​This trip has been so good! I want to travel here again soon♥ I've said goodbye to Sophie so I'm going to fly home soon. Like I said in the video, I really want to stay here, it's so beatiful.

There are so much things to do here, you will NOT regret it.

I hope you've learnt more about Australia♥ I don't know what more I can say^^ so goodbye!​

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Hi everyone!

This is my last day here in Australia so I decided to go and see the famous barrier reef!

Me and Sophie took the bus to Cairns. When we arrived to the barrier reef there was ALOT of people there, it was pretty amazing to see the ocean, I mean, there was such a clear water. You could see the bottom of the ocean. It was so beautyful!

I've never seen it in Sweden, it's so dark there but in Australia. WOOW!

We walked with a Group of people to a big boat. We, sailed to the reef and saw so many beautiful creators. Me and Sophie went for the scubadiving.

It was so fun and thrilling to see a hole new World, We saw so many fishes and turtles! They're so cute♥ It was so colorful and beatiful. I never wanted to leave but ofcours I could'nt because then I would have died because I can't breath under water.

I've Always wanted to dive with Sharks even though I'm really scareed of them, so Sophie suggested that we should try it. I couldn't say no so we did it. I was so scared at first but then it was so cool!

Well, bye♥

Sorry, I couldn't upload any more Pictures, something is wrong with my computer...




So today I've interviewed my friend Sophie. Here we go!😁 I'm going to tell you a bit more about Sophie😉 Sophie is 20 years old as I've said, She was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia when she was 5 years old. I asked her a bit about her family.

- Tell me something about your family, Sophie.

"My family is like any other family's I guess but my parents are divorced. They divorced when I was about 13 years old."

- Okay, are both of your parents from New Zealand?

"No, my dad is actually from Australia so I've learnt much about this country thanks to him"

- What's your experience with the school in Australia?

"Well the school system is a Little bit different from the Swedish schools you told me about. Our school year starts in January and ends in mid-December when you're on summer vacation beacuse of the season differents. We have a 2 weeks winter holiday in July wich splits the school years into 2 semesters. The school days usually lasts between 09.00 to 15.00 but it depends on wich school you got to ofcourse."

- What do you like to do in your spare-time?

"Well, as you told me about sweden, you usually just go home straight away after school and you're done with everything but in Australia you usually don't go home straight away because the school arranges alot of different activities. From sports and Music to chess and political debates. Unless sports is not for you then I recommend you still go to the stadium where the school-teams play. Because most of your friends will be there."

- My last question for you, Do you use social apps alot?

"Yes, I do actually, I use Vine alot!" We laugh for a little bit.

"I like to get to know other people from different countrys so I use social apps alot but I have a question for you know, Jonna! Do you have Kik?" we laugh alot about it and then I say "Yes".

When I ended the interview we talked for a Little bit and then I asked her if she wanted to follow me to the great barrier reef. So now I have Company!😊

We will travel later today♥ See you later alligator!!




Hello Everybody!

Yesterday I arrived to Brisbane! I was so tired even if it wasn't far away from Canberra. So I searched for hotel's and I found the hotel "The Point Brisbane Hotel" It's really fancy here with an amazing view! The hotel's in Sweden is more expansive then here.

If I could, I would want to live here, in this hotel because it's so awesome! I've met someone! Her name is Sophie. She is very nice and she's 20 years old. We have a lot in common and I asked her if I could interview her and she said yes! So next time, you will see the interview so you can learn more about Australia😊

She will also follow me to Cairns to scubadive in the great barrier reef!

I asked Sophie about her job and how it works, she said that the payment depends on how good you are at that work. It's hard to explain but if you have experience with what you are doing then you get more money than your workmate.

It's a better system in Sweden because you all earn equal money even if you're not experienced with the work, if you're better than the other, you will get as much money as the other!





So I've been at the hotel for a few Days, sorry for no update but I had to explore the place and go into shops! You would love this Place if you came here♥ This Place is so Amazing and the hotel is AWESOME😁 The room's are very Clean and cozy. I don't really know anything about Sweden's hotel's but I Think Australia has much more luxury in their hotel's. Well, atleast it seems like it.

I will travel to Brisbane by air tomorrow it will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes so it's not that far away. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. When Queensland became a state in 1859, Brisbane became the Queensland's capital.

The city's name came from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales in 1820-1825. Queensland is also the third largest state in Australia.

I will see you tomorrow!♥



Hello everyone!

My airplane has finally arrived in Canberra International Airport in Australia. This is going to be so Amazing! I'm so exited! For today I'm going to take a cab to the "Waldorf Canberra apartment hotel" and then I'm going to check in, ofcourse!😃 And order some fast food because it's kind of early. I Think I'm going to eat the Roast beef. It's so good! Because it's like summer it's very hot😓 So I'm just going to stay at the hotel, well maybe I'll go tothw Town or something, just chill for a bit😉 Maybe later or tomorrow I will go to the beach. I really want to learn how to surf and also scubadiving with all the Beatyful creaturs in the ocean!😄

See you later alligator!!❤

I'm so happy to be here!