I think it's important to take chanses, do things you didnt thought you would ever do.

I´ve done it a couple of times in my life, and most of them involves travelling alone.

My best friend, Emma, is doing this journey in a couple of weeks, she's moving to Australia for 4 years.

I think that's so cool, to just take a leep and see where it takes you.

My first big step was moving away from my little village where i grew up.

I really wanted to be something in this world, I wanted to be famous.

I moved to Stockholm and worked as a dancer for a year,

but then I got my heart disease and realized it wasnt worth it anymore.

It was hard throwing away a dream like that, I've danced my whole life.

But that was just the beginning of my journey, and a lot of great things was waiting for me.

Since then I've lived in 4 different countries and worked as a tour guide, kids trainer,

bartender and restaurant manager.

It's been so much fun, and I'm so glad that I've been taking all this chanses that I've got.

So this weekend we went to Gothenburg for Emmas "go away" party.

We went to a spa called "Skönhetsfabriken" (beauty factory) with a nice rooftop pool.

We drank champagne and had a lot of girl talk.

After that we had brunch at clarion post, it's been named "best brunch in the world" and it was so good.

If you ever go to Gothenburg, try it!

It was a lovely night with a lot of partygames, dancing and champagne.

And now a big adventure is waitning for Emma, and I wish her all the best.

And of course I will go visit her, so anyone been to Australia?

What do I have to see when I'm there?

Dont be afraid to take chances, as far as we know, we only live once.

Love, Jess

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Do you have any new years resolutions? I do...I always do,

I have a lot of goals during the year, but they change as i do.

But how do you keep focus through the year?

Here´s a list of my goals, and how i reached them.

1. Loose 20kg

* The first thing I did was to take pictures of myself, I knew I wanted to look back and see how far I´ve come.

* Then i start to read a lot about weightloss. I didnt want to fall for all "get abs in 8 weeks" or "I lost 10kg in 2 weeks". I wanted to do something to change my whole lifestyle. So I read a lot of studies about weightloss and buildning muscles, I learned how to count kcal and what happens to our bodies when we loose weight.

I didnt just want to loose weight, I wanted to know why and how it happens. Because for me, knowledge is everything.

* I weighed myself once a week, and I took pictures. 1 time/month I even went to my PT for checkup. She measured me with caliper and we worked out together.

2. Eating healthier

* This is in line with my first goal, but I still wanted this as an separate goal.

* This is something I still do, and still got a lot to learn about. And the purpose with this one changes all the time. For me, eating healthy is getting enough protein and a lot of veggies. I like to eat fruit (but not to much) and i eat carbs.

* I´m trying not to "overeat" so I get to full, but sometimes at lovely brunches I just can't stop ;)

* I think it's all about the balance

3. Travel

* This one needs some preparation from me. I've got a "regular" job with regular pay, so I can't just travel whenever I want so I need to save money to go away.

* The first thing I did was to talk with the people I wanted to travel with, and then we decided where to go. Our destination was Thailand.

*We looked up places we wanted to stay at, what we wanted to see and how much they cost.

* we combined luxury with regular and got ourselves a great route.

* Then we made a plan for saving money, how much we needed to save each month to get there.

4. Being more spontaneous

* This one was the hardest for me, I'm a controlfreak and really strugglin with being spontaneous. But when I do I often end up places I love.

* So I started by not planning all my free time

* Second I asked people what they wanted to do, and decided before to say yes. So even if it was something I didnt feel like doing I did it.

* That mindset took me to Norway in the end of the year because I got a card that said "Take your partner on a roadtrip" I asked my friends where they would go and one of them said Norway.

* We packed our bags and went to Norway without any plans, it was the perfect weekend.

My best tip is to write down your goals on a piece of paper, and figure out how to reach them.

One thing i think is important is to set an end-date, when you should reach your goal.

After that you can set a plan for how to reach it.

God luck and believe in yourself. 2018 is your year!

Love, Jess



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