Finally, after 8 months and 3 separate court hearings my name is now legally Kali Sky!

Yesterday was my third and final court hearing and for a second I thought it wasn't going to happen. When the commissioner called me up to hear my case she got kind of snarky because I didn't file the publication affidavit with the clerk. I didn't know it was suppose to be filed with the clerk and I didn't do it the first time either; it was never mentioned that I had to do that not even through all my research. I got my affidavit on a Friday and my hearing was that following Monday. The superior court is closed on the weekend so there was no time to file it with the clerk ahead of time anyways. I was one of the last cases the commissioner heard and almost everyone who had gone up before me had no idea what they were doing. They were clueless as to which documents they were suppose to have and when the commissioner gave her verdict they had no idea what the words she was saying meant. So she was probably kind of annoyed when she got to me.

Since I didn't file the publication affidavit ahead of time it's going to take the clerk 1-2 days to file it and then i will go pick up the certified court order. If i had filed it a head of time then I would have gotten that court order yesterday. Oh well. Once i get the court order I can start all the paperwork for changing my name on my social security card, birth certificate, license, bank account, insurance, and bills.

I am so glad this process is finally over!

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Isn't she just so beautiful? When it comes to fashion, makeup, and style I look up to about 3-4 different people and Meredith Foster is one of them. She is a 21 year old Youtube beauty guru & daily vlogger. Beauty guru isn't a great description as she makes videos varying from funny skits, life hacks, quirky challenges, daily routines, and DIY's on her main channel - Meredith Foster. And on her vlogging channel, VlogsbyMeredith, she gives viewers a look into her daily life.

I absolutely adore Meredith! She has such a sweet and cheerful personality. Her smile and happiness is so contagious! Not to mention she has an amazing body! She's definitely going to be my fitness inspo come this fall after I have my baby girl.

Check out some of Meredith's cute insta pics & Youtube videos down below!

Be sure to follow Meredith!

| Instagram - Meredith Foster | Twitter - Meredith Foster |

| Main Channel - Meredith Foster | Vlogging Channel - VlogsbyMeredith |



If only I could pick up every single pair of these heels!

I'm so use to just going for everything in black but recently I'v wanted to bring in more color into my closet. Heels are a great way for me to do so. I'v been in love with pale blue recently and clearly my choices of heels shows that. I am debating on which pair to get for myself. They're all so cute tho!



I got a little bored earlier so I decided to go window shopping at the mall. 4 hours later I emerge with some early birthday presents for myself haha.

I bought a floral blouse from Abercrombie & Fitch, 4 tops from Hollister, 5 undies from Victoria Secret, a floral dress from Azakara, and 2 jeans from Charollete Russe. I won't really be able to wear the jeans because of my baby bump but they were on sale for $5 each so I had to get them! Also, I was sending pics to my bf while he was at work just to show him all the cute things I was trying on and he offered to pay for the floral dress and one other top. What a sweety he is!

The horrible dressing room lighting doesn't do any justice to the clothes or me but down below are a couple of the things I bought.

Ambercrombie & Fitch



Victoria Secret





It's time to break out that tote bag and fill it up with everyday essentials you'll be needing this summer! These are some basics to always have on hand when the weather starts to heat up.

Protect your skin from the suns rays with sunscreen & a wide brim hat. If you don't feel like carrying a bottle of sunscreen & after sun care then just stick them in your car. That way you'll always have them whenever needed. And don't forget to toss that SPF lib balm in your purse just for added insurance.

Hydration & Snacks On The Go

Drink up! Staying hydrated keeps skin looking nice and supple. For a little more flavor add some fruit to your water! You'll be surprised at all the flavors you can create by adding and mixing in different fruits and herbs.

Nourish your body with healthy snacks like a peach, apple, or banana. Personally I like my fruit cold, sliced, and ready to eat without hassle so I usually carry around a small insulated lunch bag with a variety of fruits & veggies.

Just For Fun

It's always nice to have a couple extras around like cute jewelry or hair ties for when it heats up or a good book when things slow down and you need something to keep you occupied. Also, it never hurts to have some fun in the sun with a polaroid camera. I am definitely getting one for myself!



So glad to be back home! Colorado was fun but it's always nice to be in the comfort of ones home.

My boyfriend and I got home yesterday evening. We grabbed some Panera, watched some Netflix, took baths with home made bath bombs, and went to bed. I woke up this morning to find that the fridge was basically empty. I should have gone to the grocery store in the morning but I wanted to get some cleaning done. I snacked on nuts & a glass of chocolate Silk milk until around 4:30 pm when I finally went grocery shopping. Yikes! I know that's waaaay too long to go without eating a meal especially since I'm not only just feeding myself. I'll probably end up going to the grocery store later tonight and do a big grocery haul.



So I'v been in Colorado the past few days. My boyfriend owns a few houses here one of which he bought late last year. It's a fixer upper so we took a road trip this past Friday so he can come and work on it. I'v just been hanging out at his mom's house and kinda helping him out with the house. Just running errands for things he needs and bringing him lunch.

Even though I'm taking it easy I'v felt exhausted this entire trip, especially yesterday.

Since baby girl is not house broken we went out and bought infant diapers so she doesn't have any accidents in my boyfriend's mom's house. I may or may not keep using them when we go home. She's always crated at night and she's actually been tinkling in her diaper over night. Which explains why she stinks! I did give her a bath so she's all clean now but I don't want her rolling around in her pee at night so I might keep using the diapers just for when we crate her.

I may also re-home baby girl. She's a really sweet dog but she's completely untrained and I don't feel like she'll ever be at Vie's level of obedience. Mostly regarding potty training. I'll have to go more in depth in another post.

Also, the bf's mom's cat was confused as to why I was sitting on her seat at the dinning table. She kept checking me out until she just hopped on up.

Tomorrow is the last day here and then we start the road trip back to Cali on Saturday.



Beauty Without Cruelty!

Why even bother with brands that test on animals when there are so many outstanding companies with high quality products!

I'v picked out some of my favorite nail polished from 3 different brands. Zoya & Julisa have such a beautiful array of natural & high quality nail polishes. 100% Pure on the other hand has such a wide selection of not only natural nail polishes but natural makeup, skin care, hair care and they even have a line of baby products!

Learn more about animal testing here - Cosmetic Tests That Use Animals - About Animal Testing



Is it a boy? Is it a girl?

As of today I am 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl! I only just found out yesterday and I am so excited! Typically you'd have to wait to find out the gender at an anatomy scan but I decided to go to Baby's First Photos here in Bakersfield where they do gender determination.

(Don't worry her head is completely normal at this stage)

How I Found Out

So I found out I was pregnant at 7 1/2 weeks. I hadn't gotten my period but I did start cramping so I thought I was going to get it. At least once a year I'll cramp 2-3 weeks before a period so I wasn't really too worried about it. But then week 4 of the cramps came along and I started to worry something was wrong with me. I went to my trusted friend, Google, and Google said I'm most likely pregnant. Bought a test the next day and that little plus sign popped up in 2 seconds haha.

I have thankfully not experienced any morning sickness. I did have low blood sugar and experienced hypoglycemia in my first trimester. For those why don't know what hypoglycemia is it's when you feel like your dying when your blood sugar drops. If I didn't eat every 2 hours I started getting really shaky, feeling extremely weak, light heady, dizziness, and anxiety. Also, before I knew I was pregnant I was unusually hungry in the morning when I would normally skip breakfast. I also had some food aversions. The smell of all cooked food was just so strong it made me feel queasy so all I ate was raw fruits and veggies for a week; on and off for another 2 weeks. Looking back I guess those where 2 other signs.

How I'm Doing Now

My boyfriend is finally able to feel the little baby kicking! I started to feel flutters around 15 weeks and at 16 weeks I could tell they were kicks. Now at 18 weeks this little girl is like an oxe! I can actually see her kicks on my tummy! And she kicks all day long. My midwife said because I'm so tiny I can feel her sooner than most first time moms. I was 95 lbs before baby which was actually a couple pounds under weight for my height. Just this morning I weighed 99lbs. I was worrying a bit because I'v been stuck at 97lbs for the longest time; I thought I wasn't going to gain enough weight. I guess that is still my fear now.

I am so happy to be having a little girl. I really, really, really did not want a little boy as bad as that sounds. I'v only been looking at baby boy clothes and trying to picture having a boy. I didn't want to fantasize about a little girl and then be extremely disappointed if it turned out to be a boy. My next baby can be a boy, I don't care now since I have my little girl.