After not seeing my friends that live in Sweden for 3 months, it was finally time to see them all again. This weekend was one of my friends 18th birthday party, so all my old friends and old school mates decided to come down to Malmö to join the festivities.

On Friday we decided to do a spontaneous night out in Copenhagen. Once we got to town we found a bicycle taxi who drove us to the club he gave us beer and was blasting music from his speaker, it was such a great start to our night out! Long story short i'm sure you can guess we had a great night out all together and got home at 6am which was rough because we had another party the following night.

Saturday night was my friends 18th birthday party, I was super excited to see all of my old school mates that went to my old boarding school. It was super super nice to see everyone again and to feel so welcomed and missed by them.

Probably you could all guess that on Sunday we all just relaxed and tried to recover after our crazy weekend, we ordered some much needed pizza and watched a movie.



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