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In August Simon's sister held a roaring 30th birthday party with the theme 'the twenties'. The party was a blast and there was taken a lot of really great photos. One of her friends and myself where in charge of shooting as many pictures as possible for the birthday girl to look back at and there where a lot of good ones! So when i got the opportunity to make a photobook there was no doubt that the photos from the party was gonna be used for that!

Most of the photos where taken with my Olympus PEN E-PL8 with a 45 1.8mm lens on, which blurs out the background on the pictures and therefore looks stunning in print.

The whole process of making the book is very easy! You simply just download a program and choose from all the book options. After choosing your layout you simply arrange the photos how every you find most flattering. It was very easy and took around 1 hour to make in total. When I received the book a couple of days later I was very trilled with the result! The pictures are crystal clear and the quality of the paper is great, event hough I didn't choose the more expensive paper option.

All in all I am very satisfied with the result and I hope she is gonna love it, when she gets it.

A big thanks to Saal-Digital for gifting me this book!

if you would like to make your own - you can do so HERE

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Bag - Mango HERE // Shirt - Modström HERE // Jacket - Zara HERE // Sandals - La Strada HERE

Truth be told I wear a lot of black and natural colors, but then it comes to accessories I go all out. Especially when it come to bags, the more colorful the better, but as long as it is a great statement bag, the color can also be more neutral. In my opinion the accessories can bring the hole outfit together!

There is a lot of great and affordable bags on the highstreet and here are some of my favorite ones. All of them is under 399 DKK - so they are all pretty affordable and pretty amazing!

Psst! the bag i am wearing in the pictures are still available too!



This post is a little different because what I basically want to do is to describe a feeling, and that is easier said than done. The feeling is 'home' or 'the feeling of home'. The reason for this post is, that I have realized that for me this feeling has really changed.

Most of us, I think, might considered 'home' to be where we grow up and the feeling and atmosphere that the place we grow up in had. I know i definitely have and until very recently this feeling has stayed with me.

Within the last couple of years or so, I have definitely felt a change in this feeling and the way I feel about it. This feeling is no longer only connected to a place but to a person. You might have already guessed it? That person is Simon. He is now my feeling of home and no matter where we are together and especially where we wake up together I feel at home. Its the feeling of comfort, safety and a stomach feeling that I just can't describe.

It is weird that one person can make you feel like this and actually it is a bit scary, of course in a very good-scary way. My body og mind just feel calm and comfortable whenever I wake up with him by my side. For some time I thought it was the combination of our apartment and him, but when we went on holiday I realized that as long as I wake up with him by my side, It do not matter where it is, I just feel like home.

I am a very lucky girl and I truly appreciate being with someone that makes me feel like this.



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Coat - River Isand HERE // Trouses - Zara HERE // Sneakers - Adidas HERE

Saturday the 23rd of september we celebrated one of my dearest friends 25th birthday. She actually turned 25 back in March, so the celebration was basically of her turning 25 and a half, but who counts, right? When se actually turned 25 she was on the other side of the globe in the US, so I guess that is a good enough excuse to expose the big celebration. The whole thing started at 11:00 AM and I was back home in bed by the 04:30 AM, no need to say we had a lot of fun.

The pictures in this post are from early in the day when we went to the beach to do some paddleboarding, or some did I stayed away from the freezing water. The girls rocked at it and the surroundings was beautiful.

The day continued in the garden with beer pong, drinks, music and a lot of sing-a-long songs and ended in town with even more drinks and singing.

Thanks for a lovely day girls and once again happy birthday CL!



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Last month I got my first Look Fantastic Beauty Box (read the blog post HERE ) and i was really trilled with the products, this month I feel exactly the same - lets take a look at this month box.

The Birthday edition

(Psst! if you want these boxes too, you can subscribe right HERE )

Hiraki - Eye shadow quad: This quad is beautiful! The pigmentation is okay and it blends nice. the colors are just up my street and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it. I will play around with it over the next couple of week and let you know how it goes.

Illamasqua Contouring Gel Sculpt i 'Silhouette: This product really scared me when I first took a look at it. It is a really dark brown and doesn't look like anything my pale tint would ever match. When I swatches it on my cheek I was presently surprised! The color is more sheer and blends beautifully into the skin, my pale tint was no longer scared of the dark brown color! This product really stands out to me and it might be a new favorite!

Christophe Robin - Cleansing volumizing paste: I have never tried a product like this before and was very curious. The paste looks and feels like a facescrub, not what you would expect to put in your hair. The products foams up nicely and after a few moments just feels like a normal shampoo. The scent is really nice, if you like the smell of roses, and I really do. Maybe I was imagining it but I really felt like my hair had more volume afterwards and it felt really clean. I will keep using the paste (not every day though) and see if it really works.

Eve Lom - Cleanser: Gel cleansers are normally not my thing, simply because they tend to brake me out. I will give the cleanser a try and see if it works for my skin, but I have very little hope. It would be really great if the cleanser worked for my skin, but after trying so many gel cleansers (because i really like the feeling of my skin after a gel cleanser) they all made my skin brake out and I am not hopefull about this one either. The gel smells like chamomile, not really my favorite cup of tea (see what I did there) but its alright.

Decléor - Hydra floral: This creme sounds like something I would love. A lightweight, anti pollution, hydrating gel creme. I love gel cremes as I dont feel like they clog up my pores and if this one protects me against pollution too, thats just great! The consistency and smell is light and fresh and sinks in quickly. I think i will like this creme but I am at the moment trying out another new creme, so i will test this afterwards.

Lollipop - The birthday edit: Should taste like elderflower and who doesn't like that? Haven't tasted it yet, but i will get back to you on that.

Unicorn eyeshadow brush: This brush is a limited edition brush made for this box, and it is really soft! I tried it out with the eyeshadow quad and it seems really good, just not perfect for blending if you ask me, but does the job pretty good and it is pretty!

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes that i should know of, then please let me know down below!