Yay! Another step closer to the ultimate apartment haha.

Today we got a new kitchen table! Our friends are moving and had to get rid of some stuff, which worked out great for us. I have never really been a fan of that teak table. I don't like the color or the surface of it, even though it's really nice for being a teak table haha.

So now we have a new table, completely white, and even though it might not look it, it's pretty much the same size as the old table. It's just a little narrower and longer, which is what I wanted. Sometimes I prefer sitting by a table working instead of in the couch, and now I have a bit more space to do that. :)

I think the next project is to find a nice TV bench or maybe putting the TV on the wall, in which case we still need some kind of bench to put the speakers and stuff on... To be continued!

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