This is a list of things I want to do before I turn 20. Some a bit more challenging that others perhaps... enjoy!​

1. Go on a solo backpacking adventure

2. Hike the highest mountain in Sweden

3. Become a writer

4. Try crossfit

5. See the Taj Mahal

6. Do yoga on a beach

7. Create an income from something creative

8. Move towards zero waste

9. Go to a festival

10. Get a tattoo in another country

11. Publish an article

12. Get good results on the "uni-exam"

13. Start saving for student loans

14. Apply for an office at VG

15. Go on road trip with friends

16. Do volontaire work

17. Get my drivers license

18. Get a new piercing

19. Get into the landscape architect program

20. Celebrate my birthday in another country,

be well gang!

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When we arrived in Marbella (a small town outside of Malaga) we were met by our Grandma and her husband, there was a short drive to their house before we had tea and avocado toast. Avocados in Spain are something completely different haha, so good! The next morning me and Walter went for a run to the beach, although it was beautiful it was quiet rainy and cold. That day we went for a trip in the mountains and had coffee in Casares, a petite mountain town with a really cute souvenir shop. Later we did some food shopping and then cooked food at my Grandma´s.

The next day my Grandma caught a cold and wasn't´t feeling so well so we mostly stayed at home and had a chill day. Me and Walter got a little restless in the afternoon so we decided to hike to a small seaside tower nearby. The next morning when we were going home. Åke, my Grandmas husband, drove us to Marbella where we took a bus to Malaga airport and flew to Arlanda Airport in Sweden. Dad picked us up and we cooked a nice dinner at home. So nice to be back but, also, I'm so excited for my next trip!

Also excited for New Years, maybe you´ll get a post about that soon...

be well gang!



This year my brother Walter and I decided to celebrate Christmas with our grandpa in Torrevieja, Spain. We arrived at Alicante airport two days before Christmas Eve and were met by my grandpa and his wife. Truly wonderful people and so kind for inviting us to spend the holidays with them. <3

The next morning Walter and I went for a run and I had a quiet yoga practice on the roof before breakfast. It is such a difference between -2 C in Sweden and the +17C in Spain! Other things we have done is going to the fruit market, played mini golf, hiked to the top of an old military base and had an amazing few days.

Right now Walter and I are on a bus to my grandma that lives about 500km southeast of Torrevieja. It will be so nice to see her again and explore the streets of Malaga before we have to fly back to Sweden.

Hope to get you an update in a few days,
be well gang!