Relaxing Spa Night

First things first, start your bath. I love Dr. Teals Relax & Relief foaming bath! I always mix in a coconut bubble bath I get from Vons, a grocery store. The two combined scents smell like heaven! Unfortunatly it's not a name brand and the only place you can get it is vons.

While the bath is running I always wash my face with a konjac sponge and apply a face mask afterwards. I have a ton of face masks lying around and I think the Freeman Cucumber peel off mask is a great basic to start off a mask collection.

If you're like me then you probably set up your laptop near to watch Netflix. I usually put on the current show I'm watching and i relax & soak for a bit. Then I get on with exfoliating. I love using Tree Hut's Shea Sugar Scrub on my arms, upper torso & legs. The scrub really wont work too well while submerged in water and I'm too lazy to stand up so I usually go in with my shower sponge afterwards.

Can't forget about those little feetsies! They need some lovin' too! A regular pumic stone will suffice but I like usining this foot buffer I get from Ulta.

I soak in the bubbles a bit more then I get on with drying my hands and doing my nails. Pretty self explanatory, file, smoothing block, polish. I usually always reach for lighter shade polishes.

I can usually only stand being in a bath for about 45 min and I always end if off with moisturizing. An absolute must if you've exfoliated. I only use body butters when I'v bathed since it's usually more expensive that regular lotion. It's a treat for pampering. And I always apply argan oil on my face; it's like my daily moisturizer.



So end of February I headed down to Lake Cachuma for my first ever solo camping trip! I drove down on a Wednesday night after work and headed home Friday evening.

I ended up setting up the tent around 1am Thursday. (I'v never set up a tent all by myself before!) It was freezing tho! I wore thick sweats, a jacket, and I had a cold weather sleeping bag and I was shaking for hours! I went to pet Vie who was on top of me and he was ice cold to the touch! My poor baby! I let him crawl in my sleeping bag, I pulled it completely over my head and we finally warmed up. Woke up a few hours later and our tent was completely covered in frost.

(By the way I'v been to this campsite before with my boyfriend and he's always done the reservations and I ended up picking the exact some spot as before without even knowing)

I just love how my little spoiled prince sat in the car waiting for my to set up our shelter haha. On the second night he rushed in the sleeping bag; traumatized from the freezing night before.

So Thursday was a really chill day. I was packing up all my things from the camp ground in the morning and my trunk door fell on my face! It hurt so much I was surprised it didn't bruise. All that was left was a tiny scratch and a lot of swelling but it's not too noticeable on camera, except for the pic all the way at the top right.

Didn't put to much effort into my appearance and I headed from Santa Barbara to Ventura. Just strolled around for a few hours waiting to meet up with some family friends. Also went on a bike ride along the Ventura Pier trail. I have a child trailer for Vie & I packed us some lunch in there with him.

Friday morning I headed to Solvang and just casually walked around and poked my head into the cute dutch looking shops. Like I literally just stuck my head in because I had Vie with me & obviously dogs aren't allowed inside most places.

I then went to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and it was beautiful! I brought all my hiking gear but i was like, "Fuck it, I wanna look cute AF." So I wore my cute Free People top & necklace, that I got in a cute boutique in Ventura the day before, put on my skinnys, and wore my healed boots. I got some strange looks but I don't care; Imma just do me.

Tried on a hat in the gift shop. I ended up getting a really cool deck of cards. Instead of queens, kings, jacks, aces and all that nonsense it's beautiful illustrations of insects.

My boyfriend met up with me Friday afternoon and we went to the Butterfly Grove in Goleta hoping to see some Monarchs but there were none! I guess they all had already left. We then grabbed gelato, Chipotle and headed home.

Went into work the next day and I started to feel sick. My boss was mad because I asked to leave and there wasn't anyone except her kids to do my work. I put my hazard blinkers on and was driving really slow because I felt so sick. Within five minutes I rushed to pull over and puked the Chipotle out.

Overall I had an amazing time and I can't wait to solo camp in the future!



I forgot about my court hearing for my name change yesterday morning. I had just talked to one of the office lady's at work for the day off but then we decided I would work from 4pm-8pm instead. That way I could have the morning to go to the court hearing and work a bit in the evening.

I woke up, lounged in bed and went shopping that morning. As I pulled my card out to pay and I saw my current name my heart sank. I had a mini break down in front of the Forever21 cashier. I went back home, grabbed my documents and headed to the superior court to get this all sorted out. I was told to re-file all the papers with "Amended" written at the top. So I just have to wait another 4 months.

I am so incredibly angry with myself right now. How could I forget one of the most important days of my life (so far)? I am completely dissociated with my current name and it's frustrating seeing it everywhere. That name is just not me. I know myself as Kali Sky and it not being that just makes me feel so many feels. And the fact that yesterday was the day that would change it all just slipped right through my fingers. I forgot but how could I have forgotten?!?

Nothing to do but forget about my mistake and just wait.



So mid November of 2016 Mamma fell off the couch around 1am. I wasn't awake but my boyfriend witnessed her stretch on the top of the couch and then she fell off the edge. He said she hit pretty hard and at first he wasn't sure if she was ok but after a few seconds she bounced back. Throughout that entire day she was kind of M.I.A. which is really weird for her. I ended up finding her in my office closet late at night. I pulled out a huge blanket right above her and I figured she would run away but she didn't budge. When the blanket was out of the way I witnessed her having a seizure. I wasn't 100% sure if it was a seizure because it wasn't a "grand mal" type of seizure; the vet never gave me a specific name for it but he mentioned they weren't the dramatic "grand mal."

Dr. Paulson, the vet, ran a bunch of tests and took an xtray and there was nothing to indicate what exactly was causing her cluster seizures. So at that point he gave the prognosis of epilepsy. I could have gone and spent a couple thousand on a feline neurologist to take an MRI or a CT scan but I knew that this was brain damage from the fall. Dr. Paulson didn't want to give me a definite yes or no but there is literally no other explanation for her seizures. He did prescribe phenobarbital and that did nothing to stop the up to 20 seizures she was having a day! We even ran her blood to make sure she was getting enough of the pheno.

From this point on her seizures got worse, she became extremely lethargic, the meds didn't work, she was going blind, and she eventually stopped eating. She got to the point where she would make a weird "meowing" noise when she would have seizures which meant she was in pain.

After about 2 1/2 months of trying to make her as comfortable as possible and crossing my fingers she'd get better I knew it was time. January 20, 2017 at 7pm Dr. Paulson came over and put Mamma to sleep. It was really weird being apart of the processes and having it done in my house. It was worth it knowing Mamma wasn't stressed out at the vet's office in her last few moments and instead in her home, surrounded by familiar & comfortable smells.

I did choose to have Mamma cremated and she should be coming back home in about a week.


This was the first vet visit I took Mamma to. I had taker her to an animal urgent care about a week before and they had the nerve to tell me, "Oh, she's just acting funny because she's in heat." and I heard the vet and the veterinary technician talking shit about Mamma not being spayed when they were in the back! I wanted to punch them both so badly! I knew there was something seriously wrong with her and they just want to brush it off and turn their noses up. 

In these photos Mamma was still acting OK; having cluster seizures, a bit lethargic but she was still eating and drinking.

So these 2 pics above and the 3 bellow are from when Mamma wasn't doing so well. You can see her fur up in the top right photo how gross it looked because she wasn't able to groom herself. She slept in the litter box most of the time; I think because she found it easier to just stay in there than deal with having seizures every single time she wanted to get up.

I had taken Mamma off her medication during her last few days. They worn't working and they were making her extremely drowsy. Once I got her up and moving she would walk around and explore. I was letting her go outside (supervised) since I knew there was no way for her to make a run for it in her state.

I don't thing I took a pic but her eyes became permanently dilated which meant she was going blind.

I really wanted to wait one more week just to be with her but she hadn't eaten anything in a week and a half even after offering her tuna & wet cat food. She would even spit it out when I tried putting some in her mouth. I'v had my issues with food and I know it feels like when you don't eat for weeks on end and I didn't want her feeling like that. I didn't her to die in pain. 

Bellow are some of the memories from when I first got her up until now. I don't think I ever mentioned how I got her have I?

So the story goes like this, she was living in my attic with kittens! We would always hear them meowing throughout the day but mostly at night. I live in central California so it get's HOT here, like 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Eventually parts of our house started to smell REALLY bad . . . like death. So we ended up opening a vent on the top of the roof and we would see them come out and nurse in the mornings and in the late evenings when it got cooler. I counted 8 kittens at the time and there must have been at least 1 more that didn't make it since our house smelled bad. I had planned on rescuing them by gaining their trust with food so I would climb up on the roof using a latter in the morning & in the evenings. It was going really well; the kittens where a little ferrell so I was only able to "snatch" them up while they were distracted by the food but the mamma cat was super sweet! But then all of a sudden 8 kittens became 5 and I knew I had to act fast. It took me 4 hours but I managed to catch all 5 kittens up on the roof. 

The cute gray & black ones were the ones I rescued that day. I took care of them for a month and a half and then I gave them to a shelter to be adopted out. (I put myself down as a last resort just in case they didn't find homes but they all did!)

I waaaasss suppose to give the mamma cat to the shelter too buuuuuutttt she bonded so well with my dog. I kept her and the kittens in my room with my dog and she was 100% ok with him from the VERY beginning. Like you'd think she's hiss or something right? I was still 17 at the time and i had mentioned to my dad that i wanted to keep her and his respond was, "hell no, your crazy go take her to the shelter and all the others to the shelter." I hid her for 2 weeks until she jumped on the window and my stepmom and younger siblings noticed her hahaha! 

So it turned out that she was pregnant before I rescued her! So I had to deal with another litter of kittens!! This litter was a lot cuter tho & they grew up with my dog so they all played together!

Fun fact, I actually tried to rescue Mamma when SHE was a kitten! I noticed 2 kittens rummaging through our trash and I chased after them. They were both skiddish but Mamma was a little more trusting and I snatched her up real quick! I could tell she was probably sick because her fur was falling off in huge patches and the bridge of her nose was missing a patch of fur. Not to mention she was so skinny at the time! It was a holiday weekend so the shelter was closed. I kept her in a carrier in the garage and a younger cousin of mine really wanted to pet her but I told her no. I go out to check on her and she's gone! Her water dish was moved but not spilled so I can only assume my younger cousin went in to pet her. 

I knew when I saw this cat up on our roof that it was the same kitten because the patch of fur she was missing on her nose was still growing back in.

You know, I really had the best cat in the world and I know every pet owner probably says that. Mamma was really something special though. No one or cat will ever be able to replace her.



For the longest time I'v really wanted to try living "zero waste" or at least as close as possible to zero waste. The main principle of it is to not producing any trash.

"Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace."


I'm going to be taking some real small baby steps through all this but for starters here's a list of things I currently do.

-reusable grocery bags

-buying bulk foods

-glass food containers

-bar soaps

-eating mainly whole foods & cooking at home

-using mostly rags & dishcloths instead of paper towels

And here are some of the next steps I want to take in the near future

-make reusable produce bags

-eat completely whole foods and nothing prepackaged

-making my own cosmetics, health, & cleaning products

-buy a reusable steel razor

-gardening & growing my own foods


I still have some more research to do regarding how to go zero waste in other aspects of my life like my pets. I'm really excited about this though; doing something positive for the environment.

Let me know your thoughts & if you'd ever try out some of the aspects of zero waste living.