When I was first introduced to The musical Grease I was a Child. When I was a Child I always wanted to see myself in the character of Sandy. Her beauty, her grace, The fact that she so clearly was being wronged by a boy and The fact that she was different -and some kind of an outcast. When I was a Child her songs where The good ones, The ones I knew both by heart and by experience. The songs about a girl hoplessly devoted to a boy. We all know The story. She’s singing about The fact that she’s sittning stranded, hoplessly devoted and can not do anything about her lonely, broken heart. Something that The most of us, maybe all of us have made us gulity to.

But what happens when The older, almost adoult, maybe adoult version of us whatches this musical? We realise that we’re no longer those inocent Sandy-types with cartoon aninals flowing around us in our garden/bedroom while we over our broken hopelessly devoted heart.

We are The other girl know. We are the Rizzo. Maybe that’s a rite of passage, The realization of our lonely, perhaps hopelessly devoted single womens hearts. We realise that we are Rizzo now, and if we don’t we should. ‘Cause if we ever were those Sandy girls at some point in our lifes, we know that that mr right didn’t Come knocking at our door. Although we May be young we are sensible young women, we know that those tears will evantually run out. So by experiences (just like Sandys) we learn that that won’t make us no good (evan though The room is cosy and that cartoon deer is dreamy). We try our luck again and again and becomes that girl, that misunderstood girl with an attitude. We become Rizzo. Is Rizzo that unlike Sandy you may think? No Rizzo is not. Rizzo is Sandy, Sandy when she grows tired of her hopelessly devoted, aching heart and mens bullshit.

Now. Is Rizzo happy? No she is not. She may be happier than Sandy, but no she’s not. Cause in The beginning of The movie musical Rizzo’s love interest Kenicke is not really her love interest, her real one is Danny. And maybe Danny is The one she sat home alone hopelessly devoted to? Now she knows that he wont come knockin so she’s out meeting other possible love intrests. Is this all good? Of course not, she’s being slutshamed for all this, her friends talk about her behind her back. But then again Sandy’s friends had a hole musical number behind her back. So perhaps The backstabbin’ is not at all about either Rizzos actions or Sandy’s non-existing actions.

Now our we what other’s think of us? Ofcourse not. Are we our actions? No becouse our actions is only defined of what other people think of us or what we want them to think about us. We do what we think we need to do to succed. In The end of Rizzo’s big number she sings “I can cry and I can feel, but to cry in front of you- that’s The worst thing I could do”. That proves that she is still that fragile Sandy girl, but that lead her no where so she’s now acting all though and icey, becouse perhaps that’s easier or perhaps that’s what she think’s she need to do.

So is this all good? Are we at our happy musical ending yet? No I don’t think so. So if you’ve seen The movie or The musical, you know that after some douchbag boys, some hair coloring gone wrong and pregnancy scares (not much unlike most girls everyday-lives) Sandy also sings a song about her being more than what people can see. So…she does something every girl needs to do. An incredible makeover without coloring her hair that much? No. She becomes The one she wants to be- she tells Danny The truth and she puts what she really wants furst. She says “You better shape up, cause I need a man” she says your The one that I want and all that but he needs to shape up to prove to her that she’s The one she wants. And that my friends says it all. If he/her/whoever can’t be the one that you want anything really doesn’t mather.

This is The destination. This is when you leave childhood. When you are Sandy in leather pants, telling Danny he better prove that he indeed is The one that she want.