For the longest time I'v really wanted to try living "zero waste" or at least as close as possible to zero waste. The main principle of it is to not producing any trash.

"Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace."


I'm going to be taking some real small baby steps through all this but for starters here's a list of things I currently do.

-reusable grocery bags

-buying bulk foods

-glass food containers

-bar soaps

-eating mainly whole foods & cooking at home

-using mostly rags & dishcloths instead of paper towels

And here are some of the next steps I want to take in the near future

-make reusable produce bags

-eat completely whole foods and nothing prepackaged

-making my own cosmetics, health, & cleaning products

-buy a reusable steel razor

-gardening & growing my own foods


I still have some more research to do regarding how to go zero waste in other aspects of my life like my pets. I'm really excited about this though; doing something positive for the environment.

Let me know your thoughts & if you'd ever try out some of the aspects of zero waste living.



Is it really 2017 already?

Well, 2016 was a great year up until it wasn't. I know that 2017 will be my year. In the sense that I know this year I am going to grow immensely as a person. I'm going to find myself and I'm going to succeed. I'm going to let myself dream because for the longest time I haven't. I'm going to stop my fears from holding me back.

The past month and a half has been absolute shit. But already in that month and a half I have grown tremendously. I'm still in such a fragile state but I know in the coming months I'm going to be the happiest I'll ever be. It's so hard to understand without explaining it all and maybe I will do that soon in another post.

I'm ready 2017. Bring it on!



My boyfriend broke up with me. I want to say so much right now but I'm just so broken.

It was a complete surprise.

I'll leave it here until I'm ready.



I finally payed that lady for the damages I did to her car last year. Kind of weird contacting her but I ended up paying her A LOT less than originally intended. So when I told her I'd give her a check for the amount of $1563.06 she all of a sudden, in 5 minutes of sending the text, she said she went, at that moment, and got another estimate; all of a sudden it was $1700. Like wtf? Yes the estimate of 1.5k was over a year ago but all of a sudden I tell her I'm giving her a check & the price goes up??? So then I told her if I could have a picture of the estimate and then I'd pay the body shop directly. Minutes later she says she found a cheaper body shop for $600. By the way this was a Tuesday at 10am; in minutes she got up & went to 2 body shops and got an estimate? Anyways, I'm like cool, I'll make the check out to you but she asks for me to make it out to the body shop. Maybe she knows the owner of the body shop personally and she's going to cash out the check? I don't know; I did some serious damage to her car & we had her go to a super cheap body shop before hand and they said it'd still be $1500. What ever, she signed a statement so she can never come back and say I never paid her. The lady lives out in Taft and my boyfriend works over there so he gave her the check for me today.

I filed the petition to change my name today!!! I am so freaking excited! It only cost $435 which is way cheaper than what I originally thought it would cost. When you change your name you have to publish it in a newspaper once a week for 4 weeks (there are approved newspapers for legal publishing) and that's going to cost me $60. Not bad. Very soon I will officially be Kali Sky!



So yeah, once again I bring you Swedish music. Once again, I can't listen to all their songs because I'm in the US and am very limited to what is available on Youtube.

"Om Vi Faller" is defiantly my fave song out of the 2 lol. It puts me in a very artsy mood for some reason. Specifically a watercolor painting mood. I dig it.

Let me know your thoughts on what you think & if you know of any other places I can find these guys' music leave it down in the comments.



So as you can see I have my first Emergency money goal of 1k set. I also have all the money for that lady whose car I fucked up over a year and a half ago. She's going to get a quote at this body shop that my boyfriend has gone to and they've given him pretty good prices. My boyfriend called up the dude and sent him a picture of the damage and he said it's probably going to be around 1,400 maybe a little less once they see it in person. Still a lot but that's 200 that I can put into my name change, possibly even a little more. I'm a third of the way to my name change goal and if I do have some extra money left over from getting that lady's car fixed then I'll be half way to 800. In doing some more current research the name change at max should be more like 480. I'm still going to wait 2 weeks until my next paycheck to make sure I have plenty of money.

To the right of the picture is my Want & Christmas spending. So I am really, really good with staying on budget & not over spending. Very occasionally I will borrow a bit of money from next weeks spending money which is what I did last week. Last week I went to the pumpkin patch & paid for all the kids pumpkins & got them a pizza. But I had been wanting these pant/skirt hangers for a super long time & I really needed them as all my shorts & skirts where laid out on a table in my office. So i had my boyfriend purchase them on Amazon (he's got prime) & I just used Venmo to pay him back. (Same deal with the pumpkins because they didn't take cards.) Which is why next week I am purchasing some stuff from F21. I am in desperate need of some basics & cold weather clothing. F21 is super cheap & really my go to place to shop. I really want to branch out into different brands but looks like I won't be doing much until after Christmas.

Now for Christmas presents I will be using my spending money & trying to stick to my budget. I will be pretty on budget with everything listed above. Although I may take out 50-80 bucks to spend a little on me. Probably going to get myself those sketching supplies & a pair of new boots from (you guessed it) F21. Btw, F21 has an awesome selection of vegan shoes. Also, I plan on gifting my stepmom some framed pictures & a scrap book which I have yet to add to the Christmas section so that may be a tiny bit out of budget. But hey, it's Christmas, . . . . oh shit I wanted to buy cute Christmas decor. Ok fuck the A&F jeans I'm going to buy Christmas decor with that money. lol

I'm not too worried about it because I'v got all my debt paid. I'll have my name change started & paid by December & I'v just been super fucking responsible about this budget and I don't mind taking out 100-150 for memories this ONE TIME out of the entire year.

Also for those curious, below is how I budget by laying out all my expenses. Everything else I earn goes straight into my savings account.



I know. I know. I'm a boss as bitch with my pumpkin carving skills. Thank you. Thank you very much.

haha I stole the design off Pinterest.

I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with my younger siblings & I helped carve their pumpkin (Well I actually did all the carving) They're just too young to be trusted with knives. But they picked out their own designs & they had so much fun de gutting the pumpkins.

I plan on framing some of these pictures & make a photo album/scrapbook for my step mom as a Christmas present. Valerie ( the one in the pink shirt) is actually my cousin so I will frame some & make a scrapbook for her mom as well. Hopefully we'll go see some Christmas lights in December so I'll have some more pictures to work with as well.



My boyfriend & I went to the dog park today and we left within 2 minutes of being there.

This is a pretty big off leash dog park & I always keep my dog on leash so we can walk around the perimeter of the park twice. I do this because my dog can sometimes be unresponsive to a command like "come here" because he's too excited & focused on meeting everyone. Walking around a few times on leash lets Vie get acquainted with all the dogs while understanding that he needs to be close to me.

So we're walking and meeting some cute dogs and then all of a sudden a medium sized brown dog comes up. The first 3 seconds everything is fine and then all of a sudden this dog starts lightly growling. I'm confused as to why & I try telling my boyfriend but I was kind of rambling and not finding the right words. The dog growls again and I start to lightly & slowly pull my dog away. All of a fucking sudden this dog attacks! I start screaming my head off & my boyfriend rushes over & gets on top of the dog. I see this dog bite Vie and is holding him mid air I yank Vie away & I fucking run! I look back and my boyfriend is holding the dog & then the owner comes. I am bawling my eyes out & I am so loss for words. I tell my boyfriend that I want to leave & we go out the nearest exit.

As we're walking away my boyfriend told me that the owner told him, "Oh, that's just how he plays." THE FUCK? That was not fucking playing & I'm still bawling my eyes out & my boyfriend tried to comfort me by saying, "It's alright." and I snapped back by saying "It's not all right" really harshly. He knew it wasn't all right and that dog was 100% being aggressive & not playful. We should have told off the owner but I had so many emotions going through me that we just left.

My dog is ok. All this happened in a matter of seconds and fortunately there are no puncture wounds. I really don't think I'll be taking my dog back to that dog park for a long time. I am just so shook about this entire situation I can't imagine putting my dog back in that situation. My boyfriend's coworker has a lovely dog that plays perfectly well with Vie. I think from now on only dogs that we personally know will be allowed to play with Vie. 



​I was going to go to a few antique shops but I got side tracked by the mall.

I went into a bunch of shops but ended up only getting one top from Ambercrombie & Fitch (on the right). My skirt makes the top look really weird and it just doesn't do it justice. It was on sale for $20, originally $40. When I was checking out they said I could get 20% off if I tried on a pair of jeans. I'v never heard of a promotion like this but I didn't argue. Went and tried some jeans on for that discount. I suddenly understood the promotion; those jeans where fucking amazing. I will be going back next week to buy them; can't this week because they're $78! I'm not about to break my budget for a pair of jeans. 

I'v got $22 left over from my spending money this week + the $10 left over from my gas money + next weeks spending money, $40 + next weeks left over gas money $10 = $82. Hopefully they still have the same promotion next week so I can get a discount.

Lol look at the old man wearing the all white ensemble with the see through shorts ahahahaha