​Today my nanny has was here and eat, later have i just listening to music :)

* Sunday 9 mars 2014 17:29 *

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I hate that i should be sick on a holiday !!

Today have i not done so much, i have was sick, fever and things; so i have was to tired to blog. I have most look on ''dog with a blog'' that acually fits me, cause when i was little i through my dog could talk.  Later i got a really pretty card/photo or how i should say it, from my BFF. She has was in Thailand and come home on sunday but i want to London.  G B 😃

* Tursday 18 febuari 2014 17:32 *



​Hey!:** today have i dye my hair brown ''comment'' what you think ;). Later should i load up a song i can have on the blog there i sing  :))x

* Monday 17 febuari 2014 13:20 *



​1. Like: Brown eye's, brown hair and brown leg's.

2. Love: Justin Bieber ❤someone else

3. Favorit color: Black and purple

4. Favorit food: American pancakes

5. Hate: People that not are themselfs, haters

6. Baddest artist: Prince

7. Collegt: Purfume, nail polish and JB stuffs

8. I will be when i be big: Actor, artist, hair

9. Favorit actor: Cameron Diaz 

8: Will: Get a tatto on my wrist there it stands ''Believe'' on

12: Hot boys: Oscar Zia, Eric saade, Ulrik munter, danny saucedo, blake michael, Bradley steven perry, Justin Bieber. 

13: Favorit number: 4

14: Right or left handed: Left but can with both

15: Missing to: Summer

16: Worst moment: When my hamster died

17: Person you maybe never going to see agin: ''Private'' but my mom, have not seen her on soon 4 moths.

18: Favorit pie: Blue Berry pie

19: Favorit tv-program: Violetta

20: Chanel you most look at: Disney Chanel

* Sundy 16 febuari 2014 17:23



Hey 😘 Don't know what i should write about yet, like you see; i'm new on this.

But i promise to load up more intressting thing's, when i know how this works 😃 .

But i can lay out my favorit song right now 😜

* Sunday 16 feburi 2014 12:26 *



I have felt psyche bad in over a year now and it's has follow me to a way of depression.

"I have build up problem after problem"

When i was little i was always an confident spoiled kid that liked to live in my own little world, and i thought that life was perfect and that the future always should seem bright.