Myvacation started in Harads with my friends. We were playing icehockey. It was the first time for me and I thought it was very funnyand I would like to play more of it. This vacation actully worktout alot and I have been out side a lot too. I have been skiing too. I'vebeen to Harads to spend some time with my girlfriend. We just sleepand watch movies all the day. And last of all ive' been drivingsnowmobil with my firend.

Inthe christmas day I woke so tried that I forgot that it wasChristmas. But my two elder brothers did'nt forgot it. In the moringwe choosed one Christmas present to open. I choosed the biggest one,My dad choosed my present that I bought to him and it was a drone,,My mom didn't want to choose one and my brothers choosed smallestone. We were going to Jokkmokk to the family dinner. Every year we goto Jokkmokk and eat dinner together. For the childrens we used tohave a Santa Clouse that came with the present. After the dinner wewent home and open our presents.

Happy new year
Everynew year we used to have a big party in our home. In the morining wehad a lot to do. I woke up like 7 am. I started with my room. Italways messy, idon't know how actually. It took 1 hour for me toclean my room, so when I was done with my room I had to go out withmy dogs so I did. Around 11 pm was the house done, the only thingsthat was left was the food. I started with the desert. My mom and dadwas making the dinner. Around 13 pm my girlfriend came, she was goingto celebrate the new year with me. She was helping me with thedesert. It took around 2 hours. When we we're done all the peoplestarted to come, So we startede to be social. We at dinner and shetasted some “Latin” food, I don't know if she like it or not. Weuse to dance a lot, but not me and my cousin, we hate to dance, butmy mom always force me to dance. Aroud 11.50 Pm started all thepeople go out to see the fireworks, I was shooting the fireworks withmy dad. We had a lot. So when all the fireworks were gone theystarted to dance and my girlfriend and I went to sleep/Juan

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Hey guys, sorry for being away for a long time but I have an excuse.I have been on Christmas vacation! On my vacation I've been playing alot ice hockey, driving snow mobile (yes we got snow, it's Sweden!),been with my girlfriend and of course I've been with my friendswatching movies and done other stuff. When I was with my best friendswe were watching a horror movie named *** and it sucked! We thoughtthat it was going to be loads of scary shit but it was the lamestmovie I've ever seen.


My Christmas have been awesome! Except that my girlfriend couldn'tcelebrate it with me. Other wise it have been good. This year I got alot of clothes, I don't use to get clothes on Christmas cause I useto get video games, money, perfume and other stuff. But it was greatand I loved it!

Happy new year!

So 2016 is here and 2015 have ended. 2015 have been a good but at thesame time a bad year. I've lost many friends, the school have beenannoying, one of my dogs died. Other wise it have been a good year, Imean me and Ida fell in love with each other, I got two new dogs(yes... we love dogs), I went to England with my class and I took thelicense for driving a moped! Thank you guys for reading this blog andI hope you liked it, see ya! /Arvid




My village

Hey so the last weekend me and my girlfriend wasskating on the edge of the river that's goes on the side of myvillage. My village is a small village called South Harads with somebig meadows around the houses and dogs that are barking at you whenyou pass by them. In the previously blogpost I wrote that I'm livingin “Harads” but that's the village on the other side of theriver. I wrote it because it's easier for you guys to locate and Iuse to be in Harads all the time anyway.

The river

The river that goes between Harads and South Harads iscalled “ The Lulea river” and in the winter I use to go downthere to skate and play ice hockey. This year the winter is late andright now it's 2°Cout on the streets. But me with my dumb stupid chicken nugget to abrain went down there anyway (some days it have been -10°C).Well at the start I hesitated but thought “why not?” so I droppedmy things at the side of the river and jumped on to the ice. The icecreaked but it was okay, for the safety I took my hockey stick withme and hit the ice in-front of me with it so I could see if the icewas weak. After half an hour of jumping and testing the ice I jumpedover to safe ground but I missed the ground with my left foot and myshoe became all wet and I remember that the water was freezing. Itook my shoe off and wronged out the water out of my woolly socksand then I put them on again. With all my things in my hands I jumpedon to the ice... not a smart decision. My right leg were under theice, under the water, it was h*ll freezing and I thought “notagain”. I pulled me up on the ice and did wronged out the waterfrom my sock again. After I've been there for a couple of hours Itook my things and started to go home, in my house was my dad sittingin the sofa watching sports so I joined him with a warm cup of tea.

My girlfriend

Ida is 16 years old and it's born the 12th august. She lives in a small village called “Svartla” and it'slocated next to Harads. She likes to take pictures on the nature,play games like Cod and minecraft, be with her dog Obelix and ofcourse be with me! ;)

We met each other a long time ago on my previous schoolbut started to talk and like each other for about two years before wegot together. We have been together for 7 month but it feels like wehave been together for a longer time.

Thank you guys for this week and I hope you liked it.See ya!!!




Hey guys so I got a new dog about a week ago, it's a rottwailer. My dad name it Lunna because luna mean moon in spanish so to make it more“swedish he add a n. It's kind of funnny. Lunna it's just a normalpuppy, playful, got a lot of energy and she pee all over the house.But she is a little strange to because she refuses to go outsometimes.



Soyeah we got snow here now, a lot of snow but no so much that you cango skiing. But soon they will open the ski slope in my village.Ilook forward to against it cuase I love slamlom. But idon't thinkthat it will be alot of snow this session, but i hope that it will beenough snow to ski.


So chirstmasis coming, I actully dont like chirstmas so much, but it's kind ofbeutiful with all the lights and snow, but all this chirstmas songare so bad and, im so trired of all the song, like “LastChirstmas”, I hate that song, it's so bad. But one thing that Ilike with chirstmas is that you can be with your family. Oh I almostforgot the food, the chirstmas food is the best. I already bought apresent for my dad and for my girlfriend so I have to buy a presentfor my step mother and for my brother from another mother. Get it?

Mygrandmother's birthday

Thisweekend I spent whith my granmother, because she turned 60. so mydad organized a fancy dinner for her, he invited friends and all therelatives to her. I bought her some roses and body shops. The dinnerwas fillet of beef with potato gratin and sallad. The beef was fromthe company where my dad work, so it's was very good. She enojeyedit, and she was happy. :)




Alittle about me ​​​​​​​
Hello guys my name is Juan Jose Ramirez Sanchez i'm 15 years old. I'm from South America but I have lived in Sweden for 10 years. I live in asmall village in the northern part of Sweden. Actually no one knowsthe village but is called Vuollerim. Vuollerim it's just a hole inthe middle of no where. So it's kind of funny how I could end up herewhen there is the whole Sweden to choose from.But is a very nicevillage. I'm a sport guy kind of. I like to workout, jogging, playfootball and basket, in the winter I like to ski, but only freestyle.I also very intrested in music, I can play 4 instrument. The Guitar,the bass,the drums and the piano. I have play piano and guitar sinceI was a little boy.

Ilive with my father, step mother and my elder step brother. I Havetwo step brothers but my oldest step brother live in Umea I have adog too.My father's name is John Fredy, he is 35 years old, he workin sausage factory where they made Sweden's best sausage. My fatherlove fishing, he have a “fish” room where he have a lot offishing things. He like to cook too, he is very good actully.Angelamy step mother is 40, work as a teacher in my school, she is a mathteacher and language teacher. I dont actully know what she like, butI think she like to travel. Felipe is 18 years old, he studingtechnology and its his last year. He like to play video games andjust be lazy guy. My oldest step brother names Rafel he lives inUmeå. He are studing science in the university. He is like Felipe,play video games, read manga and just be a lazy guy too. And last wehave my dog, he is a labrador. He is name is Tommy and he is 5 years.

Meand Arvid
ImeetArvid for 3 years ago, when he started in my school. I was veryquiet,i didn't like to talkso yeah. So all happen in a music lesson, when i learn Arvid I seefire on the guitar. So I started to talk more and i noticed that wehad the same interests kind of.Me and Arvid have play in manyconstert, where i play the the piano or the guitar and Arvid playdthe guitar or the drums.Our humor it's wery wierd but it's kind offun too, we like to prank too.We have internship at Snow Lab inEngland, it's was a very awesome experience and we have very fun too.


This is my village    
This is me



Hey guys my name is Arvid Midbjer! I'm a 15 years old(born in 28/4) Swedish boy and I live in a small village calledHarads in the northern Sweden. I got many hobbies and some of them isice hockey, play guitar, biking and be with friends. I don't play inany team when I play ice hockey, I play just for fun in my free-time.I use to play guitar with Juan too on the school time. When I'm outbiking I bike with my friends on the streets, in the forest and inour gardens.

My family and friends

So I got two elder sisters and I live with my mum anddad in a yellow house around some other houses and some big meadows.My elder sisters names is Emmy which is 18 years old and Agnes is 21years old. Emmy is that girl who loves to sing and look at you-tubeon Pewdiepie! I'm not that much with her cause she is always on herroom on the weekends or in her apartment on the weeks when she isgoing to her school. And Agnes... well Agnes is my annoying eldersister who always makes jokes out of me. She likes to be with friendsand train her dogs to do tricks and go tracking. She works on a jobwere they take care of old persons who can't take care of them self.Quick interesting job ey? My dad is 48 years old and his name isMikael but everybody use to call him “Micke”. He likes to eatchips when he's sitting in his sofa and watch all different sportslike Ice hockey, football or handball. Mum is 42 years old and hername is Sofia. My mother loves to tangle small, cute animals out ofwool. She loves animals and on her free-time she use to go ridingwith our horse.

Me and Juan

How me and Juan met each other and became best friends?Well it started with that I change school for about three years agoto a school named Independent School of Vuollerim. It's a smallschool in a small village. The good thing with it is that everybodytake care of each other. Anyway when we got our first lesson westarted to get to know each other. We liked the same things likemusic and instruments, sports we even thought the same thoughts abouteverything!

fI play guitar because of Juan. Juan showed me thechords and taught me songs. At the end we played the songs with eachother and after that, we became best friends. You could say that themusic showed the way to our friendship.

Sweden for me

Sweden is the country were I live. It's a country thatgot warm summers and very cold winters. It's a good place to live incause you don't need to be scared and the life is quite easy. Theteens in Sweden often complain over how hard their life is butthey're just lazy!

Thank you for reading Juan and my blog and I hope youliked it!

This is me
And this is Sweden