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This amazing eyeshadow palette is a collaboration with the Youtuber Manny MUA and Makeup Geek.

This palette includes 9 shades, 4 existing shades (Beaches & Cream, Cosmopolitan, Frappe and Insomnia) and 5 custom made shades that Manny choose. Of the 4 existing shades I previously had 3, Beaches & Cream, Cosmopolitan and Frappe.
To me this palette is a neutral eyeshadow palette with some cool pops of color. It includes both matte, shimmery and foiled eyeshadow shades that you can use to create a lot of different eyeshadow looks with that can be used in both the daytime and nighttime.

Every eyeshadow contains 1,8 grams of product and costs 45$, (5$ a pan). It's a limited edition palette but you can still get it at both Makeup Geek and Beauty bay website.

Bellow you'll find the direct links to buy it in both makeup geeks site and Beauty bay's.

Makeup Geek - Manny MUA Eyeshadow palette.

Beautybay - Manny MUA Eyeshdow palette.

The pigmentation is amazing as every other Makeup Geek eyeshadow is. And right now they are my favorite eyeshadow formula compared to other brands like Too Faced, The Balm, Urban Decay and Mac. The single eyeshadows are affordable, pigmented and blends and works good with other eyeshadows without going muddy. And they are coming out with some new eyeshadows for their permanent line every few months, which I love. If you're looking for single eyeshadow/s I'm pretty sure you'll find the shade/s you're looking for in their line.

These are the shades that are in the palette:

(The custom made shades will have a * before the name).

* Artemis is a beautiful highlighting shade that I find is really similar to Nylon by M.A.C. I love to highlight my face with this when I'm fair too.

Beaches & Cream is my favorite transition shade that I use everyday. I've been using this shade every time I've done my makeup since January and I LOVE IT!

* Luna is a beautiful rose gold/taupe foiled eyeshadow to put all over the lid no matter how light or dark your complexion is. It's like a mixture of Grandstand and In the Spotlight, witch I love as well.

Cosmopolitan is a beautiful pinky/peachy/gold with gold reflex is a beautiful lid shade that will look amazing on a lot of complexions.

* Sora is another transition/ crease shade that is like muted brunt orange shade to me. This is so different from other Makeup Geeks eyeshadows and I love that. You can never have too manny neutrals eyeshadows.

Frappe is a warm maple brown shade that i love to put in the crease every time I'm doing a warm eye.

* Insomnia in the palette is a foiled version of the duochrome pigment that makeup geek already have. It's my favorite shade in the palette I absolutely love it!! I wish they would come out with more duochrome foiled eyeshadows. I really need backups of this shade! This shade is have a red brown base with blue reflects.

* Mars is a cherry red that is supper pigmented and beautiful, is my second favorite shade in the palette. (This shade may stain your lids if you don't use an eyeshadow primer.) I was so intimidated of this shade at first, I had never been so scared to use a red eyeshadow in my life. Because I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I've NEVER found a red that didn't turn pink when I blended it out or looked really bad. But this shade is an exclusion I love this shade, it's really pigmented and I love how the color stays true even when you blend it out. It can be more powdery and go everywhere. But that dosen't bother me as I do my eye-makeup before my base-makeup.

* Aphrodite is a plumish brown shade that works really good with the rest of the palette and if you pack it on it can give the same depth as a black eyeshadow. It's really similar to the shade Americano (also by makeup geek), but I feel that one is more gray/purple than plum and a tine bit more cool toned than Aphrodite. Aphrodite have a slight plumish red undertones and Americano have gray, purple and plum tones but is still warm too, if that makes any sense. They are both dark brown shades with similar undertones So as a normal consumer you don't need both.

I really love all the shades in this palette and I wish Makeup Geek would make the shades permanent in the future, in like a year or less. I get this is a limited edition palette, and that some of the shades are exclusive to the palette. But a lot of people have been loving these shades and giving really positives reviews for a reason, the shades are amazing!
Makeup geek products, specifically eyeshadows, have been so hyped up on the Youtube community that a lot of people are unsure if they should try them or not.
So a lot of people who wanted to try makeup geek eyeshadows, bought this eyeshadow palette to see what the hype was all about. And just as I was the first time using Makeup geek eyeshadows they are blown away by them.
Like I sometimes need to talk to myself before I do my makeup and say "you're not going to use Manny's palette today" because I love it so much. (And because I need to use other eyeshadows for review reasons).

I would really love if they would start selling them individually as some people would be running out of some of the shades in a few months.
Like thats what got me into buying Makeup Geek products in the first place. That they where single eyeshadows. If you finished one eyeshadow in your z palette you could replace it without needing to buy every other shade in the palette, as it happens with most palettes.

Like if you buy them in the palette it like 5$ a pan, when regular eyeshadows from Makeup Geek are 6$ a pan and the foiled are 10$ a pan. So getting by them in a palette you're saving some money. So if they would bring the eyeshadows back as singles that would be the price, and you wouldn't be abel to buy the palette anymore.
I think they did that with the Vegas palette, made the shades permanent after almost two years. Only that wasn't a collaboration palette, just a palette with some new eyeshadows, but at the time it was palette exclusive shades.

But my point is that when you come out with something good, that a lot of people love, why don't make it permanent?

Below you'll see the the swatches without an eyeshadow primer or base.

From left to right:

Artemis - is described as a muted champagne yellow with a shimmery finish.

Beaches & Cream - is described as a creamy matte natural beige with just a hint of peach

Luna - is described as a medium rose gold with a foiled finish.

Cosmopolitan - is described as a rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish

Sora - is described as a medium earthy terracotta with a matte finish (with subtle specs of glitter on the surface).

Frappe - is described as a medium maple brown matte

Insomnia - is described as a warm red brown with blue reflects and a foiled finish.

Mars - is described as a deep cherry red with a matte finish.

Aphrodite - is described as a deep plum brown with a matte finish.

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Reviews & Swatches, Becca, Highlighters

Here's how the regular packeting looks like and how some limited edition packeting.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed have become my favorite highlighters of all time. It's formula is amazing. Supper buttery, pigmented and intense. It'll give you the most beautiful glow ever!

This highlighter can be used as a natural looking highlighter, if you use the tiniest bit possible with a light hand. Or a bit more heavy for a beautiful glow that will be seen from outer space.
No but for real, it's a really intense highlighter and you can apply to much sometimes. So it's better to build it up than to over apply it and look like a disco ball.

I would recommend this highlighter formula to young girls, that don't have fine lines or texture (acne, pimpels or just smal bumps) on your cheek area as they will get more noticeable. As a
ll the places where you'll put a highlight is going to get more attention. That dosen't mean that you can't use it if you've texture on your cheeks, just keep that in mind. But if you're like me and just like an intense highlight these highlighters are going to be you best friends.

I use them in to ways. A bit more intense, with a more heavy hand Or when I want a more natural looking highlight I'll use a light hand and put less pressure on the brush.

Each highlight contains 8 grams of product, and cost 32£ or 38 US$.

They have the perfect shade for every skin tone. From a pale, silver pearl to a golden, copper bronze. So everyone will be abel to find the perfect highlighting shade for them.
They are 6 shades that are permanent in their collection:
- Pearl
- Moonstone
- Opal
- Champagne Pop
- Rose Gold
- Topaz.

In this post I'm going to be talking about the shades Pearl, Moonstone, Champagne pop and Champagne Gold.

These highlighters have made me fall in love with the brand and I've just recived another order with more goodies from Becca cosmetics.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecor Pressed in the color Pearl - A pale silver pearl.

This shade is perfect for the fairest of the fairest. If you've trouble finding a highlighter and you've a fair skin tone, stop looking because this highlighter is the one for you. Even if your skin is the color of papper this highlight is going to look beautiful on you.

I love using this highlight to lighten up other highlights that are a bit to dark for me, and I love this one on its own as well.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecor Pressed in the color Moonstone - A soft pale gold.

This shade have fast become my favorite highlighter.

I'm really fair (even in the summertime), so I've most been using moonstone as my everyday highlight. I've been loving Champagne pop, Opal & Pearl too, but I feel that this shade is the one that works best for my skin tone most of the year, as It matches my skin tone the best.

I really love this highlight because it's gives a really beautiful glow. It's really pigmented and intense highlighter, It makes you look like a goddess. Because of the pale gold tones in it.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecor Pressed in the color Champagne Pop - a peachy gold.

This is a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill and Becca. She's the first person that introduced me to Becca and I'm really happy that she created her dream shade with them.

This highlight is amazing as well. Now in the summer I've been using it non stop by it self or mixed with Opal as well.
Gives you a beautiful glow just like all the other shade I've used and I really like it.

It's more on the warm side, so I've been using this when I wore a warm smokey eyes or when most of my makeup where more warm toned.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecor Pressed in the color Champagne Gold - Soft yellow gold.

This shade was a limited edition shade that I picked up to use on people with darker skintones, as gold really looks good on tan skintones and a little bit darker. If I put this lightly on my cheekbones it doesn't turn as yellow gold as in the swatch and can look really good with a bronzed complexion and bronzed eyes. I've a yellow undertone so that's maybe why it works on me without going to yellow on me.

Below you'll find swatches of the four Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in natural lightning.

From left to right:

Pearl - is described as a pale silver toned pearl

Moonstone - is described as a pale gold

Champagne Pop - is described as a apricot gold

Champagne Gold - is described as a soft warm gold



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About a year ago Too Faced came out with The Black Book Of Bronzer. That one included 8 full sized bronzers and was a big hitt.

So Too Faced come out with a smaller version The Little Black Book Of Bronzers. And a few moths ago when a saw that they had brought it to Sephora here in Sweden I had to have it!

This smaller version includes 8 smaller sized bronzers, I believe they are travel or tester sized bronzers which contains 2,5 grams of product.
This is a great way to test all of Too Faced bronzers and then diced which ones I really like and want in a full size.
For me as a makeup artist that not only do my own makeup but other as well, this is a really good palette to have in my makeup kit. Because they are a big verity of different bronzers that will work on a lot of skin tones.
All from light to tan skin tones, and some of the bronzers are highlighters and blush infused bronzers.
And it's really practical to have 8 bronzers in one place.

This is an limited edition palette, but you stil can buy all the bronzers in full size. I'm planing on buying the shades that I like in full size later on.

The bronzer that are in the palette are:

- Milk Chocolate Soleil
- Chocolate Soleil
- Snow Bunny
- Dark Chocolate Soleil
- Pink Leopard
- Beach Bunny
- Endless Summer
- Sun Bunny

* You get 8 different bronzer in one place.
* It's a palette that will work on most skin tones. (Pale to medium skin tones)
* Good pigmentation.

* Limited Edition
* If you've a darker skin tone than medium this isn't the palette for you.

Milk Chocolate Soleil - is described as a matte light to medium matte bronzer.

This is probably my favorite bronzer in this palette. I love how this warms upp my complexion without going orange or ashy. I've used this for my contour too. Too Faced claims that this bronzer is for light to medium skin tones, but If you've a light/light-medium/ medium skin tone this bronzer won't show up on you. This bronzer works best in my opinon on fair to light skin tones and is the lightest bronzer in this palette. This bronzer have come in my top 5 bronzers, and I will so buy the full size version as soon as I've used up this one.

Chocolate Soleil - is described as a medium to deep matte bronzer.

This is the same bronzer as Milk Chocolate Soleil but a shade darker. This bronzer works best for people with light-medium to medium-tan skin tones. But I've manage to use this on myself a cupple of times with a very light hand and as a contour. I really don't think this bronzer is going to show up on deeper skin tones.

Snow Bunny - is described as an luminous bronzer.

This bronzer is more of an highlight than a bronzer, you'll get that bronzed look but with a more luminous glow. You get 4 different shades so you can custom and decide how light or pinky toned you want you highlight to be. This is a beautiful highlight to put on the tops of your cheekbones for a more pinky luminous glow.

Dark Chocolate Soleil - is described as a matte tan to deep bronzer.

This bronzer is darkest and most warm toned bronzer in the palette. Is more of a caramel/ toffee/ honey shade. This bronzer is the only one I haven't tired on myself as it's to dark for my skin tone. This bronzer works best on people with medium-tan to tan skin tones, in my opinon. I've some friends that have tan complexing with an olive under tone and they love this bronzer. But there is no way this bronzer is going to show up on dark/deep skin tones as Too Faced claims it does. I really think Too Faced are laking in dark bronzers and face products for darker and deeper skin tones.

Pink Leopard - is described as a blushing bronzer.

This bronzer is more of a bronzer/blush/highlight product all in one. It's a mixture of light tan, bronze and pink all in one product. I love this one as a blush/bronzer, I put this all over my cheeks and I get the most beautiful pinky/bronzed glow. I actually have the "new/old" version of this bronzer in a full size. It's been reformulated once and I think Too Faced brought back the old formula again. And the version that I've in a full size is more of a champagne bronzing/highlight than the one in the palette. I like both, and depending on my mood I will use on or the other. But I kind of prefer the the one in the palette as I love the blushing glow it gives. Really pretty.

Beach Bunny - is descried as a custom-blend bronzer.

This bronzer contains 4 different shimmery tan/ bronzed shades. It's a pretty dark bronzer that will look stunning on people with medium skin tones. And if you've a tan or a deep skin tone this will look amazing as a highlight. I've really enjoyed this bronzer this summer as I was a bit more tan. .

Endless Summer - is described as a 16 hour long wear bronzer.

This bronzer is a nice satin bronzer that will work best for light/medium skin tones. I don't know if Too Faced discontinued this product, I can't find this bronzer in their website anymore. If they did it would be a sad thing. It's a nice mixture between Milk Chocolate Soleil & Chocolate Soleil but a tine bit more warm and with a slight shimmer to it. It's calming to be a 16 hour long wear bronzer, and I usually don't have problems with my bronzers fading away under the day. And this stayed too. But that's a thing that varieties from person to person too.

Sun Bunny - is described as a natural bronzer.

This bronzer is divided in two, it have a nice tan/honey shade in half the pan and a bronzed with some copper undertones in the other half. This bronzer is really similar to Beach Bunny in the sense that both are shimmery and gives a nice glow to the skin. But Beach Bunny is more bronzed and Sun Bunny is more Copper in tone when applied on my self.

From left to right

Milk Chocolate Soleil
Chocolate Soleil
Snow Bunny
Dark Chocolate Soleil
Pink Leopard
Beach Bunny
Endless Summer
Sun Bunny



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The balm - Balm Jovi Palette.

This palette has everything you need to create the perfect rock'n roll look.
It includes 12 shadows that can be used wet or dry it’s up to you! A highlighter and a blush. And tow lip and cheek creams.

I've never been a big fan of face palettes that have creams in them because they always end up with eyeshadow dust in them or have some usles brush or applicator that I'll never use and takes al lot of place in the palette. But this is different and is the perfect palette to travel with because it has eyeshadows, face powders and creams all in one. And you can create both everyday looks and more festive looks with it. It dosen't include a brush or applicator. And the best thing is that it have a separate magnetic fold that seals off the cream pots from the eyeshadows and face powders, which is really good because it prevent the creams to get eyeshadows and face powder dust in them. Which is the only palette so far that I've seen doing this and is a an amazing thing to do!

Each eyeshadow contains 0,9 grams of product, (10,8 in total).
The eyeshadows are divided in 3 categories: Heavy Metal, Classical and Alternative.
And I love the names of the eyeshadows, Metal-ica, Blink 1982, Iron Maid-In, Lead Zeppelin, Alice Copper... how amazing aren't they?
And you get a verity of both colors and textures. Metallic, matte, shimmery and frosted.

The highlight contains 4 grams of product.
It's The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer but under a different name. This is one of my favorite highlights ever, a really intense champagne gold highlight.

The blush contains 2,4 grams of product.
And it's The Balm's Frat Boy but under a different name. It's great that they've put a blush so you can try it out if you don't own it jet.

And the face and lip creams contains 2 grams each of product.
I'm not sure if the lip and cheek creams are in their permanent line or something that is exclusive to this palette. But I really like them.

* You get both eyeshadows, face powders and face/ lip creams in one palette.
* Good pigmentation in the eyeshadows.
* Both the highlight & blush are amazing!
* The creamy products have a own lock.
* Love the eyeshadow names!
* Separate magnetic fold over the creams.


* The face/lip creams are not as pigmented as I was hoping.
* The only thing I'm missing in this palette is a bronzer.
* It dosen't comes with a brush or applicator. (For me is a positive thing, but it can bother other people).

Row 1

Metal-ica - is described as a white silver frost
Adagio - is described as a soft creamy satin/matte shadow
Blink 1982 - is described as a soft pinky mauve with a touch of golden shimmer

Row 2

Iron Maid-in - is described as a gold metallic frost
Allegro - is described as a camel brown matte shadow
The Stroke - is described as a dark navy blue with purple and blue shimmer

Row 3

Lead Zeppelin - is described as a olive frost with golden pearl
Moderato - is described as a dirty purpleish brown matte shadow
Rem - is described as a dusty violet with golden pearl

Row 4

Alice Copper - is described as an intense burgundy metallic
Presto - is described as a mid-tone brown matte
Third Eye Blinded - is described as a soft peachy/vanilla frost

Highlighter & Blush

Solid Gold - it's The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer under a different name
Don't You Want Me? - is a pinky/peachy matte blush similar to the Balm's Frat Boy

Face & Lip creams

Milly - is described as a soft pinky beige without any shimmer or sparkle
Vanilly - is described as a blue-based red creme

All the swatches are made without any primer.



Reviews & Swatches, Benefit, Tips, Face Palettes, Blushes, Bronzers

Benefit Cheekathon Palette is one of my favorite face palette at the moment.
You get five full size bronzers and blushes (and a brush) that will flatter most skintones. And this palette costs 595 swedish crowns, 58US$.
You would be paying for two pans and getting the
remaining three for free!
Because one singel bronzer or blush costs between 305 - 310 swedish crowns, so it would be more profitable buying the palette than all the shades individually.

This palette includes:

Dandelion - (7g)
A sheer, ballerina-pink blush. You can sweep it on cheeks as a soft blush or dust it all over the face as a brightening finishing powder.

Hoola - (8g)
A matte bronzing powder. Apply it over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural-looking "tan" all year-round.

Rockateur - (5g)
A rose gold blush that gives a beautiful and natural flush. You can sweep in on the cheeks as a blush or on your cheekbones as a highlighter.
It have a specialized formula that combines baked, powder, cream and fluid textures for brighter results.

Dallas - (9g)
A sheer dusted rose color. That can be used as both blush and bronzer. you can sweep it across your cheeks, forehead and chin gives any complexion a sun kissed radiance.

Coralista - (8g)
A perfect coral blush. This warm coral-pink shade cheers up every skintone in seconds. You can sweep it on cheeks
for a tropical flush!

This palette have two shades that can be used as bronzers and four shades that can be used as blushes.
It's a prefect everyday and glam face palette. And depending on you it may be your perfect face palette to travel with. All you might need is a highlighter and you're good to go!

On myself I have been using Dandelion, Coralista and Rockateur as blushes. And Holla as a bronzer/ contour. Dallas I've used as a bronzer/blush, it's a blush that dubble up as a bronzer, it gives you a sun kissed look all over the cheeks.

I wouldn't have mind if they would have skipped the brush a put a highlighter there instead. That's the only thing I'm missing in the palette. And because I haven't been using the brush that comes with the palette It's like a waste of space where they could've been a highlighter instead. But I know that a lot of people loves that the palette comes with a brush, so it all depends on you personal preference. And I already have two brushes that comes when you buy a benefit powder, (blush or bronzer.) So I didn't feel like I needed this one.

* You get 5 blushes/ bronzers for the price of two!
* All 5 are full sized bronzers/blushes.
* Will flatter most skintones.
* Perfect for traveling.
* You get a brush.

* Can be a bit bulky and difficult to store.
* Doesn't include a highlighter.
* You get a brush.

Benefit Cheekathon Palette är en av mina favorit rouge och bornzer paletter för tillfället.
Du får fem full storleks bronzers och rouge (och en borste) som kommer att smickra de flesta hudtoner. Paletten kostar 595 kronor, 58US $.
Du betalar alltså för två och får tre gratis!
Eftersom en bronzer eller rouge kostar mellan 305-310 kronor, så är det mer lönsamt att köpa paletten än alla

Paletten inehåller:

Dandelion - (7g)
En lätt, ballerina-rosa rouge. Du kan applicera den på kinderna som en mjuk rouge eller damma den lätt över hela ansiktet som en uppljusnings puder.

Hoola - (8 g)
En matt bronzer. Applicera den över hakan, kinder och panna för en hälsosam, naturligt "solbränna" året runt.

Rockateur - (5 g)
En ros guld rouge som ger en vacker och naturlig färg. Du kan svepa den på kinderna som en rouge eller på kindbenen som en highlighter.
Det är specialiserad formula som kombinerar bakat, puder, creme och väts texturer för ljusare och krämigare resultat.

Dallas - (9g)
En lätt puderrosa färg. Som kan användas som både rouge och bronzer. Du kan applicera den över dina kinder, panna och haka och ger hyn en solkysst lyster.

Coralista - (8 g)
En perfekt korall rouge. Denna varma korall-rosa nyansen piggar upp varje hudton på några sekunder. Du kan applicera den på kinderna för en tropisk rodnad!

Denna palett har alltså två nyanser som kan användas som bronzers och fyra nyanser som kan användas som rouge. Det är en prefekt vardag och fest ansikts palette. Och beroende på dig kan den vara din perfekta palett att resa med. Allt du behöver är en highlighter och du har allt du behöver lägga till!

Jag har använt Dandelion, Coralista och Rockateur som rouger på mig. Och Holla som en bronzer / kontur puder. Dallas använde jag som en bronzer / rouge, det är en rouge som man även kan använda som en bronzer, den ger en solkysst lyster.

Jag hade föredragit att dom hade skippat borsten och lagt en highlighter där i stället. Det är det enda jag saknar i paletten. Och eftersom jag inte har använt borsten som kommer med paletten är det som ett slöseri med utrymme där de kunde har varit en annan produkt. Men jag vet att många personer älskar att paletten kommer med en borste, så det beror på vad du föredrar. Och jag har redan två borstar som följer med när du köper enstaka puder, r8ouge eller bronzer.) Jag kände inte som om jag behövde den här borsten i paletten.

* Du får 5 rouger/bronzers till priset av två!
* Alla fem är fullstorlekar bronzers / rouger.
* Smickrar de flesta hudtoner.
* Perfekt att resa med.
* Det följer med en borste.

* Kan vara lite för stor och svårt att bevara någonstans, (i sin sminklåda eller necessär).
* Det finns ingen highlighter i paletten.
Det följer med en borste.

Dandelion is new to us here in Sweden. We can't buy it separately, so we can say it's an exclusive color that the palette comes with. (At least in Scandinavia)

It'a really pretty light "ballerina" pink with some purple undertones. It's a gorgeous color for fair skin to use as a blush. And you can use it as a brightening face powder. I love this blush and It's my sisters all time favorite blush.

Dandelion är ny för oss här i Sverige. Vi kan inte köpa den separat, så man kan säga att det är en exklusiv färg som endast finns i paletten. (Åtminstone i Skandinavien)

Det är en ganska ljus "ballerina" rosa med lite lila undertoner . Det är en vacker färg för ljus hy att använda som rouge. Och du kan också använda den som en uppljusnings puder. Jag älskar den här rougen och det är min systers allra favorit rouge.

Hoola was my second "high end" bronzer I ever bought and the first benefit product i bought.

It's a matte bronzer that gives you the most beautiful glow. It's on the warm/orange side of bronsers, but without going orange on the face, it gives more of a warmth glow.
But you can still use it to contour the face, as it's a warm bronzer and matte, which will complement people that have a warm undertone in their skins. It'll give you a warm shadow.

Hoola var min andra "märkes" bronzer jag någonsin köpte och är min allra första Benefit produkt jag köpte.

Den är en matt bronzer som ger dig den vackraste lyster. Det är på den varma / orange sidan av bronsers, men utan att den blir orange på ansiktet, den ger dig mer av en varm lyster.
Men du kan fortfarande använda den för att skugga ansiktet, eftersom det är en varm bronzer och matt som kommer att komplimentera de personer som har en varm underton i deras hy. Det kommer att ge dig en varm skugga.

Rockatuer is a blush I bought soon two years ago. It became my favorite blush to use that summer. I really love the scent, the packting and of course the color. Every time i open the palette or this blush it takes me back to the summer of 2014.

It's a rose gold shade and have a little bitt of sparkle on the sides, which will disappear ones you use it a few times. I wish Benefit would come out with a highlighter in the same color of the sparkle, I would go out and buy it as soon it was released.

But the blush color is amazing and I recommend it to everyone that is afraid of using a bold color as a blush. It's a perfect everyday blush that will give you the perfect amount of color on the cheeks, you can't go wrong with this blush.

Rockatuer är en rouge som jag köpte för nästan två år sedan. Den blev min favorit rouge att använda den sommarn. Jag älskar doften, förpackningen och naturligtvis färgen. Varje gång jag öppnar paletten eller rougen tar den mig tillbaka till sommaren 2014.

Det är en ros guld nyans och har en liten bit av skimmer på sidorna, som försvinner när du använder den några gånger. Jag önskar att Benefit skulle komma ut med en highlighter i samma färg på skimmret, jag skulle gå ut och köpa den så snabbt den släpptes.

Men rouge färgen är fantastiskt och jag rekommenderar den till alla som är rädda för att använda en djärv färg som en rouge. Det är en perfekt vardags rouge som ger dig den perfekta mängden färg på kinderna, du kan inte gå fel med denna rouge.

Dallas is new to me. And have always been on my wish list.

This dusty rose color looks a bit darker than Hoola on the pan. But on the skin it get's more warmer than Hoola.
And Dallas have slightly shimmer in it while Hoola is completely matte. And the simmer gives of more of a glow than Hoola, and dosen't looks to shimmery on the skin. I would say Dallas is a mixture of Hoola and Rockateur, without the sparkel/shimmer that Rockateur have on the sides .

Dallas är ny för mig. Dallas har alltid varit på min önskelista.

Denna puderrosa färg ser lite mörkare ut än Hoola i pannan. Men på huden blir den lite varmare än Hoola.
Och Dallas har lite skimmer i medan Hoola är helt matt. Och skimmret ger mer av en glöd än Hoola, och det ser inte all för skimmrig ut på huden. Jag skulle säga att Dallas är en blandning av Hoola och Rockateur, utan Rockateur skimmer på sidorna.

Coralista is new to me too. And as Dallas it's been in my wish list for a long time.

This coral blush is amazing. It's very similar to Makeup Geek blushes Bliss and Smitten but Coralista have more coral tones in it.
It's the blush that have the most shimmer in it of all 4 blushes that comes in the palette and on the skin it looks more as a glow than shimmer or sparkel. It's a really beautiful coral blush that will look good on everybody.

Coralista är ny för mig också. Och precis som Dallas har den varit i min önskelista en lång tid.

Denna korall rouge är jätte fin . Den är ganska lik Makeup Geek rouger Bliss och Smitten men Coralista har mer korall toner i den.
Det är rougen som har mest skimmer i av alla 4 rouger i paletten och på huden ser det mer som en lyster än skimmer och glitter. Det är en jätte vacker korall rouge som ser bra ut på alla.

The brush that comes with the palette is exactly as the brush you get when you buy Hoola, the only difference is the color of the brush. It has a flat end, and it's similar to Nars Ita brush, but with a shorter handel.

Like I said before I don't think this brush is necessary and is taking up space where another blush could have been. Or a highlighter, because it's the only thing this palette is missing.

Borsten som kommer med paletten är exakt som borsten man får när man köper Hoola bronzern, den enda skillnaden är färgen på borsten. Den har en platt ände, och den liknar Nars Ita borste, men med en kortare handtag.

Som jag sa innan tror jag inte att denna borste är nödvändigt och tar upp plats där en annan rouge kunde ha varit. Eller en highlighter , eftersom det är det enda som paletten saknas.

From left to right / Från vänster till höger