As I mentioned yesterday, I've finally booked my flight back home for Christmas. I wanted to give you a bit more of a breakdown on a personal level what has been going on these few months I've been here. See it as a halfway-point update. ;)

// Som jag nämnde kort igår, jag har äntligen bokat mitt flyg hem till Sverige. Jag ville ge er en lite mer personlig inblick i vad som har hänt de här senaste månaderna. Se det som en milstolpe halvvägs mot mitt mål. ;)

After everything that happened this summer, there was always the one question coming back to me; did I really want to go back to London again? Did I really want to put myself through the challenge of being on my own in the city were we built a life together?

Despite it all, the same answer always came back to me. That I would regret it even more if I didn't go back. Because London was not "Mine and W's". It was mine. University, work, friends, memories, my favourite cafés, secret locations and local shops and all of it. It was all me, things that I'd built on my own. I couldn't just leave it unfinished.

// Efter allt som har hände i sommar, var det bara en fråga som ständigt sökte mig; ville jag verkligen flytta tillbaka till London igen? Var jag verkligen redo att utsätta mig för att återuppleva alla minnen i livet vi hade byggt ihop igen?

Och trots allt, var det alltid samma svar jag kom fram till. Om jag inte åkte, skulle jag aldrig förlåta mig själv. För trots allt så är inte London "mitt och W's". Det är bara mitt. Universitetet, jobb, vänner, minnen, mina favorit caféer, gömda platser och lokala affärer - allt. Det är saker jag själv har byggt, jag kunde inte bara lämna det.

So with determination I decided to go for it. What did I have left to loose? I had a degree waiting for me in London with just one year left. That kept me going when all emotional things failed to convince me. I went for the logical solution; I didn't want all that effort towards a degree to be for nothing.

And even though it's been so incredibly tough this term, I don't look back for a second. London has came to be my home, this is where I grew up to being an adult (at least most of the time), it is where my career finally started to get somewhere. No one can take that away from me, ever. And now, the memories that I have are now starting to evolve into my own, not shared with anyone else. And that is how I will forever remember London. The city that started as an adventure with someone else and ended with me growing on my own.

// Det var med stor beslutsamhet som jag bestämde mig för att köra vad. Vad hade jag kvar att förlora? Jag hade en 2/3 klar kandidatexamen med bara ett år kvar. Det var min största motivationen när känsloargumenten om London som drömstad inte höll. Jag kunde inte bara ge upp min examen.

Trots att det har varit en brutal termin så ångrar jag mig inte en sekund. London har blivit mitt hem, det var här jag hittade mig själv, växte upp (till stor del, haha) och det var här livet tog fart. Ingen kan ta det ifrån mig, någonsin. Och minnena jag skapar nu kommer att ta över de som var "vårt". Det är såhär jag kommer komma ihåg London. Staden som började som ett äventyr med någon annan men som avslutades med flaggan i topp, på egna ben.

I've now hit the halfway-point. Or in two weeks, that's just details. I know that next term will go by extremely fast as well. Before you know it, you will all see me graduate, and then we'll just have to see where life takes me. Whether it be a continued life in London, moving home to Sweden or anywhere else in the world - I'm ready for it.

// Nu har jag kommit hallvägs. Eller om två veckor för att vara exakt. Jag vet att nästa termin kommer att gå minst lika fort och innan ni vet ordet av kommer jag ta examen. Sen får vi helt enkelt se vart livet tar mig. Om det blir ett fortsatt liv i London, om jag flyttar hem till Sverige eller tar äventyret till ett nytt land - jag är redo och öppen för allt.

Those of you who have stuck with me for these few years or even months know the rollercoaster I've been on. And this year, 2017, has been both the best and the worst year of my life so far. I've lost some of the most important parts of my life, but I've also gained so incredibly much. And it's insane to look back on. If you want to, I'd be more than happy to make a throwback post for this year to show everything more in detail. Until then I just want to say - don't let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you want. Because at the end of the day, you is the only one you got. x

// Till er som har varit med sen början eller bara det här året, ni vet vad den här berg-och-dalbanan har innefattat. Och det här året, 2017, har verkligen varit det bästa och sämsta året i mitt liv. Jag har förlorat några av de viktigaste delarna i mitt liv men också vunnit så mycket mer. Det är helt galet att se tillbaka på. Kan gå mer in på detaljer om hela året i ett annat inlägg om ni vill. Tills dess har jag bara det här att säga - låt aldrig någon eller något stoppa er från att göra det ni vill göra. För i slutändan har vi bara oss själva. x

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New week again and it's starting off great. I'm in such an amazing mood today since yesterday I BOOKED MY FLIGHT HOME! On the 12th of December I'm finally going back to Sweden again for Christmas and I couldn't be more excited right now. So yeah, I made a bet to myself last week that if I didn't finish at least two assignments by Sunday (yesterday) I would have to stay in London until the 15th. But guess what? I fucking finished. So now I'm on top again! So this week will be me focusing on the rest of the assignments ahead of me and to get them done as soon as possible.

Monday: Today we have a feedback session for Creative Advertising at 13.30 where we need to get our creative brief approved to further continue with the assignment. So that's what we're doing there. The rest of the day will be spent studying and working my way through this giant assignment that is going on at the moment. But I'm in a good mood, so that's amazing!

Tuesday: Study day at home before a lesson at 14.30 in Marketing Strategy. A quiet boring day to be honest, haha.

Wednesday: I'm actually off from work from now on to focus on assignments so for today I'm probably looking for a change in scenery and will head in to central London to find a place to sit down and work.

Thursday: Uni from 10-18 as usual, after that the plan is to do some grocery shopping since my pay check comes in (wohoo). My fridge is really echoing at the moment.. it's kind of sad.

Friday: By today I need to have hit a halfway point in this huge assignment I'm doing. A first draft should be ready to say the least. Also, in the evening I'm heading out with friends to eat Norwegian Christmas dinner, very excited and no idea what to expect, haha. But that is pretty much my week, loads of work and ends with fun! :)

Let's do this! 



Heeeeyyy.. how are you all today? I got home a little while ago from working down at Selfridges this afternoon. Didn't realize until this morning that I actually signed up for working down at Oxford Street... on Black Friday. Oh my. People are completely insane today, haha. Work went fine though so I didn't completely fall apart from the massive crowds.. and I managed to get home as quickly as I could.

Now, I'm having the most boring Friday night in history. I'm sat at home with the mission to complete one of my assignments by tonight. The timer is sat on 9pm, which is when I can finally lay it off for the weekend. But until then; work. I remember that I might have mentioned earlier this season that I wanted to take weekends off from studying. Not really gonna happen, haha. I have to get these assignments done asap so that I can actually have a good time for the holidays without stressing over assignments.

Wish me luck tonight! And what are your plans? All tired from a day of shopping? x



So it's Thursday afternoon and I'm sat at uni awaiting to start my final lesson of the day. It's been an incredibly long day with loads of new things to take in. It really is starting to settling in for me how close we are getting to handing in our assessments for this term. I'm actually getting there and feel like I have things under control at the moment, which is nice.

Other not so fun things, I paid my rent for 6 months in advance yesterday (big gasp). I knew this summer when I decided I wanted to stay in the same flat that it would be incredibly costly but it still shook me quiet a lot looking at the transfer to the agency. For those of you with plans on living in London, be prepared to pay massive amounts in rent. So the next 6 months will definitely be a challenge for me with everything needing to come together but it will work out in the end. As long as I stick to my budget plan it will be absolutely fine. But damn... haha.

But now that's out of the way so I don't have to think about my living situation for another 6 months, always a nice thing. Back to focus on uni and other important stuff. I've also taken a lot less work shifts from now on to fully focus on assessments, the only thing I'm doing is working a few shifts at the bank I worked at this summer during the holidays but that's pretty much it.

So that's a bit of a life update for you, what's been going on at the moment in my head. Not just uni stuff. ;)



Completely forgot to post these snapshots from my Sunday adventure down to central London where I headed in to buy mulled wine, gingerbread and some other goodies from Primark. London is really at it's best right now if you ask me, all the Christmas decorations, lighting and the whole atmosphere is just amazing. Love it!

So, in a few minutes I'm heading of to work at Wholefoods the entire day. And that is pretty much my entire schedule for the day, haha. Will probably be completely drained after that session so if I'm at all able to head to the gym or bury myself in studying would be a miracle. Fingers crossed for me that I make a lot of sales today!

What are your plans for the day? Halfway through the week already.. x



Tuesday: Uni from 1.30-4.00pm. Before that I'm getting some work done from home. The goal is to film my video resume today and start writing on a commentary for it. Due on that is next week so I've still got time. I also haven't been to the gym for so long so if I can I might squeeze in a gym session after class today, we'll see.

Wednesday: Work from 12-6pm. Long day down at High Street Kensington with work so I will not have a lot of time to study tomorrow. I'll probably head straight home after those long hours but if I still got some energy I might go to the gym for a short session.

Thursday: Uni from 10-6pm. Filled with studying, finishing of a creative brief for a group project as well as a social media analysis that needs to be done by the end of this week. Loads of things going on but I'm handling it!

Friday: Work from 12-3pm, a short session and the last one I've signed up for this year. The upcoming weeks will be filled with studying from my part which I really need to focus fully on. Deadlines are catching up on me very quickly. So the rest of Friday will be spent studying, wohoo.

Saturday/Sunday: Preferably I would want to visit the Scandinavian Christmas Market again, if I can drag someone with me, haha. Other than that I always have studying to do. My schedule is very repetitive at the moment, sorry about that. But this is my everyday life at the moment.



I really just couldn't help myself yesterday so I went full on Christmas extravaganza on my apartment with star in my window, red candles and of course my beloved Christmas tree.. and to top it off I treated myself to some gingerbread and mulled wine from TotallySwedish which was totally the best decision ever. So now I get to enjoy Christmas in my apartment for three weeks before I head home for the holidays, yaaaay! <3

And no, it's never too early for this. I absolutely love this season with all that comes with it. And it makes it a lot easier to work with such a cosy setting around me. Just love it!

So after a weekend filled with Christmas decorating and studying like a maniac I'm heading into yet another week filled with work and study. This week is focus on the smaller assignments that I need to get done as soon as possible to get them out of the way. Then I'm also working the entire day on Wednesday from 12-18 as well as Friday. Other than that we'll see what this week has to offer! :)



So, this Friday didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to. I woke up this morning with a minor headache that didn't bother me too much and I genuinely thought that it would go away. Well, quite the opposite happened. I headed to work as normal, started working and felt it growing on my during my shift. It got really bad and I decided to sell out of my stock as quickly as I could so that I could head home. And now, I've been laying on the sofa in darkness for about 3 hours and I have no plans on getting up more than necessary. I managed to head to the store to buy a frozen pizza (haha). So it will just be me and the pizza tonight. <3

Sorry for whining so much in this post, I was just really looking forward to having a nice Friday night off from studying after work, maybe head out with friends and instead I'm stuck at home with the worst headache I've had in months. It's getting better now though, I can sit by the computer as usual but I'm so exhausted from that.

Hope that the rest of you are having a great Friday night and really enjoying your evening! Take a shot or a drink for me if you're going out and I'll catch you tomorrow hopefully without a headache! x



Hey, so Thursday and I've realized that the schedule I put up this Monday does not fit in to my week at all, haha. What I completely forgot to mention during that was that I actually don't have too many lessons this week. So I spent this morning at a lecture with a guest speaker from a social media agency, and the rest of the day is being spent at home working my way through assessments.

By the way, this is what my go-to-look has been over the last few weeks. I've started using eyeliner again to make my eyes pop a bit more as well as my trusty lipgloss from Sephora. And the clothes I use at the moment all go in the same theme, back to basics. I can't really be bothered to dress up too fancy for just heading to uni for lectures and seminars.

So, the rest of the day will be spent as I said in front of the computer with a lot of work to do before the weekend. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Selfridges for a few hours to work, then the gym and finally I'm taking the weekend to try to unwind. If I really need to study, then that's what I'll do but I'm going to try to take it easy on myself and not stress myself out too much. It's important to put your health in front of everything, because nothing is more important than that.



Why is it that you always have good hair and makeup days when your not doing anything special or meeting anyone you know? To be fair I'm working today but still not meeting anyone in particular because after work I'm just going to sit at a local café or the library to study all evening. My life in a nutshell at the moment.

On the agenda for today is therefore work from 12-3 and then study for the rest of the evening. I have a Marketing Strategy report that I need to complete a draft for as well as a Social Media Analysis that I'm getting feedback on tomorrow, there are my focus points for today.

I'm trying really hard to find new places to study and work in London. For those Londoners out there who read my blog - do you have any suggestions on cafés or other locations where you can sit for hours and work that isn't too crowded? I live in north London so someplace that would be easy to get home from would be preferable. Help a girl out. <3