I feel like this is one of the glosses I´ve been searching for all my life!

Mac Dreamy Lipglass is a semi sheer glitter gloss with a frosty/crystal finish.
The glitter is pink/gold and it has a lot of shimmer in it. I didn´t manage to catch too much of the glitters on the lipswatch picture, but it does really show when applied on the lips..:D I love it!
The glitter is not chunky either so it´s not uncomfortable to wear at all.
It has a sticky texture, but it feels more towards moisturizing than gooey and it last a good 2-3 hours I would say!

Other reasons why I love this gloss is that it goes so well with my nude lipsticks and pink lipsticks!
I think it has a slight vanilla scent, but no taste. I react very quickly to scents and this does not bother me at all.

It gives me the most perfect glamour babe looking lips and some may say this is the perfect gloss for partying, but for me this is the perfect gloss for everyday! ;)

Have you tried this gloss?


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I couldn´t remember the last time I bought some nice lipsticks and glosses so when I saw the MAC store I just couldn´t to resist the urge of going in..

My plan was to get ONE lipstick. Creme de Nude or Creme Cup.
Well, long story short - I couldn´t decide which one so I got both of them. Then I saw some nice glosses, so I got them too. You know how it goes right!?

I´ve been down with a flu and sinusitis this past week and I´m behind on studies.
My nephew turns 2 on Sunday, we´re having a party tomorrow so I have a bunch of cakes to prepare tonight - hello stress!

A closer look on all of these lovely products are coming up!




My hands have been very dry and sore lately, the weather has been harsh and I am trying out new hand lotions and cream all the time to find that special one.

This is one of my top three favorites at the moment!
First off; Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond hand and nail cream smells AMAZING! I love everything coconut and that is the main reason why I got it. When I saw the name "coconut" I just had to have a quick sniff and I was sold. I got even more excited when I tried it because the formula is really good too!

This cream feels light when applied and it does absorb quite quickly, it doesn´t leave my hands sticky at all and the scent actually has some staying power as well.

As for my dry hands it does a good job! It soothes and softens my hands, and as long as I make sure to be good at moisturizing my hands often I am able to keep the dryness away.

This is definitely a recommendation from me! And if you love coconut as much as I do, make sure to try it out!

 What are your favorite hand cream for dry hands?



Hi all!
Today I thought I´d share with you one of my favorite Korean Cosmetic products!
Do you use any Korean brands?
This is a facial mist that has powder in it to control shine, help to take care of skin and keep the skin moist throughout the day. Sweet Cotton is a series of different products and it´s supposed to smell like cotton candy, I don´t think it does. But it does smell quite fresh and soothing.
During these cold months it´s good to lock in my makeup with something that feels replenishing on my dehydrated skin and gives a silky, lightweight finish. I don´t think it gives me the moisture that I need, but it feels nice when I apply it :)
It´s non -sticky, which is great, and is supposed to create a sweat proof, non-smudging coat over your face, it sounds like a miracle product, and I don´t think it is THAT amazing, but it really gives me what I need in terms of giving me a MATTE look and keeping my makeup somewhat in place during the day.
I´m a huge fan of the NYX facial mists, have you tried them?
I think this one keeps me matte longer during the day, I tend to get a bit shiny with the NYX spray!
The spray itself looks milky in the bottle, but it comes out transparent and doesn´t leave any white residue. As you can see in the picture all the powder is laying at the bottom of the bottle - it´s very important that you make sure to shake well before applying.
This is not my all time favorite setting spray, but it does a really good job, and it is very affordable.

What is your favorite matte setting spray? Let me know in the comments below.



I am not going to make this a very long review, because the only thing we actually want to know about this product is - DOES IT REALLY WORK?!
And yes, yes it does! It does work, but remember this is a GRADUAL tanning lotion and it does leave you with (just) a HINT of color. It is nothing like, let´s say, St. Tropez Express, but it is a wonderful product to maintain your tan! Or if you just simply want that hint of color. A hint of color is better than no color if you ask me!
It does give a nice color that looks very natural and it has been added to my shower routine!
(even though I forgot it today and now I regret it as I am ghostly white)
It is super simple to use, you basically do you normal routine with soap and everything and then you apply the tanning lotion as the last thing before you finish your shower. The lotion is rich and creamy and doesn´t drip while you wait for it work it´s wonders. The boring part is waiting 3 minutes, which doesn´t really seem that long in self-tanner-world, but in the shower 3 minutes is a long time! But let´s not actually complain about 3 minutes you guys. That´s nothing in self-tanner-world.

You then rinse it off and get out of the shower. It doesn´t have any immediate effects, but after a few hours or the next day you can clearly see a difference! I have never experienced any streaks, I have however experienced some build-up on the regular spots, my biggest problem areas are my chest area and my hands. It simply won´t stick too long without looking bad. Natural causes though! I´m constantly washing my hands and I tend to get quite warm around the chest area.
It doesn´t have that extreme self-tanning scent to it either! It doesn´t smell like nice perfume, but it doesn´t really leave a lot of scent at all. Which is A HUGE PLUS!

Loving the design, it is cute and the tube works well in the shower.
I really do love this product actually! If you have thought about trying it, go ahead and do it! If you´re as obsessed about having a nice tan as I am, you will not regret it.

Have you tried this and if so, what did you think of it?



A lot of things are and have been happening lately. I´m super stressed and busy with my finals, wich will be over this weekend - can´t wait!
I will then almost rush my way to the airport and go on a vacation with a dear friend of mine for a whole week. We´re travelling to the Canary Islands and even though I don´t have time to think about it right now, I think I´m just a liiittle bit excited about just that!

Coming home will be lovely as it´s Christmas and I love spending time at home with my family. I´m actually a little bit sad that I´m going away for a whole week during December. After all it´s one of my favorite winter months! And I simply can´t get enough of Christmas!

I will be celebrating with my very own little family this year and then just relax all the way until school starts again in mid January.. What about you?



I've been a Anastasia Brow Wiz addict for a long time now and it's a constant repurchase of mine. Recently my local drugstore stopped carrying it and my only options is to either drive for 30-40 minutes to buy it in another store or order it online and get it after a week of waiting. I don't prefer any of those options as I am a person who lives in the moment. If I want or need something, I want it right now. 

I could be super organized and go buy new makeup before I actually run out of it, I mean you normally see when your powder or foundation is almost finished and when the brow pen is 1 mm short.. but no, I´m that kind of person who pray to God while drawing my brows with that empty brow pen just hoping it will last me that ONE LAST TIME. And then I have to go get a new one.
I´ve been searching for a good dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, first of all I love a good dupe, and second it would be awesome to have a cheaper alternative!
NYX came out with their "Micro Brow Pen", which is supposed to be a good dupe, but I need to order that one online, and you know how I feel about that if I want it right now
And then I found this! I´m not quite sure it is a good dupe, but it is certainly a good alternative!
Maybelline Brow Satin Filling Powder Duo has a retractable fine tip pencil in the one end and a self loading powder sponge applicator in the other. It´s unlike anything I've seen before and its one of the reasons why it attracted me amongst the regular brow pens.
I liked the similarities to Anastasia´s Brow Wiz as of the fine retractable tip, and the possibilities of fading and blending with the sponge application. I didn´t understand until after a few times of use that it is actually a self loading powder sponge, my first thoughts was that it was simply for fading/blending.

I think it does a wonderful job on filling in my brows and it makes application quick. It has a dry matte finish and the powder is not too pigmented - so it´s hard to overdo. It also has no powder fall out, which is a huge plus in my book! That would be way to messy for my taste

The sponge does not work for me in the case of fading/blending for a ombre look, so I still use my Anastasia spoolie to do that.
I got the color that I though would match my "brunette" the best, medium brown - it is a soft neutral brown and is actually perfect for me!
My only con (and it´s a huge one) on this so far is the lasting power... Compared to Brow Wiz, it simply does not last as long. Especially not on the tail of my brows, which is the most crucial points on my brows. 

I simply CANNOT go around worrying about my brows during ANY God given day or night.
"Are my brows in place?" "HAVE THEY FADED?" "Are my BROWS SMUDGED?!" "Oh Lord be with me please tell me my brows are OK" I cannot do that, I am not blessed with full natural brows and I need my brow pens to do that for me. And when it´s done, it´s done, I´m not supposed to question if my brows are still pretty or not.
It´s usually not a problem for me, but I felt a little of this concern while wearing Maybelline Brow Satin. I will give it a few more chances, just because I liked it so much!

Have you tried this Brow product? What are your thoughts on it?
Leave me a comment down below and let me know!



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I was in need of a new eye liner and it was completely random that I ended up with this one. I thought the design was cute, it was relatively new and it had a felt tip. Sold.
I was a bit suprised when I opened it because it has this fun, tear-drop shaped innovative tip! The nib is completely flexible and makes the application very easy. It holds a ton of produt and it is very pigmented. It dries to a matte finish, it is however quite watery and is not waterproof at all. I find this quite positive though, as I like my eyeliner to be removed easily when washing my face at night.. I hate having to rub and use tons of products around my eyes to remove it (tip: coconut oil makes everything easier!).
It´s almost effortless to create a wing and the fun part with this, under light pressure the tip completely bends and makes it super easy to just follow the contours of the eye to make a nice wing. The product flows nicely without any mess and you can make it as thin or as thick as you want it.

Have you tried this liner?
Or do you want to try it?



So I finally decided to give this one a go!
I´m always on the hunt for something that can help my pores appear smaller, and I have a box full of different primers. Most of them are ok, and probably more than ok as well, but I just don´t think I will ever get satisfied with anything unless my pores go away completely:p So I might not be the most fair person to judge a pore minimizing product, because we all know a primer won´t make any pores in the world dissapear completely. But it can make the problem less noticeable, there and then - so let´s get into my thoughts, is it worth the hype or not?
I´ve seen many other bloggers and you tubers rave about it!

I have purchased almost all of the primers from Smashbox, and they´re pretty good in general (the anti-redness green one omg<>
This one has a cute lavender shade and the design it self is kinda cute with the dots and all.

Right out of the tube it has a thick, silicone feel, formula. I´m going to make a reference to Benefits POREfessional, if you know that one, it´s pretty similar in both texture and color. Smashbox is probably even more on the heavy side as it can leave a white residue if you don´t blend it out well enough. I have not experienced this with Benefits POREfessional.
But I might have applied a bit too much product.
It blends out lines pretty well, and for the pores it does fill them in and blur the skin.
As my expectations are SKYHIGH, this is not a miracle product. BUT CLOSE!

Left: Before. Right: After.

I can see a clear difference, it gives a matte finish and it does blur out the worst of the pores!
I have not edited this at all, exept setting the sharpness higher. I´m really pleased with the result, and have to say it´s showing good on camera!
This is very up close, so the blurring effect will be even more noticeable when you see it from a far.

I will definitely say this is worth a try, if you´re struggling with large pores as I do - this is a quick fix! I´m starting with some new Korean Skincare products after my holiday and hopefully these will help reducing the appearance of my pores :-)

Have you tried this primer?

What is your favorite pore minimizing primers?



I´m back with doing what I love, well I love most things I share on this blog, but lipsticks and glosses are a favorite of mine :-)

So here it is! Mac Blankety, a delicate pigmented lipstick with an amplified finish.
It´s Creamy with a pinky beige nude shade, and one swipe is all you need.

It´s definitely one of my must-have nudes from Mac!

Looks gorgeous with a darker lipliner :)

Do you have this color from Mac?
What is you must-have nude shade?