Today's video is about friendship. What is it? How do you make new friends? How do you get rid of old ones? It's a long video but if you're interested - enjoy!

I have spent the evening talking to a friend and my entire world view has exploded... We discuss a lot of different topics and she knows way more than I do, and I'm just shocked. It's not something I plan on sharing in detail since it in my opinion is private and I don't choose to be an "ambassador" for those thoughts (mainly because I'm still very ignorant on many subjects). But it's interesting to learn new things. To open ones eyes and realize that there's an entire world of issues that you don't think about unless you really dig deep and try to understand. Never stop learning new things and never stop being open to learn about issues that you don't think concern you, whomever you are.

...speaking of friendship haha!

I hope I sleep well tonight, my brain needs it.

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