Hey there,

So i don't really have some thing special to "talk" about but i thought why not just write some stuff that have happened today. But then i realized that my day wasn't that interesting at all so then i didn't know what to write so here are just some random stuff/facts that i have found:

If you sneeze with your eyes open your eyes will pop out,

Spanish horror movies are the scariest, 

Your brain can only learn stuff in 10 minutes after that your brain will get tired and then you forget most off the things you "learn". so don't forget to take breaks when you study, 

Beyonce slayed the 2016 MTV VMAs  

and that was the last fact i hope you liked this blog post and that you will read my next,




Hey there,

this is my first blog post so I'm realy exited and i don't really know what to write but i thought that i could give you guys some informaition about me.

nope i was juts joking i don't want 2 give out personal informaition about me so this will be an anonymous blog, but i can give you some facts:

Im a Girl

I'm from Sweden

i love Demi Lovato

my favorite movie is 10 things i hate about you

my favorite tv series is pll 

i go to school

my favorite color is blue

and last but not least

my fave subject is Art

so that was a few things about me not 2 personal so its still anonymous i hope you liked this first pot on my blog,