Here we go again on to the next month: JULY! July is usually when summer starts in Finland, like starts properly with nice weather and actual sunshine. If I recall it correctly July wasn't too bad this summer in Finland, however I would not know since I spent all of July except 5 days at work... hehe.

The two pictures above are both from work: spinach soup and a piece of bread was a pretty standard lunch through all of July, I mean it is good but at some point you grow a bit tired of it... The other picture is "The Big Raid Stand-Off of 2016"... I will explain. Me and my work friend Johanna (we have been working together for two summers now) were in charge of unpacking a big delivery that we just got and well it is a small store and getting everything to fit is always a struggle, basically we play Tetris every day. Anyways we got a big delivery of Raid (which is like insect spray) and neither of us wanted to try to get them to fit in the basement so we left the raid with notes on them, every time I went to look at it there was a new note saying "Property of Lina, don't touch" or "Puss o Kram (Kisses and Hugs)" or something like that. It was a gruesome stand-off but I won, I cannot remember why though? I probably got another task which was equally daunting....

Finland also has incredible sunsets all through the summer, the next day more flabbergasting than the one last night. It is really remarkable. (Really I should get paid for this, Finland? come on help a girl out) (I'm helping you out...)

Both of these pictures where taken at my friends house in Svartbäck where we, not to my recollection but apparently, spent some evenings and had a pre-party before we headed out clubbing to the one nightclub that we have in town. Actually there are two of them but the other one is for the winter months... aka. Imma be spending my Christmas Break there hihihi.

The beginning of July also marked one of the highlights from last summer and something I had been looking forward to all year long: My American host-parents + their daughter visiting Finland! This was their first time in Europe and therefore first time in Finland (well their daughter had been in Europe but not Finland) and it was a pretty tired bunch of Americans that I picked up from the airport. Keith and Cheryl had had quite the hassle getting to Finland as they got to the airport only to find out that they had no tickets !! After fixing everything for hours they finally got it fixed and ended up just a couple of hours late in Finland!

They were in Finland only 4 days but we managed to pack it full of activities anyways and they got their own cottage right by the ocean with the best views of them all so I think they were pretty happy hehe. We then took them boating, first to the farmers market on Saturday morning and then to Hangö (the southernmost town in Finland), we introduced them to Finnish food: fish fish fish fish fish. (<3) I also took them on some sightseeing tours around my neck of the woods, fed them Finnish ice cream and even managed to take them on a Moose Safari = Driving in Bromarf, I think we saw 10 Moose all together on their short stay!

They were very lucky with the weather when they were in Finland and I was so happy to finally show them around and repay them at least a little little bit for all they have done for me. After Finland they flew to Switzerland to meet up with their next foreign daughter and then on to France and the third one before heading back to The US. Quite the trip!

A rainy Friday after that I headed straight to Hangö after work to meet up with Mom, Soffan (my friend) and her mom Anna. We have a long standing tradition of doing things together as a group, be it traveling, dinners, theatres etc. This time it was dinner. We went to HSF in Hangö which had been re-made that summer, a new concept and new look.... And t'was good. Oh so good. We all ate duck breast with different kinds of sides, I had parmesan sprinkled home fries and a lovely sauce + a glass of bubbly and a red wine that tasted like heaven. It was the most perfect dinner, the best thing I ate all of 2016, and the best way to make a rainy Friday better. Ahh.

July continued with loads of work, luckily I really enjoy my work and the people I work with so there is not one day that isn't filled of laughter. :) July was a month of work but also a month of after-works... hehe. Me and Johanna took it upon ourselves to have a drink every now and then after work (more often than not was the motto), one of these evenings after a particularly long day at work that stretched into overtime we went to Skatafe (in Padva) and as we got there we learned that our meal was already paid for by our boss! (If that isn't a sign of how good my job is then what is?)

Other than that I, as per usual, enjoyed the amazing Finnish nature that surrounded me as I lived primarily in Padva all of this time. I mean look at that, imagine standing there in the middle of the trees with no sounds of people or traffic, just the sounds of nature. T H E R A P Y.

You think we didn't drink at all in July did you? Well alas my friend, this is Finland in the summer which means that since most summer cottages don't even have running water it is perfectly acceptable to drink a lonkero when you are thirsty, no matter the time or day. However you are right in noting that I did not go out and party much that month, all due to me being old and working a lot thus making me tired, I did however spend some lovely nights at Alban (a restaurant/bar by the harbour in Ekenäs that is only open in the summer) and we did go out too, after another pre-party in Svartbäck. (The picture on the right) From this particular pre-party I have probably 50 pictures like the one on the right, where we have tried to get a nice group picture but the weird blob on the right messed it up... Gosh, some people...

Saturday the 23d of July marked the first CRAYFISH PARTY of the season! A long standing tradition in Finland, and my gosh what a good one it is. We gathered at a barn in the middle of the forest with 20-30 people, ate crayfish, sang snapsvisor (literally could not find a translation for this maybe drinking songs will suffice?), played beer pong and had an absolutely smashing time. I was supposed to take it easy, preferably be sober but ended up drinking everything in sight... hehe. It was super fun and so nice to see everybody after being rather anti-social all of July.

The reason to why I was supposed to be sober during the crayfish party was because we had a big yard sale in Padva the day after that and the whole Lindqvist clan was supposed to be there and help out... Well let's just say I arrived a bit late and a bit groggy but still helped out a bit...

Other than that work continued in July and some mornings were better than others when I got to start the day with Finnish coffee (literally nothing is better than that) and some greek yoghurt with freshly picked berries from the forest. Freshly picked from 2 meters away. So. Incredibly. Good. oh and with a view of the ocean of course. #visitfinland)

July ended with some sushi in Ekenäs on the docks surrounded by my favourite people. As July ended it meant that August was just around the corner, and now August ladies and gentlemen was a month full of well everything, but mostly alcohol. Oh and incidentally it contained the best party weekend of the year: PADVASTOCK 2016. Stay tuned people, stay tuned because August was bitchin'.


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Hello, I know you have waited for this. Jk. I know you do not even know what I am talking about. Well I will tell you; every year I do a run down of my summer months, mostly because it is fun for me to do it and it is fun to have it in a blog to look back on and remember those three lovely months of the year.

As I got back to Finland already in the middle of May I am going to start my summer there, so here comes half of May and all of June!

The two first things that I did when I got back to Finland were: Drive down to Padva (Left) and go enjoy a nice glass of red at Baywatch in Ekenäs (Right). The weather when I got back was absolutely amazing and super warm so it felt like full blown summer in the middle of May!

On top of that - since I wasn't working full time yet - I spent my days frolicking around with my friends. We drove around looking at the incredible state the nature was in, we sat on the docks in the harbour and had picnics, we caught up on everything that had happened in each others lives and just enjoyed every second of early summer. Ahh.

In an effort to see all my friends at once and have a little 'Summer Starter BBQ' I gathered all my friends in our winter house, had the bbq warm and supplied them with some alcoholic punch and music. Quite a few lads and ladies showed up (yay) and we sat out on the veranda all night talking, singing, eating and enjoying some alcoholic beverages. I was so happy that so many of my peeps showed up for this gathering.

After that came the graduations and the real first sign of summer: Graduation parties. One day where no matter what the weather is everybody is dressed like it is +30°C outside anyways and the mood is high. Me and my friends are no strangers to this and took our duty of being drunk from midday to early morning very seriously. It was a good night and the birds were chirping as me and my friends made our way towards the flat we were crashing in that night. Ah, the start of summer.

A very unlikely event happened a couple of days after that, a lot of my friends and I had a day off at the same time. SO we took our cars and drove to the Southernmost town of Finland where we had some wine and pasta and hung out in broad daylight together! All 8 of us! I love it when spontaneous things happen.

As I had started working more (we are now in June) I spent quite some time in Padva, hanging out by the dock enjoying the amazing view but also hanging out with my cool little nephew who was chillin' like a villain everyday in Padva.

When in Padva I always enjoyed life a little more, I remember being mesmerised by the fact that it was still super light out at midnight. Finland is far up North that the sun only sets for a couple of hours in the night in June, it is practically light out 20 out of 24 hours a day, and this happens every year and has happened every year of my existence yet I am always mesmerised. It is so incredibly cool. (ps. kids, visit Finland) (I should get paid for this)

The days following up to the end of June I spent working, shopping important wine for Midsummers Eve with my mother (we like to bond by going alcohol shopping) and spent some quality time with Dad driving the boat to Padva from Pojo, which is about a 2 hour boat journey. I also got to drive the boat a bit, which is always appreciated.

I almost forgot, after a night of hanging out with friends and driving around I was driving back home to Pojo and got a flat tire about 2 km from my house. It was 3 am in the morning but I called mom and told her what had happened, she showed up and told me to leave the car because dad will drive by it in 3 hours and fix it on his way to work........ For 3 hours it stood there, next to houses and a road, 2 km from home. During those 3 hours some idiot(s) smashed two windows, stole my car charger and tried breaking into the car... Idiots.

On a happier note though I apparently bought my Apple TV in June, money well spent.

In Finland in the end of June you celebrate Midsummers Eve, it is the feast of summer and a great excuse to party like there is no tomorrow. I spent my day at work with all the customers doing crazy last minute shopping, the store is jam packed. After that I had a great lunch with the family and a nice boat ride (OFC YOU HAVE TO GO BOATING ON MIDSUMMERS EVE). After that I jumped in my car and headed for my friends party where I celebrated Midsummers with my favourite people. Oh and in style ofc.

The day after that I did probably one of the best things you can do in life: Horseback riding in Rilax. Rilax is in Bromarf (the town I work in) and has this old mansion from the 18th century situated in this little tiny coastal village in southern Finland. Anyways, Rilax was a place I spent most of my summers in from the age 10-17. Working, helping and riding horses in this beautiful environment. So when my riding teacher came into the store and asked me if I wanted to come riding over Midsummers I could not refuse the offer.

It was me and a couple of my friends, a warm June evening, galloping along the fields in Rilax. It sounds and was picture perfect. Ah, the best hobby.

Thus June hath ended.

I will continue with the other months some other day, probably soon because today I finished my last essay and now all that stands in the way of me and Finland is the exams!

ttyl ya'll!



(If you haven't noted by now: Yes I do have a slight love of expressing myself through gifs) (ps. not jif) (if you pronounce it like that leave now please)

Hello! Ah the wonderful life of procrastination is upon us once again! Therefore you get blog posts, so basically everybody is happy right? Procrastination is here and it is settling in quite nicely into its old patterns: Make a list of things that have to be done-> Spend hours on making it really pretty-> Complain about all the things you have to do ->Do nothing. So in order to coincide with this I would like to tell you about all the things I have to do:

Wednesday November 30th - An Essay worth 80% should be written and done with extra care and love, well it is Monday night right now and I have -5 words and I am doing this instead....

Friday the 2nd - Semester 1 ends or should I say semester what? I am telling you I have barely had a semester at all this fall...

Sunday the 4th - I geniously booked a flight for 6:30 am on Sunday morning... Which means I have to leave here at about 2:30 am... Anyways who cares I get to leave!! Only over the pond to England to visit the sister and her boyfriend but still, always nice to go on an adventure!

Wednesday the 7th - I return to Ireland to stress and learn all the things I need to know for:

Saturday the 10th - First exam time! The first exam I have is Comparative Politics, now what is that you may ask, well I do not really know either so we better ask someone else...

Tuesday the 13th - Second exam: Sociological Theory 2, it is just as fun as it sounds and for that one I know nothing either. Got a good streak going aye?

Friday the 16th - a 9 am exam about Individuals and The State, so the theories of Hobbes, Locke, Rawls and Rousseau. At 9 am. On a Friday. Oh dear.

Saturday the 17th - THE LAST DAY OF EXAMS. Yay for that but nay for how. I have one exam at noon: Capitalism and Democracy and then another one at 6pm: Sociology of Nations. The last ones are pretty 'bullshittable' so I am actually not too worried about them.

THEN IT IS TIME FOR D-DAY. SUNDAY THE 18th!!! At noon I will be happily sitting on a plane towards Scandinavia with a quick layover in Oslo and then a short little flight to Helsinki!


I am really writing this so that I can see it for myself, up until pretty much today I have been sad about it being such a long time until Christmas and until Finland but today when I started thinking about all the things that should be done and the fact that there is only two more Mondays standing in my way of Christmas Holidays reality kind of hit me. Wow. I have no time to do the things I have been putting off for 12 weeks. Haha. Classic Lina. I know, I know.

However, don't get me wrong I am actually not that stressed. I am taking it chill, getting on top of my things and getting ready. Every now and then I get emotional outbursts of excitement for Christmas, of the Holidays, of seeing all my friends and of drinking wine. Ah wine. Oh and let us not forget: Of the fact that in 20 days I will be driving again.

Other then that realisation today I haven't done much. Well. Actually, I biked 12 km today to get a 'package' from the closest post office. It was a letter that could have been pushed under our door. 12 km for that. 12. In windy Dublin. Not the greatest of feelings but a good work out so winwin?

Alright I need to continue learning about Franz Boas contribution to the development of Anthropology.... Yay!

Ttyl ya'll.

I am so gonna ski in Finland. Ps.



Hi, anyone that has ever followed a tv series have probably noted that today is the big day when (AFTER NINE YEARS) the new Gilmore Girl mini-series aired. As I woke up today, like a kid on Christmas I may add, I had knots in my stomach, butterflies and raced through making breakfast so that I could get back in bed and start my 6 hour binging.... And so I did. I watched them all, in one continuous streak or actually had a bit of a break before the last one because I could not muster up the courage to watch the last one, or to handle the tears. I always have the same problem when watching the last episode of any series, I can barely do it, I think I have watch the Friends, The Office and Parks and Recreation last episode maybe once or twice because I just cannot do it to myself. There are too many feelings there, to many feels as the kids would say.

Now let us talk about that, about how on earth one can get such an attachment to tv? To something made up?

I think it is a generation thing, maybe not completely I mean everything flutters through time and space but there is certainly something generational about it. I mean when I was younger, if we wanted to not go out and do things it was tv all the way, yes computers and social media was upcoming but the biggest tool for entertainment and the staple in ones home was a TV. So that is where we gathered with the friends, in front of the TV to indulge in snacks and movies/series.

However, talking about series they have taken a new turn lately with the brilliancy of Netflix that makes it easy for you to just submerge into a series coma and stay there until your bed is full of tissues from crying and watching the last episode. (Speaking with years of experience here okay?) And that is where this gets interesting, the tissues at the end makes it special, makes it into a cult, a phenomenon and an emotional attachment. I know I am prone to get emotionally attached easily to these things, to series and movies, I am probably on the obsessive scale on attachment but still it happens? How? Why?

I do not have a big psychological explanation here or an argument backed up by multiple scholars, this is blatantly subjective from my mind at 11 pm on a Friday Night. Feel free to quote me and use it in your academic work kids! Anyways... I think it is as simple as finding something that you relate too that makes you emotionally invested, if there is even a bit of you in the character or if something happens that you can just relate too you are instantly emotionally invested, it is basically as if it was you. This then develops over the episodes and the minutes, and everything becomes amplified. The feelings they feel you feel too, to some extent of course. (remember that we are talking from my crazy over the top emotional point of view) (it may be added that I just finished something today that I have been waiting for for nine years so my emotions are raw)

On top of that I think it is also the importance of seeing things happen that at times seem impossible. We all know that in movies and tv-series things happen that in real life seem impossible to happen, like getting the boy you like, landing a good job, winning money, living in a town such a Stars Hollow etc. But even though, and this might be just me, we know that it is tv or it is a movie when those things happen we just cannot help to feel happy for them and an ounce of hope of that happening to oneself. It is a long-stretch I know, but years of tv and movies have thought me that things happen whether or not we believe in them.

This emotional investment is really a curse and a blessing, it makes something so cultural and generational as TV so much more important than for someone else that cannot fully understand this but it also really does things to your feelings. Right now, as we speak, I am feeling downright depressed. Something I have waited for for so long is just over now, and throughout the course of this day I felt so many things: Nostalgia, happiness, sadness, confusion etc. Now I just feel empty, it has just washed over me and it is done. Over with. Finito. Again.

It makes me sad and I am not ashamed of that, nor should anyone ever be. As I said I think it is a cultural thing, it is a generational thing, for me I think it started with The O.C. I think that was the first 'grown up' series that I followed religiously and from there on it has just continued. It also creates a gap, some things that I take as a cultural rite of passage others do not, so as my references are getting lost or my love for something is not shared I get so confused. Are you not a part of the pre-social media era? Or is it just me? This is a bit of a sarcastic side note, I still like you just respect you a bit less. JK. I know I have an unhealthy attachment to series and a way of speaking that is 67% pop-cultural references. Sorry not Sorry.

As usual I do not know my point nor if there is one, it is just rambling. Today though, it is an ode to Gilmore Girls. A series that I , to be perfectly honest, have come to love even more since I rewatched it as an adult that can fully understand the references and the fast pace of the series. It is an ode to the remake and an ode to try and write down my feelings instead of having to feel this sadness of it being over again. I truly cannot handle last episodes. (it's the same every single time)

I will end this now, go to bed and probably rewatch some of my favourite things from the series. #teamjess)

I am sorry not sorry for devoting a whole blog post to television and its impact on me, I truly am a blog mogul in the making. Just wait and see my dear friends. Wait and see.

- Toodeloo




I think we have gone too long quietly for this to be a blog that is regularly updated or even this being a blog that has any sort of pattern in updates, except for the fact that I think every single thing I have posted here have been during a time that I should have been doing something else. Something school wise that is.

Anyways, even though this is not a regularly updated blog I wanted to give you guys a status update on the last couple of weeks and days in the life of me. It has been a fairly turbulent time lately, a lot of going about, a lot of stressing and then simultaneously a lot of doing nothing. Let me clarify, I went to Amsterdam and then I flew to Finland (as a surprise and something I decided a week before Amsterdam) and then I flew back here with mom tagging along to come hang out for a week.

In Finland I did all the things that make me feel like an adult (see my previous post) like driving, hanging out with friends, cooking, drinking wine and even went horseback riding in the beautifully wintery countryside in Finland. I also as I always do partied a bit in Finland with my favourite people and had my first hangover ever, it wasn't pretty. The struggle was real but oh my god the night was so much fun. Incidentally and because of it I have such a hankering to go partying, I haven't been partying in Ireland this fall as we live far away and it isn't that much fun here but that also means that when I go to Finland and especially during Christmas it is going to... well it is going to escalate quickly. (PS. secretly not so secretly I am so very excited)

As I said when I flew back here mommy took a well earned holiday and came with me to hang out for a couple of days and come inspect the apartment. Unfortunately because I went to Finland I had a couple of essays to get done in Ireland so mom got to do some shopping on her own as I wrote essays. But we managed to get some good dinners in and even a hotel night at the end of the stay with a great hotel breakfast in the morning before she left, luxury at its hight!

Other than that I have been doing nothing, going to some lectures but mostly just nothing. I mean it is just that time of the year, the weather is shitty so you don't really want go out and walk or anything and sitting inside with a good movie, book or series is kinda therapeutic. Yes, I can hear it too I should do something productive. I have actually bought almost all of my Christmas presents already, I have taken it upon myself to not stress or try in vain to find something but to take my time and stroll around in the hope of finding something that I can be happy about giving. So far so good, actually some of the presents are even perfect. Hehe.

Last night me and C. decided to go watch the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" which is a spinoff from the Harry Potter series so that in itself was exciting. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it, some parts where a little bit meh and then it was a bit too PG-12 for me but other than that pretty good and more fun than studying so! #alltihemåt

What else dear people? (all five of you) in 15 days I am going to London to visit my sister and her boyfriend, that will be fun. Then after that I have an intensive week of exams that I am not prepared for at all (yay) (laughing in despair) and then in 29 days I will be sitting on a plane flying back to Finland and staying there for a long time. Literally everybody in my friend group in Finland is as excited about it as I am, not me coming home but Christmas in the hometown and all the festivness that is implied with that. I CANNOT WAAIT!

On that note, good night and bye bye for now!

Last Christmas break <3



This is me most of the time: Struggling to find a good place to eat my hot dog and feeling like I am roughly 5-6 years old but sometimes on rare occasions I get this unexplainable feeling of being old, being 'there' and finally having some sort of independent feeling of being an adult.

It is hard to explain and it is hard to not sound like a juvenile as I am contemplating it because the sheer thought of having to contemplate it should be a sign of not being an adult right? Well, I would like to argue differently. For me being an adult is a passing feeling, it is not a state nor an age or a point that you reach: it is a feeling. Every now and then I feel it, and it can last for days or it can just pass me by. These last years and especially since I moved to Ireland I can sort of pin down some of the things that, on a daily basis, make me feel like an adult however most of them are not to be found here on a daily basis but in Finland. (Is she really going on about Finland again? Gosh) (yes yes I am)

Driving is one of the most prominent and easiest ways of making myself feel like an adult and it is just because I am driving myself somewhere. For someone who has not grown up in a car or with cars as a means for transport anywhere it might not sound that important, but for me it is. It is an amazing feeling being able to, literally, go anywhere with a car. So naturally this little part of being able to drive is what makes Finland so great, because in Finland I get to do this and let me tell you that every time I come back the first thing I do is sit behind that wheel, smile like a little child on Christmas Eve and just drive and feel the adultness flowing through me.

Another thing is being able to work, I realise that working is something I could do here too but there is the small matter of having no time and not being in the country that much that make it a bit harder to try to convince someone to employ me. Anyways, that is not the point. The point is that although studying is interesting and enriching I think it is just that much harder to start studying after working full time for awhile. The year before I started Uni I worked full time in Finland in the spring and in the summer, that means having a steady income and a clear knowledge of how my week is going to look, where I will be between 9-5 and what days I can or cannot do something. I loved that, I loved both jobs that I had that year and I loved to perform (in the sense of making a good performance at my job).

I know talking about money is taboo but here it goes: What I really miss and what I loved when working full time was that spending money on necessary things and un-necessary things or going places, seeing things or just buying good ingredients for dinner was something I could do. Right now every single penny I spend feels bad, every single thing I buy be it food or toilet paper, feels bad because I am just loosing money. I am certain that this would not feel equally bad if I had not had the luxury of working full time before and having money to spend without it setting me aback. Let us set one thing straight before you start speculating, I get help from home if I need it and I have my own saved money, so I do get by and I could be so much worse off, but that is not really the point. The point is that having a student lifestyle is just so much harder once you have gotten used to 'feeling like an adult and working full time'. My summers in Finland where I get to work are summers that I get to feel adult again. For me working, being able to work and having your own money makes me get that fleeting feeling of being an adult.

Food, hosting, cooking, inviting friends over - things that make me feel like an adult. Yet another thing that give me that sense of being an adult, and especially lately as babies are showing up to these things, is hosting and cooking. I think it might be a Lindqvist trait to like to host but I am totally embracing it. I love having dinner parties, cookouts, parties or just general get togethers for my friends and it is not just the event in itself that is fun but the planning, making of the event and preparing for it. It is so much fun and as I am running around the house with a glass of wine freaking out about everything I cannot help to feel a bit adult. Textbook adulting right? Well sign me up.

Another 'I feel like an adult' moment is when I fly home to Finland these days to meet up with my childhood friends and one of them brings a little baby with her. The first little baby in our group of friends, I mean we used to be the babies running around the school yard throwing water at each other (hehe Emppi) or being the presidents of the "We Love Winnie The Pooh Club"... Times are changing.

Finally: Wine. I have been drinking it for years but every year it gets more fun, walking around Alko picking out a wine is a ritual and it takes effort, time and loads of consideration. This is even if it is for a pre-party and will most likely just taste like "Dancing Queen Juice" after the second glass, but walking around the store looking for wine, knowing what I like and dislike, feeling wild and trying something new or spending a bit more is a very adult experience. The adultness just hits you and you think "shit, four years ago I would have bought a bottle of flavoured Vodka and been in and out of here in 5 minutes". It goes without saying that this ties together some of the other points on when I feel like an adult: having a job gives me more pleasure to buy a bit more expensive wine, being able to drive to the liquor store gives me the possibility of buying more than one bottle (hahaha) and having a dinner party gives me a valid reason to drink it...

Well there are some activities that make me feel like an adult. This is why every time I come back to Ireland I feel like I am 3 years younger and life is not as free as it is in Finland but fear not it is not all that bad, it just means that when I get to go back to Finland I cherish the feeling of adultness even more. Maybe it is just positive that I cannot do all of that here because then I would without doubt never get any of my schoolwork done, hehe. Procrastination is bad kids!


(I leave you with some pictures from my latest visit in Finland and yes I do feel the adultness in all of these pictures hehe)




Got a message from home (Punny with the song aye? ha ha ha) that I should update the blog, well here I am updating you on my pretty un-eventful life here in Dublin. Anyway we have somehow gotten through half of the semester, not by me actually going to lectures but by me missing most of them... I have a constant battle with myself on if I should go or not to a lecture, I have to tell you that not many of my modules this semester are very interesting or thought provoking, they are all pretty dull.

Capitalism & Democracy

Comparative Politics

Individuals & The State

Social Anthropology

Sociological Theory Level 2

Sociology of Nations

Do they sound interesting? Nah not really right? I mean there are always interesting aspects of all the modules but for most of the time it is just so dull... I feel like dull is the best word to describe it. However, I think it is the lack of International Relations modules this semester too (I have them all next semester) and that is my favourite subject area, or what I find most interesting.

Garth and Wayne displaying the two moods you have in a lecture: 1. What the Fuck and 2. I'm smiling my way through the pain

Anyways let us talk about something else! ESSAY SEASON IS HERE! You know in between all the fun holidays there is an even more fun holiday, ESSAY SEASON. Which is a period of about 5 weeks that are full of essays, assignments, summaries, reviews etc. oh and that is on top of your normal work load so ... Good luck! It is just about to start here, 2 essays due next week and then from there on out there is an essay a week until the end of the semester. Yay Uni.

Also, say hi to Weiner Vincent who moved into our apartment today, he is going to be my #1 cuddlebuddy here in Ireland, starting today. Yay, yes I am 22. Gosh.

ALSO, on top of all the F U N things going on here in Ireland atm (read: absolutely nothing is going on here, nothing at all, ever, at any point) next week I am having a crazy-reunion-Halloween-get-together-party-weekend in Amsterdam with friends from France, Switzerland AND Finland!!!!! I am too fucking excited, it is going to be epic and very much needed. I have not been in Amsterdam in like 6 years so I am excited to get reacquainted with the city and explore it when I am legal and all of that hehe. On top of that fun I did something nice for myself, I had so many bonus points on my Ebookers account that I got a hotel room really cheap so the first night that I am in Amsterdam (I arrive late on Thursday night, my other friends get there on Friday) I am gonna have a nice lite suite and hotel breakfast all for myself. Very luxurious for a uni student, I know.

So I have that to look forward too and Mommy is coming the weekend after that so time is going to fly by and then before I know it it'll be exam season and then FINLAND yaaaaay!


- Lina

(this song is pretty much on repeat here in Bracken Hill, so should you)



Some days, like today, you wake up and there is nothing more relevant in life than trying to figure out how to build a time capsule so you can go back to these sunny, warm, fun, carefree and happy days.

Lately I have been pondering the novelty of home (of Finland) and why it seems so hard to constantly have to leave a country that I have been waiting to leave for such a long time? The structuring of that sentence makes no sense but neither does the dilemma I have; ever since I came home from my first year abroad in America I could not think of anything else than how to leave Finland and go out and be one with the world again. Now? Well now I am plotting for reasons to go back to Finland and stay there. 

The funny thing about now is that it is not just going back because my friends and family are there or because I can drive and feel like an adult it is because the more I study society, politics and social structures the more I realise that Finland has a pretty good grasp of how to handle that. (I am not saying it is perfectly done or the best way, but in general a fairly good grasp.) I find myself constantly irritated here on how this country does things because I constantly compare it to Finland, nowadays in my apparently very old and mature brain I miss Finland because of its social security, working systems and easiness to operate. What the actual hell? 

​Anyways there you have some food for thought, and me too, this is a matter that I ponder relentlessly every day because it is constantly relevant and there in the back of my head. 





Welcome back, me.

Welcome back to Ireland, to Dublin, to UCD, to rain, to wind and to every day life. Oh and also, welcome back to the blog. Summer in Finland, as always, was superb and will be gone through in my yearly review of the summer months. (I really enjoy making them so I hope the people involved enjoy reading them too....) (no pressure) However now I am back again in Dublin and as of right now I am living and sharing a couch with Celinda in Goatstown, as you can see we have not really gotten our lives on track yet but as of next Wednesday we should be standing in our own apartment with a bottle of wine in our hands. I am excited!

Leaving Finland seems to get harder and harder every damn time, this time was no exception. It was the last thing I wanted to do and I felt like I had so many things left undone, so much food uneaten, so many friends unseen etc. etc. Finland always makes me feel like I have my life more together because once there I do not think about the things I have to do in Ireland, also in Finland I get to drive, I get to live this independent life that I just cannot do here and it is literally because of not being able to drive. (The struggle continues, year 2) Anyways what I think made it so hard to leave Finland a little over a week ago was that I had nothing, absolutely nothing, set in Ireland. I had a starting date for school, a hostel for a week but no place to live nor any hope to get anything. I was going in blind and with my hands tied oh and also on a deadline...

Luckily I was not completely alone, as C. was going to live with me she was in the same position. I emailed listings all day every day and after a slow start I started getting viewings. We went on one which was okay, a bit sketchy but okay... We were desperate. The next day we got a viewing at a nice apartment a bit away from the city but close enough to UCD, we went and saw the apartment and walked around saying 'Hahah well it is nice and there is so many people here, not a chance in hell that we will get this place...' So we barely looked at it just walked around and were secretly jealous of whoever of the other 50 people there that would get it, well lo' and behold the next morning I get a call from C. going "Hi, guess what we got the apartment!", I was a bit flabbergasted.

Well sometimes you are lucky I suppose, we now have the contract all gone through and are waiting for the previous tenant to move out so we can move in, Wednesday at the latest. EXCITING. Now this will be my first apartment ever and it has every mod con you could dream of, a dishwasher AND a bathtub. Oh and it is not a shitty nasty old bathtub, no it is white, new and clean and ready for me, a glass of wine, Bon Iver and candles. Yay!

That is all for today kids, just wanted you guys to know that I will not live on a couch or out of my suitcase for much longer nor will I totally hate being in Ireland either because I actually have a place to call home too! Never the less, I am going to Finland in 14 days and I AM SO EXCITED.

Toodles Noodles,


​(ps, who does not miss this view?) Padva. 



On Friday at 1 pm there will be some (hopefully) sexy moving men here to pick up my boxes and put them in storage for the summer here in Dublin. Now the boxes are 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm and there are five of them, I thought that would not be enough at all but here I am with two boxes packed and my room is already empty? Nice!

There is something so exciting about the packing because a) I get to look through all my stuff and b) It feels like it is really happening, first year is over! What is left to do after packing is basically cleaning and then packing my Finland bags and a voila, I'm on my way! (driving a car can't come soooon enough!!!!!)

Yesterday was all and all a pretty swell day, a nice sturdy and good breakfast before heading to the exam hall and writing a seemingly easy exam (now that is a sure sign of it not going well) and then to top it all of a nerve-racking but exciting ice hockey game between Finland and The US. Finland, ending the 4 game loosing streak against The US, won the game after a hectic last minute where me and C. were jumping up and down in anticipation of our doom. God I love ice hockey!

​What else what else? The weather of course! (if this isn't the most prominent feature I got from my dad then what is?) (because he always talks/asks about the weather) (It is a Bromarf syndrome) From what I gather there has been proper pre-summer heat in Finland and sunny, luckily we have had just about the same here so I am not even jealous! The thing here is that it is more of a moist heat than the one in Finland, and here it lingers for long and even though there is no sun (just a continuos grey cloud that is Irish weather) there is still warmth... End of weather rant. 

Literally on a stand still of things to tell you but procrastination is so much fun... No. Self control Lina, time to study. Bye.