By flat reed discussing the adventure and clay questions you are teaching your adolescent a address that they can use in the approaching if they activate to reed. It is accessible for accouchement to be able to use account clues and ambience clues to bulk out words that they do not apperceive or are accepting difficulties adaptation if they are account on their own.

Abide to point to the words as you reed. Abounding accouchement at this date can apprehend their admired adventure to you. They accept heard the adventure over and over. You accept been pointing at the words, and they use the illustrations as account cues. If this happens it is a abundant adeptness and is could cause for a celebration!

Talk, discuss, explain, and acknowledgment questions. This is the way to abide accretion your child's cant and advice skills. Introduce new words that accept agnate meanings to ones they already know, like jump, hop, and bounce, see table for added examples. Accept them acquaint you what they did during their day.

Cover them in baby decisions such as beyond should the new armchair go, or what should we accept for dinner. I apperceive it sounds crazy at a time if it seems that your adolescent never stops talking, but animate them to allocution about annihilation and everything. It aswell makes them feel important and cared for if you absorb this appropriate time with them.