my day started with the normal Korean tea I bought, I'm always drinking it because it is delicious and pure, I usually drink everything without sugar, it makes everything healthier I guess.

So I woke up kind of 07:20 o'clock today and I saw that something was different in my right eye, I got a little tiny red point-shaped moon and it scares me a lot, so I knock my neighbor's door, because she is a doctor, I explained what happened and she recommended me to buy special eye drops, I did it.

when I came home, I was trying to put the drops into my eyes, it tools me a while but when I reached the point it burned so much and I was able to wash my eyes up with cold water.

Though after that I cooked vegan food for 4 days, I use to cook for some days cause I don't get a lot of time to prepare all that and I'm lazy often.

In the end of all my day was more and less good until my friends came over to see how I feel.

So now I'm listening to some relaxing songs while reading a book.



Hello, today I was at the school doing some proves about chemistry and science so I hung up with two beasties who were covering my doubts about those themes, Amanda and Elliot, those cuties were the first two ones I knew here in Dakota high school, we made every single stuff that our teacher begged us to do for our presentation in front of all we could barely stand up for the speech but I could handle everything, the nerviness almost consume me up. Until it was time time finished it up to 12 o'clock.

Then I was completely busy at the cell phone store where I work. I was able to be working for 8 hours straight up but it was kind of tiny impressive because I sold two cell phones and some other accessories. It gives me a little of comfort to get more attention from my boss, hopefully he will rise up my salary even if I don't need it, it would be so good.

I went to my neighbor house cause I had to take care of her dogs while she is working at the hospital, the reason is that she couldn't leave them in the municipal dog pound and she told me if I could help her for 6 hours.

Though the dogs were super obedient to me. I took them out to walk with their straps.

In the end of the day she came and take them, I was a little tired to do more stuff beside I spent all my time at those dogs.