Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Old, beautiful buildings and towers, colourful houses, surrounded by city walls. The funny thing is that when I told my mum about this town, she told me that I had already been there when I was like 6 but I really don't remember it! haha
Definitely one of my favourite places of Bavaria so far!


On our way home from Rothenburg, we stopped in Nürnberg for a few hours. We walked through the city and went up to the top to see the view from up there. We only stayed for like 3 hours so we didn't really see much, so I'm definitely going back there sometime soon!

Last but not least:
Neuschwanstein Schloss

This place!!! I had only seen it in photos and it was even more breathtaking in person. Unfortunately, when we got there the tickets to enter the castle were sold out. So next time (because we're already planning on going back there when there's snow, I mean, can you imagine how beautiful it must be?) we're definitely going to book the tickets in advance.

Coming up: weekend trip to Austria!




A few photos from last weekend, on Saturday we finally went up to St. Peter's Kirche, which I've wanted to do for so long! The view over Munich's beautiful red roofs is amazing from up here. It's definitely worth walking up all those stairs!! We also went to Englischer Garten and Olympia Park. And on Sunday Mirja left me.. it feels so weird that I'm not going to see her for 2 MONTHS! Have we ever been away from each other for so long? I don't think so. I miss you already..

On Tuesday (3rd of October) we didn't have class because it was "Tag der deutschen Einheit", so we spent our day strolling around Rotherburg ob der Tauber (such a lovely little town!) and Nürnberg for a few hours. 



Mammi ❤️

How beautiful isn't this country?!

We had a few wonderful days here, it was so nice to see all my family again! Now, back to Munich and on Monday we have welcoming day at Uni.

Thank you for this time Switzerland, I'll be back soon! ❤️



A few days ago, my aunt and I made a surprise for my mum and sister, they had no idea I was coming to Zürich! So at night when they came home and I opened the door for them, they were so surprised!!! I will never forget my mum's face when she saw me... hahaha

It had only been a week since I left Spain, but I missed them so much already so it was really nice to see them and my Swiss family again.

Min finaste!!!! ❤️




On a rainy day in Munich, we decided to go walking in Englischer Garten, which is actually bigger than Central Park! Suddenly we saw people surfing (!!) in the river, we thought it was very strange but apparently there are several places here in Munich where they do it. We stood there amazed for like half an hour and watched them. Really beautiful place! One day we'll rent bikes and try to see the whole park.

Afterwards we went to Olympiaturm, which is definitely the best place to see Munich from above. The view from up here is amazing.... The tower actually turns around, but very slowly so you barely notice it. In fact, I didn't notice it until I was told that it did. One of those places where you would love to go on your first date... haha!



"Vamos al Hauptbahnhof, vemos que trenes salen y nos montamos en el que más nos guste!" - Paula

So that was what we did today, we went to Hauptbahnhof and got on the first train with a beautiful destination, which took us to Tegernsee, approx. 1 hour south from Munich.

Such a pretty place! We walked along the sea and hiked in the mountains. Then we went up to this beautiful castle which was a hotel and had a drink and desserts.

It's definitely worth a visit on a sunny day like this.

Later on, we decided to go to Hackerbrücke to watch the sunset, which is supposed to be a really nice place to watch it, but our train was delayed so we didn't see much of it... but it was still beautiful!





Day 2 begins well, a little sore from sleeping without a pillow (jag vet inte hur du gör det mormor❤️) but i started it with a lovely walk around my new neighbourhood and it was so beautiful! I didn't expect it to be so green and peaceful in the middle of Munich.

Paula showed me around the beautiful Marienplatz last night 😍


We just got back from IKEA, it took us longer than we expected, almost 5 hours...
An advice that I actually got from my neighbour Marta back home is that you should take your suitcase with you to pack all the things in it, which was a great idea!! But we still ended up with 3 big bags and 1 fully packed suitcase...

It was also Paula's first time trying Swedish köttbullar with lingonberry jam, and she actually liked it!! Not everyone does haha



Good morning from rainy Munich! We had a first lovely day, hotter than Spain actually which was so nice! But now it's been raining non-stop for two days. I guess I'll just have to get used to it!

Today is not a normal day, it's a very special person's birthday. We usually bake an apple cake for you on this day because it was your favourite, talk about you and remember good times. Happy birthday, we love and miss you very much.

Morning thoughts, but now I'm getting ready to head out. I really don't know why I've always been such a early morning person, but it's great because I can get so much more done in a day!


We just got back from a very long walk, which started in the woods and ended in H&M... it's so beautiful around here, we went to a small lake called Hinterbrühler See and had an Apfelschorle and a cappuccino in a very cute little Gasthof.


Paula called me and told me that we're going out while I was in bed in my pyjamas watching the last episode of PLL, so we got ready and took the s-bahn to Hackerbrücke. Our first night out here in Munich!


We had so much fun, but we actually left before 4 but the ride back home was sooo long, I think I've never been so tired and cold in my whole life. Night! <3





Good morning from a tired, sad but very excited girl! The emotions are mixed at the moment. I just said goodbye to my mother and sister / best friend and I'll probably not see them for 3 months. The only thing that is making me being ok is that I've wanted this for so long and now the day is finally here. I'm going a year abroad to Munich.

I'm sitting at the back, seat 30E and my friend Paula is on seat 1C. That's just my luck! haha

We're landing in Memmingen in 2 hours and then we have to hurry to get our luggage and catch the bus because we are both moving in to our new flats today. Let's just hope they haven't lost it because half of my wardrobe is in it...

"Die kleinen Mädchen mit dem grossen Koffer" - said a man to us in the Hauptbahnhof haha


What a day!!!! It wasn't so stressful in the end, but it feels so strange to sit here in my 20 sqm apartment, which feels huge because it's so empty! But at the same time it feels great to just lay down, listen to chill music and eat kinder pinguí (childhood memory!!!).

Now Paula and I are getting ready to head into the city centre, she was here last summer so she knows her way around a lot better than me, lucky for me!

23: 30

Oh and I have no wifi and no pillow yet. We'll see how it will be to sleep without a pillow... good night!