Spring knocked on everyone's door welcoming: sunshine, warmer nights and longer days.

I recently came up with an idea to show you most of my spare time outside of blog writing or being on Instagram. Wonderful time spent during spring I like to just sit outside and get into my favourite book with a glass of lemonade, I like to take my dog to the park or go for a walk on the beach.

During this time of the year I love to wake up by birds singing and the smell of the fresh air. The sunshine is really beautiful and all the colourful flowers starting to grow giving the beautiful smell.

Also i would like to show you few of my favourite outfits I like to wear during spring.

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Traveling to the city takes me often over an hour. I put my earphones in. It stops for a while. I think about the future, I remember the past, when I am... Everyone of the passersby is completely foreign to me, everyone of us chases: money, better work, after the bus that drives pass. Each of them looks exactly the same, and yet each of them is surrounded by acro of their own concerns, secrets, problems, happiness and all their other personalities. For a moment, a beautiful women appears before me in my eyes, beautiful but tired of running around with her problems affairs. I go in front of myself and I think about my future. Tired not to have any time, live on the run. After all my life is slowly beginning to look so. I think I have to give myself some slack, freedom, release. Colourful future I was planing to be when I was 16 years old and thinking that life is a simple life giving vision of a true life. Feeling like shit all over the world, slowly giving up on what's next in life, with the real, feeling little and lost in the world that surrounds me. Still, looking for my place on earth, dreaming and immaculate, and still so much before me. I'm beginning to lose myself, but I'm not where I am and I cannot lay my head down and find myself. Nobody said it would be easy, would it? I will not give up because it is temporarily hard because it is not the same as I would like it. All you have to do is work, only what's there is the pursuit, fatigue and life in a slow run.

On pictures Julia with her partner Arthur



Sometimes I wonder why we drift away from people. How does it happen? How do we prepare ourselves for it?

Sometimes I wonder where it all goes. The lengthy conversation, the secrets, the kisses, the tender words, the love. Where do they all go?

Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense. Loosing people who kept you breathing, loosing people who made you smile, loosing people who touched your heart.

Sometimes I wonder why good things end. How can the world be so cruel? Why do things end too soon? Why do they end when you're still not done writing the story?

Do we sabotage them? It is the universe? It is their problem? Is it ours?

They tell you to move on, they tell you not to think about it, they tell you it is what it is, they tell you to just forget, but how do you move on from your life? How do you move on from something that was a part of you? How do you move on from yourself?

How do you tell people that you can't move on because you don't have anywhere else to go? Where do you go when you move on? What's on the other side? What if it's not for you?

Because sometimes the other side of life is not really the kind of life you want. You don't want loneliness and fighting your demons alone, you don't want casual dates, you don't want to kiss strangers, you don't want to play games and you don't want your life to be all about your work or all about yourself.

Even if it's beautiful, even if it's everything you need to grow, even if people tell you that this is the best thing you can ever do for yourself...but what if it's not for you?

Because you see beauty in romance, in real love, in intimacy, in growing old with the one you love and you see so much cruelty in loneliness, in too much independence, in coming home to an empty bed and waking up alone.

What if this is not the life you signed up for? How do you quit? How do you say to life 'I just can't do this anymore?' How do you fight when you don't have a shield?

It's unfair. When you've had the best but now you should settle for okay.

Sometimes I wonder if things truly ever end, or if they just keep on living inside us - killing us slowly.



Friendship at a distance? Depends on whom. If someone really cares, the distance is nothing. It is beautiful, one might say that toughing.

The truth is that if we care, we can maintain any relationship, no matter if we split 30, 300, or 1200 kilometres. We are able to help ourselves at a distance, and when we see that person with us, we are not able to let go of her/him - we are obsessed with the fact that she/he will soon be missing her/him again. Well, "life is not a romantic movie, only eternal trouble". If you have a friend, your other half away from each other and in spite of all you can handle the distance.



Sorry for giving this topic about my last year so late because I only started writing my blog only 3 months ago and just now I figured what I'm going to write about.

I love the feeling when I sit in the morning with the hot cup of tea to the computer, raining behind the window, it's foggy and unpleasant and even though I want to give you something positive here. So maybe a little summary of the holidays I can announce the best so far! In 2016 I come in with good energy and it worked out for me. Thanks to such a positive charge, I was able to experience so many wonderful moments with family and friends that happened to me in that ending year. I drive many miles, I was in many places, I graduated year 10 and I met even more wonderful personalities. During that year I learned who I can rely on, who I trust and I wholeheartedly wish everyone to have equally wonderful people on their side. Like everyone I had many tricks, but it just enriched me more as a person. Changing many things has also given me a lot, I look at everything now from a different perspective, and study sometimes consumes me so much that I sit literally berried with books - which obviously gives visible results. Slowly I began to learn systematically and accuracy, and this was never my good side. I was always able to hear 'capable, but lazy', what I wanted not wanting to be true.

During these 365 days I had a lot more upsets than the falls, after all those strong ass stabs from time to time gave me more than eternal debauchery. It is important for each of us to make our decisions slowly and with discretion. Many of my choices were chaotic and crazy. I did not consider the consequences only to flow with the current. And you know what? I would not go back to anything now, because I probably would not have been like that for a moment, and I do not regret any moment. At the moment I liked it, and then it founded out not to be so colourful, it's hard - it happens.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to develop my passions and fulfil my dreams. Nothing will replace my need for self - realisation.



It was a long time I didn't write anything, it is strange to look at this empty window with equally great emptiness in the head. Whenever I was sitting down I had a plan, at least a slight outline of what I wanted to write here, to pass on to you. Sometimes they were just thoughts that wanted to get out, and that was the only way to escape them. Now when I'm sitting with a cup of tea thinking about what I really have in my head at the moment - I come to the conclusion that nothing. I have no idea what it depends on - from the rush of work, emotions, new experiences, or maybe just the lack of time to rest so much as I am at this moment. With myself. All in all with some herbal tea, the grounds of which are left on the lip after each sip. Today I did something for myself, for the first time in a very long time I first though of myself. Sitting in the window, listening to the singing of birds, looking at the setting sun, with mouth in the grounds, I think I am so good that I need that. Resting from the eternal run, chasing after someone or something. Why did not I notice it before? Sometimes it is good to be selfish, self- indulgent, and not to look at what others will say. For example, I love to enjoy scents of spring, the sunshine, lying among the grass in the meadow and not thinking about God's world. To cut off. Forget for a moment. Feel the moment that is, after all, so ephemeral, is not it? Let's get use to that. Let us bear this spring, which increasingly begins to resound in our homes, in our courtyards, in our hearts. Let us fulfil dreams - because what makes even more happy.                 My dear - treat yourself

Now starting the first grade of collage, I remember how I was afraid of this new environment almost six months ago - and you know what? Unnecessarily. I come to the conclusion that even with the luggage with which I came into the world can go great deal - seriously! I was difficult, but a moment or a life can go smoothly? The one who succeeded let the first cast a stone. There were moments of crying through which you cope, but you know what? I gave it because I tried. I did not give up, the first better person who wanted to put me another leg under my feet - and you can believe me, people like that in collage not missing. To face such challenges, you just have to see. The last two years have been difficult, probably the next two will not be easier, but for the moment I am fine. Wonderfully, it would last as long as possible. I began to notice and above all appreciate what I have. I'm not complaining, I have so far everything I could want from life - full of friendship, love, freedom, people I can trust. Could I be better? Probably yes, but since I am already in my apogee of happiness, why should I take more? I'm fine because I'm happy myself, not to anyone others - and that's important. So do not do the other thing not nice to you, live in harmony with nature and love your neighbour as yourself. You can love sometimes more.



Dear Julia
We know each other love already 12 years. During the time we have been together a lot before I left to Australia, we had many quarrels, even more time we have enjoyed ourselves. We had have many adventures. For those 7 years I was very close to you. You knew you could count on me every time and vice versa. This time spent together you shaped my personality as well as your personality. Looking at photos from 6 years ago, i cried with both laughter and emotion. I was glad that i had you here. And even though we so far apart you still close to my heart. We always had so much fun together and we always had crazy ideas on mind. I was glad that what was going on there, always remained top secret. Thank you for the luck that I met you and I still have.
Always for you-



Today I'm going to talk to you guys about how to choose the right nail polish. It's pretty easy to come up with the perfect shade. Choosing the right nail polish colour is important, because you want to complement your style, your skin tone, your outfit, the makeup you wear and your favourite colour.

1. Your skin tone

The most important thing you should know when discovering how to choose the right nail polish colour involves skin tone. There are generally hard and fast rule for picking out a colour based on your skin tone. For instance, fairer skin look best with dark colour, especially those that have a blue base. Medium skin tone fare well with dark red shades, while darker tone can carry just about any colour.

2. Your outfit

This one is tricky. Some experts say that your nail polish should never match your outfit while others say it's fine. So, my advice is that when you're choosing a nail polish colour based around your outfit, go with your instincts. Feel free to choose a complementary but not necessarily matching colour or, if you in love with a particular shade that matches a top, a skirt or a pair of shoes, go for it!

3. Your makeup

Opinions are mixed, so it's just a good idea to go with a complementary nail polish. You don't have to be too matchy, because that can look a little bland and tacky. The one exception is when say, both your lipstick and your nail polish are a very dramatic shade.

4. The biggest trends

If you want to know how to choose the right nail polish colour, pay attention to the current trends. What colours are most popular right now? Odds are that, no matter what your skin tone, you'll be able to find a hue within the spectrum that work for you. That's true of purples, blues, pinks colours and even blacks, since you can go with a matte or sparkly finish.

5. Your favourite colour

See it all comes down to you to choose which polish works best for you. These are your nails after all, so if the rule dictate that your favourite colour won't look good on you but you want to wear it anyway, do it. nothing can stop you of picking your colour!



Today I decided to do a different kind of post, some facts about me you might not know. You may don't really know the true me behind Julia's Blog. So here's some facts about me.

1. I use to be shy when I was younger.

2. My favourite movie is 'if I stay'.

3. I am a makeup person.

4. I love planning, organising and writing lists, but sometimes I tend to have very unorganised things.

5. I tried all sorts of hobbies when I was younger

- singing, painting, swimming, dancing, photography etc... Photography and dancing were the one I kept up most and loved.

6. I don't drink black tea.

7. I don't have middle name.

8. I am book lover. On my spare time or rainy days I can read for hours.

9. Most of my clothes I buy are from Sports Girl.

10. I prefer chick flick instead horror movies.

11. I don't like people that are up them selves.

12. I'm a student in 11th grade.

13. I've got three dogs.

14. I don't like sport.

15. I adore Japanese food.

16. I have sister ten years younger then me.

17. I got a best friend that we know each other for nearly twelve years.

18. I prefer beach instead of mountains.

19. I've never watched horror movie till the end.

20. I've always wanted to open up a hairdressing or makeup salon.



Hey! Today I am going to theme you - Mothers Day approaching and what follows? The mass of problems with choosing a gift. I have always tried to get the best gift for Mothers Day , so I decide to write a post the issue of 'What would you like for Mothers Day'? So I gather few ideas and pictures to give you some ideas of what can you come up with. :)

Moms are the heart of the family! Celebrate those special Moms in your life with a gift that she’s sure to love.

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Being reminded of how wonderful they are
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A little pampering
Draw her a bath, light candles, play music and let her indulge. No interruptions!