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Time for the overview of London tips! I got to spend five whole days in this wonderful city and it did not, in fact, feel either too less or too much rather perfectly lagom (google this word if you do not already know its meaning!). Of course, there was still many places which stayed uncovered such as Peggy Porschen Cakes and Madam Tussaud but hey, when would you have the feeling of seeing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g? In fact, I have already planned some to do's for my next trip to London, including taking a day in a nearby city!

But back to the real subject. I have listed below approximately how we spent our days in London. My main goal for sightseeing and exploring is to take a full advantage of daylight and walk around outside until the sun light disappears and then move to indoor activities such as museums. Piccadilly Circus, China town, and Oxford Street and its stores are also places which are good evening activities! Some places, such as these three listed above, we visited few times in fact: during a daytime and late in the evening because when you do sightseeing by foot and walk from place A to B, C, will end up to a familiar place in the end!

I usually plan my days ahead by finding places which are nearby each others to avoid going back and forth and instead enjoy what comes on the way while walking from attraction E to attraction F, G, H,...anyway here comes five days in London!

Day 1

Oxford Street

China Town - you can find amazing food here: salty and sweet!

Piccadilly Circus (here you can also find M&M-, Lego-store and many many souvenir shops)

Day 2

St. Pauls Cathedral

The Monument

Sky Garden

Leadenhall market (more here)

British Museum

London Tower

Tower Bridge

Day 3

Area and buildings around Big Ben

London Eye

Trafalgar Square

National Gallery

Milky Train: did you see the ice-cream photo above? Yep, best ice-cream e-v-e-r!

Day 4

Platform 9 3/4 (if you're a fan of Harry Potter)

Camden Town (more here)

Day 5

Nothing Hill (more here)

Kensington Palace & garden area

Natural History Museum

Royal Albert Hall

Brompton Cemetery in Earl's Court (if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes -movies)


And of course: spot a photo booth & try out local beer and fish n dips in a pub!

I could tell more about every place listed above but I do not think its particularly necessary but to give a chance to know more (if wanted), shoot a comment if you have any extra questions of these places and want to hear my opinions and favourites!

Byee, Karoliina

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Travel: what to see, Destination: London

Third place you really have to see in London is, of course, Nothing Hill and Portobello Market. Beautiful pastel-colored buildings, bright colored doors, Nothing Hill-movie sceneries, cute caféterias, and Portobello road filled by street shops and sellers selling from souvenirs & English tea bags to old car toys, miniature soldiers, and antique cameras & porcelain.

My four favourite movie sceneries of Nothing Hill are the famous book shop, William Thacker's home, the garden (whoops a daisy! -scene), and the dinner party -house. And no chance to forget Portobello road and its market but to be honest, you cannot miss it out when coming to Nothing Hill. Addresses for these movie places are listed here below and tourist photos (hehe) from my phone above:

280 Westbourne Park Road

91 Lansdowne Road

Rosmead Road, W11

142 Portobello Road

If interested, you should also check out a beautiful pub called The Churchill Arms, which is little bit further away from Portobello road but still within a walking distance. This beautiful pub is pretty famous by its look - and what I have heard, also for its great food! So if interested, stop by there for the flowers or/and food!

We had a lunch at VQ Nothing Hill, which has a huuuge variety of different dishes and all-day long breakfast (how awesome is that?). I really enjoyed their food - and tea. And top of this, their price range was seriously not high at all and the employees were the nicest!

We took a bit longer route to home and walked from Nothing Hill to Kensigton Palace to say hi to William & Kate, and checked out Royal Albert Hall before entering into Natural History Museum for the rest of the day. It was a nice walk, not toooo long, before getting into all-learning mode for the museum, haha!

Bye-ye Karoliina