So, I got an idea to write a little about my favorite city in whole world, yeah it's Saint-Petersburg. My hometown ✨
In Russia people say that Moscow is for work and Saint-Petersburg is for love. It's true anyway🙌🏻

6 million people are living in St.Petersburg.
There are nearly 600 bridges in Saint-Petersburg, and 22 of them are drawbridges.
It's very romantic thing in summer, because if you have a date with a girl on the other side of SP from her place, you can say like "that's a shame, but bridges have already raised, but you can stay with me at my place". She'll have no choice🙈😋

Saint-Petersburg is famous by its white nights, which are in the peak during May, June and practically whole July. It’s the time when the day is very long and the sun shines till the midnight and then rises at 3-4 at night, so the nights are not dark. So we have fun all day all night 💥👯

There are culinary specialties that you can find only in Saint Petersburg – Pyshki (Russian donuts) and Korushka (special sort of fish). You may taste pyshki on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street in the original place since 1958, known among all citizens and there is a huge line for these sweet donuts during the whole day! 🍩☕️

Saint Petersburg has its own special vocabulary, with special words like paradnaya (entrance). You may notice the original citizens of Saint Petersburg by these words.

Saint Petersburg metro is one of the deepest subways in the world: some stations are 70-80 meters deep and go under the water. Amazing! But not for me and original citizens 🙈

Ridiculous and funny stereotypes for Foreigners:

1. We love to drink vodka every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner instead of water...
I've tried to drink vodka only three times for whole life, and it was a cocktail Vodka+Red bull. And my family don't have vodka in the fridge. Come on!

2. We have our own version of Winnie the Pooh...
Yep, this is entirely true and he’s better than yours.

3. Everyone is in the Russian Mob...
Haha, it would be good, but still most of the people have a normal job.

4. Russian people usually have bears in their houses as a pet...
Yes, this fact is true. After a long day I really like to spend my evening with cute bear sitting next to me and bottle of vodka of course. Haha. If I said like that, would you really believe me?

You can ask me in comments about other stereotypes which you have about Russia 😉

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One day I was sitting on the sofa at my place in Saint-Petersburg and then my phone's screen lit up and name of my uncle showed up. Every time I'm really happy to receive messages from him, because he is the sea captain and I miss him a lot💭

"How are you? I stay in Amsterdam maybe for two months because of planned repair of the ship, do you want come here and have fun?"

"Of course yes, but it is most regrettable that I don't have visa."

"Hurry up!"

So, I jumped up, knocking over everything in my path, took the documents and run to VFS. Then I bought tickets and flew out of SP🛫✈️

He met me at the Schiphol airport with the bottle of wine and some fruits (the perfect man) and we went to the train's stop to get to the central station. But we took the wrong train and arrived to Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam. Hmm, we are stupid or drunk...but we didn't even drink. All right? 🤔👌🏼

When we arrived to the central station in Amsterdam, the first thing that I noticed was a huge amount of bicycles, there were more than people. It can get really confusing in here, but you get used to it.

The ship was staying in dry dock at the Amsterdam harbour, so we needed to get there on free ferry across the river, it only takes 10-15 minutes. While we were waiting the ferry we decided to drink something. As always 💁🏼😹

It was my first time on the ship where my uncle is a captain. Really exciting. We were living in my uncle's cabin. It looks like cozy modern two-bedroom apartment with consulting room. Which is nice the ship's cook was from the Philippines and he made tasty food for us.

Amsterdam is a beautiful town. I love its buildings, open skyline, winding canals, and relaxed, easy going attitude towards life. My favorite place here located near the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. It's the big fountain, where many people were sitting near the water and relaxing with book or tasty food. We did the same.

The zoo is very big here, we got really tired after 3 hours walking. I touched the giraffe and I was happy.

There are a lot of shops and coffeе shops here with light drugs. A wide variety of magic mushrooms and marijuana. Salesman will help you with your choice depending on what effect you want. There are many kinds of hallucinations. I tried only chupa chups with marijuana here🍁🙈

Red light district at night becomes awash with drunk tourists staring at the girls in the window while going from coffeeshop to coffeeshop. Crazy place. You should be on drugs here to keep yourself from going crazy. It's really funny, streets smells like weed 24 hours a day.

One day I went out alone and lost in Amsterdam. I found the shop and bought the map, but the salesman couldn't show me where I am because it was the way off the map, not exactly in the center of town. So thanks New Balance for comfy sneakers. After 4 hours I was at the central station. Why does this always happen to me? I mean strange things😅🙄

Next day we went shopping 😌 it's my lovely drug everywhere haha.

After shopping we found beautiful restaurant with seafood near the river. We were drinking white wine and eating oysters.

Please stop the time!

Later I want to come back here and enjoy the moment again 🙌🏻🛬 Thanks for reading, xoxo 💋



1. I don't like Starbucks.
2. I've never read/seen Harry Potter.
3. When I was studying in school two guys made the hurtful parody video of me because I had a lot of photos in the mirror. This video saw all people in my school.
4. I trained to be a master sommelier in the special school.
5. I almost never write messages and call anybody the first, that's why many people think that I don't care about them.
6. I got quite a bad concussion when my head hit the pavement, but I didn't even know about that till next morning, and I was still dancing all night in the club after this incident.
7. One day I started the diet and one week later I fainted in the parents' room.
8. I don't like cats.
9. I had 20 hamsters at one time in my apartment.
10. I skip the class in the first grade.
11. At night I leave the lights on in my room, because I'm afraid of darkness.
12. I'm afraid of elevators.
13. When I was 5 years old my parents cut my hair very short and I looked like a boy.
14. One time I celebrated my birthday in KFC with clowns and I invited all my friends there.
15. In the year 2006 I talked my parents out of buying a plane tickets Anapa-Saint Petersburg and some time later we found out that plane crashed. We arrived in SP by train.
16. I lettered in tennis.
17. The most boring for me: to talk about cosmetics and makeup with girls.
18. Better than anything else I cook Caesar Salad and spaghetti with tomato paste.
19. I have the clip on YouTube in which I perform the rap song.
20. One time I cooked the apple strudel and forgot to mix sugar in the batter, so had to throw away this strudel.

Xoxo 💋



One day I decided to visit Göteborg. It was my second trip to Sweden, before that I went here with my dance group to competitions in Stockholm but I was too young to remember something. I forgot everything but dancing, because in that moment I remembered that just to dance is all that matters.

So this autumn I flew in alone from Saint-Petersburg to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. My friends from Boras met me and took me at first to their place and the next day at the hotel.

They were too busy with their work so I was spending my time alone. I'm very pleased with how it's all turned out, because I met another two perfect people.

In my hotel I met the woman who arrived from Malmo to her daughter and she invited me to have breakfast together.

We went to KAFFEROSTEN, Linnégatan 62. After this place I was full and I think I looked pregnant. It was really tasty. Haha.

The rest of the week I only ate ham and drank wine.

After breakfast we had shopping with this pretty woman. It was so strange, maybe we knew each other in another time, another era? So you're starting to catch on to how much fun this is.

I ended up falling in love for the city, after my lonely walk with Iphone and music in my headphones.

The last evening, and "wine o'clock" in Göteborg. Thanks for this to my new friend, who I met here. Life, in general, it's an unexpected thing.

I will be right back to the music festival Summerburst on 2-3 of June.

In GOT airport on the way back home I ordered coffee and salad in cafe, but I think salesmen has problems with his English language, so I was drinking two coffees instead of one. So I was full of energy for the flight.

Guess that's an excuse to start learning Swedish language.

Tack för att du läser!



What's the difference, I always wondered. Sometimes I'd write about it. Now let's talk about differences in New Year's traditions.

My Swedish friend asked me, "Do you have any New Year promises by the way?" That made me think and I asked him, "What do you mean?" 🤔

"In Sweden we have something that we have to promise to do in the next year, like working out more or something", he said.

In Russia we drink a glass of champagne, but at first we write the wish on the paper and fire it up, then drop it into the champagne and drink this "magic wish cocktail" 🍹🍾

I'll be happy if you write some more Swedish traditions in the comments💁🏼☺️ xoxo



We arrived in Helsinki with my friend to celebrate New Year 2017 and it was our first experience to meet this celebration in the other country, not in Russia. We booked small hotel in beautiful cozy area and first of all we had a good night's sleep 😴 Nothing like the smell of a mulled wine to herald in a new term, so after that we woke up and went to Christmas market to drink some glasses of wine🍷

We decided to go in Kaarle club on New Year's eve, because we were here one month ago and it was so exciting. Unfortunately, we were drunk and not remembered what exactly was exciting. Haha ooops.

This time we lit Bengal lights in the hotel's room and fire alarm rung😅✨ Hotel stuff came running in our room we apologized for the mistake and promise that it won't happen again, and I'm just saying that we were probably just doin' the best we could in an awkward situation. We offered them some wine🍷👏🏼

The best way to find new friends is Tinder app. So we met some good guys and had fun the second part of our celebration with them in the Haaga area in club room. One of them looked like Moriarty from the serial "Sherlock Holmes" 💁🏼

On January 1.
What, like a zombie apocalypse or something?🤔




Hey, guys 💁🏼 It's a wholly new experience for me to write this blog, but I hope it will be interesting for you. Let's enjoy this world with mе🌎

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough ✌🏼