Ugh they are SO GOOD! I could eat 50 of these at once. If you want to try them, check out the video! If you don't feel like checking the video but want to try them anyway, the recipe is:

Oven: 200掳 CELCIUS

250 g butter
2 eggs (one in batter, one on top)
2,5 dl sugar
5 dl flour
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp vanilla powder/sugar
1 tsp baking powder

Pearly sugar on top!

Put it all in a bowl, mix together, divide into a few balls and flatten them out on an oven tray. Then brush some whisked egg on top and add some pearly sugar. Oven for 15 minutes, let them cool off a little and then cut them up into smaller pieces. DONE! They get better and better each day.


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I slept for SO long today. 10 hours total, but I was exhausted when I woke up anyway due to nightmares... I dreamt that a large group of people I know were at some kind of viking village exhibit and the owner started throwing spears at us... Nice.

Anyhow! I'm thinking about doing a baking video today for my channel! :) Some cookies I really love haha. Super random, but I really want to make those cookies again. In the meantime, check out this video I posted the other day! Mainly for my running blog, but it's up on my YouTube so if you wanna see a bunch of awesome clothing from my new sponsor Asics, check it out!

This week is pretty packed with plans. Monday - Wednesday I have work to prepare and working out to do, then on Thursday I have a lecture, Friday lecture, Saturday anniversary dinner with Sonny and Sunday (actual anniversary), Sonny has something mysterious planned that I don't know anything about. So we'll see what happens! :)

What are your plans for the week?



From yesterday's run, exploring parts of my town I have never been in (aka being lost for most of it).

Good morning!

Today I woke up to a hate storm on my YouTube channel hahah. For some reason one of my videos have really started pissing people off. Which is very common for videos on the topic of Sweden and the Swedish language. As soon as it starts spreading and views increase, so does the hate. There are two kinds of hate as well: Swedes who hate me because I offended them in some way (made fun of Swedish as a language, pointed out something about Swedes or Sweden etc), and people in other countries who love talking about rape, refugees and racism in Sweden. Something they obviously know so much about...

Anyway. There's not much to do about it. I usually shut off the comments when the video reaches around 70-80,000 views so I don't have to deal with it. ^^ And as a bonus, I saw that yesterday's haul video has been demonetized. Sorry YouTube for being so inappropriate.

Oh and by the way!

My mom is currently traveling in India with her friend. They are attending an Indian wedding today which is really cool. So I asked her to make some guest blog posts here on my blog at some point - about her travels and the wedding as well. She takes great pictures of all kinds of things, so I think that would be really interesting! ^^

Have a nice Sunday!



My lips are still swollen and healing, but I'm super in love with the way they turned out! I really hope they will last longer this time!! (Sponsored by Bauer Clinic <3)


Sonny and I just finished filming an unboxing video for his channel and I'm about to head out for a little run. :) I haven't quite decided what to do yet but it'll probably be some kind of interval training. More about that on @katrin42k as always.

Later we are going to the post office to pick up a super duper duper duper duper exciting package. Probably not super exciting for you guys, but it's a sponsored package from a company that I'm so proud to be sponsored by. It has to do with my running so if you're not interested in that then you will probably not be interested in this. If nothing else you'll see me unbox some items that I'm crazy excited about in the next video!

Other than that I have no plans for tonight. Just going to watch Swedish Idol as always and chillax with the pupper. I'll probably take him for a walk after my run as well. Hope you guys have a great day!



Picture stolen from Martin!

Good evening!

Today Sonny's and my partner managers at United Screens (our YouTube network) came to town to hang out with us and talk about our channels etc. Usually we just do our meetings over Skype since they live and work in Stockholm. So it was great to have them over and actually talk face to face! And looks at those awesome t-shirts they're wearing hehe. ;)

After they left my friend Mariana came over to hang out for a bit and just catch up. :) We don't see each other super often but that's okay! It's always nice when we do have a chance to talk about stuff that's going on.

I also posted a vlog today if you wanna check it out below!