I got a new dog & she looks like a mini girl clone of my dog Vie! Which one is Vie & which one is the clone? haha She's the dirty little dog sitting on my boyfriend's chest.

I got her Wednesday 17 so as of today I'v had her for 6 days. I was told she is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix and clearly she's got a lot going on. She's got buggsy eyes and thin legs like a Chihuahua but her coat color, floppy ears, and long body are definitely not Chihuahua. My dog Vie is a Jack Russell mix and even tho he has odd characteristics like rounded ears and a black and white coat color he still looks like a Jack Russell. Unlike his new sister that doesn't really look like a Chihuahua at first glance.

When I got my new baby girl on Wednesday I was able to spend all day with her and take her outside to go potty every couple of hours but the day after I had to work. I had her secluded to my bathroom since she's a new dog and hasn't been to the vet yet. Just wanted to make sure she was house broke considering we have carpet and she was spayed the day before I got her so I was unable to bath her and she was DIRTY. I really didn't want her running around the house until she got a vet check up & a bath.

So the 2 pictures above was Thursday when I had to leave for work at 9am. I was hopeful my boyfriend was going to come home early but he ended up getting home around 5-6pm. Apparently, she painted the bathroom floor, doors, and her bed with liquid poo. I wasn't coming home until midnight so my boyfriend had to do the dirty work. So great full for him. He cleaned & sanitized everything and gave baby girl a sponge bath being careful to not get her incision wet.

Thankfully on Friday we had a vet appointment. She was tested for worms & turns out she had whip-worms so we got medicine for her & some for Vie just to be safe. I never knew how expensive de-wormer medicine is! I paid $113 for a 6 month supply for baby girl but since I was going to give some to Vie it's only going to be a 2 month supply which should be plenty anyways. We also got the green light to give her a bath! So much hair shedded off of her when we bathed her but now she's all clean with a beautiful shiny coat. She's got some dandruff from dry skin, coarse hair, and still quite a bit of shedding. Hopefully with the high quality food I'v been feeding Vie she'll catch up on all her nutrients needed for healthy skin, coat, and body. At least now she's allowed to roam the house. I still keep a really close eye because she is not house broken. She's only had 2 pee accidents inside but in general she holds it in and has started walking towards the glass door and looking out when she's gotta go.

In case anybody is wondering I feed my pooches EarthBorn Holistic Coastal Catch.

If you've made it this far into the post then help me think of a name for her! I want to give her a name with meaning like I did with Vie. I want her to have a name with the meaning or something symbolizing "calm." She adjusted so incredibly well and is just an over all tranquil little doll. She was super calm and comftorable when she met Vie and she is very people friendly. The second my boyfriend layed down on the ground she hoped up on him and just went in for kisses.

Vie's name means "life" in French. Reason being was I had a dog before him, it was actually the neighbors dog that I thought was a stray and my neighbors failed to tell me that it was their dog for 3 weeks! I took care of him and called him Pumpkin since it was October and he was an orange Pomeranian mix. Once I was told it was their dog I tried putting him back in their yard and he kept escaping back into my yard so I eventually just left the gate open so he could go greet his true owners when they were home. Long story short he got ran over by a car and died. 2 weeks later I got a new puppy and decided to call him Vie since he was the new life that came after death.

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A week and a half ago I started my new job! I am working for a family owned farm and what I do is take fruit to farmers markets and sell them. Simple right?

There are 26 different farmers marketeers working all through out the week at 40 different markets. It's actually quite a sizable business. Not only does this family owned farm sell their fruit at farmers markets but you can actually go pick fruit at their farm! Depending on the season you can pick cherries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, nectarines, avocados, citrus, watermelons, pumpkins and the list goes on! Don't be fooled when I say "family owned farm" and think it's a tiny little farm. They actually own 14 separate pieces of land where they grow over 2000 varieties of fruit. They just so happen to have 2 farm locations where you can come and pick your own fruit. One of the farm locations has a big red barn which is the main one where they have hay rides, tasty food, baked goods, fun events throughout the year and where all the farmers marketeers have to show up in the mornings.

So a little bit more of an in depth look at what I do. I work three separate farmers markets. On Thursdays I head down to LA, Saturday I work at a market right here in Bakersfield, and on Sundays I head back down south to Santa Clarita. I have to show up to the big red barn location at different times depending on the location. Thursday LA 6am - Saturday Bakersfield 6am - Sunday Santa Clarita 5am. I usually wake up an hour early; 30 minutes to get ready & 30 minutes to drive out to the farm. From there I clock in 10 minutes early and my market partners usually show up after me so in the mean time I go find which truck/van we're taking. There's clipboards with all our info sitting in the drivers seat so I take that and start checking to see if we were packed all the right things. I'v got to make sure we have the amount of fruit listed on our sheets as well as make sure we have all our other supplies and go on a scavenger hunt if we don't. By this time my partner usually arrives and since I'v done all the checking we head on out. We get to our markets, set up, sell, pack up, do some paperwork, count money, head back, and go home. The market lead will have to stay for 10 more minutes to recount money and double check paper work. These are easy 8-11 hour days where half the work is just driving; markets are only about 5 hours long.

I am so happy to have found a fun and easy job compared to my previous job working with puppies. My last day with the puppy job is May 8. I didn't receive a schedule for this week so I'm assuming that their not even going to give me any shifts anymore. So much drama and stress with that job I don't even care. I'll share some stories once I'v made my exciting announcement maybe this week.



So today was my second court hearing for my name change. I missed the first hearing and had to refile my petition and wait an extra two months. I walked in super nervous waiting for my name to be called by the judge. And turns out the newspaper publication had published my petition with the WRONG CASE NUMBER. The judge says, "That's why you refiled the petition correct?" I let her know that I had to refile because I missed the first court hearing and had no idea that the case number was published incorrectly. So she let me know that I had to refile and get my petition republished.

I refiled my petition for the second time today. I now have to wait for it to be approved and receive another court date and at that point I'm going to call up the newspaper and SCREAM in their ears for fucking up. No way in hell am I going to pay them again; they're going to have to republish without charge for their damn mistake.

It'll probably be another 2 months before my name is legally changed bringing this whole process to a total of 8 months. Having your name legally changed should take between 2-4 moths max. I'm filled with so much rage and sadness right now. I'm just so completely dissociated with my current name I want it gone. If I could go hide away in a hole for 2 months just so I could avoid having to use my current legal name I would. I hate when I introduce myself as Kali to people but then I have to use my legal name for something and they hear it and they're all like "Wait, what?" And then I have to go and explain it. I am Kali and that's it. It's embarrassing and it angers me when that happens. I just got a new job too so that's been happening a lot recently.

I feel very drained right now. I'll feel better soon enough.

On the other hand I have some very exciting news! Just waiting for the right time to share with you all.



It's my day off today and it wasn't a very productive one. I mean everybody needs a lazy day every now and then, right?

Later tonight I do plan on going on a bike ride while my boyfriend waddles beside me. That's how he likes to refer to him running haha. And then we're going to head over to the bowling lanes and have some fun. I can not wait to get out of the house! I have tomorrow off as well and I plan on going on a long walk in the morning, cleaning my office, paint/draw, and do some studying. Hopefully get some more blog posts done for the week as well.

Can I just point out how long my hair is getting. I am in love! I can't wait for it to reach my waist once again.

Also, my boyfriend got my my favorite flowers last night! I didn't even notice them when I walked in haha. I went into the pantry for a snack and noticed some new treats and my boyfriend hinted "Is that all?" I looked around and then I found the flowers. If you guys look behind the flowers there's an open door and that's the pantry door; I literally walked right past the hydrangeas like 4 times before I noticed them.



Relaxing Spa Night

First things first, start your bath. I love Dr. Teals Relax & Relief foaming bath! I always mix in a coconut bubble bath I get from Vons, a grocery store. The two combined scents smell like heaven! Unfortunatly it's not a name brand and the only place you can get it is vons.

While the bath is running I always wash my face with a konjac sponge and apply a face mask afterwards. I have a ton of face masks lying around and I think the Freeman Cucumber peel off mask is a great basic to start off a mask collection.

If you're like me then you probably set up your laptop near to watch Netflix. I usually put on the current show I'm watching and i relax & soak for a bit. Then I get on with exfoliating. I love using Tree Hut's Shea Sugar Scrub on my arms, upper torso & legs. The scrub really wont work too well while submerged in water and I'm too lazy to stand up so I usually go in with my shower sponge afterwards.

Can't forget about those little feetsies! They need some lovin' too! A regular pumic stone will suffice but I like usining this foot buffer I get from Ulta.

I soak in the bubbles a bit more then I get on with drying my hands and doing my nails. Pretty self explanatory, file, smoothing block, polish. I usually always reach for lighter shade polishes.

I can usually only stand being in a bath for about 45 min and I always end if off with moisturizing. An absolute must if you've exfoliated. I only use body butters when I'v bathed since it's usually more expensive that regular lotion. It's a treat for pampering. And I always apply argan oil on my face; it's like my daily moisturizer.