Its Tuesday, rainy Tuesday to be precise Im indoors with a toddler that has a cold. Great start to my week hey. Few months ago I mentioned how my house situation was not the best as I had just moved back into my mums whistle searching for a new place. Well gladly that has worked out, Ive moved into my own space back in July and couldn't be happier, spending time at my mums made me realise and appreciate my own space & how amazing it is to be in control of my own things and house, ha.
I live in a two bedroom flat its meant to be a house but its considered a flat due to London's landlords always dividing places up anyways continuing, my house is small and I try my best to make it as cosy as possible specially now in Autumn, but let me just tell you having a toddler at home is like having a group of men all in one house, the mess is unreal and unpleasant but as parents you have no choice but get used to the chaos.

Even though I like to see the place clean and tidy but I do enjoy the thought of my son having fun messing up the house , I mean he's a kid. So as many home decor items as I have I guess its more exciting for my son to explore or break. As all things in life we always got to look for the positive side & in situations like this , Im hoping slowly he will learn that after making a mess you have to tidy up and put toys back in its right place. After a long day of plenty mess you have to have a bath/shower and change into your pjs or clean clothes and no matter how fun it is to be messy its important to maintain hygiene at a high level.

With a toddler at home, quickly cleaning products have become a fave in my house hold & at the moment Ive been using Persil Non- bio for my most hideous job , doing the washing up ( seriously who enjoys doing the washing up ? ) and to scrub up the house is my faithful friend ' Domestos ' bleach ha. I mean you cant go wrong with bleaching away your life. Lastly , when it comes to freshen up ,those quick showers which don't involve bribing a toddler to follow what you say Dove shower cream and body lotion is amazing. Leaving a pretty good smell ready for a toddler to go bed.

What are your favourite products to use at home , and how do they impact the world or your household? Let me know of any faves of yours.

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Currently sitting inside Starbucks with a tall cup of latte. As I think what I should share on todays post. I have to admit ever since I was young I always loved the idea of having lunch boxes or my mother preparing food for me to take to school. It was fun picking lunch boxes , each and everyday having little treats in school that my mother had prepared. So now that I'm a mother I thought it would be cool to introduce to my little one also. Even though little Romeo eats at nursery I decided that every so often he's going to take packed lunches that I prepare. So yesterday I decided to prepare wholemeal pitta bread with chicken tikka.

The portion I did served 4 so it was enough to make a set of pockets for Romeos lunchbox and for us to eat too. I must say it was delicious and healthy. For this lunch box prep I partnered up with Flora, I was so glad I did because I got to find out Flora has an online space with recipes and meal planners which is great for those that are clueless on how to make healthy and nutritious meals. For the prep of the chicken tikka I used Flora Cuisine which is great for cooking as Floras products include Omega 3 and 6. These essential fats contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and are also needed for normal growth and to support the development of children. they even have a 100% dairy free product approved by the vegetarian society.

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Below is the link to my Youtube video to see how I prepared my Chicken Tikka, See you soon.



Motherhood, has taught me that if there is one thing Im rigid and stick to it , is bedtime. Ever since my little Ro was about 5-6 months. Daddy & I started being more cautious and paying more attention to his sleeping pattern. Little Romeo started attending a childminder as young as 3 months , so this meant wether we liked it or not he needed to have all of his day planned and according to our daily routine and to be honest I must say this was the best decision for my toddler , now that he's older because this has been a routine since very young Romeo is use to and doesn't fuss about bedtime.

Currently this is how his evenings go on most days :

Mondays & Fridays : He goes nursery for the whole day so when he's back home. He'll watch cartoons as per usual ( Peppa Pig & Paw Patrol, are the faves) have his bath at around 6pm which after bath I use on him , Mustella body oil it smells the nicest and leaves his skin hydrated. I then use the Bepanthen rash cream which is amazing, I use it at night time as it has plenty of time throughout the night to work on his little bum bum , I choose to use at night as during the day he's at nursery and not every time he's changed they use rash cream on him.

Ive not been using Bepanthen for long but so far the results are really good. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment forms a breathable and transparent layer to gently protect even the most delicate skin against the causes of nappy rash.

After bath , Lil Ro is ready for his dinner to then be in bed by 8pm the latest.

The rest of the weekdays and weekends, he's not at nursery for too long or he's not at all so his day is slightly different, were either at home, soft play/mama dates but I still aim for him to be in bed by 8pm.

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We woke up and Daddy screamed ' Its the first day of Autumn ' so I instantly thought since it's sunny and warm let's go to the park and have a picnic. Let's put to use the last days of sunshine and create family memories. Sunny London , a beautiful hamper ready to be used on a day daddy's free and Romeo is off nursery, how can I not be sold to a cool day out with my faves.

Ran to the kitchen to see what I could put together to take on our little venture. Having received recently some goodies from Aldi I didn't really need much more. As I had rice cakes, fruit purée, flavoured water, wipes and fruit pots so all I needed to added to the hamper were few more bits like sandwiches, biscuits , drinks and cups , I also did some mini mixed meat skewers and added some hand picked fruit to the basket. So ever since my little Romeo was about 10 months old, my mum introduced me to Aldi and it's Baby range products. I was so amazed how good the quality of their products were and at a superb price. It literally made such a different in price compared to other brands, but unfortunately were I lived they didn't have an Aldi, I was so upset. But my mother , being the great mum she is every so often she would buy the products for me. Enough rambling I recently moved and I have not one but two Aldi's near me. So when I was sent Aldi's baby range named ' Mamia ' to review I was overwhelmed that I could give my honest opinion about products I already love.

My favourite products from their baby range are:

Mamia Nappies - you can get as much as about 70 nappies for only £5.79
I mean this is at least a months supply for only a fiver , Romeo does fine when using these throughout the night also during the day and he has no kind of allergies towards them.

Mamia Sensitive Wipes - the wipes are as cheap as £0.69 and Ive got to say I love them , usually cheap wipes are not strong enough and are easily ripped just trying to take them out of the pack , tend to be thin and don't remove odour completely. So to find wipes that are cheap and work perfectly it's great.

Online you can only purchase special buys products , every so often they have baby events but in store you can find from snacks, soups, fruit purées , wipes and so much more. Aldi's baby food range are 100% organic and because parents love them so much they have recently been awarded as the 'Loved by parents ' top platinum award for best organic baby food range.

What is your fave brand and products for your baby ?? Do you have any tips for saving money ?

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I've recently reached that infamous number, two. Yes, Lord help me. They call it the terrible twos, a phase which lasts for an undetermined time and consists of anytime/anywhere tantrums and a toddler forever wanting to be Tarzan. Somehow those that manage to survive will be based on picking their fights and being content that Tarzan will not be around forever. Anyone that is not yet a parent reading this is probably thinking ' what on earth does she go through? ' even though it's not sounding too much of glitters and gold a child in my life is nothing but joy and happiness. By happiness it is included days that I pray so hard for bedtime to come faster than ever, my meltdowns on road & my sudden urges to just lock myself in a room and block out father and son for a few hours out of my life.

Regardless of being the terrible twos phase, having a two year old in my life is such a milestone, only God understands the indescribable feeling of giving birth to your best friend. Reflecting back on the past two years of my life , I can only say that I've gained a mini me that follows me around everywhere. As a mother the ' right ' thing to do is to raise a human in the best possible way. So far I feel like we've learned and taught so much from one another.

Within the last year I had myself a tiny human that went from a baby to a toddler, slightly skipped crawling and jumped straight to walking, as early as seven/eight months. Be able to understand what he's being told and somehow communicate back, it's amazing how life and human forms work. Even though Romeo is quite late in the speech and language area, I've learned not to pressure him and wait for his time to start developing. Comparing his milestone to kids of similar age will not help or better anything.

In my opinion when Romeo was a baby life was so much easier , as long as you had him fed, clean and put him to nap that was about it. Now life is so much tiring but at the same time it's more fun. To be able to see my toddler not be so dependant on me. To see him socially interact when we go on play dates, parks or just out and about is so good, starting nursery and going to a childminder at a young age played a big part I must say.

As its Summer time , we always do parks and little strolls during our days and one of our favourite items at the moment is the Heartleys Lunchbox, which comes in bright colours and two sheets of stickers which is perfect for my two year old who is currently obsessing anything stickers included. If we're off to the park in Romeos scooter he can just hang the lunchbox in the scooters handle or most of the time I carry it. It's so easy to carry it around as it the perfect size which fits few snacks to last the time away from home. Romeo at the moment is at the stage where he's constantly refusing food , at the minute things that go down with him well are snacks, so when we're out I try my best to give him nutritious bits, he loves the Heartleys Jelly, ham sandwich , banana or grapes and usually some crisps. For a chance to get a' Heartleys Your Lunchbox ' all you need is to collect 12 special edition green lids from the ' No Added Sugar JELLY Pots ' & you can claim the lunchbox from the Heartleys website.

Love, J.

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