There's days when I feel like shit,days when it feels like I haven't accomplished anything in my life. 

Why? Because I didn't take the exact same direction as everyone else with school and all that? 

Because everyone seems to believe that I'm living in a fantasy world? 

In the end it doesn't really matter what people think or believe and I know that but I have weak days when it effects me. 

I constantly have to remind myself that my life haven't been a piece of cake, that if people had been in my shoes they would probably not even be here today. 

I have gone through so much stuff in my life and I'm grateful for almost every single thing because It made me who I'm. 

And hey I'm fucking fabulous when you get to know me! 

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I've always been that person that takes the day as it comes, living in the moment have been my thing but now I'm getting older and it feels like everything slips through my fingers. I love my life but there's something missing, I feel like I'm standing on the same spot all the time not being able to move.

I grew up with responsibilities too much of them and then I came to a breaking point where I just felt fuck it and acted out. I didn't even know if I would make it through the night so why bother to care about tomorrow.

I guess that feeling is stuck with me?

But I'm also this person that has to much energy, a person that wants so much from life. One second I wanna grab my things and move out to the the forest and walk around in the middle of nowhere for days and then the other I wanna go swimming with sharks and climb up to places with a magical view and watch the sunset with someone I love.

But most of all I want stability and a family that I can come home to. One that makes me feel fulfilled so that I don't have to jump around like a kangaroo when ever I have to much energy.

Those stuff does unfortunately not work with the way I'm living now I need to make a change. I have to prioritize