It hurts, it sucks, I’m tired, I’m confused, wish it was different, wish I was someone else.
Turn everything upside-down, take my life, cut myself, twist it, jump from a cliff.
Pain, loneliness, poverty, war, terrorism, bullying, murder, addiction, fear, cruelty.
No self-esteem, very insecure, feel small, hiding in a corner, invisible, escape from reality.
Anarchy! Revolution, Justice, Screaming For Solutions
Forcing Changes, Risk, and Danger, Making Noise and Making Pleas!


The devil is trying to take over and disturb my mind,
I can see his work everywhere and how he’s slowly destroying all mankind.
The children of today are being called the lost generation,
Born into a broken world where it’s hard to find any inspiration.
Growing up without knowing what expectations you can have for the future,
Your mom is loving and beautiful but still you have to watch your dad abuse her.
Leaving that broken home just to enter another broken place,
When you get home at night your parents don’t pay any attention to the scars on your face.
We got to humble ourselves and walk in unison through rainy and stormy weather,
Alone is strong but to make a change we got to work together.
Right now everybody are ignoring their own ignorance, scared to face the truth,
But please! Wake up, and do something to help the struggling youth!

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