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15.5 i went to Kokkola to my friend to sleep over there and on the next morning we went to Helsinki with the train. I was super tired but when we came to Helsinki we checked in at the airport and we were ready to go! We had many hours time cause' our flight was delayed.

The trip was fun, we went shopping and walked around the city and stuff! The reason why we went to Stockholm was that Shawn Mendes had a concert there, i had waited for soooo long to see him live and now i did. I was the happiest girl when i saw him coming to the stage!! My dream came true. The concert was amazing and i will never forget it. It was one of the best nights in my life.

18.5 we flew back to Helsinki and we came to Kokkola super late and we went to sleep directly when we came to my friend's house. I slept the night there and on the next day i went home tired but happy..

I traveled a lot that week but it was such a fun trip!! I will never forget it.

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Okay sooo long time no see! I have had a lot of stress with school and stuff so i haven't had time to write anything here in a while. I thought i could tell you guys what has been happening in my life haha.

3.2 Mikael Gabriel

First i was in school and later me and Ida went to the airport cause Mikael Gabriel came to Vaasa. We met him and took a pic even tho he was in a hurry.

Later in the evening we went with my friend Jessi to the concert place. We saw Mikael before the gig but he was too fast haha. After a couple of hours lining we got in and we were on the second row. The concert was sooooo amazing, i had super fun!! The concert ended late and i was so tired when i came home.

4.2 Emma Gaala

I woke up early cause we had to catch up the train which was going to Helsinki. Well the trip wasn't the best. First when we were in the train we had to stop in the middle of nowhere and wait for another train (which had some problems). Well we waited one hour for the other train and finally our train continued to Helsinki. Well then we came to Helsinki and we went to subway to eat. There we got rubbed. Someone took my mom's phone, there was all the credit cards and stuff so we got panicked. Then after a couple of hours we went with the bus to Esbo, we got to our hotel and there we also got problems, we got the wrong hotelroom and stuff and we were late from our schedule. Cause we weren't even ready when they opened the doors to Emma Gaala.

But after all the happenings we luckily got to Emma Gaala. There we met Isac and Mikael and it was so good to meet them so i got to forget all the bad things that had happened.

And Mikael got even The Male Singer Of The Year -prize and i'm so proud of him! Mikael and Isac performed there and they sang Liikaa Sussa Kii.

5.2 We woke up in the hotel and ate a really good breakfast. We went with the bus to Helsinki and went shopping a little and then it was time to go to the trainstation and go home again :(

17.3 My friend Jessi had won tickets to Mikael's gig so she gave me the tickets so i went to Helsinki with Ida to see Mikael's last Himmee Tour concert. We walked around Helsinki a bit and looked around. We had super fun at the concert!! We had to leave a few minutes earlier cause we had to go to the store to buy some food for our 6h bus trip and after that we went to Kamppi to find our bus. The bus leaved at 11pm and we were home at 5am.

I really like these little trips to Helsinki. Even tho they are very exhausting and expensive.

22.3 I had birthday🎉 i turned 17 and i had a quite normal day haha.

The next concert is next week's sunday, 9.4. It's in Helsinki and it's Isac's 360 gig and i'm super excited about that. It's Ida's birthday then also so it will be an amazing day for sure, can't wait!!



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Hello guys! When i had autumn holiday (in october), i was in Dubrovnik (Croatia) and even on Isac's cruisegig! I thought i would tell you about my trip.

On tuesday 18 October i skipped school cause' we drove to Helsinki and there we went shopping a little and then we went to our hotel and went to sleep.

On the next morning we woke up early and we ate breakfast and packed our things and then we went to the Airport with a taxi. (This was my family's "first official" abroad trip haha) We waited in the terminal and finally we got on the plane.

After 3h flying we came to Dubrovnik Airport and it was so warm! We got in a bus and went to Dubrovnik central city and from there we took a another bus which went to our hotel, or actually we didn't know when we are gonna go of the bus so we got of the bus too early so we didn't know where we were but luckily a taxi came so we got in a taxi and got finally to our hotel.

We got to our hotel and checked in and then we went and searched after a place to eat on. We found a restaurant and ate and then we looked around a little.

Next morning we woke up and ate breakfast (our hotel had the best breakfast ever!) Then we took the bus to The Old Town and experienced the City walls of Dubrovnik. It was quite long way to go, when we were halfway it started raining hard but luckily we had rainjackets with us.

After being in The Old city we went back to our hotel and stayed there cause' it was raining and it was even thunder sometimes. But on the evening we went to eat and we went to different small shops.

The next day we went again to The Old city and this time we went to the Cable Car. It was so fun! And i even got to meet some parrots haha.

22.10 (last day)

We took a taxi to the Airport and when we got there, we realized that our flight was delayed. It was the worst news that i was afraid of all the time, cause' we had tickets to Isac's cruisegig which was in Turku and it would leave the same day so we had to drive from Helsinki to Turku but we were so sure that we would not make it cause our flight was supposed to go 13.15 but it was delayed about 1h 35min so it was 14.50 o'clock. I was so mad and dissapointed at that point. I had to call my best friend from the airport and tell her that i really don't know if we'll make it in time when the Cruise leaves. Cause she was going with the bus to Turku from Vaasa and she waited in the boat terminal for us.

When we came to Helsinki Airport, we took a taxi and went to get our car from the hotel we slept in Helsinki and drove straightly to Turku. There were some problems on the way haha.. We were so stressed and i looked on my phone what time it was. It was like 3 minutes before the gates were supposed to close. Ida (my friend who waited in the terminal) called me and asked where we were and i said we were just there. We didn't have any time to look for a spot to park the car so we just drove to the closest empty parking lot. I took my bag and phone supersuper fast and started to run to the terminal. My dad and mom came behind me.

I saw Ida standing there in the terminal and i saw a few people who were just going inside the boat. WE MADE IT!! We came to the port 20.45 JUST WHEN THE GATES WERE GONNA CLOSE. I'm so happy we made it!

The cruisegig was amaziiing, it was so fuuun!! Isac started the concert with Beast, i got really surprised cause' i expected that he would start with Lipstick as always haha.

Aaaand here are some photos from the concert:

All pictures taken by me!



Concerts, Isac Elliot

Why him? What makes him so special? Why do you travel around just for him?

He's name is Isac Elliot. He is a Finnish artist. I heard about him the first time 14.2.2013 when i was in sixth grade, when my teacher put a song called New Way Home playing in the class. When i heard the song i thought "wow this is amazing".

When i came home i started to look after the song on YouTube and i found it. I had the song on replay like the whole day, it was so good. After that day everything changed.

I saw Isac for the first time in May 2013, when it was a school event in Esbo. He walked past me and i remember how shaky i was, i guess i was so in shock that i didn't get the camera in my hands and take a picture hahaha.

The second time that i saw him was at Powerpark 9.11.2013 when he had a gig there.

(This pic of me and Ida is taken on the same day as the Powerpark gig 2013)

Now 3 years later, i'm still here. I'm still here to support him. I never left his side. I have seen him grow up to a talented young man. And i'm so grateful for being a part of this "journey"!

Isac is not like any other artist, it's something special about him. He is so down to earth kind of person, he always got time for his fans and he has a heart of gold. I appreciate him so much because he is always himself and tries not to be anyone else. And on stage he can be himself, he jokes around all the time and he has fun. When Isac is happy, i'm happy.

I just love his concerts, on his concerts i get a different feeling than on other concerts, it's a very special feeling that i can't explain.

I may not be the girl Isac recognizes and remembers. I may not be the girl who got the chance to go to every place where Isac is, for example his studio and radio stations. My parents don't always let me go everywhere. Everyone is like "You don't do anything for that you would see Isac, if you would, you would be anywhere where Isac is" That just isn't so easy. I live in Vaasa so it's quite far away and it's 5h by car to Helsinki and the train tickets to Helsinki costs 5o €. I just don't have the money to go everywhere. If i would have the money or if i would live near Helsinki i would go see him all the time. I'm just afraid that if i would go all the way to Helsinki when i know he has studio day or some, i would not see him. Like, if there is many fans and he is busy on just that day when i would be there, he maybe wouldn't notice me and i would have come to Helsinki just in vain. It's just so difficult for me to meet him that often. I always do my best and i work so hard so i just could see him. I have done so many sacrifices for him. People has said "do something for that you could see Isac more often, it's up to you" it's easy to say, but not that easy to do. People don't really know how much work i have done for just this boy. I hope that people would understand how important he is for me and how important it is for me to see him. He means the world to me and there is no other artist that i admire more than Isac. Isac is an amazing person and he is one of those few people who really makes me happy.

My heart hurts a little bit when i know that Isac doesn't know me, he doesn't know my name or anything. I'm just another fan in his eyes. I just hope that he would recognize me someday. I want him to know that he is so important to me and he really has helped me with his music. Just seeing him makes me the happiest.

(Creds to Isabella for taking this picture!)

(Thanks Mikaela for taking this pic!)

I have got to know so many new people just because of concerts and mostly Isac. Like almost all of my friends are some people that i have got to know bc of concerts. Some of those people are now my best friends. It's so fun to get new friends and it's nice to have someone to talk to about concerts and stuff if your other friends don't like concerts haha :D.

I have so many memories from gigs and i am so grateful for every moment. Did you guys know that going on concerts reduce stress? It's actually true. When you're at a gig, you can just forget all the bad things and just enjoy the gig and just have fun with your friends and dance and jump and scream as much as you want!

This all is gonna end someday. I am afraid of that day when i'm not gonna see Isac again. I don't want that. The reason why i want to see him so often that i just can, is that i think everyday that soon all this is over. Maybe soon he is moving to LA and he is not coming back to Finland anymore. Maybe soon he is gonna be at The Ellen Show and he becomes a superstar all over the world. I want to see him as much as i can cause' he is the same age as me and we are still young and i can't believe that soon me and Isac are 18 years old and ugh i just can't. It has been so fun to go to concerts with my friends and to see new places, i would have not go to so many places if it wouldn't have been for concerts. I have slept in a cold tent just queueing to concerts. I don't want this to end.

I have been traveling around on Isac's concerts and i even have been to Oslo just to see him perform there. I know that there's people that travels around on _every_ concert in Finland and there's people who go to different countries to see him. I'm not the person who got the chance to go _everywhere_ but i'm still happy that i get to do this and i wanna thank my mom for everything she has done for me and for this "hobby" i have and how she always been there for me and she even came to Norway with me cause' she knows how important Isac is to me. Thank you mom, you're the best.

Remember, money can't buy happiness but it can buy concert tickets. And that's better.

Thank you Isac for everything you have done! You are such an amazing person and i just wanna thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life! You were so little when i saw you for the first time and you have grown so much under these years. You have a huge talent and i'm just so so proud of you!!♥ I am gonna support you, no matter what happens! I hope we'll meet soon again, i really miss you.



Concerts, Isac Elliot, Traveling

I thought i could write this in English now haha.

As the title says, i was in Norway in February. I was in Oslo with my mom and the reason why i went there was that Isac Elliot had a gig there (Isac Elliot One). Now i thought i would tell you gyus about the trip!

18.2. We waked up quite early and did our `morning routine´ and when we were ready we went to the airport. I had never before been on a airplane so i was scared haha, but the flight to Stockholm,Arlanda went well.

In Arlanda we had 2h time to our next flight so we just hanged around in the airport and went to Starbucks (ahhaha daaah ofc).
Then it was time to go to the plane.
We finally arrived in Oslo Gardermoen and we took the train to Oslo centrum. And we were so hungry so we went to Subway and then we started to look after our hotel. We found it and went to our room and after a while i met my friend Laura (who i got to know because of Isac) and we went on a little walk around Oslo. When we went back to our hotel i fell asleep almost immediately cause i was so tired.

19.2. When we had eaten breakfast and when we were ready we went shopping with Laura, her mom and Laura's sister's child (she's 19 years old). After a couple of hours shopping, me and Laura went to Isac's hotel. We waited there and after a while he and his dancers came out and went straight to the car which was outside the hotel. (The finnish artist Redrama walked past us as well, and i didn't know he was going to be there too haha).

We came back to our hotel and got ready for the gig. We took our concert tickets and our Finland flags and went to Oslo spectrum, where the concert was.

At the door it was a security check, i was before Laura and i got in without any problems. And then it was Lauras turn on security check and they saw Lauras Finland flag and thought that it was "dangerous" because of the "stick " (u know the thing what you hold on? XD) so they threw the flag away. And then they took my flag and looked at it first and then the woman started to rip the stick away, they broke my flag a little... well, we got in with one broken flag.

We started to look after our seat and then we just waited for the gig to start.

There were 3 warming up artists. After a couple of hours Isac came to the stage.

The gig was amazing. It was so nice to see how big Isac is in Norway! Redrama was there, he and Isac sang Redrama's song "Clouds" and even Isac's song "My favorite girl". Isac sang 2 new songs and lot of old songs too. There were a lot of people from Finland and a couple from Sweden and even Holland and some other countries! It was so incredible to see how many people came and support him!♥

After the gig me and Laura went to Isac's hotel, this time it was more people there than before the gig. We waited a loong time and finally Isac comes.
He came with the car and when he opened the door... omg you should have seen it, people went qrazy and started to push cause' well, everybody wanted to touch Isac haha. Isac started to go forward to the hotel door (ofc with 1-2 security guards) but he didn't come that far so he went back to his car and waited and then someone told all the fans to give space so he could come to the door. But that didn't go that well either.
It took like 15 min for him to get to the hotel... it was so qrazy seriously.

And then it was time to go to the hotel and sleep cause we had to wake up quite early next morning.

20.2. We waked up and went to breakfast and then to our room to pack our stuff. Then we walked to the trainstation. On the train on our way to the airport i thought that it would be nice if Isac would come with the same flight...

When we came to the airport, we checked in and waited for the gates to open. We sat in a chair and i was on my phone or something. Then suddenly my mom tells me to look to the right and tadaaa! There is Isac standing with Fredi (Isac's dad) and his band. Fredi and Isac saw me , and Isac comes to me and gives me a hug.
Fredi took a picture of me and Isac and we talked a lot with ikke and fredi. Isac did also take a video to my snapchat haha. It was so so nice when there was only me with them, no other fans so i got so much time with Isac. I'm so grateful for that they were so nice to me and i'm just so happy for that day, it was the best day.

On the plane we sat in the back and Isac in the front, and when he walked around the plane, he saw me and did that funny and cute smile on his face :).

Our plane was late so when we were in Helsinki we had like 5min to get us in the next plane that did go to Vaasa. The flight from Helsinki to Vaasa wasn't so nice, it was so bumpy, but we made it! When the plane came to Vaasa i was relieved.

It was an incredible trip!!



Hello people!

My name is Jessica and i'm a 16 year old girl from Finland. In my blog you're going to see posts about my life, mostly about concerts and meeting artists.

Hope you're gonna like it!