Hello everyone welcome on my blog!

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Juliette, I'm 17 years old . I was born and live currently in Europe, in a country that is called Holland also known as the Netherlands. I'm in 5-havo now (11th grade) and if I graduate this year, I'm going to live in America for a year !  On this blog you can follow me preparing for my exchane year and ofcourse during my exchange year.  

I'm going to America with an organisation that's called EF, Education First. Last Febuary I already had my interview at the EF office in Amsterdam and in March I heard that I was accepted to the program. I finished my student application somewhere in the beginning of July and after that EF sended my application to America. From that moment they can start finding a host family for you! Two weeks ago I heard that I'm going to the state Louisiana. Louisiana is on the right from Texas, on the left from Mississippi and under Arkansas. Currently I'm placed at my IEC ( International Exchange Coordinator) with a german girl. Now they're searching for a definite hostfamily somewhere in Louisiana. It's also possible that my IEC will take me in to her house.

If you want to have impression of the all the American states you should definitely check this link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E2CNZIlVIg or go to YouTube and search for Tour the states- Official Music Video.