Nunchaku is a famous Japanese martial art fighting weapon consist of two hardwood sticks attached together by a rope, thong or chain. If you are a fan of martial arts movie, then probably you have seen it many times in fighting scenes. Originally the name of nunchaku is rotating dragon sic. As per the history books it was invented by the emperor of Song Dynasty. During that age, actual shape of nunchaku was one handle longer and one handle shorter and generally used for attacking the legs of horses, to destroy the armors and other weapons, so enemy lose the capability to fight and surrender.

When it comes to buying foam nunchucks, it’s better to learn as much as you can. Because If you are planning to join karate class, wrong pair of nunchucks can hamper your training a lot. One of the essential factor is to consider the length of connecting rod, this part length should not be longer than your palm. You can measure it quite easily by dangling the nunchucks from the wrist while your palm must be face down. If you are not feeling any pressure while squeezing, then that pair of nunchucks is not perfect for you.

Generally the material used in forming nunchucks is wood. You must check the grain of wood before choosing any nunchucks. If you watch minutely, you will see the direction of the grains going. It is advisable to choose only those nunchucks in which grains are going diagonally instead of straight, this will give you a better grip. At online portals, superior quality nunchaku for sale available at discounted price, buy them and start training for martial arts with nunchucks.

It is very easy to learn skills and techniques to use nunchucks efficiently. You are totally free to attack from any direction on body parts like, rib, legs, head, forearms, shoulder, back and hip bone, attacks form nunchucks are quite powerful because of flexibility. Nunchucks are getting more popular day by day and loved by those who are learning martial arts, karate and other fighting arts. Different countries have different style of using nunchucks. Among them tow most popular styles are American and European style. Then there is Korean and Philippine style who have it’s own characteristics and advantages.

It is said that while using nunchucks, your mind, body and spirit should be in harmony then only you can produce the maximum outcome. As it is preached by great martial artists that, any fool can use the pair of sticks, but it take a real martial artist to use the nunchucks. You can find various free tutorials online who taught to use the nunchucks perfectly. Many online portals have Professional Nunchucks For Sale at favorable price, buy them today and master the art of using nunchucks.

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Nunchaku is a popular martial arts equipment and is gaining a lot of popularity as a sport. When you practice it as a sport, not only will your fitness and focus increase, but even your inner energy will be channelized. However, it is important to learn agility and maintain the right posture. In case you are a starter and wish to know some nunchaku tips and tricks, read some important pointers given below.

Proper grip is necessary

The equipment must be gripped properly so that maximum control is obtained. The handle must be held at the nunchaku’s end; this gives maximum length and indeed is a great way of gripping it. Another important aspect is the chucks; ensure that they are held properly.


For making maximum impact and reach, swing is also important. However, be careful because the head shouldn’t be hurt during swinging. Proper concentration is also necessary as it will give some good results.

Extended swing

Swinging in figure 8 shape should be continued. When the equipment is swung on the strong side, you must try swinging the handle to the peak, after which the wrist must be twisted. This helps in bringing the handle near armpit.

Arm catch

When the handle is caught under the arm, moves can be balanced and you are saved for getting hurt. The wrist should be twisted back again for flicking the handle out. In this process, the focus must not be lost at all.

Over the shoulder

This is an advanced technique and must be practiced hard before application. This step should be tried only if you own junior traditional equipment. As per this step, the weaker hand must be placed across the body and nunchaku should be swung over the shoulder. The handle must be caught with the weak hand and the rest should be pulled through. This should be swung over the other shoulder; make use of the strong hand for catching it. The whole process should be started again after pulling through.Start slowly and then, try increasing the pace to make sure that the back isn’t hurt.If you have that curiosity of knowing the difference between junior and senior equipment, you’ll have to contact a good dealer. Basically, everything depends on the measurements of the body. If the body is below 165cm, it is good to use a junior nunchaku; however if it is bigger, senior equipment must be used.

If you are looking nunchaku for sale, a good website must be searched; choose the one that offers videos, so that advanced and basic nunchaku techniques can be learnt.With martial arts, not only different self defense techniques can be learnt, but you can also be mentally and physically fit. Quality equipment must be purchased as it will support during the skills, moves and sessions. They are designed as per the players’ needs and to boost the demonstrations, performance and practice.

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What is a nunchaku? It can be described as a weapon that contains two sticks, a rope (connecting the sticks), a chain and a cord as well. Many people are really interested in purchasing this device because it offers a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. If you know nunchaku basic techniques,it can be used as a weapon for self defense against dangerous people. What are the major advantages of this weapon?

Elevated creativity

If you cannot apply your creative skills properly, you are not going to succeed in life. When you practice the moves regularly that have been learnt, the flow of your creative juices go up and you can find yourself developing fresh ideas. Nunchaku training is really therapeutic in nature and it relieves your stress in the best possible way. When your creativity improves, you get better at dealing and solving problems or impediments in your life in a quick and effective manner.

Improved concentration

Better coordination always helps you perform all types of tasks with improved efficiency. When you train using a nunchaku, your focus improves significantly. Concentration is an absolute must when you are grasping new motions and techniques. Since this weapon enhances your concentration levels, your productivity undergoes tremendous transformation. If you want to have this weapon on your own, you can buy nunchaku online.

Increased strength and fitness levels

There is no doubt about the fact that nunchaku training is an exercise. Regular practice tones the muscles effectively and you can achieve better stability and core strength. When you keep on training hard, your cardiovascular fitness also improves in a significant manner. Many people have realized the true benefits of this weapon and that is why they keep on looking for online stores to buy nunchaku.

High levels of persistence

When you set training goals and achieve them within the allocated timeframe, you can experience a sense of achievement at every stage. You may not realize but your self esteem is going to skyrocket every time you accomplish a fresh technique. When you keep on achieving these simple goals, you are learning how to be persistent with your efforts. If you have high degree of persistence, you will not collapse during failure and you will come back strongly to achieve better things in life.

Proper coordination

Muscular coordination increases the flexibility of your body. When flexibility improves, you can perform various tasks with absolute ease. As you practice with a nunchaku, the connection between your mind and body reaches new heights and this better coordinationallows you to perform different tasks with enhanced ability.

Best tool for self defense

Nunchaku is one of the best tools for self defense and it is a highly accurate and optimally agile tool. This weapon comes really handy when you are defending against multiple attackers or criminals.

Various martial art methods teach you different ways of using a nunchaku. You can find different online shops selling these devices and reliable stores offer nunchaku freestyle tutorial for people to know about the techniques of using this weapon. Nunchakus have unlimited potential and you can make use of them in different ways to enjoy maximum health benefits and also get protection against dangerous people.

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