It was 8/20/15 the clear blue skies made no chaos and that morning was peaceful as anyone could ever imagined, I can clearly remember the time when you told me you wanted to see me, As you said to trust you and that you got everything ready. And you said to meet you at the designated place, as I arrived I saw you standing waiting for me, you were busy fidgeting with your phone and as I came towards you, you look up and you smiled. I can remember the warmth of your hand, as we compared the size of our hands we laughed as your hand were bigger than mine, you stared into my brown eyes as I stared into your hazel eyes, I felt like no one could ever destroy us. And then I remembered The clouds went dark and it rained, the warmth that I thought was always there was gone and you turned cold and everything turned hazy in an instant, you let go and we parted ways after the cuddles and the broken kisses but most of all the promises that we made was gone. And that was the day I lost you.

Excerpt from an unfinished memory//storm chaser

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Thank you for being honest, for saying your intentions towards me involves something else, for not putting flowery words and for cutting the chase that you just want to fuck.

For showing your true colours, for only seeing me as a sex object, for not taking me seriously, for taking advantage of me. Thank you for being real with me.

But above all, thank you for being honest. For not respecting me one bit, for letting me know that I don't deserve you, for fucking up my thoughts ever since you came back, for making me believe with your sweet lies.

I'm sorry because, you could not see the rainbow in me, the purest love that I have for you, the amount of respect I have for you, the golden heart that I could give you.

I'm sorry because I let you take over and destroy me, only because if I did that then maybe you wouldn't leave me but you were too dumb to care.

But still thank you, because you don't deserve a girl like me, for you never saw my worth, for you never saw how much love I have to offer, for you did not saw my beauty, for you did not saw the feelings I wanted to convey.

Thank you, for you did not saw how forgiving I am. For I forgave you on what you did without you knowing, for not seeing how much I have to offer in this cruel world, and for letting me find you that after all this time, it was still you.

Thank you for letting me go without you knowing that I was for keeps,I forgive you anyway.

Thank you, for you lost me.

(This piece has been sitting in my draft closet for so long and I had to think about it and finally I had to publish it since it would be a waste not to.)



This is my first music review as I’ll start from our lovely city and ofcourse in order to support our indie local bands. I may be new to this but this is my own perspective and taste to my lovely indie ears of mine.

Lately I’ve been loving our local bands aside from loop, my current addiction is “TWINR” or they are known as “The World is not Round”

(below is the picture of the band)

The world is not round just released their album last june 22, 2016 as this album is entitled "Alpha Rhythm"

Once you get to listen to their music I bet your Replay button will be raped many times I’m not exaggerating tho it really is addictive, the intro of their songs sure is addictive as it starts with the drums banging and then the guitars afterwards creating the intro a blasting addictive key to the ears, “eargasm” I say and then followed by the lyrics as the vocalist sings its 1st lines of the lyrics.

You are far most captivated as you listen to the lyrics, you could further relate to it, I bet you’ll be imagining situations that happened based on the songs.

For further ado, these are my favorite songs from their digital album “Alpha Rhythm”

                           1. Falsified Fantasies
                           2. Priam
                           3. Sherlock’s Ghost
                           4. Downward Disposition
                           5. First Date
                           6. be there tonight

Do I need to go to the why’s on why I like the songs that I listed above?

No.1 falsified fantasies gives me the vibes of seeing myself being a lil overdose to having a full trust to giving my heart to that someone and yes, I’m in the guilty category of being swallowed by the mind of my other half and I guess wanting to know what’s his intentions and all the lies but despite all of that you already know that all of it was just a “Falsified fantasies” and yet you hold on. (Dumb thing to do I say)

No.2 Is the make-believe part wherein you thought you could survive grasping a thin hope that you’ll make it alone despite being lost in your own self. (This my dear reader is depressing for me but addictive in a way )

No.3 Sherlock’s Ghost kinda talks about a forbidden love wherein the people that surrounds them are more or less against them and with every move the guy makes is being watched. ( I gotta say I raped this song)

No.4 As you listen to the lyrics you could say to yourself that you need a peace of mind or being set free from the grasp of the people including in a toxic relationship wherein the other half gradually brings you down.

No.5 First Date!! This song is no.1 on their album altho I listed it no.5 randomly, this song falls in knowing what she is like but instead you took the risk of loving her and then comes breakup and believing the issues that surrounds you, hatred then comes in the door.

No.6 "be there tonight" I could literally say this song talks about my current situation but dang, this song hit me hard. And if you’d want to know why exactly I’d want you to listen to this song and understand the lyrics very clearly! (Make sure to hit me up and let me know)

Boy was that long? Well I find it very sublime and fulfilling to share my own perspective to each songs that I listed above, but that’s not all of their songs.

There are 12 songs in their album, I couldn’t list all of them because I wanted to share my top 6 faves to you guys and explain the “why’s.

For you my Dear Reader I'll post the list of their songs below,

I'm sure you're curious by now base on the title of their songs then I suggest you listen to their songs and maybe have a Kind heart to buy their album and also please do, Rape the Replay button because I know for sure you’ll get addicted by their songs.

And if you can, please do a review or Share their songs to the others and spread the love you have for them. Don’t miss out and be sure to keep updated to them, you can find them on Facebook as The world is not round. They also have a youtube account and make sure to subscribe!

You can find their album in this site, the link is below.





Because I loved you with every fiber of my soul
Because no matter how tired I was I couldn’t give up on you
Because I’m not tired of battling every storm
Although I was the only one fighting
While you were fucking with someone else

And because I was spitting blood and sweat
Fighting the constant lies
And a slapped of reality you gave to me
And because I was afraid
I promised you that I’d never leave
And no matter what you did to me
I will always be there
I am different
I’m not like the others
Not your past
Who scuttled away
The second you did those things


Tell me,
How can I stay?
When you
Slapped me with reality and told me to leave
That you never loved me at all
That you only used me
Because you were lonely
That it was only lies
And you were sick
Almost to the pit of your scattering brains
And that you had fun and enjoyed every minute
For making me believe that you love me

How can I stay when you put me in the spot
How can I stay true to my words when you’ve blinded me in the spot
How do I honor my vow to you

I’m at the spot here when I’m at my will
And that this isn’t fair

Dear darling,
You cannot push me away like this
And make me look like
I didn’t stay true to my words
But I had no choice when you shut me out and abandoned me

I loved you
I loved you with every spit of my blood
Every tears I wasted
I loved you

So remember this,

The next time you come back
And ask for forgiveness
And beg me to hold on with you again

I’ll slapped you with these words,

You even have the audacity to blame me
For not keeping my promise,
My darling, it wasn’t me who ran away

It was you,

You were the coward that ran

And no,

I don’t love you anymore

And this time

It’s too late.



This may sound bond in a rush but really I want to point out on how amazing a moment can be.

During this time I felt like a wallflower while my lovely cousin introduced me to them and behind the scenes was that she silently told me on how she met them, told different sides to them, mentioned their names while pointing them on who is who.

As always I was awkward and pretty much stiff the entire time and to loosen that up was a few drinks here and there, but seeing them giving me a  warm welcome to the group was very overwhelming I dare say, the crazy outcome of the people there was worthy to be with.

I couldn't thank enough meeting this people and sort of having the courage to interact with them, as you see I'm pretty much the girl with a social anxiety skills so interacting with new people was a challenge to me.

It was lit we kind of had to go to the umm.. boundary level, just a tad bit got out of hand that night, but it was a nice memory to carry.

Meeting them was enchanting, seeing them singing and laughing and comforting each other, making fun of each other, and just throwing each other off (not literally throwing each other 😂)  was amazing to look at.

I may not know them entirely but they gave me the comfort of throwing the weight on my shoulders since most people I've been with didn't do so, it was my first. And if ever I get the chance to hang out with them again then I'd just want to laugh it out because when you're with them, I do promise you'd laugh your stomach out.

But one regret I did was showing my side that I was not supposed to do and it did not turn out nice at all, instead of them being the reason of my happiness. Some feelings came out and it showed a rotten urge to cry thy feelings out and I don't want to be the reason of their burden that night, I want them to be happy rather than break the dandy moment.

And there I realized how crazy every encounter can be, I think it was God's plan to let me meet them even just for a moment or it could turn out to be a lifetime events. They truly are beautiful human beings, beautiful souls indeed.



I'm making my way through the various clouded days, the chaos wonders of the world, the insane places that made me sane.

I'm making my way through the extensions of the universe, the forgotten days that clings to be remembered.

I'm making my way to the shatters of the past, to the rattling and jingling of the future, to the bells ringing as of now, the present.

I'm making my way to a better place, where there's no chaos but only full of wonders, where theres no insane moments but sane and solemn places.

I'm making my way.



The anime is set in Neo Tokyo in the year 2025, five years after a terrorist attack on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. To combat future threats, the United Nations force teenagers possessing special abilities into fighting those threats. One member, Anthea Kallenberg, seeks to discover her true identity.


Alternative Title :
Type: OVA Episodes 1
Genres: ActionSci-FiThriller
Duration: 38 min.
Rating : R+ - Mild Nudity

Here is the list of characters and voice actors

I am quite not satisfied but I am amazed with what has been done in 28 minutes. The pacing is really good, and the story has quite a lot of potential.

I regretted watching it tho, It was very short and the trailer was way far to the ova, some parts were a bit missing because I figured that they will show more on what they had shown at the trailer but boy oh boy, I was wrong! I've been stoked about this anime for like many months now and as I watched it put me at the pit, I mean it was good the action scenes was good but the over all story was missing a lot and plus the trailer reveals a lot of action scenes but it was never shown at the ova.

They didnt had enough time for more anthea (fight scenes show in trailer wasn't animated).
As for Hana, it was :/ no happy fairytale ending  all parties tbh

Wow Under The Dog was actually good, I'm impressed. I will say they did oversell it in kickstarter but hey thats how you sell a product and I'm not mad it is a solid 8/10.

"Its more substance than style because I would say this is basically something a seasonal anime can accomplish with the animation. I guess its harder to sell a story that isn't otaku pandering. But hey who knows maybe they thought they could have done this independently. But seeing as this is with KC and Orange I'm glad they worked with a competent studio. The CG is your standard Orange quality CG. Some scenes def looked more flashier than others and the backgrounds were simple but it got the job done. "

"I feel that Hana was a good main character for the amount of screen time she got. Sadly we don't get to see the Anthea till the 22 minute mark. Again, it looks like they were selling a different product at first. Anthea's introduction puts everything in to perceptive to why she comes so late in the anime. It isn't a bad thing because Hana is still a good character. The last act is what the 2 acts before it built up to. And I do say it was worth the build up. The action scenes might not be OMG! but it was good and interesting."

"Most of the story is placed in high school where we see a gun fight going on. Don't let high school setting bother you because we only get that higschool feel for 2 or 3 minutes before everything goes ape shit. Whats great about it is that we get enough info in-between these shooting fight scenes but not overbearing to the point where we have exposition coming out the screen. There are plenty of things that the story shows you but doesn't explicitly tell you. For example the monster having green eyes as well as Hana and Anthea. They even spell it out for you in the beginning about how their hope became their nemesis. But you forget about that by the time you get to the second act. Overall there are other things but I don't want to go into detail just watch it for yourself. The entire anime is paced and directed in such a way where it feels like a mini movie. "

It is a decent to good action anime with great build up and nice characters.

Enjoy the twist because this anime does something most anime wouldn't have. Thats all I gotta say without spoiling your experience. But too bad because they won't make a series but they will make a 1st and 2nd movie in order to know the characters past and all.

I just wish they will wake up and surprise us with a series! :(

And also this anime shows nudity and boobs and its not suitable for kids.

I hope you'll enjoy the movie as much as I love and hate it at the same time!




The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the "unknown"—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the "unknown" several decades ago wake up from their slumber and learn that their bodies developed some supernatural forces. In order to protect the country from the "unknown" emerging from the Tokyo bay gate, the boys and girls wage battles in the defense the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba. (Source: OfficialSite)

( I did some scavenger hunting informations for you guys regarding this anime, this is basically my way of helping you incase you're curious and is too lazy to search for the given information. The list is below as follows)

Genres: ActionMagicSupernatural
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

This is the list of the characters and their voice actors ( any familiar voice actors we got there? 😏)

These are the OST of Qualidea Code, the intro is very catching and is rock on genre especially that it is sang by a female (LISA), it delivers the quality of its radness.

pening#1: "Brave Freak Out" by LiSA (eps 1-8)
#2: "AxxxiS" by LiSA (eps 9-12)
Ending#1: "Gravity" by ClariS (eps 1-4)
#2: "Yakusoku -Promise code- (約束 -Promise code-)" by GARNiDELiA (eps 5-7)
#3: "clever" by ClariS x GARNiDELiA (eps 8-12)

(Oh! and if you are looking for canaria's song which she always sang during battles, just type it in youtube "Canaria's song" and it will appear immediately.)

At first I thought that this anime was kind of like "mehh" so the same as the other animes that I have watched and then it really was but just by watching the first set of episodes it got really real. The story at first glance seems extremely shallow (Ill admit to that). However, as someone that watched this on a whim; this show...gets really awesome by some episodes. This show has the story for it and I have to admit, its really good. It got me craving for more and I generally don't have that opinion (I am a binge watcher, okay? lol).

Unfortunately there are going to be a couple hurdles you will have to fight through:

1.In this anime there are 6 MCs which is awesome btw since one MC is too mainstream now, Each MCs has the attitude problem but some you'll get to love as the episodes progress and some you will really hate.The anime is a collaboration of 3 separate stories into 1 (being the anime).
I was like everyone else, turned off by an angry arrogant MC, but the other characters are unique in their own way and help build it along the episodes.

2. Animation quality seems...a little cheap in some areas. You expect big showy crazy animations...but sometimes the animators just laugh at you and just go...this is your climax. Youll see it really soon.

The combination of three different cities fighting together instead of just one already made it a lot better than other shows with similar settings. Take note that this 3 different cities has captain and its vice captain which you will know who heads the cities as you watch the anime.


Art work, soundtrack & voice acting are great so far. Animation could've been better but we got ourselves a solid sci-fi action.

I usually watch a lot of anime but this show needs you to give it a chance. Watching only the first 3 is NOT going to help you determine if this is good. I am avoiding saying a specific episode # to ensure I don't spoil anything. But, this is going to be a anime that you dont get very often. I only give it a 3 because of the animation preventing me from giving it a 5.



Let me tell you about a guy who’s destructively selfish that he let me fall for him, even when he knew it will hurt me. He walk into my life to taste my innocence because he knew I was the type of being he doesn’t want to miss out on, I was a rare diamond you see. I was shining too much to not be felt, So when he had gotten a good look at everything I have to offer, he has taken my skin, every trace in my mind and every secrets I have in my galaxies, he has taken them all. And it hit him, it hit him how real it has gotten, how much of a storm I was. And his cowardice sets in and I was wrong, the person I thought were replaced by the sad reality of what they are, and then without a trace of guilt, he left. I stood there naked with half of my pride, half of my decency hidden and is not wanting to be found and I think he took it with him. And I begged for answers asking why he did it, why he intended me to love him when he had no intention to love me back and that isn’t even romantic it’s not sweet either. He had to risk breaking my existence just for the sake of self-satisfactory and that they weren’t the one missing out. I had come to realize that my existence and my female being meant so little to him. And that is the problem to the likes of him, they like to gamble entire beings, entire souls, just to please their own.

One second they are holding you like the world that has been well taken care of and the next you’re out of the picture frame, thrown to the trash bin. One second they show you how interesting and lovely you are to be with that they want to know you more, they are going to take risk just to know you and that you both are on the same page but time came that they sensed fear, before you know it they are already half way out the door, without having to tell you that they are leaving you. As if our heart meant so little to them, after all the taking and giving it all, showing love, holding the graces on what to come, it all becomes a lie in the end.

It’s sad and funny how men or maybe even female have more guts these days to undress you with their fingers than they do to pick up the phone and call, and just apologize, for the loss, for the make believe, for the truth that they can’t say, for leaving me/us hanging.

And this my Dear Readers, this is how you lose her.

(I had to put my point of view, I had to put it as “I” even though I meant to put it to “you” all along. The words may jumble out but I really had to hurry and write it as fast as I could in the spur of the moment)



Don’t let people tell you that you’re not worth a single thing, in this world people will do anything to bring you down, even sabotage you to the slightest corners of your happiness. 

People will do anything to make you feel worthless just to feel better to themselves, others will hide behind your back, and they will show a personality so great that you will think good of them, never let your guard down.

Don’t be fooled by their concerns, they just want to know how miserable you are, that on the inside they are overwhelmingly happy. They act like they are listening but inside they are very very happy.

Don’t be down on why they exist, they simply exist to show us what we are capable of in handling people like them, they represent an error in our life to show how much trust we have and to show how we still see good on other people even if they have shown the deepest evil sides of them.

Just don’t stick to the likes of them, it’s okay to hang out with them but never indulge to their toxic ways. Remember, they are the toxic ones, they exist to only rattle our esteems and down moments.