So our beloved Mia is going home in two weeks because she is to cool to be a guide anymore (boooo!) So we have started to do a bucket list of things our little nordic team needs to do before she leaves. And one of them was make a bonfire at the beach and watch the stars!

The day before yesterday me and Jasmin went to collect wood, with help from Happy as well (Yes her real name is Happiness and I'm so mad that my mother didn't name me that....). We collected enough wood for the fire to burn for almost 3 hours.

We made it to Afandou beach at around 9 at night, and Jasmin being a nature girl started digging the pit that we needed to make the fire. Then within a few minutes we had a really good fire going! Me and sophie are such city girls in comparison to Jasmin, Mia and Katariina. They are way down to earth..

We sang awfully whilst watching the bonfire and enjoyed some drinks. After the fire was done we all laid down and watched the stars, it was so beautiful!!

And just my luck, we were laying there watching the stars, and after like laying still for like 15 min I picked up my phone to check the time, and LITERALLY in the moment I look at my screen I hear Kat and Soph go "OMG SHOOTING STAR!"
Like coooomeeee ooooooooooon, how could I have missed that?!?!?!.... I forced everyone to stay as long as we needed in order for me to see a shooting star, but I gave up after 20 min... But apart from that it was such a nice evening with my girls!

Jasmin is the best photographer and look at this photo she managed to take!

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Kalispera! Whichs means good evening in greek. Yes I have finally learnt some words after more than 3 months here. I must say that the greek language is hard! It makes no sense kind of. Spanish and italian is so similiar so you can just fake it till you make it there, here it took me 2 weeks to learn how to say "thank you" correctly..

Well well, so last week we had this heat wave coming to Rhodes and shieeeet it was so warm. We had like 45-48 degrees for 3 days in a row. The wind was blowing so warm, it was as if someone was blowing with a hair dryer in your face at full speed. Not so nice. And to top that off, my room was worse than all saunas in Finland combined... I lived on the top floor with a balcony which i never used because mosquito's and heat.. So I always preferred to stay in my bed. BUT since I was living on the top floor the sun thought it would be fun to scorch my room. It was sooooo warm! Even the floors and walls were warm!! The air condition only blew cold air right underneath it but did not cool down the room at all! I took 4 showers a day because I sweat so much. Every time I got out of the shower I never got dry, I didn't know if I was still wet or if it was sweat. And the nights were the worst, waking up sweating. NO GRACIAS!

And to top that of, the whole island had power cuts back and forth. So one night the whole buildings electricity cut, I'm talking air condition and fridge not working! I died. We all did. And I had so many guests complaining as well as their air condition in the rooms wasn't cold enough, I was like bro! Come and see my apartment and we will see who's having trouble sleeping...

3 of my colleagues lives downstairs on the bottom floor, and their rooms are like fridges. I told the landlord that I can't deal with the heat and that I want to move down asap, and he said that within a week I could move down. HALLELUJAH! So the last week I slept over at Alana's place because she lived downstairs which was super nice.

And a few days ago I finally got to move down, and my oh my is it wonderful. I will never not appreciate the cold any more

Apart from that I have finally for the first time in my life gone scuba diving!! It was harder than I thought since you have to bare in mind stuff like equalizing the ear pressure, not to get water in your goggles, trying not to die in general haha. So the first dive I was to focused on not dying that I couldn't really enjoy anything, but then the second dive I did I felt like a mermaid (I probably looked like a whale tho). But it was so nice, I just relaxed, and floated around. The key to surviving for me was not going too deep, so I didn't have to worry about the ear pressure. I was scared of coming to close to the fishes and touching the stones, and now that I come to think of it, maybe snorkeling is more my thing!

And recently I have noticed that I might be allergic to the salt water, because every time I go for a swim I end up with these red rash on my body, and it itches like hell. But as soon as I take a shower it goes away. Another reason for me to stick to the pool life.
So that is the marina life that I've been exploring so far here in Rhodes!

Then me and my lovely team that consists of Mia, Katariina, Jasmin and Sophie has been spending some quality time together, going on road trips, beach days and so on, and I am soo glad I got this little team of weird people with me. They have definitely made this season so much better for me!

Oh and the other day me Alana, Nick and Jasmin went to an Escape Room. For those of you who don't know what it is, basically it is a room where you go in to. You have a limited amount of time to solve different riddles in order to escape the room! (hence escape room)

The first time I did this was with my brothers and my brothers wife. Maaaan that was so funny haha, we had this like prison room it started with, and we had to figure out how the prisoner escaped and who helped him.
The team was my very smart brother Sammy, my other smart brother Joakim, his really smart wife Mia and then me. Hhaha I was just there basically keeping the spirit up whilst they solved everything x) and we did make it out literally 1 min before the time was over! YAY US! #familygoals #detectivefamily #sherlocks

BUT here in Rhodes, as I said, we decided to try this escape room as a birthday present to Nick. But this was not your ordinary room.. This was a freaking HAUNTED HOUSE!!! (or room eheh ) And this was inspired by the horror movie the conjuring. And little did we know that there was some live actors in this!

My oh my... So the room was quite tiny and we had to find all these riddles and solve them in order to find the missing girl who has been possesed by a demon. And whilst we are looking and trying to solve shit, all the lights goes of and it goes pitch black. and someone starts banging on the door. I pissed my pants, I'm not gonna lie. Not my proudest moment.

Then we solved some stuff and continued in to the next room and there it was so dark, and like blood on the walls and we had to crawl through a little whole to get there, and then out of nowhere it goes dark again AND SOMEONE COMES CRAWLING IN!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk, I was so scared I held Jasmin infront of me as some sort of shield, ready to sacrifice her at any cost! At that point I realized that I am a horrible human being, and shouldn't be allowed to have friends since I only care about myself apparently.

Anyways, we didn't make it to the end... We finished 80% of the room tho which was really good, and the guy who was responsible talked to us afterwards and said that we worked so well as a team, and could see that we had a good dynamic listening to each other. He told us that there are so many groups that are horrible, and people really show their true colors.

I think the funniest part was when I used Jasmin as a shield and she started to cry in panic. (Once again, I'm a horrible friend because I couldn't help myself but to laugh at her )

But all in all, it was a exciting experience and you kind of get to know yourself a bit more, and how you will handle scary situations. They have just finished building another room where you will be held hostage by a murderer with a chainsaw and you need to escape him.
No thanks, I'm good.

On a happier note! On sunday my best friend Alexandra comes all the way from Malta to hang with me for a week!! I'm soooo excited and we will record a new episode for our podcast "Random Thoughts" ! We are going to have so much fun and explore all of Rhodes together!! Wopwooop!!

I believe that is it for now!




So last night I was sleeping like a baby and at 01.30 I just woke up by the whole bed shaking. Waking up not knowing what is happening is sooo confusing! Then I saw the lamp in the ceiling swinging back and forth, and I got super dizzy. I then stood up and though " shit, this is an earthquake, what do I do?! " I grabbed my phone, computer and passport and went to my window to see if anyone else has reacted and then it thankfully stopped shaking!
We have this group chat with everyone who lives in our building and everyone went off in it, OMG earthquaaake!.
It was such an uncomfortable feeling and it made me kind of sick..

But I'm alive and well and one experience richer!

Thanks to everyone who contacted me to ask if I was okay, I'm like destiny's child #survivor.



So where we live in Faliraki there is this astronomy café that is on top of the hill. It's like a 20-30 minute walk up there, but we decided to take the car, lazy as we are, but it was good, because I do not want to go there after dark.

We have heard about this place when we came, and also seen signs on the road there, so me and Jasmin and her cousin Jenna decided to visit it yesterday since they just opened 2 days ago. When we arrived to the top it was still sunset, and it was such a nice view over faliraki on one side and anthony quinn bay on the other. We sat down and got the menu and I decided to spoil myself with a strawberry banana milkshake ;) The man serving us was really friendly and told us that the owner who is also the guide for this tour will be with us soon. We waited for like 30 minutes til it got dark and we could see all these stars in the sky already and the half moon. There was this one bright star that I though was the star you are supposed to follow if you get lost at sea, but no, that turned out to be freaking Jupiter!!
I didn't know that what I was watching the whole time was a planet!! So cool, so even before it started I was already amazed.

Yhey had like this little garden with all these information about the stars and the planets, and greek mythology. I just felt like this was going to be my standard café ;).

Then the owner, whos name I have already forgotten since it's greek and greek names are complicated, came and greeted us. He tooks us on a little tour and then took us up in to this observatory place. In there he had this massive telescope and as he was fixing with the settings he told us all about the facts, about what you can see up in the sky and how everything worked. The coolest part was that he has never gotten any astronomy education, but this has always been his passion, and I think that is the key to learning. You really have to have the passion for it, and it rubs of on people you show your passion for.
We first started with Jupiter, which was soooo cool! You could actually see the surface on it, and also we could see 4 out of it's 67 moons! And the moons are equally as big as the earth!
After that he changed settings and showed us a star, that was shining bright, but was actually 2 stars very close to each other. And he said that every 3rd star is actually 2 stars close to each other. So cool to see.

And then, finally he zoomed in on the beautiful moon, and daaamn the light that reflects on it was so bright! You should not stare to long, because it's not good for your eye, but I was too amazed to stop looking x).
It was just so fascinating to see the moon so up close and just imagining that someone has actually been on it, walking there. Ah-mazing.

But the best part was when he said, oh give me your camera and turn of the flash, I did, and he then took a picture of the moon via the telescope and look at this beauty:

As most of you all know, I am veerry very easily impressed. Everything from big things like the fact that some has walked on the moon, to small things like how good Oscar is at parking.

But this was absolutely so cool. So if you come to Rhodes, I strongly recommend that you visit the astronomy café. They also do full moon parties there! With over 300 people attending, like sign me up!



This time for once my update won't be after 4 months, but after barely 1 week! I will really try and keep this blog as up to date as possible. So what have I managed to do this week?
Well it all started at the airport when the day before me and Rikke left Jojo at the airport. It was suuuch a nice farewell! Many tears but mostly laughs <3 then the day after it was my turn to go. Lovely Rilke and Assturd followed me to the airport at like 4 in the morning, bless them. After sweet hugs and laughs, 50kg (4kg overweight) and a security check done, I was on the plane heading towards Madrid. This Sunday was just filled with airports and airplane, but thankfully I met Jasmin who also has worked in Gran Canaria but in Playa del ingles whom I haven't actually spent much time with , and whom I have occasionally met out on guide Mondays. So in madrid we found each other and immediately hit it of. We flew Gran Canaria -> Madrid -> Athens -> Rhodes. And as I said, thank god for Jasmin, otherwise this day would have been way to long and boring.

We landed in Rhodes 14h after we have started our trip, and tired as fudge we came to this really worn out airport, and was like ehm... what is dis... I have seen much prettier airports in my young life. And this is also where our guests will arrive, so if this would be their first impression, then our airport team really has to go the extra smile to make the guests forget how shit the airport is x).

We were greeted by our new UK manager who is super duper sweet, and she drove us to our apartment. And believe it or not, the airport is like 20-30 min from where we live! So nice, so I believe that this season we won't have as many complaints about the airport transfer being to long! Woopwoop!
We came to our apartment complex and was given our own apartments, number 5 for me and 8 for Jas, almost neighbours! And poor Jas, she had almost nothing working in her apartment x) We have quite alright apartments, really big ones and also big balconies which is nice!

The morning after we met up with Sophie who is a blueberry (this is someone who is brand new to TUI), and she has already been here for a week so we jumped in her car and went to find our way in our new home Faliraki, and we also drove around to find our hotels for the summer. The car she got wasn't the best one, but at least it went forward. And my good, almost all roads are just straight ahead! So nice! no more complicated spanish roads. Sure they drive more crazy here, but nothing beats italian driving x) I think that I will do just fine in greek traffic since I almost felt at home with the italian driving.

Day after that it was time for me and Jas to go and pick up our car. And to our amazement and hapiness we went out of the car rental, and right there stood the most beautiful car a guide can dream of. A bran new red Fiat Panda!
For some very strange reason me and Jas got way to excited about this hahaha! Even our manager said that she has never seen reps been this excited about a panda. But considering the car the poor Sophie had gotten this was a ferrari for us. And thank the loooords, this one has a aux chourd! Our season has just been saved since we can play our own music finally, and damn that base tho in the car, YASSS!

Happy as we could be we took the car and decided to see more of what Rhodes has to offer. We have only seen Faliraki which now is like a ghost town, since all the bars and clubs are closed. In a few weeks time this will be the party of the parties. All reps will come here for a night out, and we live only like 15 min walk away from the main town of Faliraki, so this is super duper nice! #bringyourdancingshoes

Lari who is my Finish best friend from Gran Canaria is also here in rhodes for the summer so he joined us for our little road trip! We first of all went to Lindos, which is this beautiful idyll little village east of the island. I'm just gonna let the picture speak for itself.

We then continued further down, and drove as south as we could since we have heard about this place called Prasonisi where there is an island that is divided from main rhodes, and is only connected via a beach. This trip took only 2 hours, so it isn't the biggest island we are on, but there is still so many beautiful places for us to explore.

Then we drove all the way up to the north to Rhodes town which is the old town, and my oh my is it beautiful! The tourist in me and the cultural and history dork took over. Thankfully Jas and me are so similar in that way and have the same interests. Whilst other people go there to shop, we came there to feel the history. And we have also found this newfound love for greek mythology. My oh my is that an interesting world! So whenever we have time we sit together and read greek mythology, all about the greek gods like Zeus, Hades, Apollo and so on. And what better place to do this than in the old town of Rhodes when you are in the middle of this humongous old castle.

*Side story; so as guides, overtime you get a car, you need to give it a name. In sicily we had a old and rusty car that we called Stefano, and Oscar had a beautiful car we called Felicia. In Gran Canaria we had 6 different cars for the Puerto Rico Squad, and they all had names such as P-wagon, Rojolainen, Ompalompa and so on, which is a good way to differentiate the cars. So of course when me and Jas got our beautiful red panda, we thought okay, since we have found this new love for greek mythology we need to give it a greek name. And we had just found the perfect one. Pandora.
Let me tell you the story about the pandora box. Bare with me since I am a shit story teller, but this Pandora was according to greek mythology the first woman on earth who has recieved all the powers of the gods, and one thing that pandora got was also curiosity. Pandora was given this box that she was told she was never allowed to open, but curious as she was she opened up the box. But that box was filled with all the evil in the world such as; misery, deceases, starvation, poorness and all horrible things you can imagine. All this, Pandora let out in the world since she opened up the box, and in panic pandora closed the box . Little did she know that the only thing she didn't let out was... hope.
So now we call our car pandoras box, because the only thing that is left is hope. Which we can need some days when we might have a shit day, we can just get in the car, put on some up lifting music and say that at least we have hope left.

Today and the next two days we will start smiles academy and have all this training regarding summer 17, which is long days, but good refreshing of what is to come. Then I think we will have some excursion we will go on and more time to explore, and before we know it, its time to go blue! (working)

And might I just add that greek is such a hard language!! It was quite okay to go from italian to spanish, but going from spanish to greek is like going from arabic to chinese. I keep saying hola and gracias to everyone.... We will see if I will even manage to learn any greek at all. At least the tsatsiki is ah-mazing!

But until next time!



6 months and 13 days later it is time to say goodbye to Puerto Rico and to Gran Canaria. This has been the fastest 6 months I think in my entire life. Time has really flown by here. And I think it all has to do with my amazing team. They say time goes faster when you are having fun. At this rate I need to stop having fun or I will be 80 years old in a wheelchair in the blink of an eye.

What I will miss:

Working with the Taurito Squad.
All the movie nights in the bungalow.
Moonlight cinema.
Dinner in suite princess, and the chocolate souffle friday.
Las Palmas.
The mango chicken at taste of India.
Pre-partys in the bungalow.
Jojo and Heikkis dynamic singing duo.
All the lovely receptionists I have made friends with.
Coming home to my roomies after a long day at work.

The Puerto Rico squad!



So we have been on this island for more than 6 months now, and I can happily say that we pretty much have seen all there is to see on this island, at least after this roadtrip!

The west side of the island has always been a bit of a mystery for us all. Mostly because the roads are very narrow, and because the motorway doesn't go that way. But after have being here for a while now we thought we had to go and explore the "dark side of the moon" a.k.a the westside.

Thank god for Rikke and her driving skills, because these roads are not easy. You have to be very confident in your driving, and really know how to keep that clutch going in a hill. And most importantly you need to know when to honk (which is almost by every corner you come). We managed to drive almost to the mid west part, then the road was closed.. We knew that this road would be closed but of course we hoped it wouldn't be. The reason for it being closed is because there has been rock slides of the mountain, and this leads to the roads being closed. :( Apparently on that side of the island it is supposed to have these really secluded beautiful beaches, which is something we who live in puerto rico could only dream about.

We then continued all the way up through the island and made it to Las Palmas for some late night shopping before the mall closed. And this itself was a stressful moment since we thought that we were going to be locked in the mall, and in panic we went out through the garage way, when there actually was a door open like 5m from where we began panicking x) Then we went with the motorway home. This was a perfect day spent with amazing company.



We have been on different excursions and also done some team days. One of my days of me Lari, Johanna P and Johanna M went hiking to the highest point of the island called Pico de las nieves (1949m). Can you believe this. Me, hiking?!?! it's a bloody miracle that I didn't die on the way.

There is like 3 different levels to this hiking, so we all started with the bus at the same place, then the first stop the people who want's a challenge goes off and starts hiking. This is where the majority of the bus went off and left was us guides and a few others who aren't professional hikers x). Then the second level / stop everyone had to get off the bus and then we started to climb a bit. This was like a test route. So after like 15 min they said that okay if you thaught this was easy then you just continue, but if you thought it was hard then we can go back to the bus and drive up to the 3rd level.

I mean, I could easily have made the 2nd level (okay maybe not easily) but the problem was only that you couldn't enjoy anything! People were rushing so fast. I'm one of those that likes to take my time, take photos (see photo below), and actually enjoy the view from such a high altitude. So since I stopped for photos the guide came to us (since I was last obviously) and asked how it was going. And with my voice a bit out of breath I asked if it got harder than this and he said yes.

So back to the bus me and Jojo went. We drove for about 15 more minutes and made it up to the 3rd level (easiest) and thank god that we did that. We still hiked for about 2 hours to get to the top, and on the way we met up with the lvl 1 and 2's who has started earlier. It all went well till we were almost at the top, and we came to this very steep part. My gosh, I just wanted to lay down and cry. It was so hard, I was breathing so hard and had this blood taste in my mouth. And classic jackie is such a quitter but thankfully I have amazing friends who pushed me, saying all those motivational things like you can do this! Not much longer left! wop woop. And thanks to this I made it to the freaking top! I felt like I had won the olympic gold in hiking! And the view was AH-MAZING!



Jeep and camel safari:

So I have been wanting to go on this excursion since I came, mostly so I had any idea of what I was telling the guests this excursion was about. And finally I got a day off the same as Mark!

For those of you that don't know Mark, he is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Sure sometimes he can give you mean comments on how much you eat..... (don't judge, the hotel we eat in has really good food) hahah but he is a sweetheart deep down. He is one of the British reps and he has worked for this company longer than I have been alive. No joke.

We met up early in the morning and were taken with the jeeps to playa del ingles, and these jeeps weren't the most luxurious kind of rides, but hey, it was supposed to work off road so I wasn't gonna complain.. When we got there we were met by so many other guests, and we had I think 10 jeeps filled with 8 people each. And I tell you now, there should be no more than 6 in each. 8 is just pushing it hahah. Because me and Mark was squeeze in the back with 2 lovely people from the UK, and it was not comfortable. But me trying to keep a positive mind was like, it's fine, this will be okay.

WELL then came the off road part. My oh my was this a bumpy ass ride.. I felt like I broke my back, my hips, my stomach if that is even possible, my everything! I felt like I was having a concussion and that my teeth was gonna fall out.... It wasn't the most comfortable ride no. But once again I thought that this was part of the excursion, trying to keep an open mind.

I survived the bumpy ride with my body in check, and we made it to the camel part of the day. We had a nice camel called domingo, who just looked like he had a nice soul. Such a sweetie, but he pooped a lot. This part was only for like 20 minutes, but it was enough. I felt bad for the camels, but they seemed to be treated well so that's good!

Then for the rest of the day we were done with the bumpy version/off road, so instead we went on normal roads, and drove to some really nice view points. So all in all it was a nice excursion but it really made me think about the kind of guests I send on it. I swear, if a pregnant lady goes on this excursion, no matter if she is 1 month or 9 months gone, she will give birth to that baby on that jeep.

I think the highlight of the day was our guide Gary, what a handsome man he is and he has a good sense of humour! He pretty much made this trip. And Mark of course :)



Where do I begin..

It has been a crazy 5 months in Gran Canaria already. I have been swamped in work and had lots of things to do. I am loving this season, mostly because of my team. Gran Canaria as an island itself isn't the most beautiful one i've seen, especially after having been living on Sicily which was suuuuch a beautiful island. But it has it's good days.

So what have I been up to these past 5 months on Gran Canaria. Well it all started so sudden. We were after barely 2 weeks of studying thrown in to the work. I remember I had to hold 5 different welcome meetings in 5 different hotels that I haven't even been to. That was tough haha so everytime I feel like it's going to be a hard day I just think back to the beginning of the season and then it's like pff, this is nothing ;)

The first 2 weeks as said, we started to study the island, and I remember just thinking, how am I ever gonna learn all this?? They expect us after 2 weeks to be local experts of the destination. I have lived in gothenburg for over 18 years and I barely know anything about that city haha. It's a strange thing to do. To learn and become an expert on this one specific place, and then never have to use that information ever again. Like all the information I knew about Sicily, BYE.

So during these 2 weeks we went exploring, we went by car on our own to explore, we went on excursions, on a submarine, to the capital las palmas, to all these other small towns as well.

When we went to Las Palmas, we were dropped off by the shopping street, and then we had alone time for like 2h, and the tourist in me was like, YAS explore the shit out of this town. But the majority of people wanted to go shopping on the shopping street.. I was like nah guys, see ya! And off I went. But thankfully my gurl Tiffany joined me in my adventure time!! <3

So where do I live?

Me and my roomates are probably the luckiest ones in our team. We got the best place to live, it's like a bungalow, with such cozy decorations and you just feel so "home". Unfortunately for my other colleges who lives with the daily fight with the cockroaches. #sorrynotsorry

The Bungalow Squad: First there is Johanna, my skånska darling who is my ray of sunshine, and who always puts a smile on my face. Then there is Rikke, my danish skatt, who has taught me all the danish I know (thank you!). Rikke is also known as Slaybourn, and my ghetto partner in crime. And last but not least we have Juho, our finnish fucking roommate ! He is just a bundle of joy! I couldn't have been happier then to be living with these bunch of people for this season. Always so nice coming home after a long day of work and just to be in their company <3


Well a very good thing about Gran Canaria is the plane that goes to Teneriffe where my mother lives :D I have been there already like 4 times to see her. But it's so good, it only takes 30 min to fly between our islands and it's cheap tickets aswell. And Teneriffe is actually in my opinion more beautiful than Gran Canaria, or at least from what I have seen, which is the north part of Teneriffe. My brother, his girlfriend, my sister and my aunt has all been there to visit her, and then I joined so I could meet them aswell.

I have had both Connor and Anna visiting me here in Gran Canaria during christmas and new years. It was sooo much fun having them here! Even tho it was for a short while it was so cozy! Anna spent christmas here and Connor spent new years which also happened to be his birthday woopwoop! We had a really fun new years but unfortenly classic jackie got my bag stolen, with my new phone, wallet and keys. So amazing start to the new year...

But my father has taught me not to get upset about things that can be replaced, and that everything happens for a reason. The most important part is that I'm alright, and luckily I am.

Then I also recently had my dad visit me for 1 week in Gran Canaria, and this was fun since I now knew places, and could use my guide knowledge to it's fullest ;)

The Britts!

One of my weaknesses in life is british people. They bring out the British person in me that I though I was for a very long period of my life. I was mad that I was born in Sweden and not in London. I truly believed that I was British at heart. And living in Sweden with no British friends made it more frustrating, so when I first became friends with Connor, Harrison and Fiona in Sicily, I felt like I was finally the britt I always believed I was. Since then I have always felt the urge to become friends with all the british people I meet!! And I am very known for forcing my friendship on people, but in the end it always turns out to be a mutual friendship ;) I mean let's skip the awkward "getting to know if we will become good friends" phase and aim bigger, aim for an amazing fun friendship. And this is what you will receive in the end :D

Everyone from Kelly, the tiniest person i've ever met but with the surprisingly bad ass dance moves you've ever seen, to Mitch who will crack jokes upon jokes and leave you with nothing but a big smile on your face. Or John and his whalish language that sounds like jibberish but makes you want to learn it for the fun of it. And now I have Alistair from Scotland whom I try to learn Scottish from every day, and I do think I am doing very well in this, but Ali thinks I sound indian... And Ollie, my frienemie who works for Thomas Cook, but will be working with me in Rhodes wop whoop! Can't wait to get there with you! And how can I forget about Dan, my all time crush! He is the definition of tall, pale and handsome ;) Dan only speaks sarcasm which is my favourite language, and he always cracks me up. This person is the smoothest talker you will ever meet, but he can still make you feel special <3 #imyourfavoritenodick
Anyways! Everyone of you lot I am so happy to have met this season, and I will cherish this friendship I have forced upon each and everyone of you! xx

And now to the Puerto Rico Squad:

My team, my lovely lovely team filled with so much personality, craziness and so so much laughter. I remember on the plane to gran canaria I was just thinking, god damn it, now I have to start all over again, like how do you even make friends at this age?? It's not the same as when you were a child and you asked what's your favourite color, and if they had the same favourite color as you, you immediately became best friends.

And going from such a small team as we had in Sicily (shout ot to the original family <3 ) to a big destination (the biggest one we actually have) was quite scary. SO many new people, faces, names, personalities, and I was still so lucky to end up in my team of this dysfunctional family called the puerto rico squad.

We have spent 5 months together, seeing each other on a daily bases, working together, spending holidays such as christmas, halloween, new years and birthdays. And still not be tired of each other is amazing. We barely have 1 month left then it is time to move to the next place, and start from scratch and I have to continue with my forced friendship. Ugh let's not think about that now, since I want to be with my team for everrrr! Fuck it. Let's all stay and move in to Canaima (best hotel in puerto rico) and work here for the rest of the year por favor.

Anyways shoutout to this crazy family i've made here in Gran Canaria; Johanna P, Johanna M, Rikke, Juho, Erika, Sara, Emil, William, Heikki, Astrid, Katrine, Cathrine, Lari, Jani, Diana, Viktoria, Fanny, Sofia, Matilda & Alexander - Love y'all!
(I have plenty of photos from us, and this will come in a later post ;)