We have been on different excursions and also done some team days. One of my days of me Lari, Johanna P and Johanna M went hiking to the highest point of the island called Pico de las nieves (1949m). Can you believe this. Me, hiking?!?! it's a bloody miracle that I didn't die on the way.

There is like 3 different levels to this hiking, so we all started with the bus at the same place, then the first stop the people who want's a challenge goes off and starts hiking. This is where the majority of the bus went off and left was us guides and a few others who aren't professional hikers x). Then the second level / stop everyone had to get off the bus and then we started to climb a bit. This was like a test route. So after like 15 min they said that okay if you thaught this was easy then you just continue, but if you thought it was hard then we can go back to the bus and drive up to the 3rd level.

I mean, I could easily have made the 2nd level (okay maybe not easily) but the problem was only that you couldn't enjoy anything! People were rushing so fast. I'm one of those that likes to take my time, take photos (see photo below), and actually enjoy the view from such a high altitude. So since I stopped for photos the guide came to us (since I was last obviously) and asked how it was going. And with my voice a bit out of breath I asked if it got harder than this and he said yes.

So back to the bus me and Jojo went. We drove for about 15 more minutes and made it up to the 3rd level (easiest) and thank god that we did that. We still hiked for about 2 hours to get to the top, and on the way we met up with the lvl 1 and 2's who has started earlier. It all went well till we were almost at the top, and we came to this very steep part. My gosh, I just wanted to lay down and cry. It was so hard, I was breathing so hard and had this blood taste in my mouth. And classic jackie is such a quitter but thankfully I have amazing friends who pushed me, saying all those motivational things like you can do this! Not much longer left! wop woop. And thanks to this I made it to the freaking top! I felt like I had won the olympic gold in hiking! And the view was AH-MAZING!

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Jeep and camel safari:

So I have been wanting to go on this excursion since I came, mostly so I had any idea of what I was telling the guests this excursion was about. And finally I got a day off the same as Mark!

For those of you that don't know Mark, he is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Sure sometimes he can give you mean comments on how much you eat..... (don't judge, the hotel we eat in has really good food) hahah but he is a sweetheart deep down. He is one of the British reps and he has worked for this company longer than I have been alive. No joke.

We met up early in the morning and were taken with the jeeps to playa del ingles, and these jeeps weren't the most luxurious kind of rides, but hey, it was supposed to work off road so I wasn't gonna complain.. When we got there we were met by so many other guests, and we had I think 10 jeeps filled with 8 people each. And I tell you now, there should be no more than 6 in each. 8 is just pushing it hahah. Because me and Mark was squeeze in the back with 2 lovely people from the UK, and it was not comfortable. But me trying to keep a positive mind was like, it's fine, this will be okay.

WELL then came the off road part. My oh my was this a bumpy ass ride.. I felt like I broke my back, my hips, my stomach if that is even possible, my everything! I felt like I was having a concussion and that my teeth was gonna fall out.... It wasn't the most comfortable ride no. But once again I thought that this was part of the excursion, trying to keep an open mind.

I survived the bumpy ride with my body in check, and we made it to the camel part of the day. We had a nice camel called domingo, who just looked like he had a nice soul. Such a sweetie, but he pooped a lot. This part was only for like 20 minutes, but it was enough. I felt bad for the camels, but they seemed to be treated well so that's good!

Then for the rest of the day we were done with the bumpy version/off road, so instead we went on normal roads, and drove to some really nice view points. So all in all it was a nice excursion but it really made me think about the kind of guests I send on it. I swear, if a pregnant lady goes on this excursion, no matter if she is 1 month or 9 months gone, she will give birth to that baby on that jeep.

I think the highlight of the day was our guide Gary, what a handsome man he is and he has a good sense of humour! He pretty much made this trip. And Mark of course :)



Where do I begin..

It has been a crazy 5 months in Gran Canaria already. I have been swamped in work and had lots of things to do. I am loving this season, mostly because of my team. Gran Canaria as an island itself isn't the most beautiful one i've seen, especially after having been living on Sicily which was suuuuch a beautiful island. But it has it's good days.

So what have I been up to these past 5 months on Gran Canaria. Well it all started so sudden. We were after barely 2 weeks of studying thrown in to the work. I remember I had to hold 5 different welcome meetings in 5 different hotels that I haven't even been to. That was tough haha so everytime I feel like it's going to be a hard day I just think back to the beginning of the season and then it's like pff, this is nothing ;)

The first 2 weeks as said, we started to study the island, and I remember just thinking, how am I ever gonna learn all this?? They expect us after 2 weeks to be local experts of the destination. I have lived in gothenburg for over 18 years and I barely know anything about that city haha. It's a strange thing to do. To learn and become an expert on this one specific place, and then never have to use that information ever again. Like all the information I knew about Sicily, BYE.

So during these 2 weeks we went exploring, we went by car on our own to explore, we went on excursions, on a submarine, to the capital las palmas, to all these other small towns as well.

When we went to Las Palmas, we were dropped off by the shopping street, and then we had alone time for like 2h, and the tourist in me was like, YAS explore the shit out of this town. But the majority of people wanted to go shopping on the shopping street.. I was like nah guys, see ya! And off I went. But thankfully my gurl Tiffany joined me in my adventure time!! <3

So where do I live?

Me and my roomates are probably the luckiest ones in our team. We got the best place to live, it's like a bungalow, with such cozy decorations and you just feel so "home". Unfortunately for my other colleges who lives with the daily fight with the cockroaches. #sorrynotsorry

The Bungalow Squad: First there is Johanna, my skånska darling who is my ray of sunshine, and who always puts a smile on my face. Then there is Rikke, my danish skatt, who has taught me all the danish I know (thank you!). Rikke is also known as Slaybourn, and my ghetto partner in crime. And last but not least we have Juho, our finnish fucking roommate ! He is just a bundle of joy! I couldn't have been happier then to be living with these bunch of people for this season. Always so nice coming home after a long day of work and just to be in their company <3


Well a very good thing about Gran Canaria is the plane that goes to Teneriffe where my mother lives :D I have been there already like 4 times to see her. But it's so good, it only takes 30 min to fly between our islands and it's cheap tickets aswell. And Teneriffe is actually in my opinion more beautiful than Gran Canaria, or at least from what I have seen, which is the north part of Teneriffe. My brother, his girlfriend, my sister and my aunt has all been there to visit her, and then I joined so I could meet them aswell.

I have had both Connor and Anna visiting me here in Gran Canaria during christmas and new years. It was sooo much fun having them here! Even tho it was for a short while it was so cozy! Anna spent christmas here and Connor spent new years which also happened to be his birthday woopwoop! We had a really fun new years but unfortenly classic jackie got my bag stolen, with my new phone, wallet and keys. So amazing start to the new year...

But my father has taught me not to get upset about things that can be replaced, and that everything happens for a reason. The most important part is that I'm alright, and luckily I am.

Then I also recently had my dad visit me for 1 week in Gran Canaria, and this was fun since I now knew places, and could use my guide knowledge to it's fullest ;)

The Britts!

One of my weaknesses in life is british people. They bring out the British person in me that I though I was for a very long period of my life. I was mad that I was born in Sweden and not in London. I truly believed that I was British at heart. And living in Sweden with no British friends made it more frustrating, so when I first became friends with Connor, Harrison and Fiona in Sicily, I felt like I was finally the britt I always believed I was. Since then I have always felt the urge to become friends with all the british people I meet!! And I am very known for forcing my friendship on people, but in the end it always turns out to be a mutual friendship ;) I mean let's skip the awkward "getting to know if we will become good friends" phase and aim bigger, aim for an amazing fun friendship. And this is what you will receive in the end :D

Everyone from Kelly, the tiniest person i've ever met but with the surprisingly bad ass dance moves you've ever seen, to Mitch who will crack jokes upon jokes and leave you with nothing but a big smile on your face. Or John and his whalish language that sounds like jibberish but makes you want to learn it for the fun of it. And now I have Alistair from Scotland whom I try to learn Scottish from every day, and I do think I am doing very well in this, but Ali thinks I sound indian... And Ollie, my frienemie who works for Thomas Cook, but will be working with me in Rhodes wop whoop! Can't wait to get there with you! And how can I forget about Dan, my all time crush! He is the definition of tall, pale and handsome ;) Dan only speaks sarcasm which is my favourite language, and he always cracks me up. This person is the smoothest talker you will ever meet, but he can still make you feel special <3 #imyourfavoritenodick
Anyways! Everyone of you lot I am so happy to have met this season, and I will cherish this friendship I have forced upon each and everyone of you! xx

And now to the Puerto Rico Squad:

My team, my lovely lovely team filled with so much personality, craziness and so so much laughter. I remember on the plane to gran canaria I was just thinking, god damn it, now I have to start all over again, like how do you even make friends at this age?? It's not the same as when you were a child and you asked what's your favourite color, and if they had the same favourite color as you, you immediately became best friends.

And going from such a small team as we had in Sicily (shout ot to the original family <3 ) to a big destination (the biggest one we actually have) was quite scary. SO many new people, faces, names, personalities, and I was still so lucky to end up in my team of this dysfunctional family called the puerto rico squad.

We have spent 5 months together, seeing each other on a daily bases, working together, spending holidays such as christmas, halloween, new years and birthdays. And still not be tired of each other is amazing. We barely have 1 month left then it is time to move to the next place, and start from scratch and I have to continue with my forced friendship. Ugh let's not think about that now, since I want to be with my team for everrrr! Fuck it. Let's all stay and move in to Canaima (best hotel in puerto rico) and work here for the rest of the year por favor.

Anyways shoutout to this crazy family i've made here in Gran Canaria; Johanna P, Johanna M, Rikke, Juho, Erika, Sara, Emil, William, Heikki, Astrid, Katrine, Cathrine, Lari, Jani, Diana, Viktoria, Fanny, Sofia, Matilda & Alexander - Love y'all!
(I have plenty of photos from us, and this will come in a later post ;)



It was heartbreaking for me to say bye to my beautful Sicily. I can for sure say that Ive been there and done that. I saw all the beautiful places that island had to offer, and I really tried hard to do it in case I never go back. But now I am currently sitting on our terrace in Gran Canaria during my siesta break writing this post.

And finally I posted my video of my time in Sicily, so here it is! ENJOY! 



Where do I start with this person. How do I describe the person who came in to my life and just made me laugh so much louder?

This little ray of sunshine came in to my life when we both started of as brand new guides for TUI. We both knew the moment we met that YAS, you and me are gonna get along. And boy did we!

Yes I am talking about you Connor Biggs.

Just the way we think, speak, tell jokes, DANCE are so similar it’s cray cray. We both have the same taste in music, and both can quote the movie white chicks by heart.

After barely 1 month I felt that I had known you my entire life, and it just felt so right! We all spent so much time together in the beginning to get to know each other, went on all these awesome excursions for like 12h , and we still didn’t get tired of each other. It really felt like we were on holiday and it was just so much fun. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our friendship holds!

You are the one I always call first when I have gossip, no matter what or where. Even if you dumped me and left for Croatia and me being left in Sicily we still manage to always catch up and have a laugh. Even tho that we are not in the same place I still can call you whenever, even if that means you having a bath and me being on my way home.

Love You to bits Connor Allan Biggs

 I love all of my best mates, and from time to time I will post an appreciation posts ;)



I barely even landed in Sicily and then I was back at work. It's quite different how much you work. Back home I used to work as a receptionist with hours like 9-17 monday -friday and all you did was counting down the hours and days til it was weekend. You filled out that you worked 7,25 hours, sometime if you stayed 30 more minutes then you put it as overtime.

Like hours and minutes was so much more important then. Now I don't even think about the hours and minutes, I think about if I have airport, excursions, guide online. It's so much nicer in a way since things always happen and you're not really stuck in this hamster wheel.

So now I'm back in Giardini-Naxos til tuesday. Then I go back to Cefalu for 2 days, then come back here again. I miss Cefalù already, and my firecat squad there, but it's also so nice coming back to my nordic squad!

Let's see what the last 2 months will hold!



I am currently chilling at Rome's airport waiting for my connecting flight to Sicily to get back to work. 

So this past week I've been home and got to see my family and my dogs, so lovely to see them! Then I also had some time to meet my girls! So much fun hanging with everyone again. But the reason I took this vacation is as said because my brother got married!

My oh my it was the most beautiful and emotional wedding I've ever been to (and also the only wedding I've ever been too) but they definitely put the bar high. I cried so much all the time! I cried in the church, at the reception, when we held speeches, their first dance! #crybaby. The atmosphere was so nice! Everyone was in a great mood, and I got to be a bridesmaid and I got a beautiful ring from Mia my now sister-in-law as a thank you and I felt so honored.  It really has been such a wonderful weekend! Pics will come soon! :) 

See you in Sicily!



I am currently sat at Berlin airport waiting for my flight back home to Stockholm. After 4 months it's time for a quick vacation back home because my big brother is getting married!! WOPWOOOP! It's gonna be the first wedding that I have ever gone to, and on top of that i'm one of the bridesmaids! Ugh can't wait! I have been sat here 3 hours now, 3 more to go. I was thinking abut going in to Berlin since I had 6 hours to pass, but it's like a storm outside, and I wouldn't wanna go alone. Oscar is gonna go with me one day and be my local guide!
​ As soon as I land in Stockholm I'm gonna get myself one big as hamburger from MAX, YASS! Then meet up with my mom, be picked up by my sis and brother, then go home to my dad and my DOGS! Ugh I have I missed it all!

XOXO Jackie



Changes is something that occurs all the time in the TUI company. Apparently there is a big lack of staff in Giardini-Naxos area so I will need to go back there soon.

A part of me is really happy about this since this was the plan from the beginning. I get to go back to my tui fam and work with my nordic reps. But the other part of me is really sad about it since I have come to LOVE Cefalu and the people I work with here. I have really been lucky to have had the chance to experience both these places.

So what have I been up to these past weeks?

Almost 1 month ago my brother came to Cefalu and visited me with his girlfriend! My first guests to come and see me :D It was really fun! I had to work a lot tho but as soon as I had some time of I went and hung out with them.

We also managed to climb LA ROCCA! It's this huge rock in the middle of cefalù. If you google Cefalu you will see this big rock. You can actually climb it, and I used to tell my guests that it's quite easy, that anyone can do it, it takes about 1 hour , just bring comfortable shoes and a lot of water. I then thought it was about time that I climbed it myself since I need to know what I'm really telling my guests. And my oh my have I been lying to them... It was sooooo hard! I know I have the worst stamina in the whole of sicily but gosh darn it was it tough! Some people say it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. BULLSHIT! God damn it, I was so angry going up that bloody hill! I would say it's not about the journey, it's all about the destination! Because the view from up there was absolutely amazing!!

So now everytime I see this big rock I can with pride show off and say that I was there! All the way to the top!

Then I had Oscar come and stay with me for 2 days so I could teach him about Cefalu since he was gonna cover for me when I went on vacation. It was so much fun having him in Cefalu and then we did a road trip back to Giardini. We took some wrong turns and ended up in beautiful places! :D

Then when we arrived in Giardini we met up with the rest of the tui fam and we went to Etna land! It's this big waterpark during the day and amusement park during the night! It was so much fun! I totally lost my voice from screaming so much. And we managed to ride the same ride 7 times. 7 TIMES! I felt like a kid again running around riding everything, but then my age caught up with me and I was ready to puke. That's when we decided to head back home. Really fun to hang out with everyone again :)

And omg the other day when I was in giardini, I got this snapchat from Fiona:

Like what the hell?? It's usually like 31 degrees and sunshine all day err day in Cefalu, but those few times the weather is bad it's like really bad! How crazy!

Anyways, so a big thanks to my cefalu fam Fiona, Dominique and Gosia for making my stay in Cefalu ah-mazing!!



It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows here in sicily, there has been some days that I have just felt completly shit and I understand now when people say "I'm getting to know me" because when situations arises your survival instinct really kicks in. Or at least it does for me.

Let me tell you a story of the most stressed day of my life so far.

So there I was, minding my own business, just finished holding one of my excursions. So me and the bus driver had dropped of the last guests and we were heading back to the office. We were driving through some tunnels on the way, and in one of the tunnels there was a stop, so we ended up being in a queue. I took this photo to show Alice and tell her that "ugh stuck in traffic"

​Then out of nowhere, people start running out of their cars, screaming and crying! I didn't understand what the hell was going on, they looked behind them and just ran out from the tunnel. And we were in the middle of the tunnel and it was a long one. So me and the bus driver goes of the bus and tries to understand why everyone is panicking. No one responded to my "what is happening?!" people just ran and screamed and cried and dragged their families out of cars. It was crazy. And my first thought was by the looks on peoples faces and the way they kept looking over their shoulder and screaming, I thought it was some maniac shooting people. So I went back to the bus and asked the bus driver in half italian/french (because he knew both but no english) : Should we lay down on the floor in the bus or should we run?. He just looked and me and said; Jackie, run.

Wow, those words just so calm but yet so serious made me just grab my bag ( don't know why -.-') and I started running out of the tunnel. While I was running I could see cars being left, motorcycles still on laying on the floor. People running, screaming, crying. At one moment I was running next to this girl and I asked her "What is going on?!?" And she said Non lo so which means I don't know. That was when the panic slowly started to kick in. I kept running, seeing everyone screaming and dragging their grandmas with them. Cars that tried to back out of the tunnel but got blocked by other cars that were empty from people leaving them. As I was running I was running next to this car that was backing up, so I looked at them and asked if I could jump in, the lady nodded yes and I jumped in in the back. I asked if they knew what was going on and of course they didn't know any English so we all looked at each other in panic I figured that it would go faster if we could back the car out of there. But as I said, there were so many cars left in the middle of the roads so out of no where the people who drove the car couldn't get further out so what do they do?. They jump out of their car, just left it and started running. I was still in the car thinking , well fuck, i'm not staying then!

So I jumped out and started running again. And whilst running I kept asking people what is happening, and this one lady yelled dramatically EXPLOSION. Well shieeeetttttt......

That's when stage 2 of panic kicked in. I thought well now there is a bomb in here. RUN! So I kept running till I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, LITERALLY! At that moment I picked up my phone and called my manager Jette who is the best manager in the world, and she picked up and that's when I realized that I was starting to hyperventilate since I was out of breath from running at the same time I was starting to cry and the shock hit me. So poor Jette got the most horrible phone call from me when she answered I couldn't barely speak between my sobbing and breathing, and she went full survival mode as well and was like okey I can't help you if you don't take a deep breath and explain to me. What has happened? Where are you? I'm coming to get you with my scooter! Aw Jette <3

That's when I came out of the tunnel and I saw 2 bus drivers that I have had as my drivers from other excursions, and they saw me coming running out crying and they just said JACKIE! I ran straight to them and they embraced me and was like It's okay! It's okay now, you are safe.

These guys tho ❤ So one of them took the phone and spoke to Jette and explained that I was now with them, and that they would take care of me. That's when I could finally calm down and get back down on earth from that shock.

The police came and firefighters. And after maybe 20 minutes they had cleared the situation. So what has happened was that a car had caught on fire in the middle of the tunnel. And people was running away from it, in case it would explode. Hence the lady yelling explosion!

They cleared the tunnel and after 20 minutes we could drive again, and as we did we could see smoke in the tunnel, and then right outside there was the tow truck with the car, and you could see the entire front of the car was burnt. So it was literally in minutes that thing could have exploded so I get why everyone was running.

But my oh my are Italians masters at exaggerating.... They are drama queens for reals!
But the worst part from this incident for me was the fact that I had no idea what it was that I was running from..

As I said, you really get to know yourself and get to realize how strong you really are mentally as well, not ready to give up, you really go in to survival mode.
Well I'm alive and as I said in previous post;

(I think this will be my motto for Sicily)