I know it's been ages since I updated this damn blog last time..I'm sorry..
yea I know I always apologize too but I don't have time with everything...
house need to be cleaned and animals wants/needs this and that,weekends go to work and theres thousand other stuff to deal with.😑

I feel very sad and depressed...
Halloween is over and it's my favourite time of year after summer.
I have such a huge home sickness and then i miss my finnish black beauty to death..miss them long walks in woods and I miss cuddling with you in bed while watching all those American movies meanwhile I dream I wish could be in america.lol 😂

It's sad that this coming weekend will be the last for this year at work..honestly I didn't think I would handle it or survive this far I've done...I love it,people there have became like a family and that place and the work I do makes me laugh so much.
They make me stronger by believing in me and making me do stuff I didn't never think I would be capable to.💞

this year been fun but allso so sad..
lost couple people,a near one and few not so near but still people who ment something to me tho.❤

there's still stuff to look forward too and hope stuff gets better..

Idk what to call it...virus maybe or flue or what ever but it really starts to tick me off cus I barely have voice...or I have but it's not even sounding like mine...nose stuffed and running all the time and caughing my lungs out.im on my 4th week now and if it don't leave me alone soon I have to do something about it but I hate going to a doctor cus u waste half of ur day sitting there and waiting to get in..and when u get in u still sitting another hour there before doctor have time to drag he's butt where it's needed.what I don't understand is if u give a time to be there for,then stick to it and don't have people sitting there cus they might have other things to do too..😵

ok enough with whining and negative stuff..

I'm gonna drag my butt up from bed cus I can't sleep anymore anyway and house work waits.

next blogg will have some better stuff and pics cus sadly yea I had to empty my retarded phone to get it to uppdate stuff and to get it faster...I'm really tired of this piece of shitt chatt device 😈

bye bye and take care people!

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Yapp,just like title shows I'm back!
sorry for not being so active blogging latest time..Too busy!😯

people probably think how can she be busy...
she don't even have a job!!?!!
well yes i got my self a job,my first job in America and no it's not full time cus it's a haunted house and not open everyday at all but job is a job and I'm very proud of it and thankful!😍

Besides that I keep contact often as possible with my other life and home on the other side of Atlantic sea when It works out with them and my stuff here since its not possible be with them daily because of distance,Life is too short!having good time with my guys,helping husband as much I can and being a "desperate House wife" lol 😉

hanging out with friends by playing pool,cornhole,fishing etc.same old same old but still as fun like allways.
I love my life here tho it's not easyest allways..but what is.?!!😘

There's much stuff to look forward here these coming weeks and months.
can't wait.
My life is exciting and I wouldn't wanna change it for anything tho!

Now I let pictures talk some and do their thing,so much to do so don't have really time with all text part this time.

See yah!!And take care!!

Poor coyote..was laying right beside our driveway and I had to move it and drag it in fields so my dog wouldn't go there smelling it etc got hit by a car too...huge tho..well at least I seen a real coyote near now,ded or not,still counts 😕



A depressing weather to a depressing day...
I'm telling right now if this time this blog update don't work I give up.And that's for sure..I'm not even gonna bother write about Finland trip cus I spent from before 11 to 3 am in the morning writing and attaching pictures to it and Everytime I was in the end with it,it just dessapierd on me even I saved the shitt..ugh..just like my life ain't already a struggle...😔 I didn't even feel like doing a shitt yesterday...just pretty much slept all day long...

Anyway we came home from Finland for like two weeks ago.
spent there like 16 day and got to do some fun stuff tho.

One day we went to Golden Rax to eat with my mon,older little sister and her two friends.Incase u wonder what it is,so its a pizza buffee.They have some side stuff too like salad,wings,onionrings etc.

We went bowling with Maria&Antton.
Usually my husband wins but this time i won!😄

Went to my old job place to eat pizza and say hello to my work friends (concedered like a friend tho!!)
I took my favourite Wich is pepperoni-aura kotzone!
Still tastes as good as usually!

Wisited my favourite grill Korvgörans

My friend who moved like 200km away came to wisit so we spent night at lake house.

And another friend who moved allmost to Sweden I got to see too.😃

Went chill at ocean,my foster parents have their trailer over there so we spent a little time there with them and grilled some meat and sausages.
Their sons daughter happened to be there so it was nice to see her too.
I went swimming even it was pretty cold still cus Finnish summer was like three weeks late..of course with my bad luck..
But it didnt stop my crazy ass to jump in tho..I was waiting all year long for that tho.😊

We met my aunt I haven't seen in couple years.

Went to a nice coffee place to meet my two other Finnish friends.damn I been missing you guys.

One night we went to a bar called Black sheep.couple cold and played Pool.
Bumpt in to some of my older friends i used to hang out with back in the days and it was nice to see them too.

It was nice to play Halo again with my own gamertag.Kickt some arse!

Well this time i didn't have eather time to see all them I wanted to see..Once again...
But next year I will.
Gonna plan that trip so much more earlier and better then this one...
I'm just happy that I got to spend most of my time with my other half,Fluke 😍❤
God I missed that dog so much and once again I do...It's hardest to say goodbye to him cus he don't understand why I'm doing this over and over 😢 Just hurts and brakes my heart so badly 😩
Then mom who's also like a best friend to me,it was so nice to see her and spend time with my family.
My little sisters and brother.I love you guys so much!
I love you all near and dear who's in my life and around me.!!!
Goodbyes sucks so bad but it's only for a year tho.
These two weeks been kind a depressing and empty after the trip but I guess it will be better..

Just really honestly how I been feeling lately too is that I'm done stop caring about certain things...
sometimes I even get that strong feeling I woul like to really flush my life down toilet..
Just have to stay strong I guess...

Since we came back so last Sunday we went on a charger boat with the guys.
This year was so much nicer cus I can't fish Wich I didn't do last year at all and I didn't have to freeze my ass off,got fryed instead..

Then I been hanging with Earlene.
went shopping and eating Chinese food couple of times.I so love  Chinese.

then I been hanging with Martha couple time this week and we been chilling in pool and hot tube.And playing pool.

Then we played cornhole with Earlene&Steve and our best buddy on Thursday.Still my favourite outside game.😊

yea well I'm done writing for now and take care people! ❤



i apologize for my brake but honestly I haven't had really time to update my blog lately but I'm back now! ☺

since last update wich was like two weeks ago I been hanging out at my friend's house chilling in her swimming pool cus it's been so hot, played pool and etc.
then 6.10 me,her,her son&daughter went to cedarpoint.its allways fun there,it's so my heaven lol 😎
we didn't get to ride all those biggest rides cus it was such a long lines but we got to ride pretty much rides tho and there was bbq&beer tasting and we had free tickets so it was pretty cool cus didn't have to pay for it.I tryed couple new beers and some ribs and everything taste excellence 👌
the park is right beside lake Erie so I went swimming with her son for a bit and water was warm and felt great after being whole day in blazing sun.

been fishing with my husband and our friends and played corn hole.havent had the best luck on fishing this year but I have catcht couple of good sized catfish tho.

Monday 6/19/17
fishing with Lynn and wacht Monday night raw.

Tuesday 6/20/17
me&love went to Mills place for a bit and then to alliance to take care of couple things+some shopping.later on smackdown.

Wednesday 6/21/17
went to court to support my friend.
played some halo with husband.

Thursday 6/22/17
went and bought new cornhole boards.They are super awesome I have to say tho.so me,love,lynn&sissler played cornhoolio 😆

Friday 6/23/17
Walters to meet Justin&Lynn.
later we went to a bar called wayside in.
I have to admit I dont really care for bars but this place was cool tho.
they had a machine what had stuffed animals in it so I had Justin to win me a pink giraff&baby blue teddy beer cus I suck on winning things 😂
then they had jelly shots.pretty ummy 😍
went over to steve&earlenes for a while.
pretty fun night tho.

Saturday 6/24/17
me and love had some vine and we fried chicken and wacht ufc paperwiev.👌❤

Sunday 6/25/17
went fishing pretty early from morning with Love&Lynn.
later when we came home sissler came over and we played cornhole.
went to buds corner for few cold.
then we went to expressos to meet justin there and had few cold before we ordered pizza to take with us home to watch some ufc fights.geez my face feels fried and my shoulders too from being outside whole day long,boy u can't say that we haven't been outside at least,god I love American summer tho

well it's Monday and it's trash day so I should try get my ass up from this bed and  collect trash..I have dishes to do and some cleaning+laundry.
looking forward for today's Monday night raw tho 😘

so now I have to say take care and see ya soon again bye!



absolutely good&sunny morning to u guys!
I have both good news&bad news..

I'll start with bad news:
what it is about so remember last blog of mine I wrote about cedar point and those phones we lost and when I said we got an email that they have found them..yea well the thing is that they send my husbands phone home yea but not mine...so no memory card back or pictures for me..😔

then good ones are:
I think my winter depression is over now and I can finally start really enjoy the summer now when i have the ticket to go and give back all those hugs and kisses I haven't been able to give since last summer to my other piece of me!😢😍

what's​ been going on lately here is it has been a lot cornhole playing outside.a little bit fishing.been to couple restaurant.

last Thursday I had teeth cleaning and after that went over to one of my friends house and help her move grass and rip some weeds off.
grass moving was the funniest part cus it was one of those driveable ones.it was funny as f to drive around with that thing 😂

Friday I went there too for a little while.
this time we was playing in the pool for a bit cus we had to set steps in it and get leafs of the pool with a net so it was a perfect day to be in the pool.😊
then little later me and my husband went to Massillon to a car place for them to remove a gps so as long as they was working with our car we went walking around to a store.
I found a lot nice stuff for cheap.
well when the car was done we went to a Mexican place on a double date with Jesse and his girl.😊

Saturday me,husband Lynn and sissler played cornhole and stop by Nathan's patio and buds corner for some food and couple  cold one.🍺

Sunday my husband took me to Tim's tavern and we had fried fish&baked potato with sourcream and butter,sallad&hushpuppies with sweet butter.🍴🍺 later on we watch wwe extreme rules paper wiew.

then yesterday was a biiiggg cleaning day.
got lot done and even couple match Halo before wwe Monday night raw 😘

well that's it for now,need to call doctor and feed little cat etc couple other things.
see ya!😉



yapp that is me for sure.
me&husband went to cedar point 5/12
we were riding roller coasters,ate buffe and had few cold one,day was awesome and fun.
well near closing time and on our last ride for that night was then top thrill dragster.
190km in hour straight 128m up in the sky and straight back down.
well we arrive Down in a nice adrealin buzz and God I enjoy that ride but my smile froze after my husband told me that he lost both our phones on way down on that ride cus I gave mine to him to hold on tho.😯

well the good news is that we got a email from them yesterday saying that they found our phones with is great cus there lives a little bit hope that I can save some of them nice and beautiful pictures I have there..I wouldn't count on that phone will be useful anymore but oh well we see that when I get my phone.most important is tho that I have memory for life tho cus that day was one if those awesome and amazing days and I got to see that park when it's dark,so beautiful.it will stay in my memory forever.😍

well then yesterday me and my boys was playing cornhole.me&husband against sissler&Lynn.well sissler wasn't happy about our win so he took it out on one of cornhole boards 😵
well I ran in to get super glue hand it to my husband who was fixing it and next thing I get a super glue shower right in my face 😲
dude I was so damn lucky this time for sure that it didn't hit my eye,I have super glue stuck on my eye brown,nose and my forhead so woopty doooo!

all I can say is it's always something going on with me,my face or by body...but still alive!

3days wwe streak was awesome,weather has been pretty warm and nice and life been going on pretty similar like allways.

oh yeah I had my first American dentist appointment on Monday 5/22
it was just a check up tho so x rays,fhotos and digging around in my mouth lol.
next time will be time for action but ain't very concerned at all cus I have a very good dentist at least. 😃

right now what I'm waiting for mostly is to get my ass to Finland and it's not far away that day at all..can't wait to jump in the sea and take long walk in woods with my most importantest thing in my life (fluke) Finnish bad ass dog!
I had a dream night before that I was on adventure with him and that i got to be with my family and I was really desapointed when I woke up and it was just a dream...so real..😔
well Finland Soon I will be there.

well for right now I'm takin a little brake and see ya soon in couple of days when I have more to update.

take care!



It sure is windy ass hell...im laying in bed with both windows open and bedroom door keeps slamming open-close-open-close...
curtains flyes and slaps windows and feels like whole house is ready to fly away😂
It been windy couple of days now row and it been raining but still been warm tho 😔

What more do i have to say is we been fishing allmost every day these two last weeks 🐟☺

I have been having allready 2 ticks on me now in one week 😵
So has storm,one last week and one yeaterday 😣
well winter wasnt the coldest so much more for coming 😖

Yester day was a bit rainy but i got my butt up and took storm with me and we walkt to the farm house and i helpt the owner of it to feed carrot&apple for horses and to brush them.
it was nice to work a bit with horse after so many years brake.lot to scrub and brush on them this first time after winther cus they havent got brusht for few month tho.
i even got to learn how to put rodeo sadle on one of them.and i got to jump on and train a bit to jump up and down from it and get more closer to the horse.
Wasnt able to ride it yet because of the shitty weather and rain pooring down but atleast i got a good start 🐴☺
And i grabd from here home some of fruits what had got bad so i grabd them with me to feed goats with them.they were all happy ☺ theres cats,dog,horses,goats and rooster and chicken ☺🐴🐶🐱🐔🐓🐐

3days row wwe 😍
sunday 4hour long paperwiev.
yesterday mondaynight raw.
today smackdown 😁

well i dont think i have so much else to write about right now so this will be it!

Have it good foaks!See ya soon again!☺



heres few more pictures...sucks that i cant get all of them to fit cus it wont let me but heres few more tho.
Goodmorning by the way,this morning starts with thunderstorm&rain.
Ysterdays fishing trip i got a pic of snake and one okey size white bass 😘
see yah!



last 7days weather has been awesome!
Summer has totally begin!🌞
I will tell u a little bit of husbands birth day,martha took me to few store and i tought i would make it simple but still a bit special too so i decided to get him candy,wine and a rose.We for sure had a good rose hunt before we ended up calling a place and i decided i wanted to make it look good.They were out of white ones so i ended up picking the light pink one after
i tought about it for a while,i tought it would look pretty,so i had them to paint it blue cus he likes that color and i had them to sprinkel some silver glitter on it too.It totally ended up looking perfect and most beutiful flover i have seen under my lifetime.Most beutiful flover to most beutiful man.😍 On the same time it ended up having boths favourit colors on it so that made it even more special.Well i let him decide what he wanted to do that day so we drove to bate shop and bought some fish bates etc.on the way home we stopt at burger hut and he pickt a chicken burgee and i pickt few piece battered fish.Then some cold ones and monday night raw.

panfried some porkshop,few beer&smackdown 😊

had a cleaning day,both inside the house and outside.I had a little fire in the back yard and burnd some stuff what was able to be burnd so that way it dont take so much space in trash cans.On the same time i got some sun too 👌

Went fishing with husband and lynn.
On way home we stopt by at a little country bar and owner had a little cute dog there and it kept me company till we left the place 🐶😉

Sucksesfull&fun day for sure!
Went to mall for shopping with my husbands friends wife Brittany!😘 Visited pet store and i got in love with them reptiles they had and i so want a lizard now once again.They were cheap too.Need to save some money and i will go back and buy me a lizard 😋❤
Went to a mexican place on dinner and i got me a peach margarita 👌
What got on my nervs was that in table beside us it was six-seven mexican guys having some drinks...mean while they was drinking and waiting for food they seem really intrested on us and it was so annoying to try enjoy food when two really horny mexican guys are turning around and eyebolling me 😣 and when we was finally done and walking out of there they had nervs to stair at my damn ass too,i tell u right now that next time i see u guys if i decide to come back i show my ring finger and after that u can see my middle finger too and admire that!U guys are free to look but dont be too obvious and especially dont let me know about it cus i for sure am not interesting 😝
Brittany showd me couple of nice stores and i def found my favourite place.
It's called world market,for sure my heaven.Finally i found some licorice 😍
I had really nice time and fun with my new friend!Well after that me and my husband went fishing at the river and had nice time.Got to enjoy seeing mr beever swimming around in the wather and even got to film it a while.Awesome!😄

went river fishing with my husband and sissler.Its fun being out with these jackasses cus lot stuff happens,i for sure got to laugh my ass off cus honey got a lip smack and a ball smack from three branches and sissler falled on his tummy kissed the grass&dirt twise😂 I catcht my first fish for this year but nothing to brag about cus it was just a damn baby fish...oh well we just started so there is plenty of time for me to catch some fish!!!😉
Well empty handed we still didnt come home cus guys catcht enough for a dish dinner for 3 tho 😊😊

Got up early in the morning and went river fishing with Husband&sissler.Didn't have as good luck like day before but it dont matter cus atleast we got some excersise and sun and got to enjoy nature.Lovebutt catcht me a talking toad,i think his romantic even its just some simple little stuff like that he does but it makes me happy tho!❤
On the way home we stopt by Jerseys bar for food&drinks.

Had a day off from fishing.
Had our tax appointment done.
Stopt by food stripe at mall and pickt up some kinese food.
Mondaynight raw.

Martha did my highlights.
Went river fishing with Husband,lynn&little lynn.Still no luck for me...lol
It was my turn to fall i guess...i felld twice put atleast i didnt kiss the ground 😂
Stopt by at little cesars to pick up pizza and home wach smackdown.

Well this is it for today.
Enjoy pics and i probably have to make a own blogg for pictures cus i have so.much of them so i see what i can do about it!
                   -Take Care-




its time for a uppdate once again!😊

i will start with my favourite subjekt,
wrestling 😉

(04/02/17) wrestle mania day started with a nice long walk with storm.
I stopt by at farm house where lives a nice older man,i met him few weeks ago when i was on walk and i stopt to feed his horses with grass.so now when it start to get dry i will go help him with walking his horses and etc.😊

Wrestlemania was great!!!
wanna know why?😁
because my favourite wretler Big Dog Roman Reigns won!So believe that!😍
My husband and our best buddy askt me way back when i came to visit here for my second time that whos youre favourite one?at that time i didnt have any favourite yet cus i didnt know so much about wrestling then even tho i wacht it.so they said the well who ya gonna pick?
i said idk gice me littlebit time..i came back to finland and one day i just started googleing pics of wrestlers and i listened to theme music and for me romanreigns lookt cool and i kind a liked his personality and how confident he was and such a fighter,i saw a piece of me in him wich a fear fighter simply said just dont never give up fighting till i get what i want so from that moment he became my favourite and i think he will allways be that too!😉
so what was so great about it is that every body else wanted and expected dead man (undertaker) to win mean while i guaranteed that he will lose because my favourite will destroy his ass and that happened 😊😊😊😊😊
i like undertaker but i have to say i slept like a baby that night!😘
well anyway it was fun tho,we had some friends over and we had different kind a food and some adult drinks.

hangd out with Martha.
Monday night raw&some cold ones.

Talkt with mom 😍
played some halo with sweetie,ordered kinese&wacht smackdown.

played some pool with martha.

one of those lazy days infront of tv!😊

had my first doctor appointment wich went pretty ok,was easyer then i expected...i tought i would be nervous like hell and would a not be able to explain what my problems are but a fighter like i am,i completed it easy 😊
Only thing i didnt like was heart reader monitor they gave me to take home...i had to wear it 24h and it freaked me out for the first and for the second it was pain in the ass!!!oh well ill guarantee with my luck i have to wear it again today cus it was not working right...damn thing...😡😵

slept long for once.
went to mills place for some food.
later steve casey and his girl over for ufc fights.
we went to eat breakfast somewhere after 2am with them,that was different but kind a nice tho.we stayd up to 6am and hangd out.😊

slept half day and went to store.
later lynn over 😊😊😊
had some cold ones and cooked some meat&vegetable sticks on grill.that was ummy!So when grill season.is opened that means summer is on the way!😍

grass is greener,threes and bushes has got some buds on them and temture today is 17celsius and its only 9am!
Even Old Mr groundhog have woken up,still lookin as cute as last year!

Its monday and i cant wait it to be 8pm cus its mondaynight raw!!😘
well people have a great monday and see ya soon again!
time to get my ass up from the bed and do dishes and get ready for martha to pick me up after her work.
I need to go to store and figure out something for my husbands birthday wich is today so one more time Happy B-Day Love!💗