Some snaps from the foregone week~ My sister's cat is adorable, isn't she?

I'm cat-sitting over the weekend while my sister and mum goes to Stockholm to visit my oldest brother and his three sons, so I'm currently staying in my sister's flat. I'm looking forwards to spend time with the little ball of floof (her name is Mums in Swedish, translated to Yum in English I'd presume.) and attempt to make her adore me within the two days time we'll be rooming together.

Wish me luck with that!

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Hello darkness my old friend...

So I've come to my childhood home over the weekend to get some fresh air. Home doesn't quite feel like home at the moment, and I needed to breathe. 

Maybe family and a starlit sky is all you need in times like these. I've got a whole world to explore on this globe light alone. 

Tomorrow, the sun will rise as usual ๐ŸŒ„



Another year survived. I guess that's an achievement in it's own.

So for my birthday I didn't really expect anything. Even so I got breakfast in bed and phonecalls from family and friends who wished me a happy birthday all morning, which put a huge smile on my face. (Thank you for that) I met up with my mother at five and she gave me my first gifts of the day, which were two suitcases in which I can pack all my stuff when I go to Japan. (I'm actually going to go pick them up later today and somehow get them back to my apartment. Wish me luck with that!)

Unbeknownst to me, my family and friends had planned to surprise me, and they really did! Instead of just my sister and brother joining us, three of my close friends (all of whom don't live in Malmรถ) were with them as well, and all of us had dinner together at a quaint restaurant by Triangeln. (People started singing and clapping along when they all sang me happy birthday and evrything โ€” it was really sweet ๐Ÿ˜Š ) I recieved more gifts that I am thankful for, and one of them were tickets to a cabaret that we left for as soon as we'd finished our food. I'd say the performance in itself was okay, a little so-so, but the experience was enjoyable (a lot thanks to the company.) Afterwards my friends brought me along back to Copenhagen and we did a little bar surfing, ate junkfood (a must, of course) and stayed up until six in the morning playing cardgames in their apartment. (It's a little too bad that it's so dark these days because we couldn't watch the sunrise...)

Summarising, I'd say it was a good birthday. Definitely not one I was expecting, but it feels like I was reminded this year that I have a lot of people around me who care about me, cherish me, and who happily celebrate that I'm alive, and in my opinion that was the best present that I was given this year.

Thank you ~ โค



I bought these solar-powered flower lights at the end of summer โ€” just because they were pretty โ€” but never got around to putting them up until recently. (I'm glad I did, because they're super pretty!!) I had no idea they only shone once it got dark, but apparently that's the case. So now every evening I have small, warm flower lights to shine up the dark for me~ โค๏ธ I'm quite happy with them.

So it's cold, like everywhere else in Sweden at the moment, but it's not intolerable yet (at least not here in the south) so today we took a walk through the city and bought a couple of things. One of the things we bought was really big, so we had to grab a giant bag to be able to carry the box with us. It was unbelievably heavy! Lucky I had someone to carry it for me ๐Ÿ˜Œ

I also stopped by my old workplace and chatted with the girls for a while, which was really nice since we haven't seen each other for about two weeks (I'm not surprised that time flies anymore...) We decided to grab something together soon, and I'm looking forwards to spending some time with them again.

It's strange not having a job, but unexpectedly nice. Since I know that I'll be traveling to the other side of the planet soon I'm able to simply relax and enjoy this free time that I'm suddenly possessing. Countdown has started, pretty much, and now I'm simply looking to fill my last months with memories that I can keep in my heart whilst I'm gone โ˜„๏ธ๐ŸŒ (Ain't that romantic, huehue)

Gah, my phone is going to die soon, so that's it for today~ I'll talk to you all again tomorrow (?) or maybe the day after that 

It's my birthday soon... can't believe that. This year has passed sooooo fast. Hard to keep up sometimes. BYE



Hi, hello everyone~!โœŒ

(Am I really starting this again...? Yes. Yeah. Yup. Ja. Ack...)

Today was first snowfall, and I'm starting a new blog โ€” the purpose of which is to keep everyone at home, my friends and family, updated on my everyday life once I go to Tokyo (where I'll be studying Japanese for an entire year come Januray โ€” So soon!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ) Ever since I graduated, all I've done is work, so I expect life will become very different for me once I begin my journey. (In more ways than just one.) A new continent, a new country, a new culture, a new language, a new home... Many things new, but also, I expect, exciting.

Ah, but for now I'm still in Sweden! Winter is slowly approaching (*cries*) and so is the holidays, so while there's only two months left before I depart, there's also a lot of things happening before then and a lot of thigns to do and prepare and think about.

I thought I'd use this time before I go to get back into the rhythm of managing a blog. I've gotten quite rusty (my last update on my old blog was almost exactly one year ago... that's quite depressing...) so I'm going to have to ask you all to bear with me while I get the hang of things ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

In the meantime, I'll probably get up to a lot of nothing during my days, but I'll try hard and update regularly! (Or close to something like that at least... haha... Promise!)

I'll talk to you again another day!