Hi blog. Im sitting here on wednesday night and looking out in the rain and say to myself! What am i doing ? Follow you dream! Have you ever had that question in your mind that your wasting time and doesnt do anything about it ? if so, stop right now and catch you dreams. Thats what im going ot do anyway!

My dream is to be a social influencer and inspier you to follow your dreams at the same time your following mine!

Ive wanted this for so long but never started for the same reason as i think alot of you dont follow yours. That is what your friends and other people will say and think about you! I just realised when i sat here and looking in the rain!, Jonathan stop wasting your life and stop caring what people will think about you and start chasing your dreams and what you want.

Hope you wanna follow my blog and my journey to my dreamlife! See ya.

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