Field notes, Life in Germany

I really hope that foreign students could have the same help from the "host countries." lol. However, this is also the point made by some locals to oppose or deny refugees' access to the resources needed upon arrival.

"Why privilege this minority group over underprivileged from the local?" or "Why can they enjoy the things given that they don't pay the taxes at all."

I think these points might neatly speak volumes about why non-EEU students have had to pay tuition fee since 2011 if they would like to study in Sweden.

I was so lucky that I got enrolled in 2010. But it's possible that I already became the unwanted foreigner that undermine the foundation of welfare system, as those asylum seekers have done.

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Life in general

I have used blogger to document things in my life. But for some reason I decide switch to here and start up a new page to capture my life and parts of field note for my PhD project in Germany. In addition, I also hope that I can take time to reflect upon what I have learnt during my travel and particularly the days in Lund.

It's possible that I will simply post one photo with one or two lines. Before I was really uncomfortable with that since it sort of made blog look empty. But now I would say: why not? Sometimes the sentiment behind one photo/word can be actually more than millions.

Anyway, I really hope that I can make the best use of this platform. Cheers!