Photos by Luca Mara

All of us have probably experienced a dip in motivation every now and then. It doesn't really matter how passionate we are or how much we love our work or hobby. It's completely natural to have ups and downs, and they can be affected by anything from mental health, physical health, stress or the weather.

I have recently gone through a dip when it comes to my running. The first dip since I started running in June this year. Parts of my brain wants to beat me up for it, other parts are making up excuses for why this happened, but in the end that's just a waste of time. What matters is not why the dip occurred or for how long you've been experiencing this dip, what matters is that you let go of your prestige, get back on the horse and start again.

It's completely unrealistic to go through life without having to take physical or mental breaks from time to time. Even the most successful have to recharge their batteries every now and then. For some, a two day break is enough, for some it takes a month or six months before they feel ready to try again. Maybe even years!

I have had a two week break from all workouts now and yes, I feel guilty about it 'cause I feel like I have wasted valuable time. But I can't let that guilt stop me from getting back into it! My motivation is back and I need to let go of these two weeks to be able to move forward.

The main point I want to make today is that you should not let guilt stop you. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to procrastinate doing something 'cause you feel guilty for procrastinating in the first place. But it's always (!) better to start again, no matter how small or easy and build from there, rather than not starting at all.

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What a gray day!

I started the day by sorting out some Christmas gifts and wrapping them as well. Then in the afternoon I started filming my new little project that will go up on my channel during the last week of the year. It has gone well so far, so I hope it will continue to do so and that you guys will like it.

My therapist gave me a piece of paper yesterday with a schedule of the week where I am meant to fill out what I do, every day for a week. The point is that she wants an overview of how I spend my time... This won't be a typical week since I have some things planned and work I have to get done until Saturday. But that's okay. Some weeks are like this too. I still feel like I do nothing haha!

Now I'm going to clean a little and then call it a night. I have a driving lecture at 9 tomorrow morning.



Today's YouTube video is on the topic of gift giving, especially around the holidays. So I thought I'd share a little about Swedish gift giving traditions in today's blog post! There might of course be more than those I write about, but these are the most common!

1. Individual gifts
Of course, this is a pretty standard way of giving gifts, even in Sweden. You get something for someone based on who they are and what they like. Sometimes these gifts are just handed over on Christmas eve (we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December) and sometimes they're all put in a sack and handed out by someone dressed up as Santa (sorry kids). We have never done this at our house since we stick to more American traditions, meaning that Santa comes during the night and we open our gifts around the Christmas tree in the morning.

2. Secret Santa
I can pretty confidently say that this tradition is directly adopted from America or wherever it was thought of, 'cause I don't even know if it has a Swedish name. If you don't know what Secret Santa is, you basically put the name of all "participants" in a bowl and then one by one you pick a name from the bowl (without knowing of course) and then you only buy a gift for that person. This is a great option if you're all on a budget and can't afford to give gifts to 10 people. When doing this you only get one gift and you only give one gift! :)

3. The Gift Game
This is a really fun way of giving gifts and it can be the only source of gifts at Christmas (that's the way Sonny's family does it, no individual gifts) or the way we'll do it with my family this year - individual gifts + the Gift Game just for fun!

So, what is the Gift Game?

Step 1 is for everyone involved to purchase a few gifts each, usually with a price limit of around $5-$10. In the end you want the number of gifts to be approximately three times as many as the number of participants, but it's not vital. As long as people have one each it's doable. These gifts need to be pre-wrapped and preferably wrapped in a secretive way (example: a lipstick wrapped in a shoe box).

Step 2 is that all gifts are placed on a table and all participants gather around. You need a dice or two to play. So, the first person throws the dice and if they get a 1 or a 6 they get to pick ANY gift from the pile of gifts. This continues around the table until all gifts have been divided among you. Use two dice to speed up the process if you are a lot of people.

(If one person is left without a gift when all have been selected, they get to pick any gift from anyone before the next step starts).

Step 3 is that everyone unwraps their gifts and then you one by one around the table show the group what you have gotten so everyone knows what's up for grabs, so to speak.

Step 4 - one person sets a timer on a secret number (usually around 15-25 minutes) and then you start playing! The point of this is that no one knows when the game ends (except the person who set the timer of course).

Step 5 is very similar to step 2, one person at a time throws the dice (or two dice) and if you get a 1 or a 6 you get to STEAL a gift from someone else!! This process continues until the timer runs out and what you are left with at the end is what you get! You are of course allowed to STEAL BACK a package someone has stolen from you. It becomes quite clear which are the most popular after a few rounds hehe.

Extra rule 1: You are not allowed to steal a package from a person who only has one package!

Extra rule 2: All games need a winner and a loser of course! So there's nothing wrong with purchasing "boring gifts" that no one probably wants... and sometimes those boring gifts all of a sudden become the most popular 'cause more than one person wants it haha!

So if you want to spice up the gift tradition at your house, you should definitely try this gift game!

Now, comment on this post what your traditions are!



Yes, in Sweden we often use weeks when planning things in calendars. It's more common in the academic/school world I think, but a lot of work places use it to plan out projects and holidays etc. This is week 49, which means there are 4 weeks left of 2017!!! But anyway, that's not what this blog post is about!

I thought I'd share my plans for the week! :)


Today I had an eye exam and found out that my left eye is still getting worse haha. No surprise there to be honest... I'm practically blind on that eye. I also ordered TWO new pairs of glasses which I'm super excited about. I can't wait to pick them up next week. After that I had my second theory lecture at my driving school which went really well. We had a traffic sign test and I got all but one right. Mixed up two signs...

When I got home I just sat down and did some random work here and there, answered some emails etc. I have also planned a one-week series on my channel for the end of the year. I think you are gonna love it!


Tomorrow I have my second therapy session which I look forward to. I also have a phone meeting and a video to film. I also want to squeeze in a run sometime during the day. I have had the past week off to recharge my batteries and to kinda get over the period-cold I have been having (haha).


Going for a run is my only plan so far. I will probably try to film a video as well so I have something to post later this week. Not sure what I will film yet though.


Posting a collaboration video. I also have a driving lecture in the morning which is mandatory to get my license. It's about alcohol, drugs, stress and sleep and how it affects our driving. Then in the evening I have my last crossfit bootcamp session! :(( It has already been 8 weeks since I started. So crazy. And I haven't been able to go for two weeks now which sucks.


Birthday celebrations for Sonny's uncle is the only plan for this day!


Long run!! We're up to 90 minutes now. I hope my new phone will stay alive for the duration of the run hehe.


REST REST REST. 'Cause tomorrow, Monday, I have my first driving lesson hahah omg.



Why do people spend this much money on a phone? It鈥檚 a waste of money! There are other phones that do the same thing way cheaper. And so on.

This is not a 鈥渄efensive鈥 post by any means. I just thought I鈥檇 share why I chose to buy this product! I know that it鈥檚 not an alternative for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that.

My main reasons are;

1. Apple
I have used Apple computers since my 13th birthday. That is 11 years now. I know MacBooks and iMacs like the back of my hand. The same goes for iPhones. My first was the iPhone 3G in 2008. I don鈥檛 see a reason to learn a new user interface and operating system when I鈥檓 100% happy with the one I have. Don鈥檛 fix it if it鈥檚 not broken!

I also love everything else about Apple, I loved Steve Jobs, I love the brand and design. And yes, I am willing to pay extra for it! It鈥檚 a lifestyle for a lot of people and for some it鈥檚 not interesting at all. I don鈥檛 claim that these products are better than others. I think it鈥檚 your needs and wants that determine how good a product is for you!

2. My job
I work on social media. I work with photos and video. This phone is great for me to do my work on. Could I have done it on another phone? Sure. But the fact that this phone has the best camera of all iPhones and it connects easily to all my other Apple products, it was an obvious choice for me.

3. Because I can
I know this probably sounds ignorant or privileged, but I did purchase the iPhone X instead of the iPhone 7 or 8 simply because I can. If I didn鈥檛 have the economy to do so I of course wouldn鈥檛 have. But I did and this is how I prioritize to spend my money. I completely understand those who prioritize differently. Other people鈥檚 money is simply none of our business.

鈥4. It's My Cup of Tea
鈥婭'm a technology person. Simple as that. Having the latest models of my favorite brands... it's a passion, interest and/or hobby of mine and it makes me happy! Materialistic? I guess. But life is too short not to do what makes you happy, even if those things are not what make other people happy. (As long as they're legal... ofc...).

So for those of you who are genuinely interested in why the hell someone would purchase this phone - these are my reasons haha!