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Each and every year Christmas comes by and its the most festive and lit month of the year. Its Christmas lights everywhere, Christmas songs and the shops are packed of beautiful gifts. Even though I hate going in to the shops at this time of the year ( online shopping is a life saver, especially Amazon Prime ) , I still think their beautifully decorated and prepared for the holiday season, I just can't hack the amount of people together, lets not even talk about how hard it is to get around with a pram or an amused toddler with toys everywhere. Anyways, I thought Id share here on the blog few images of how my living room is currently looking or has been adapted to the festive season, being the Christmas lover that I'am I needed to add a few bits and bobs here and there. Hope you like the pictures and maybe share or let me know how your home is looking at the moment or tell me your favourite Christmas things to do. I still have the whole load to do, Christmas markets, Santa grotto , Winter wonderland and it goes on! I just can't get round to how cold it is to be out for a few hours with my toddler, my son has quite of a weak immune system so any little wind he gets the worst, cold , cough everything. It all comes down at once.

See you soon, J x

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Lets start this rather festive blog post <3 A few bits I would want for Christmas or I believe its ideal for any woman as a lovely gift, hope you enjoy. If your a good one when it comes to gifts let me know in the comments your picks for this years gift or things that have been sitting in your Wishlist for ages.

I don’t know about you but I have already started my Christmas shopping this year, well not physicaly Ive just managed to search up everything Im most likely to get and add to basket. My online baskets at the moment are mad real. Last year I was well prepared and did everything before hand and I was very pleased, so Im trying  to create a habit to follow each year. Instagram has been a total killer to try and make it to the Dec 1st to put the Christmas tree and decors, earlier on today Ive put the decor and all red things around the living room, gladly I don't have a tree yet.




1. Im Angolan, (although many people I meet think I was born here, excpect my bf that calls me freshie) I lived in Portugal from baby stage till I was about 10 then moved to the UK. Typical immigrant ey, takes a while to find a place to call home.

2. Coca Cola is my G, my favourite drink. As much as I try to stay away from it, I can't help myself. All the fizzy drink lovers will understand ( you know the feeling of opening a can of coke or the first sip and then you burp haha).

3. Up until earlier this year I was a Petroleum Engineering student, a course chosen by my Dad. As most African parents; they believe a child must pursue their dreams. During college times I use to do Photography and Business for my A levels and I had no clue what career path to follow so I was left with no choice but to go along with what I was told to do. After many years of attempts I quit the course, all I wanted was to be given a chance and time to figure out what I wanted for myself, but in return for not standing up for myself and allowing others to make life changing decisions for me Im looked at by many as the ' typical young girl got pregnant , quit uni and wants to sit at home on benefits. '

4. Im an Aries and I have the worst mood swings ever not to talk about my bad temper, I'll either ignore you or break the whole house.

5. Since young Ive always been the creative type, I love all things crafting and designs. Only recently I discovered my passion for interiors, anything home related I love.

6. Ive always wanted to be a mother since young, having my son literally changed my life in all kinds of perspectives, relationships and priorities.

7. Pink is life , its bae. Im overly girly. When it comes to me Im all about cute stuff.

8. I love food, I eat more than my bf and I wish I was bothered.

9. Ever since I created a real bond with God, I feel so much more confident on my two own feet. I love his love for me and the love I have for him. He kept me sane through all the hurting Ive been through.

10. Ever since my weight gain, Im extremely self conscious. Step by step things will get better.




Hello hello,
Im currently in Portugal, its no news that Lisbon is one of my fave cities to be in. I usually visit Lisbon couple times a year, but this time was different. For the first time my little baby, my toddler travelled to Lisbon with me. His first time on a aeroplane. Its so emotional and exciting to think my little baby travelled for the first time. This time around is also different because I travelled with my son so everything I get up to in this city feels different and inappropriate. My late nights , rarely staying at home , seeing loads of people from friends to to semi strangers. Plenty of shopping for unnecessary things because you know you don't have to carry another human being luggage or even a pram. Im not complaining Im just saying things have changed & I must say Im enjoying this change. I get to travel with my best friend and make memories that will last me a lifetime. I was certainly in need of this break, but Im also excited to go back home. I mean Im dying to sleep in my own bed, Im sure my house misses me too , missing the less warm weather and of course my coffee runs. Oh, London Town Im coming for you. Its been an absolute pleasure to eat and visit my favourite places.




Its Tuesday, rainy Tuesday to be precise Im indoors with a toddler that has a cold. Great start to my week hey. Few months ago I mentioned how my house situation was not the best as I had just moved back into my mums whistle searching for a new place. Well gladly that has worked out, Ive moved into my own space back in July and couldn't be happier, spending time at my mums made me realise and appreciate my own space & how amazing it is to be in control of my own things and house, ha.
I live in a two bedroom flat its meant to be a house but its considered a flat due to London's landlords always dividing places up anyways continuing, my house is small and I try my best to make it as cosy as possible specially now in Autumn, but let me just tell you having a toddler at home is like having a group of men all in one house, the mess is unreal and unpleasant but as parents you have no choice but get used to the chaos.

Even though I like to see the place clean and tidy but I do enjoy the thought of my son having fun messing up the house , I mean he's a kid. So as many home decor items as I have I guess its more exciting for my son to explore or break. As all things in life we always got to look for the positive side & in situations like this , Im hoping slowly he will learn that after making a mess you have to tidy up and put toys back in its right place. After a long day of plenty mess you have to have a bath/shower and change into your pjs or clean clothes and no matter how fun it is to be messy its important to maintain hygiene at a high level.

With a toddler at home, quickly cleaning products have become a fave in my house hold & at the moment Ive been using Persil Non- bio for my most hideous job , doing the washing up ( seriously who enjoys doing the washing up ? ) and to scrub up the house is my faithful friend ' Domestos ' bleach ha. I mean you cant go wrong with bleaching away your life. Lastly , when it comes to freshen up ,those quick showers which don't involve bribing a toddler to follow what you say Dove shower cream and body lotion is amazing. Leaving a pretty good smell ready for a toddler to go bed.

What are your favourite products to use at home , and how do they impact the world or your household? Let me know of any faves of yours.

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