My name is Jasmin. I am 25 years old and working at little ceasers for six years now. I do dishes, make the sauce and sauce cups. My life is simple, I wake up snap chat, watch a couple movies, get ready for work and that's a normal day. I have major anxiety it's been with me all my life. The thing that takes away my anxiety the most is movies, I love movies. Titanic has to be my favorite as cliche as that sounds. I've memorized every single line, and I don't know why I love it so much it just connects with me.

I also love the Walking dead as you can see that's Meryl Dixon standing next to me at comicon. when the season is at its end, I re watch Breaking bad. After watching those two shows its hard to get into anything else. I ended up loving Nashville, Weeds, Game of thrones, Bates motel and outlander.

I also enjoy adult therapy coloring books. I have about ten books and over 500 gel pens.

I've decided to start a blog so I can begin to write again. I love to write, read and I play piano by ear. My life is simple, sheltered, I have two best friends and a huge family I love dearly. This is all there is to me at this time but people either seem entertained by me or annoyed. I am who I am and hopefully this blog lives another day. All the pictures I post from personal to movie and TV quotes is apart of my personality, one of the best ways to describe me.