I have vacation for 2 weeks to go to Spain with Emsy. What I really looking forward to! I need sun.

My company Risnen is down for temporarily. I have had customers during winter and spring but after that has been dead. I haven't been so active either, but I'm still thinking what to do.

A new thing that happens in my life is that I have taken a new challenge. More about it comes when I know more. The meeting yesterday went very well and it felt good too, but it is still so new. I need to learn and know more before I can share. I just need to get started. Stay tuned!



Monday. The day I don't look forward to it but it's a short week which is nice. On friday it is Midsummer and it is very Swedish. My plan is to eat food and drink bubbles. It will be nice!

Today, I gonna work all day and then in the evening I have a meeting booked. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!!



Hi guys! How are you? I'm doing well and life is rolling and I'm a really bad blogger. I don't really know how to fix this. I need a new and good plan but for now you guys will only get some update sometimes.

Anyway, when it was my birthday (June 5th), me and Mom went to Kolmården, it is a zoo. And I forgot to show pictures from it but here they come. Better late than never, right?

Here you see a bunch of cute goats. You could even come in and pat them.

Check out the bears. Momma Bear and her 4 little kids. So cute!

Sooo cut lamma.

There are even red pandas. Look! Soo beautiful.


We saw a dolphin show. I like dolphins because I think they are beautiful, smart and cool animals. My dream is to swim with dolphins one day.

Then we became tired and hungry. We ate fish and chips. Yummy.

Then we went on a safari cable car and watch the animals. Quite alright actually! I had hoped for more animals. Oh well..

Here are the ones looks similar to Timon from the Lion King. Cute!

Big elephants.

Camels. I'm honest now, I have seen better camels. They looked so tired and boring.

Monkeys! A scary thing happened when I went there. A little monkey jumped on me and started to dig and I didn't know what to do. I tried to shake the money of from me and finally the monkey jumped back. Scary!

We had the roads by the aquarium.

That's it!



Hello! How are you guys? I feel very tired and i'm soooo ready to go home. But it's only a few hours left so I survive.

But yesterday I met up with Emsy & Maria to have dinner in the city. We went to mamas and tapas and ate several different dishes. Some were better than others.

Then I got a really nice gift from my girls that make me sooo happy. I have had a lamp in my wishing-list for a quite but didn't buy it because it 's bad for my wallet and that I have to priotate other things, like a couch. 6 months without sofa!!!! Buhu. But my friends were so cute and bought the lamp for me as a birthday present. Do you understand how happy I'm? Very happy!

Now my corner begins to look more cozy and it feels more like a home.

All I have "left" is inside my bookshelf. I don't really know how to get it nicely. But it is in a process.

But check out my new flower. I want to have a big flower next to the bookshelf and finally I got one for birthday present. I'm happy.

What do you think guys?



On monday was my birthday. 27 years. I started by the day sleeping until 8am so nice. Me and my mom got ready and took the car and drove to Kolmården. It took us about 1.5h to drive but it was so worth it. We looked at all the animals, ate food, went to the cable car and so on. The zoo is big and we walked 19,000 steps and it's about 18km. Tough but fun. If you go there then you have to count on a whole day in the park.

All my pictures are in my camera at home. I will try to put the pictures on my computer and edit them before I upload them. As soon as possible.

Tonight it will be dinner with the girls to celebrate me.