In the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump stated that he would not accept the final results of the election. He is beginning to feel a little pressure of losing voters and therefore he is accusing the election of being rigged.

Some people won't like me for writing this but; Trump is more or less comparable to Hitler. Trump is showing some signs that he is not supporting what a democracy stands for. I believe that he is going to turn the country upside down and turning America to more of a dictatorship.

He wants to do whatever he wants, in his way! Otherwise he think it's rigged or just wrong.

Trump is also saying that Hillary should'nt have been able to run for president in the first place. To wich Clinton respond that a statement like that is going against the American Democracy.

In America, everyone who is born in the country can run for pesident. That is a part of the american democracy.



Donald Trump

I'll start off this blog with my personal thoughts on Mr. Donald J Trump.

Donald, to me, seems like a person who does things just because he can. I belive this whole presidental candidate is something he does just because he knows he is able to gain fame and power. Trump is that stereotype of an egoistic, rich white man.

Miss Arizona 2001

The latest sexual misconduct alligation that Trump has been accused of is that he walked in on two young Miss USA contestants while they were naked and getting dressed for a rehearsal.

Tasha Dixon, former Miss Arizona, says in an interview with the Guardian that Donald Trump walked in on her while she and another young contestant were getting dressed. Trump, who owned the beaty pageant at the time, carelessly walked into the dressing room while the girls were naked. He did'nt excuse himself in any way, just walked in to the room and stared at the girls. Dixon believes that Trump owned the pageant just so that he could surround himself with beautiful young women. 

"Who do you complain to? He owns the pageant" she says in the interview.