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I have a few things I want to do before I die and I thought I might share some of them with you.

Number one:

Meet Jennifer Lopez. This is something I feel like I have to do. I Have to see her before I die. I would never have thought that she would mean this much to me when I saw her for the first time back in 2012, and my family keeps telling me it's gonna pass. That I'm not gonna love her as much in a few years and that if I get a tattoo to symbolize her I'll regret it. I just really disagree with them. I think that even if the love may fade, I'll always have a place in my heart for this woman and she will always have been a HUGE part in my life. Can't believe it's almost been five years since I fell for her.

Number two:

Meet Lana Parrilla. The reason to this is simple. Her character on the show Once Upon A Time has helped me so much this past year with my developing as a person and with me growing. Who would've though I'd relate to the Evil Queen huh? These past few years have been just downright shitty to me and when I was at an all time low i just randomly found OUAT and the minute the Evil Queen (Regina Mills) came on screen I googled her name. That was just because I found her insanely attractive, but it didn't take long for the reasoning line became a blur between her being hot and me relating to the character. Oh, and Lana is actually the one who made me realize I'm bisexual! And I'm 100% sure she is too, haha! I mean come on, no one looks at a woman the way she does without being even the tiniest bit of gay!!!

And I'm actually making this goal happen in April, so it's not long until I get to cross off one thing on my list.

Number three:

Live in Spain or America for a while. I don't really care about how long, just as long as it's more than two months! I don't know if I wan't to work or just have like a long vacation but at the very least, two months!



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I didn't think it would make me more motivated to keep this blog active when I got two other jobs which is a total of a 100% jobtime. But it did! I've felt more motivated to write and to take pictures. I've even made a schedule of what posts should come up when and I'm gonna try to post ever other day and when I feel like it I'll just write something short inbetween them and post as an extra!

Let's make 2017 the year of THIS blog.

Let's get it lovers

xx, Julia



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1. I love traveling. I mean who doesn't but I love it so much that I'll even go traveling with someone I don't know, just to get to go! And this brings me to number two.

2. I don't really get to know new people. And when I do I try my hardest not to let them in too much.

3. I'm not a relationship type of person. I mean sure I can thing that it would be nice to have a relationship but I just don't think that I'd be able to keep one. I'd fuck it up eventually so it's better to keep everything at an arms length when it comes to feelings.

4. I didn't realize I'm bi until I was like 18 and ever since I've felt so dumb! I should've realized earlier!!

5. Planning small trips makes me so happy. Just going to a new mall somewhere in Sweden or just spending one night at a hotel. Just small things like that. Going to a movie etc!

6. Buy me coffee and talk to me about your feelings and I'll probably let you in a little.